Spring Equinox Sacred Weapons and Alphabets

Michael ConneelySpring Equinox Sacred Weapons and Alphabets with the Druid Forest School

I want to share with you the power of the Spring Equinox Festival, and how its celebration can grow in power and richness with use of sacred weapons, ancient magical sacred alphabets and alignment to the growing brightness of the Sun.

Following Spring Equinox ritual, you can set an intention of day by day checking out: ‘am I aligning with the day by day growing power of the Sun between now and the Summer Solstice?’

To connect with the Sun is a good and healing and sacred and empowering thing to do. I look out at the Sun rising above the mountain every morning and connect with the beauties of the earth sky and sea around here.
And the point is, the ancient Irish were sharing in the growing power of the Sun from the Spring Equinox five thousand years ago too.

We celebrated Spring Equinox not only with ritual and visionary journeying, but also with a Group visiting the three great related temple/burial mounds of the ancient Irish:
Knowth which is aligned to both Equinoxes
New Grange which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at the Winter Solstice Sunrise
Dowth Winter which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at Solstice Sunset.

You, yourself, can now align to the ever-growing light and power of the Sun. That is the key theme of Spring Equinox.

You can establish a benchmark intention of your expression of your self expanding and getting more comfortable and central as the Sun himself grows day by every day up to Summer Solstice.

You can check out if you are keeping to your intention. You can check out if you are keeping on course.

And see the wonderful worldwide courses with the Druid Forest School at: www.druidforestschool.com

Our Healing Centre and linked Airbnb in the West of Ireland is at: www.foxfordairbnb.com

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What is the Runic Alphabet?

Michael ConneelyThe Runes are powerful and ancient magic. You can learn to use them through my worldwide rune course so what is The Runic Alphabet ?

Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life.

Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.

The Runes were the Runic alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are not just letters and were never simply understood as such therefore asking what is the Runic Alphabet could be seen as an awkward question.

My own ancestry on my father’s side comes from his family being on the Baltic coastline and with DNA of Yakut Tribesmen from the North polar Sea.
I have even written a book about the Runes and their Magical Nature

How did humanity receive the magic and wisdom of the runes?

Myth has it they were the great sacrificial gift of the magnificent warrior magician god, Odin. As the Norse people were heading Northwards to their new homeland, Odin hung upside down in trance in the world tree Yggdrassil for nine days and nights, and on the ninth day he fell screaming and chanting the inspiration and wisdom of each letter whose shape he had perceived in the branches of the Ash. So was born what is commonly understood to be the Runic Alphabet.

Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra 14th April 2017 – Understand the present Jupiter Transit

Michael ConneelyOn 14th April 2017, Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra or Hasta Lunar sign as it is known in Vedic astrology. And i would say this brings a special caution that Vata impulses should not be allowed to reign over-free, but that Hasta’s true capacity for inspiration should be tapped in to to support Jupiter to bring you inspiraiton and genuine success.

By the 5th February 2017, transiting Jupiter had reached 29 degrees Vedic sign of Virgo, but on this day, he turned Retrograde, and Jupiter has been retrograding ever since.

Now, note that 29 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo, is actually in the very creative Mars-ruled 14th Nakshatra of Chitra. Chitra’s ruling deity is Vishvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. Chitra is the 14th in the wonderful and powerfully declarative 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of vedic astrology called the Nakshatras.

But on the 14th April 2017, Jupiter has retrograded to 23 degrees Vedic Virgo and so he actually retrogrades out of Chitra Nakshatra and enters into Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta is the 13th Nakshatra. And Jupiter will continue to be retrograde until 9th June 2017 when he finally turns direct at 19 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo. And thereafter, Jupiter continues to be direct, moving forwards again through vedic sign of Virgo and finally entering Vedic Libra on 12th September.

So, what change in the energies will we feel from 14th April, when Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta?

Well, Chitra is very temperamental and creative. Chitra’s power animal is the female tiger (and you really should NOT upset one of these!!!)

But Hasta on the other hand is ruled by the moon. It’s power animal is the female buffalo, and it is in the very airy Mercury-ruled energy of Virgo. Don’t let the buffalo run too erratically! Its Ayurvedic Dosha is Vata. Its gunas orientation is Tamas, Tamas and Rajas. Because Hasta is ruled by the Moon, the mind energy is moody and fluctuating, reflecting the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Although they can Mercurially appear confident and in control, they are actually vulnerable, insecure and in conflict, always questioning themselves, and far too flexible about the truth, even to the point of cheating. Hasta can be the hand of the conjurer; let him now be the hand of the guru!

I feel we will lose the wonderful creative building energy that I certainly felt when Jupiter was in Chitra. Instead, I feel there will be much more of a wordy energy. And I feel there’s a danger with Jupiter in Hasta that some people will try to control others through wordiness and even sleight of hand. So, I feel the call when Jupiter is in Hastā from 14th April to 4th August when Jupiter re-enters Chitra again, having reached 23 deg Vedic Virgo is to avoid getting lost in wordiness and to check out is constructive work continuing to be done!!!!

Let’s face it, the true call of Jupiter is Guru. He is a refraction of the divine. So, we must take care that the inspiration of words in Hasta will only be used to genuinely communicate the energies and inspiration of true divine power and wisdom. Monitor and check out these communication and wisdom issues when Jupiter is transiting through Hasta. If Hastas, themselves, can avoid being drained by words, they will achieve expansiveness and reap the rewards of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square that is transiting in the heaven. They will express genuine inspired expansion and not get lost in words. It will be a wonderfully successful time for them, and for all of us who share the Jupiter in Hasta present inspiration with this awareness. Could be a good time for a job interview or designing a website.

Just to add a footnote about how the transit of Jupiter is reflected using the tropical zodiac of western astrology: Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac. But, in terms of the Western tropical zodiac, the Jupiter transit sequence is as follows:

5th February :    Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees Western Libra.
14th April :          Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta Nakshatra at 17 degrees western Libra.
9th June :           Jupiter turns direct at 13 degrees Western Libra.
2th September : Jupiter enters vedic Libra, which is 24 deg western Libra.
– For details of the uses of the western and vedic zodiacs see my blog post.

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And here’s a video on Hasta Nakshatra:

Sun enters Vedic Aries on 14th April 2017

Michael ConneelyThe Sun enters Vedic Aries on 14th April 2017 – in Ashwini Nakshatra

April 2017 is a month of churning astrological energies with some great potential as well, but a lot of complication energies where good perception will mean your success – and also some downright aggressive energies as well. A major feature is: Sun enters Vedic Aries.

So, this Blog Post focuses on the fact that on the 14th April 2017, the Sun enters the first Vedic sign of Aries. Vedic Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars.

Impatience will increase. You will feel more energy and purpose. And for four more facets of the way we will all be affected by sun in Vedic Aries, read on below.

At the same moment, of course, note that Sun is also entering the first of the 27 Lunar Signs or Nakshatras which is Nakshatra 1: Ashwini Nakshatra.

So, note that on 14th April is at the point in the heavens where Vedic Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra both start. Sun is at 24 degrees Western Astrology Aries. See my special Blog post for how the two zodiacs, Western and Vedic, each inter-relate.

So, for more detail, after the five big facets to the Sun in Vedic Aries energy described below, you can also see below for the dates of the Sun’s move through Vedic Aries and for the dates of the Sun’s moves through the first three of the Nakshatras that fall within Vedic Aries: Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika.

Also shown below are the Western and vedic Astrology charts of this moment of ‘Sun enters Vedic Aries’. Do have a look at those.
And also below, there’s other details such as the exceptional number of retrograde planet in the heavens in April 2017, and also past life implications.
And see below, too, for details of my wonderful worldwide Astrology Readings and many worldwide Astrology Courses. All my work offers you Vedic or Western astrology, or the opportunity to combine the two if you wish for that. And all my work offers option for visionary astrology and psychosynthesis and healing work. I’m based at our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland by the way, so this means that the charts below are erected for there, but to see planet positions and times for your own locations see the various handy calculators on: https://www.timeanddate.com/

What will Sun’s entry into Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra mean for you?
Well, five things in particular:

1. The Gandanta Effect: Goodness, what a hammering some people are getting if they have planets on the transition point from Vedic Aries to Vedic Pisces. The first thing to be aware of, and this will affect everyone but will especially affect people with planets in the last two degrees of Vedic Pisces and the first two degrees of Vedic Aries, is that the Sun will be transiting through the dangerous Gandanta Zone: the Gandanta transition point is where a water sign dissolves and the first flare of a fire sign happens. If you have planets here, they will be sensitive all your life. They will be insubstantial. It’s important to know that the closer to the zero point the more difficult the destiny they will create for you. If you have Moon there, it means ‘mother will not be there for you’ in this life. If you have Sun there it means that ‘father’s influence will in some way be lacking for you’, creating a less sure and less substantial sense of self in this life, less confidence innately, though it is more possible to heal Sun Gandanta than it is Moon Gandanta, which has to be lived with and learned to be lived with.  Please do note that people with Moon or Sun in the Gandanta Zone already have had a very sensitive time in the last few days when the Full Moon of 11th April was there at twenty-seven and a half degrees Vedic Pisces (21 western Libra), and also of course because of the great fact that Uranus entered Aries on 8th April. BUT there’s glorious expansion also being offered out of the sensitivity and the pain of inspiration: inspiration about what needs to change: for Gandanta people and for all humanity. But to return to Gandanta people, Uranus is now transiting conjunct these people’s Moon or their Sun. this brings huge wired change and revolution. AND Uranus is transiting in opposition to Jupiter all this year bringing ‘thank the lord success’ possibility and definitely wired revolution. AND this Uranus – Jupiter opposition is additionally caught up in an ultimate explosive T-square: the opposition is T-square to the depth tectonic energy of Pluto!!!

2. The Revolution: As I said in my blog post on ‘Uranus enters Aries’, and in the paragraph above, Uranus entering Vedic Aries means you need to be sensitive and perceptive and aware when revolution is being offered to you, especially as Jupiter and Uranus are forming a transiting opposition around now, and also Pluto is T-square to the in the ‘generator effect’ of remorseless depth charge energy of needed change. Importantly: you can actually try to develop a visionary picture of these planets and of the planets in your chart and you can imagine how they can best combine in a way that will bring you the needed effective revolution. Yet we also have to honour structure and strategy; we have to honour the demands of Saturn: Lord Shani, Lord of Karma, and of course you have to act in a way that will harmonise in with the other treasured parts of your life: your family, your relationship, your home. But because Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Vedic Aries in April, there will be a new energy of inspiration, awakening and inventiveness running. Uranus will be in Aries for seven years: for the more thoughtful people, this will bring new creativity, but for the more violent people it will bring war, as it did last time. The energy of Sun being in Aries will bring more impatience and energy to kick these things off: more self-assertion that will help the process!

3. The Ashwini Healer: It’s useful to also be aware that the energy of the first Nakshatra, Ashwini, is in its best thrust of manifestation a healer energy. The sign itself is born out of often sexual panic at some sub-stratum. They are so impatient because they are springing up out of the void of the Gandanta into manifestation and being. Their power animal is two stallions streaking across the skies of dawn. They can commit to relationship in an instant and their families are powerless to point out when their ‘marry at first sight’ object of total love nearly is to be the destruction of them. Yet the fact is that all this actually makes them become healers. And they have the sort of healer energy like the ambulance man: racing to the spot and giving the most totally effective first aid!!!!

4. War and Violence: As I also said in my blog post on ‘Uranus enters Aries’, sadly I do feel there will be war and political divisiveness. The last time Uranus entered Aries saw the burning of the Reichstag and the rise of Adolph Hitler and the World War that followed. The Sun is exalted in Vedic Aries, and Adolph Hitler’s Sun was at 8 degrees Vedic Aries (this is 0 degrees Western Astrology sign of Taurus). You need high consciousness to handle things like Sun and Uranus in the Vedic sign of Aries, not to mention the energies of the eclipse on 21st August 2017, and of course the Kal sarpa Yoga that reasserts itself after the eclipse does need a person of high spiritual consciousness to manage such a divisive energy, and to reap spiritual reward and giving from such a challenge.

5. Persecution: Maggie passed me details of something I hadn’t heard of when i wrote this post about Sun and Uranus entering Vedic Aries. She said she had been reading my post about Uranus entering Vedic Aries and one of its manifestations the last time it happened was the rise of Adolph Hitler. And next she came across a post which said that ‘Chechnya is rounding up gay people and taking them to torture camps, and it’s as horrific as it sounds. Men are being electrocuted, tortured until they reveal names of other gay people, and beaten so badly that some have died. Targeting gay people and dragging them into camps is like something the Nazis would do…’ and Adolph Hitler did do this. So my point is a plea to be aware of how the Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries energy can be used by people operating at a low level of consciousenss. Its power and aggression can be used to fuel force and coercion. I do want to say that the organised religions are very prone to being taken over by the negative side of the Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries energy. This is because they are formulaic, and also because they are dualistic. Their doctrines and their organisation leads to scapegoating, where all one’s inner darkness can be projected onto another, and the other then tortured, persecuted, villified, dehumanised and killed. Such dualistic behaviour is not part of the uranus/Sun in Aries energy, but that energy can feed such human being disasterously at these times when it is activated. So, after the initial fillip of Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries now, well: Uranus is in Vedic Aries for the next seven years. We are all born to turn our darkness into light. I predict that a lot of aggressive warlike dark is rising to be dealt with now!

Now for a few other April astrological features, plus details of my Astrology Readings and Courses:

The Sun : Movement dates in April and May 2017: The Sun will continue in Ashwini until 27th April when he enters the 2nd Nakshatra Bharani, and Sun enters the third Nakshatra which is Krittika (Krittika continues into Vedic Taurus). Sun enters Krittika on 11th May, finally leaving Vedic Aries to enter vedic Taurus on 14th May

Sign Changes now: On the same day, there are two other energy changes as transiting planets change Nakshatras: Transiting Jupiter moves retrograde from Nakshatra 14 Chitra to Nakshatra 13 Hasta, and transiting Ketu south node moves from Nx 24 Shatabishak to Nx 23 Dhanistha.

Retrograde Planets now: And also in April five planets: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all retrograde.

Ketu, South Node and Past Lives now: Not only that! Five planets are in Nakshatras ruled by Ketu the South node of the Moon. This will come into the lives of some of us in the form of inspirations and/or of people and skills from past lives, and also sudden revelations to aid our spiritual growth: Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be in Nakshatra 1 Ashwini, Saturn is transiting retrograde in in Nakshatra 19 Mula, and Rahu is transiting in Nakshatra 9 Magha.

My Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses:

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please view our products available:

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Here is a video about Ashwini Nakshatra:

And here are the Charts for Sun enters Vedic Aries:





























Worldwide Nakshatra Course and Chitra Nakshatra

Michael ConneelyNakshatra 14. Chitra Nakshatra:

Read the characteristics of special, temperamental and creative Chitra Nakshatra people. The power animal is the female tiger: best not to upset us, really!!!

Translation: Brilliant, bright, shining.
Spans Vedic signs: 23°40′ Virgo to 6°40′ Libra
Ruled by: Mars (Dasa period 7 years) this makes certain planets in Chitra, such as Sun, have a warrior nature and be militant.
Deity: Vishvakarma (Tvashtar) The Celestial Architect, the blacksmith, the world architect. He is the magical adept at the creation of beauty of form out of Maya.
Symbol: The Pearl
Power animal: The Female Tiger – aggression, ruthlessness.
Motivation:  Kama or desire
Guna Triplicity: Tamas, Tamas, Tamas
Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta
Key Body Part: Neck
Gana: Demon
Gender: Female
Quality:  Soft
Principal Star: Spica. The pearl in the sky is the fixed bright star Spica, the star of this constel­lation: Alpha Virginis. Spica is the start posiiton of the Sidereal Zodiac.
Chitra is the central Nakshatra with 13 nakshatras on either side, and Chitra contains the fixed star to which the sidereal zodiac is anchored: Spica at 0 deg Libra.
Padas: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.


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