The 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic AstrologyThe 27 Lunar Signs of ancient Vedic Astrology point the way to Love

Vedic Astrology has a deeply ancient and astonishingly accurate 27-sign Lunar Zodiac.

The system of Vedic Astrology has a sure and accurate statement of compatibility between each of the signs.


For example, each Lunar Sign (called a Nakshatra) has its own ‘power animal’.

The greatest sexual compatibility can be achieved if one partner in a relationship is the male form and the other is the female form of the same power animal.

For example someone with the Lunar Sign Vishakha (the male Tiger) will have true sexual fulfillment with a Chitra (the female Tiger). There are some signs which are ‘Vedha’ and should not marry (for example a Tiger should never marry a Cow). This ancient and reliable system of relationships insight is coupled with modern western psychodynamic astrology and a range of powerful transformational healing methods which can be employed within Astrology Courses and Astrology Readings

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The 27 Lunar Signs of ancient Vedic Astrology

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