Spiritual Intrusion Healing – Have a Shamanic Healing Session

Has someone ‘put a hook in you?’
Do you need Spiritual Intrusion Healing?

Have a Shamanic Healing: My Shamanic Healings can be Face to Face – or worldwide.

Alternatively if you feel drawn to learn to do this sort of shamanic healing to help others, you can get in touch with me to enroll on my worldwide shamanic healer course.

A Spiritual Intrusion Healing session mends a situation where someone has put an energetic hook into you.

It empowers you to deal with a situation where someone has put a syphon tube into your energy field sucking away your true energy.

cutenergeticcordsIt heals you where someone has corded you: roped you into their power, just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet. But you can cut the cords!

You can have a spiritual intrusion healing in two ways:

Have your Healing here, face to face at our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo
Have a Worldwide Healing session when we get in touch with one another via Zoom or Skype

What happens is that you email me and describe your symptoms/history to me.

You send me a photo of yourself and you enclose your astrological natal data (date, time and place of birth)

Our Healing Centre, Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland

Our Healing Centre, Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland

I then contact you back and I set up a face-to-face or internet contact with you.

I scan your energy body. I locate the intrusion. I remove it.

And then I implant a powerful healing and empowering presence in your consciousness and energy field.

Some people live for decades as the puppet of one of their parents, or as the diminished slave of another person.
Do not fear, You can be healed!

Here’s a brief video about Spiritual Intrusion Healing:

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