Here are details about My Magical Will Course
& The Rune Wisdom Telesummit

You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

And also there is also a wonderful worldwide Runes Wisdom Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November. You can find out all about the Telesummit and join in using this link:

The runes are the sublime, powerful, magical alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. Each Rune is not only a letter of the alphabet. It is also a Gateway to knowledge and insight about our life. So, in my runes course, I teach the meaning of each rune, worldwide, using a presentation and a journey. But I also teach a deeper connection to each rune, to greatly enhanced our connection, by also practising Rune Stance and Galdr (rune chant). We use each rune as a Gateway to greater perception about our life and destiny, and also how to strengthen and empower our life and make it more beautiful. After working with each rune, you email me how you got on with your work: The journey and the Rune Stance and Galdr. But often we find that it is a good idea – indeed really necessary, to make a positive magical act to heal the damage, where that is found to exist during the Rune working, and so I do also offer a Magical Will Course:

The web page for my Magical Will Course is:  The Runes are quite warrior-like, and they are totally magical. You develop the perception, knowledge, Intention and skills to go through the Gateway that each Rune is. But we do need to develop our Magical Will. When we make a breakthrough, we do need to know how to keep the breakthrough going! So, in fact, I do also include a magical Will Course add-on in my Runes Course.

If we have been denied or oppressed by our parents, family, religion, culture or society, we will feel cut off from our True Self, cut off also from our Inspiration, cut off from God.
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This cut-offness, can manifest as inauthentic talk, rage, hurtfulness to others, self-harming scripts, scapegoating, denial, deception, relationships failure, being the glove that fits others’ hands (or by compensation: the inflated self), falseness and embracing unreal energies/pathways that we think will sustain us – but we may die inside.

We might act out our Shadow, indeed in ways that may be hidden by us and unacknowledged.

So, if we are to manifest spiritual victory on the Battlefield of Life, we have to systematically tear shreds of our ego-conditioning away. We have to become the Spiritual Warrior. And my Magical Will add on Course, seeks to develop connection to our True Self, and to offer ways of sustaining that connection and keeping it alive.

The Course aim is to use vision to connect to our True Self, and to offer methods to sustain that connection:  to avoid loss of that connection, to avoid your vision and inspiration trickling through your fingers into the desert sands.

It’s on my rune course website:

You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

And you can find out all about the wonderful worldwide Runes Telesummit and join in below:
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My novels are available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle. Here is my Novel Rune Magic:

And here are my other novels: Druid, The Tribe and Sacred Earth:







And I teach an Ogham Course as well:    

You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

And I’m also telling you that there is also a wonderful free worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November 2018, and you can find out all about the free Telesummit and join in using this link:

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