The Slaying of Mimir and Rune Wisdom Telesummit

What is the real meaning of the Slaying of Mimir? It’s actually crucial to deep understanding of the nature of the Runes. You can enroll on my Runes Course at:
And there is also a wonderful worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the Telesummit and join in using this link:
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So, this video tells the story of the Slaying of Mimir:

And you can read all about Mimir and also Odin and the gifts he won for humanity in my Novel Rune Magic. It’s available on Amazon worldwide, as paperback or Kindle: In this passage, Declan, the hero of the novel, tells about the slaying of Mimir:

Different Races populate the Land before Time is Recorded.
‘Long before recorded time, long before the Northern Folk arrived, bringing with them their language and their Aesir Gods and laws, other peoples walked the as yet uncharted Northern Lands:
Giants, Dwarves and Elves – and an early race of men: farmers and fishermen who called their gods the Vanir.
Their lands were fair, their lands were wealthy.
This was long before the Norse folk came, bringing their language and their Aesir gods.
This was long before the High One came and gave them order and recorded time.
Lands of plenty, Lands of harvests, Lands of Beasts and Lands of fish. Lands of fruit and lands of gold.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘The coming of the Aesir to the Northern Lands
‘But unbeknown to these happy Northern Lands, Destiny was slowly rousing. Tribes were moving from the southlands, moving from their far-off warrior heartland.
The Folk were on the move.
The Tribes were moving outwards, with their chariots and their herds and their language and their laws and their peerless Aesir gods.
‘Heroes, warriors and magicians led the People outwards,
Conquering, trading, riding. Even to the far-off Northern Lands, the Norse folk came, at last,
Bringing their language and their Aesir gods.
They took the land and they brought Order.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

The Third World: Asgard is created

‘And for their own great residence, the conquering Aesir gods built their own World, High above the worlds where men and giants and dwarves and elves all live.
A world of Law and Order and Ideals: the fortress world of Asgard,
Asgard of the many halls, Asgard, realm of gods.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

The Fourth World: Midgard is created out of murder

‘Odin was a magnificent magician warrior god; god of heroes; god of huge intelligence and powers.
And He gave laws.
But Odin did not understand Mimir’s more surpassing deep and ancient value.
Odin did not understand the unity of the timeless Dream Time.
Odin despised the timeless mystic dream-state of the first being, Mimir.
‘Odin, with his brothers slew the dreaming giant.
They stabbed him in his timeless contemplation.
They dismembered Mimir’s body.
They strewed it across the face of the new world, Midgard.
‘And they divided up the world still further.

Nine worlds were created.
The part of the world they gave to men, they called Midgard.
It was over Midgard, that they strewed the flesh of Mimir.
And now the price for the slaying must be Paid.’

Declan looked up and everyone ducked as the Ravens shrieked and wheeled in fury at this statement, then he continued:

‘Now the Nine Worlds move ever further from their source.
‘Such quantities of blood flowed from the murdered giant’s body, so much blood,
That around the land the encircling sea was formed: the Surrounding Ocean.
And the deluge drowned the Giants – all but two.
‘And Mimir’s flesh was so extensive, that Middle Earth they made from it.
His bones reared up above the carcass and became the mountains.
His teeth became the cliffs and rocks.
His curly hair became the grass and trees and plants.
And from his skull the dome of the skies they formed
Held up by dwarves of each Quarter: Nordi, Sudri, Austri, Westri.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘The three young conquering Aesir gods: Odin, Villi and Ve
Threw Mimir’s brains up high. And they became the clouds.
And in the dome of the heavens, they set the Stars – born from the embers blowing out of Muspellheim.
‘And from the flaming world of Muspelheim, they put the Sun and Moon into the heavenly vault.
And when the Sun shone, it was day. And the chariot of the Sun was driven by Sunna. And her steeds are Arvakr (early waker) and Alsvin (rapid goer).
‘And when the Moon shone, it was night. And the chariot of the Moon is driven by her brother, Mani; His steed is Alsvider (all-swift).
‘And at Odin’s order, a giant’s daughter, Nott, ruled night. Nott’s black horse is called Hrim-fax (frost mane), and from his waving mane, the dew drops fall to the earth.
‘And at Odin’s order, Nott’s son, Dag, ruled day. Dag’s white steed is called Skin-fax (shining mane), and from his shining mane, bright beams of light shine forth in all direction, bringing happiness and joy, gladness and light.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘But chaos and destruction ever haunts the conquering gods. From the dark pit now sprung Ancient Denizens:
Implacable Foes of Order:
Two fierce wolves: Skoll and Hati, repulsion and hatred.
They leapt behind the Sun and Moon, and ever pursue them to the end of time, snapping their horrendous jaws:
Seeking to eclipse the noble steeds, Arvakr and Alsvin if they falter.’
Again the Ravens screamed horribly and thrashed their wings in a rage of denial and fury and dive-bombed round the hut, but Declan this time Declan continued, imperturbably:
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘And then Men there were in Midgard, born of the first man and woman:
From the noble Ash Tree the gods created First Man: Ask.
And from the noble Elm Tree they created the First Woman, Embla.
And their descendants spread out over Midgard. And Midgard became the world of reason and emotion, open to the vast o’er-arching skies.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘And to link the god’s world of Asgard to the world of Midgard,
The Rainbow Bridge was built:
Bifrost, built of Fire and Water and Air and saturated with beauty.
And Bifrost’s guardian is Heimdall: Watchman of the Gods
And Heimdall’s horn is the Gjallarhorn.
‘And when the last day comes: the Gjallarhorn shall sound!

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You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

And I’m also telling you that there is also a wonderful free worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the free Telesummit and join in using this link:


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