Michael burnsall crop bestThe imagery that comes to our mind during shamanic journeying is so important.

I feel we should never lightly turn aside or disregard an image that arises, even if it seems incongruous or culturally different or unexpected.

Normally there is deep truth in our journey imagery, as there can be in our dreams.

So often journey imagery is the whispering of our soul to us.

So often it is our unconscious raising crucial suppressed material to our awareness for us to act upon and transform our consciousness and our lives.

If we listen, it means we can fly, we can compose, we can heal, we can empower …………

I use shamanic journeying to teach worldwide the runes and the ogham, see: www.druidforestschool.com  and   www.rune-path.com

I also teach worldwide shamanic journeying and healing, see: http://www.earthstarweb.com/shamanic-healer.html

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