The Four Purusharthas

The Four Purusharthas

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

The Four Aims of Life in Vedic Astrology: The Four Purusharthas

When you are studying my Master Vedic Astrology Course, the focus is on two charts: yours and mine. Basically we move from planet to planet, studying it first in yous Vedic birth chart, then in my Vedic birth chart. In-between our planet studies, we focus on learning the Rules of Interpretation. In one of these you list which of our planets fall in Dharma, Artha or Kama Houses; and you note which House each planet occupies. We work out what balance of the Aims of Life we came to work with this time.

You list which of our planets fall in Dharma, Artha, or Kama or Moksha Houses: The Four Aims of Life. The four Purusharthas, or the four aims of life are: dharmaarthakama, and moksha . These are the four aspects or facets of human life and of sadhana, or spiritual practice.

Here are The Four Purusharthas

Dharma means duty and purpose. These houses help us establish our path, our destiny and our purpose for incarnation in this life. Dharma houses are 1, 5 and 9.

Artha means wealth and resources. These houses bring us support and sustenance-either by knowledge, wisdom or resources like money. Artha houses are 2, 6 and 10.

Kama means desire through our most basic human needs like love, sex, enjoyment, emotional and sensory happiness. Kama houses help us achieve our desires and also help us relate to the world through relationships. Kama houses are 3, 7 and 11.

Moksha means liberation and freedom from bondage. These houses help us liberate ourselves and free ourselves from our human suffering through spiritual growth. They help us awaken to the eternal Self. Moksha houses are 4, 8 and 12.

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Master Vedic Astrology Course

Master Vedic Astrology Course

Master Vedic Astrology – A Caring Worldwide Foundation Course with Michael Conneely

sun-sukraDo you wish to Learn Vedic Astrology?

Michael’s Master Vedic Astrology Course is for you. It is a caring and thorough chance for you to learn Vedic Astrology and penetrate some of the subject’s deepest secrets. Always the teaching is linked to healing and empowerment possibilities, in this fantastic Vedic Astrology Course

And when you have completed this Foundation Vedic Astrology Course, you can progress further, because in fact, Michael Conneely offers three insightful worldwide courses into the study of Vedic Astrology.

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Maggie and Michael


An Expert Worldwide Advanced Vedic Astrology Course

An Expert Worldwide Advanced Vedic Astrology Course

This is a wonderful offering to the world: a Caring and Expert Advanced Vedic Astrology Course (Level 3)
With Five Modules from Michael Conneely.

Lakshmi at Skanda Vale Ashram

Lakshmi at Skanda Vale Ashram

This course has Five modules and you can purchase the course as a whole from:
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Atmakaraka – Learn the Astrology of your Soul

Atmakaraka – Learn the Astrology of your Soul

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Learn the Astrology of your Soul:
The Moon as your Atma Karaka Planet:

In Vedic Astrology, the planet of greatest longitude in any of the Vedic Signs is called the Atmakaraka or ‘soul indicator’.

It represents the major task you incarnated to work with in this life time.
it is your most important planet. It is your most influential planet.

Here is what one very able student of mine wrote about my Atmakaraka planet. This was in her first assignment of her Vedic Astrology Course, studying the Moon in her chart and mine.

moon-in-hands‘Moon is your Atmakaraka planet.
Atmakaraka shows us how the soul will be able to develop during this life.
We should pay attention to the house where Atmakaraka is located as it will be the main house in which karmic experiences work out and are worked out.  It may not give the easiest experiences.

The Atmakaraka planet shows the personalized nature of the individual’s soul. It shows the soul color or soul flavour of that particular person. It is the planet that we have the most karma to work with in this life. When we speak about the nature of a person’s soul we utilize the Atmakaraka planet.

Atmakaraka is the focal point of one’s life’s experience. This is where one fulfils his/her destiny, where one work outs his/her karma most efficiently. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, as one’s Atmakaraka brings the most important lessons, and one can’t avoid failing those lessons from time to time as that’s an inseparable part of learning.

Your atma karaka is located in the house where you have gandanta – a very unfortunate situation in terms of life experience.  Your atma karaka is also the ruler of your chart/ascendant and goes to the 9th house of spirituality, higher learning, devotion and teaching where both the greatest learning and teaching potentials are.

With atmakaraka being the moon, the person may be:

very caring and compassionate

family and social life are important, yet the person needs to overcome small family attachment and realize the whole world is one’s family.

emotions and compassion towards others may become a big issue. Due to excessive emotional dependence, the native may always be looking for relationships, or relationships will be looking for them.

Also, Vedic Astrology predictive periods (Dasas and bhuktis) ruled by the Moon will potentially be full of very turbulent learning as your soul seeks to put your life on course and develop your higher awareness.

So: get in touch with me for one of my superb astrology readings.

OR: enroll on one of my ultimately caring and learned Vedic Astrology Courses.

Actually, Atmakaraka is gone into in infinite detail in my Advanced vedic Astrology Course: Jaimini Option: see: If you know some vedic Astrology already – don’t miss this utterly wonderful spiritual and healing course!

See this Video for detail on my exceptional worldwide Astrology Readings which combine both Western and Vedic Astrology:

and see this Video for detail on my learned and caring worldwide Western and Vedic Astrology Courses:

I really look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Conneely

Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing

Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing and Empowerment

Learn the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology. Study my Vedic Astrology Courses.
Learn this wisdom in a way that is linked to healing and empowerment.
My Master Vedic Astrology Course is my Level 1 Vedic Astrology Course. You will get so much out of studying it. And like all my courses it is offered worldwide.
The course is very clearly set up. You receive a wealth of information to start you off – and then more as you progress through the stages of the course.

See my video:

For Michael Conneely’s full YouTube Channel follow the link below:
YouTube Vedic Astrology Courses

The focus of the Vedic Astrology course linked to Healing and Empowerment is two charts: yours and mine. Studying this way is a good way to learn as it ensures our study stays authentic and grounded.

The sequence of the course is very clear: your study one planet after the other as you work through the course. You start with the Moon in our birth charts. First you study your Moon, then my Moon.

sun sukraYou start by using your course start material and the webinar recording I provide for each planet/topic, and then you go on to write your analysis of the Moon in your birth chart, and you could append a list of questions at the end, and of course I would respond to your piece of writing with many caring, helpful and expert comments.
You next go on to write your analysis of the Moon in my birth chart.

But before we go on to the next planet to study: the Sun in our Vedic charts, the next step after your moon study is that I then send you the first installment of the ‘Rules Consolidation documents’.

You apply the techniques presneted in this document to the Moons in our birth charts, thus deepening your awareness, and a further Rules Consolidation Document is sent to you after each planet that you study. Thus your wisdom about your life and your future and your relationships gets deeper and deeper. Your ability to read the Vedic chart grows and grows – and you are welcome to do western astrology crossover if you wish as well. (I also have a most enlightened psychodynamic western astrology course, and if you enroll on this course, you are welcome to Vedic astrology crossover too if that is what you want.)

The whole aim of the course materials and of my thorough and caring teaching is to keep things simple enough at first so as to avoid fazing the student, though set against this I would always want to meet the student’s questions which will vary depending on the student’s route into astrology before starting my course.

The student’s task for the first assignment is therefore to get to to know enough to write the first assignment from a position of happy centeredness and to avoid becoming overloaded or phased. We aim to work together to create a most lively and careful interest in the principles of Vedic astrology. This will lead to the most supreme working in the course and the greatest spiritual awareness. Always we handle the great insights offered by Vedic Astrology in a way that leads to healing and empowerment.

Go to the foot of my Master Vedic Astrology Home Page to enroll:

My Vedic Astrology Course websites are:
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:

My Western Astrology Course is:

My wonderful worldwide Astrology Readings website is:

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