The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

Michael ConneelyDonald Trump Astrology Birth Chart The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

This Blog Post examines the power of the Nodes of the Moon in creating the special destiny of Donald Trump, with which the destiny of so many millions of humans are now entwined.

I have written posts on Donald Trump’s astrology before and charted his rise to power, shown the clear astrological parallel with the rise of Adolph Hitler, and asked the question of what will the eclipse of 21st August 2017 mean for him and for the USA and for the world.

This Blog post focuses on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in his birth chart: The Nodes are Rahu the North Node, Ketu the South Node.

Donald Trump’s  birth chart and derived charts are set out at the foot of this blog post for you to see what I am talking about.

And also please see the associated Video about the Birth Chart of Donald Trump:

This is the chart of one born under an eclipse – darkness upon the native’s life. This means there is some disconnection with the personal identity on earth and the person’s soul or higher self.

Whereas Ketu conjunct the Sun will diminish the Sun and render it insubstantial, Rahu conjunct the Sun, at a worst-case scenario, as here in Donald trump’s chart, will create a hugely over expansive reaction to a crisis in personal identity, making the person go big time for worldly success, and driven to make a huge mark on the world.

Rahu here gives the person clear direction. Success is likely with high social status and fame and achievement. But the impurity of Rahu imbues the Sun with driven over-ambition, selfishness, rigid dogmatic ideas and dark psychological tendencies of scapegoating.

Rahu has an adventurous nature and loves surprises and sudden events, that are not actually real, but an illusion that is magically forced to become chameleon reality in peoples’ minds. The energy breaks taboos and loves to breach boundaries. It wants to be unique and noticed and break tradition all so as to repair the original wound of not having loving notice from mother.

Sun is the King. Rahu is the thief. They are inimical. The genius with double standards loves to think outside the box and sneak its way to power by cheating and hiding the real truth, while looking honest and convincing in his deception.

N.B. AND ALSO NOTE THAT HE HAS Chiron conjunct Jupiter which makes it worse: an existential wound to Jupiter, producing glitzy ungrounded over-expansionary slogansing and rant.

Ketu conjunct Moon:

The Moon represents the Mother, Mind and consciousness arising therefrom. Ketu conjunct the Moon can gives intuition and even psychic powers, but this can become florid and even insane in the worst cases.

Issues from mothering in this and past lives, and also psychic material from past lives can overwhelm and confuse the mind, leading to outburst and irrationality, fear and turbulence, and so spiritual management of consciousness is essential for the stability, continuity and protection both of the person concerned and also those in their lives: whether family members, or the public at large if their job takes them in that direction.

Ketu conjunct Moon creates confusion, scatter, over-analysis and turmoil in the mind and emotions, with great potential for becoming critical of self or others and attacking others.

And you can also see the associated videos and blog posts on Ketu the South node of the Moon:Rahu Conjunct Sun:

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Here are Donald Trump’s Astrology Charts:

Donald Trump Western Astrology Birth Chart:











Donald Trump Planet Positions Western Astrology:







Donald Trump Transits Western Astrology:








Note importantly that Saturn is transiting conjunct his natal Moon this year and so also transiting opposition his natal Sun. Sun.
And note importantly from the Vedic astrology table below that Sun is ‘AK’. Sun is his Atmakaraka. He was born to get Sun issues right this life time, because of what happened in his previous life! And with Rahu conjucnt Sun what a set-up for great power he has!
And note importantly that Saturn is also transiting conjunct Ketu, and so Saturn is transiting opposition Rahu: And note from the Vedic Dignities Table below, what great Dignity his Rahu and his Ketu have: what a powerful and fated life!

Donald Trump Vedic Birth Chart: 




Donald Trump Vedic Planet Positions:




Donald Trump Vedic Planets in Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Signs):




Donald Trump Planet Dignities:




Note that Sun is Atmakaraka (AK) in his Vedic Birth Chart and in his life (see above):


Ketu in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2

Michael ConneelyKetu, South Node of the Moon in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2 Visionary Astrology, Mythic Keys and Astronomy of Ketu

Ketu Visionary Astrology:

So, what is the Nature of Ketu. What does he look like? Do you have ‘clear appearance’ of him?

One of my favourite approaches to astrology that I offer in my worldwide astrology courses: Visionary Astrology – East meets West.

It’s about the union of western astrology and vedic astrology, plus the option of using the ancient Tibetan Buddhist and tantric Hindu approach of developing ‘clear appearance’ first of a planet in our birth chart as a God, in his pure state, his innate state, as a refraction of the divine.

Then we can so usefully also go on to getting a graphic picture of that planet and his divine energy as he actually appears in our particular individual birth chart when experienced as our soul chose for us to do through the three filters of the sign the planet occupies, the House the planet occupies and the effects of aspects made to that planet by other planets in our chart.

Thus, we can build up the clear appearance of each planet not only in his pure state as a refraction of the divine, but also, secondly, in his filtered sate as to how he will actually manifest in our life – which can even amount to quite a torsion of the pure and perfect divine planet.

See my Blog on Visionary Astrology:

So, in the case of the innate nature of Ketu, well let’s call an image of Ketu to our mind’s eye and then name some of the energies associated with his manifestation:

Imagine a hissing writhing deadly venom-serpent with its tail, and the body of a headless, trancing man whose form weaves and writhes and swirls and grows from small to immense and flickers in and out of sight. There’s mala beads around his neck, bangles on his ankles, the spiral tattoos on his hands and body. And then you see with terrible shock that in his hands are a sword, a discus and a mace: vicious sharp weapons quite unlike the swirling miasmic first appearance, and he is heading for you. And then you call in association with this image:

Ketu – South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu – Injury, disturbance, knowledge, liberation, spiritual insight.
South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu connects to computers (especially the internet), moksha and liberation, as well as unique or unusual modalities.

Mythic Keys to Rahu and Ketu:

The churning of the milk ocean happened at the beginning of time, both the Gods and demons sought to extract the needed Amrita: the nectar of immortality from the immense milk ocean at the center of the universe. (The Milk Ocean is a symbol of the Milky Way galaxy, Mula Lunar Sign).

But neither the Gods nor the Demons (the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, our light and shadow sides) were strong enough to do it on their own, so they joined forces. The Gods realized that they had to employ the support of the demons (asuras) to create the momentum needed.
Both our light side and our shadow side must be involved fully if we are to have the nectar!

The churning of the Milk Ocean was a cosmic event. Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod. Vasuki, the king of the serpents, who abides on Lord Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope. The demons demanded to hold the head of the snake, while the gods, taking advice from Vishnu, agreed to hold its tail. As a result, the demons were poisoned by fumes emitted by Vasuki. Despite this, the gods and demons pulled back and forth on the snake’s body alternately, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. When the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a turtle Kurma, came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.

But once they started churning the ocean, an enormous amount of poison emerged. They stirred it up from the bottom. It was so horrific it threatened to destroy all of creation. So, to avert catastrophe, they called on Lord Shiva. They asked Him to drink all the poison.

This Lord Shiva managed to do. He drank all the evil, then transmuted it within himself, and thus he saved creation, because this allowed for the immortal nectar to be extracted.

Shiva and the poison: However, the poison might have destroyed Lord Shiva as well, had he actually swallowed it. Maybe even he could be overwhelmed by our Shadow? So, instead, he held it in his throat, and transmuted it. That is why he is sometimes portrayed blue. One of his forms is called “the blue throated one” (Neelakanthaya). He holds the poison of our darkness in his throat and transmutes it – so that we can live.

In the Vedic literature, one story says that the asuras ended up stealing it for themselves. The gods fought back and with the support of Vishnu (the sustaining force of dharma) they were able to regain the Amrita. Vishnu gave each one of the gods a drop of the immortal nectar, but Rahu (Svarbhanu) received a drop accidentally. Rahu was positioned in between the Sun and the Moon as he received the nectar, and they recognized him at once. The demons had consumed nectar. They had become immortal!

Accordingly, Vishnu chopped Rahu in half with his Sudarshana Chakra discus, and thus Rahu (head of the serpent) and Ketu (tail of the serpent) were born: two parts of a demon: chthonic dark and invisible forces, Ketu without a head so no logic; Rahu without a heart so no feeling. Rahu continues to chase the Sun and Moon out of disdain.

The formless entities Rahu and Ketu are representative of the unseen forces at play within all humans.

Rahu drives the cravings and the appetite for this material and psychic world.

Ketu dissolves. He forces the inevitable release process, severing us from worldly attachments.

Right now, this epic “churning” is taking place very acutely- inside of you and on the world stage. The aggression being stirred in the environment is activating individuals very acutely, and individuals are intensifying the collective energy as well. The churning is extreme right now.

The moral of this story is: It is no good ungroundedly imagining images of light and ascension, and gushing awesome etc, if we ignore our very own huge shadow demon creeping up behind us!

This is a story about the need to tread a tantric road to salvation: one which involves both our light and our shadow.

It contains seeds of wisdom about serpent power that was demonised in the story of Adam and Eve, is found in the story of Hercules slaying the Hydra. For the ancient Egyptians, snakes were the symbol of royalty: the pharaoh wore a uraeus, Cleopatra chose to die by cobra bite. The Egyptian serpent Apep embodied all wisdom and all darkness and evil: out of darkness light; death and rebirth. The world serpent features in many myths for example the ancient Norse Jormungand.

Ketu Astronomy:

The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the apparent orbits of the sun and the Moon around the Earth, and as such are the eclipse Points. They are points in space of special sensitivity. They lie on the ecliptic which is a great circle on the celestial sphere representing the Sun’s apparent path during the year against the backdrop of the stars, so called because lunar and solar eclipses can only occur when the Moon crosses it

The difference between the Vedic and Western astrology birth charts:

The Vedic Birth Chart, using the sidereal zodiac shows our incarnational destiny: what fates constellate at the time of our birth for us to work with to experience, to heal. Its predictive unfoldment shows the nature and timing of the challenges and supporting energies you will have to work with at predictable dates, again: for you to heal and grow.

The Western Birth Chart, using the tropical zodiac shows your psychological or egoic self, and details its psychological unfoldment, with the call to develop individuation: the call to develop clear perception of all our subpersonalities, and the ability to manage them and to strategize our life. The western birth chart depicts our egoic self. Even Western Evolutionary Astrology which deals with the description and management of our past life scripts expresses these psychologically using the western tropical zodiac. Vedic Astrology on the other hand acknowledges our psychological egoic self but states that it is not fully real: just a boat to get us to the other side, but not the other side!
For more on the topic of: ‘Which Zodiac?’ see:

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Ketu in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 1 Nature of Ketu

Michael ConneelyKetu is the Vedic Astrology name for the South Node of the Moon.

I want to start with a key factor in understanding Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node, which is what the Nodes show in terms of our ‘karmic unfoldment’.

Ketu in your astrology birth chart is the South Node of the Moon, and shows what past life scripts you come in with in this life. It is described as the camp of the occupying army.

Rahu in your astrology birth chart is the North Node of the Moon, and shows your incarnational destiny: what karmas your soul chose for you to work at to burn in this life, what special talents you chose to work with to seek to manifest and shine with. Rahu is always opposite Ketu, so in fact we are thrown toward our incarnational destiny.

But note at this stage that they are both very difficult energies, and indeed that we will have to purify our reception of Rahu if we are ever to have any hope of getting to where he points to, far across the chart in the opposite sign and house from Ketu.

In fact, until we learn to purify them, the two Nodes are the two parts of a demon: they are chthonic dark and invisible forces, Ketu without a head and so no logic; Rahu without a heart and so no feeling.

This presentation comes in three parts:
This part, part 1, is about the nature of Ketu.
In part 2, we will also be looking at relevant matters such as the Mythic Keys to understanding Ketu, the astronomical nature of the Nodes of the Moon, the difference between the western astrology birth chart using the tropical Zodiac and the Vedic astrology Birth Chart using the Sidereal Zodiac and the method of Visioanry Astrology to get a ‘clear appearance’ of the planet, first as a pure entity, as a refraction of the divine; and socondly as he manifests in our astrology chart and therefore in our life (as we experiecne him through filters of sign, house and aspects to other planets – and this can be a very different matter to his pure nature!).
And in part 3, we look at the birth chart of Donald Trump to show how the force of Ketu manifests in a terrible chart.

But first of all, let’s focus on the nature of Ketu, the South node of the Moon.

Ketu dissolves. So, to have a planet conjunct Ketu in general means that that planet will be ruined. But in fact, Ketu is a divine instrument. Ketu brings a fierce energy of concentration, powerful even terrible perception, intuitive or psychic awareness and openings. So, if we can learn Ketu’s lessons, we may ultimately do well with that planet. Ketu can liberate us. Ketu can on occasion boost the manifestation of a strong planet, but that planet has to be strong in your birth chart.

Ketu is headless and instinctual. He is very hard to understand and get to know. He is elusive. He creates a pervasive atmosphere of disconnection from material solidity.

So, for example, Ketu conjunct Sun might be to have no father. Ketu has the power to overcome the Sun.

Ketu in the 4th House might be to have no mother.

He calls us into the spiritual realm but he does this through odd and weird events and sudden disasters or openings. He creates doubt and disturbance.

Unless we develop maturity and spiritual perception, he can leave us devastated and bereft. Like Rahu, Ketu has a psychic effect on us, and it can be very hard to understand. Our mind can be really puzzled or devastated. His energy is very sharp and critical and martial, so to have Ketu conjunct a planet can make us very wilful, argumentative or critical around the manifestation of the conjunct planet.

To have Ketu conjunct Mercury plays weird games with the normal Mercury qualities of communication and conceptualisation and organisation, so we can be maddened with the Mercury problems, which include siblings, but the divine call is to apply ourselves better. And there is a much bigger meaning to Mercury conjunct Ketu than that. Mercury conjunct Ketu is the ‘jnana karaka’, or the ‘enlightenment indicator’. It manifests this way: we may study spiritual paradigm after spiritual paradigm, only to realise that any paradigm is but a finger pointing to the Moon. No paradigm is actually the Moon itself. Wisdom and psychic sensitively are included in Ketu’s ultimate gifts: spiritual rebirth. Ketu can free us from our illusions and delusions, but to the more materialistic person he manifests as dark destruction and disruptive events and delusion. But that is the higher consciousness person.

Ketu is all associated with mass catastrophe and war.
Ketu represents the forces in our subconscious which can and will erupt, even with devastation as well as release. Ketu is invisible forces and can manifest as virus attacks and epidemics.

Here are a few pointers to understaning Ketu in yoru birth chart: Generally speaking, the Nodes do best in the Vedic signs owned by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo). Rahu does well also in Saturn’s Vedic signs (Capricorn and Aquarius). Ketu does well in Mars’ Vedic signs (Aries and Scorpio).
Note that Rahu is the co-ruler of Vedic Aquarius, and Ketu is the co-ruler of Vedic Scorpio.
Jupiter’s Vedic signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) inspire and uplift Ketu.
Venus’ Vedic signs give a more worldly sensual energy to the Nodes, more so to Rahu rather than Ketu.

To find out more have a reading or enroll on one of my astrology courses>

So, now please go to the other two parts of this Blog Post:
Pt 2 Ketu Mythic Keys and Astronomy
Pt 3 Case Study: The frightening Birth Chart of Donald Trump.

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Worldwide Nakshatras Course

Learn the Power and Beauty of the Nakshatras.

Study with my Nakshatras Vedic Astrology Course, focussing on two great themes:

Part 1: Learn the essential nature of each of the beautiful and powerful Nakshatras: the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology

Part 2: Learn the sophisticated and detailed methods of Nakshatra Interpretation – in the birth chart, predictively and in relationships astrology.


What are the Nakshatras?

Vedic astrology also uses an even more ancient zodiac as well as the traditional twelve Sun Signs: this is the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs: The Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras depict our realities, our Mind and our emotional natures in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and in a way, that is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful. It is such an eye-opener when you know and understand the nature of the Nakshatra in which each of your planets fall in your Vedic birth chart. Once you know this, you can manage your life better, purify, heal and empower yourself.

These Nakshatras are in fact lunar signs. The positions of the lunar signs were more easily visible to ancient astrologers because they are quite simply the position of the Moon in the heavens on each of the 27.3 days the Moon takes to orbit the Earth against the backdrop of the stars.

​The Nakshatras identify our root scripts and state of consciousness, our root motivations and drives. Each of them has a ruling deity, a ruling planet, a gender-polarity and a power animal that can be used for many purposes of understanding, including the identification of the best marriage partner for you. They cross relate to key frameworks for understanding such as Gunas/Quality of Mind, Ayurvedic Dosha orientation such as Deva or Rakshasha, body Part and Varna or occupational typology. They are divided into groups of qualities such as Fixed, Sharp and Dreadful, Fierce and severe, and Soft, mild and tender plus others.

So, what’s the teaching method?

In Part 1 of this course, you receive full charts at the outset and full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review.

You then work through each of the 27 Nakshatras one by one, learning their characteristics and applying that knowledge to two charts: Yours and mine. Because this course is rooted in the charts of two flesh and blood people, this keeps the work caring, grounded and authentic. Where neither of us has a planet in a particular Nakshatra, then you study that Nakshatra in relation to the chart of a loved one or celebrity instead.

​Natal study of the Nakshatras: So, what you do is you analyse the implications for each of the planets in our two charts in the light of the Nakshatras they occupy. What does this mean for our personality, for our life, for our destiny? How will it affect our emotional natures and consciousness arising therefrom? What steps can we take to heal and empower?

Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis.

​And, as ever with my courses, if you wish to incorporate some cross-over into your western astrology, that is fine, and I fully support and guide you in this.

In Part 2 of this course, you receive a statement of the dedicated techniques of Nakshatra Analysis, and you apply each of these powerful and illuminating techniques to each of our charts.

To give you an idea of a few of the Nakshatra Techniques, some detail of these are set out lower down this page.

​These techniques are very powerful illumination indeed. They transform your astrological understanding. They transform our life.

For Example, there’s the Nadi Nakshatras Analysis System:

This gives such powerful declaration and understanding – and can be used as a sure foundation for healing and empowerment work:

​Janma – The Nakshatra occupied by Moon in our Vedic birth chart. Nadi Nakshatras count from Janma inclusively:
1. Jati 4th Our Community, Creed, family well-being.
2. Matru 8th Mother Issues.
3. Karma 10th Our Career Issues. Awareness of work, power and position.
4. Sanghatika 16th Close associations that often challenge or hurt.
5. Samudaya 18th Indication of our manifestation of positive karma from past life. Final Result.
6. Aadhana 19TH Creativity and Father issues. Reasons for rebirth, guru, dharma issues.
7. Vinasha 23rd   Ruin, annihilation and destruction. dissolution, final karma, finishing things.
8. Manasa 25th Our Default State of Consciousness. mentality, mental strengths, obsessions.
9. Abhishekha 27th Power and Achievement. Coronation.

There’s the Special Nakshatra system

– these are two immensely worthwhile methods of Derived Naksatra Analysis offering mush illumination.

AND there’s the use of Nakshatras in Health Astrology as well!

Special Teaching Features in My Nakshatras Vedic Astrology Course:

Correspondence: You email me your work in respect of each Nakshatra within Part 1 and then each Technique within Part 2, and I then email you my response, which is always detailed, learned and very caring. You are always welcome to ask questions at any point.

In all cases, there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

See my Nakshatras Course website. You can enrol using the pay button at the foot of the page.

Remember to email me separately with your natal data and preferred email contact address.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,


Mula Nakshatra – and a worldwide Nakshatras Course with Michael Conneely

Mula Nakshatra is the 19th Nakshatra of the Vedic Nakshatras System

Enroll on my caring and beautiful worldwide Nakshatra course and study the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology:

The 19th Nakshatra is Mula Nakshatra.

Mula Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra of the third (and final) Sattva group of nine Nakshatras, and it arises out of the very difficult Abhukta Mula Gandanta Zone: 2 deg either side of the transition from the sign before: Jyestha, to this Nakshatra: Mula.

This Gandanta zone is approx 24 deg Sagittarius in the western Tropical Zodiac.


In brief, in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, Mula Nakshatra occupies the degrees 0° – 13°20′ Sagittarius

The Symbol of Mula is: A bunch of roots tied together – getting to the bottom of things.

The Mula Nakshatra Deity is: Nirriti, the the dreadful confrontative goddess of death and destruction.

The power animal is the male dog.

Keywords: going to the bottom, scientific, intelligent, inqui­ring, medicine.

Translation: the root.

Dasa-Ruling Planet: Ketu (7 years)

Favorable: Skillful in persuading or manipulating people to serve their goals and objectives; politician; tactful, clever, able to live a com­fortable life with all the amenities; good fortune; determined to suc­ceed; learned

Unfavorable: Takes with little thought of return; unstable; tells people what they want to hear to get what they want; speaks logically but makes others suspicious; too goal-focused; lacks sufficient appreci­ation for others; arrogant, self-destructive, willful, sabotages their own love; has many affairs and/or marriages that don’t work out

In Vedic astrology, particular value is attached to the centre of the Milky Way.  This centre symbolises a point of special spiritual power.  It is located in the centre of this lunar constella­tion of Mula. Mula may therefore be the most spiritual lunar con­stel­lation.

The spi­rituality of Mula Nakshatra involves the cleansing of the soul by means of confrontations with the unconscious.  How deep the spi­ritua­lity actually goes will only become clear in confron­ting situati­ons.  It is not diffi­cult to be meditative when eve­rything is going as planned; to have faith in the love of the divine when everyt­hing goes wrong is the real test.

Mula people are prepa­red to undergo such tests.  They go the bottom, are intel­ligent and they know that tests have a reason.  A problem will have to be tac­kled by its roots.  It is only then that true healing can take place.  The expres­sion “despe­rate cases call for desperate remedies” will pro­bably have been invented by someone with a strong influence of Mula in his horoscope.

The temperament of Mula Nakshatra is Rakshasa – demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Neuter. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Moola allows for ruining or destroying (that which must be destroyed for spiritual purpose).

Its heavenly basis emanates for breaking things apart, which results in crushing things, through which there is the power to destroy (can destroy destruction).

Sagittarius transforms that paranoid nature of the sign before, Scorpio, and turns it into inspiration and hope, higher meaning and purpose, things that we are inspired by and things that give us a sense of meaning and direction in life beyond just the illusion of control and trying to hang on what we have. there is a high capacity to be inspired by life and to really elevate our belief system.

Planting the seeds of truth so wisdom can grow, this is the nature of Mula and the sign Sagittarius is that sign of wisdom. But first, we need to uproot those things that are not true and not leading to a higher purpose and wisdom.

In Mula we uproot the stress, pain, ignorance and fear of lower Scorpio consciousness and plant the seeds of inspiration. The Nakshatra of Mula is to uproot within Sagittarius to align with a higher purpose and to let go of the stresses and fears of Scorpio. Stay hopeful and optimistic.

Mula Nakshatra stands for an intense way of living, which con­sists of gaining many different expe­riences.

Join my worldwide Nakshatras course. Learn the full range of characteristics of each Nakshatra. Learn the powerful systems of derived Nakshatra relationships and their role in Love astrology.

In part 1 we learn about each Nakshatra, especially relating it to your chart and mine.
In part 2 we learn the powerful derived Nakshatra sequences and techniques.

I look forward to working with you


Jyestha Nakshatra Number 18

Jyestha Nakshatra Number 18

Enroll on my caring and beautiful worldwide Nakshatra course and study the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology including Jyeystha Nakshatra #18

The 18th Nakshatra is Jyestha Nakshatra. It is the final Nakshatra of the second or Tamas group of nine Nakshatras, and it terminates in the very difficult Gandanta Zone: 2 deg either side of its transition to the next Nakshatra which is: Mula.

In brief, Jyestha Nakshatra occupies 16°40′ – 30° Scorpio

Symbol: the ear ring, which denotes superior social position.

Deity: Indra, king of the gods.

Keywords: wealth, courage, the eldest or founder.

Dasa-Ruling Planet: Mercury (17 years)

Favorable: Most successful of their family; keeps friends and builds a good support network; generous, self-reliant, eventually wealthy; takes charge of the family; passionate response to love; acts respectable; receives fame and honors; takes control; gets things done when they want to

Unfavorable: Angry; has family frictions; too intense to keep friends; hides their feelings and intentions; religious or peaceful on the surface while impatient or immoral underneath; acts religious to get regard; scheming; makes others dependent on them to gain control in the relationship; dramatizes illnesses and troubles to gain sympathy; subject to many illnesses

The temperament of Jyestha is Rakshasa – demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Female. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Jyestha allows for rising or conquering and gaining courage in battle. Its heavenly basis emanates for attack, which results in defense, through which one becomes a hero.

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Jyestha is related to Vatta – (air) motion. Its nature is to be sharp and dreadful in an active way. It is closely associated with dissolution – Shiva.

The Ruling Deity of Jyestha is Indra. Indra is the King of the Gods, a noble role, but he is often portrayed as one who is drunk with power, often risking and losing the kingdom through foolish, egoistic bets and battles.

The truth is both possibilities are there with Jyestha Nakshatra. We must choose our battles wisely, and when we do, we can be a great, even heroic presence. Obviously, the key factor, as with all the Nakshatras is to develop a higher consciousness perception of what the energy is all about. In fact, it is often the case that through experiencing the lower characteristics of a Nakshatra, our sadness and regret can help us to manifest the higher possibilities.

Join my worldwide nakshatras course. Learn the full range of characteristics of each Nakshatra. Learn the powerful systems of derived Nakshatra relationships and their role in Love astrology.

In part 1 your learn about each Nakshatra. In Part 2 your learn the powerful technique of derived Nakshatra Analysis. My teaching approach is caring and thorough, and linked to healing and empowerment.

I look forward to working with you


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Learn more about Pushyami Nakshatra #8

Learn more about Ashlesha Nakshatra #9

Learn more about Magha Nakshatra #10

Learn more about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra #11

Learn more about UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra #12

Learn more about Hasta Nakshatra #13

Learn more about Chitra Nakshatra #14

Learn more about Swati Nakshatra #15

Learn more about Vishakha Nakshatra #16

Learn more about Anuradha Nakshatra #17

Learn more about Jyestha Nakshatra #18

Learn more about Mula Nakshatra #19

Learn more about Shatabishak Nakshatra #24

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