Connect to Sacred Earth Energies through my Shamanic Healer Course

Connect to Sacred Earth Energies
Shamanic Healer Course

The quality of our connection to Nature and the Earth is a crucial dimension of our shamanic healer work. Our Ego can ruin our work and make it dark; but our connection to the Earth can make our work a blessed healing visionary and energetic connection to others.

We are all part of the Web. Whatever we do to part of the Web we do to all of the Web.

There is a soul to everything and within every place. This was the realisation of Plato who brought in to rationalistic cerebral Greek philosophy the shamanic vision of indigenous healers in Scythia and the realisation that there is a soul behind everything, and everything is the expression of a soul. This was first commandingly spelled out in E R Dodds’ great book: ‘The Greeks and the Irrational’, published in 1951.

Every place has earth energies. And the Irish Druid perception is that in some places, special intense earth energies have been placed by great beings working for the growth and healing of humanity: The Earth Makers. Such places near here are: Carrowmoor, Carrowkeel, The Second Battle of Moytura near Loch Arrow, Ben Bulben, Croagh Patrick Mountain, Killary harbour the high energy Ordovician rocks where Wittgenstein went on retreat to write his ‘Philosophical investigations’ from May to August 1948, just before I was born, the same rocks where my Irish grandparents first set up house at near-by Glassilaun.

You can journey to meet the Spirit of the Place through my Shamanic Healer Course. You meet, see, feel, and talk with the spirit of the place. You can even do this with the spirit of a country.

Before doing a journey to meet the soul of spirit of a place, it is useful attunement and preparation to work with the four directions: East where the sun blessedly rises, South- the energy of comfort and luxury, West the ocean and the setting Sun and North the rocks of the material world of limits and duties. In the ancient Irish Druid tradition to, we will call on connection with earth, Sea and sky.

And it is important to attune to the natural rhythms, the seasons, the festivals, when one takes a stand in a place of the surface of the Earth and journeys to meet the spirit of that place.

Knowledge of current energies can be gained by the position of the Moon and planets. It’s a case of ‘as above, so below’. We are one with the planetary energy map. The planetary energy map depicts the energies pulsing through us. The position of the Moon, in particular, will affect our mind and emotions, so it is good perception to know where the Moon is in the various zodiacs: Tropical, Sidereal and Nakshatras (the 27 Lunar Mansions). We do need to have aware perception. We need to honour the divine intention, the part in the unfoldment, but we must not be passive or world-denying. We are here to chart the course of our incarnational destiny and manifest our own unique special spark that our soul chose to be our goal in this incarnation, in this life. We must not go in for some spiritual control regime that actually makes us a robot either. We must work with the flow at the same time as manifesting our own special spark and incarnational life purpose goal.

And we must also be open to and be fed by the elements in a place where we are doing the journey to meet its spirit:

These can be the sea, a river, a forest, a mountain, a valley, a tree, rocks.

I did this work to contact the Spirit of Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales when I was writing my novel: Rune Magic.

I did this work to meet the spirit of Loch Cullin 2km from my home in Foxford, in County Mayi, in the far west of Ireland when I moved here.

I did this work to meet Corra the true spirit of Croagh Patrick Mountain, with its dragon energies, where Saint Patrick fought her when he set out to convert Ireland to the Catholic Church in 432 AD, as is the theme of my novel: Druid.

And I am doing this work around Loch Arrow, where the ancient Irish Book of Invasions records that The Dagda and The Morrigan mate astride the river Unshin every Samhain (November 1st), and it was their mating that defended the sovereignty of the Tuatha de Danaan and brought them victory in the Second Battle of Moytura. This visionary earth spirituality work underlies the next novel I am now writing: Sacred Mating – the Morrigan and The Dagda.

Preparing for your Shamanic Journey – Become a Shamanic Healer

Basically, as a Shamanic Healer you develop the power to contact the non-ordinary worlds.

You journey by trance, maybe blindfold.
You useTrance Drumming  –  or rattle or chant or whistle or use CD
You use a quite place, smudged or purified.
As a Shaman, you access different worlds, very flexibly defined as:
Upper world: seeking teachers/guides.
Middle world: portals, sacred energies places, woods, spirits of place.
Lower  Animal helpers, spirit guides.
Entering these three realms, might involve walking towards the World Tree, and choosing whether to go up to the upper realm or down through the roots to the Lower World.

State your intention as you embark on your journey – but don’t be bound by expectation or purpose

You may meet animals, spirits, guides, gods, guardians: You may Speak to, Get help from, Get healing from those you meet.

In your Journey: you can seek   vision, Healing, Removal of intrusion, Soul retrieval (maybe involving Inner Child Work or Family Constellation Work, Curse removal, Fort Holder work, Power animal retrieval, Shape shifting (see quote 1 below), Cleansing, Use of talisman, Contact earth energies – channel from them, Heal an animal, Chakra Healing.

Arrangement for return is important.

Here is a video on the subject of Preparing for your Shamanic Journey:

Contact with Nature is essential: The Web of life: I greet the rising sun over the hills each morning, the sunrise, The four directions, Land, sea and sky

The Shamanic Journey is different from Mysticism because it involves being active in journeying, healing

Avoid:   rules, Conceptual over-analysis, the effect of academics/bureaucrats/psychology

Get someone to journey for you if you are too involved in the issue

Develop: Fire in the Head  (See Quote 2 below), strengthen The Cauldrons of inspiration, Enter the Hollow Lands.

Get my support as you develop your Shamanic Journey skills and become a Shamanic Healer. See my website:

Quote 1: The Song of Amergin:

I am Wind on Sea,
I am Ocean-wave,
I am Roar of Sea,
I am Stag of Seven Tines,
I am a Hawk on a Cliff,
I am shining tear of the Sun,
I am Fairest among Herbs,
I am Boar for Boldness,
I am Salmon in Pool,
I am a Lake on a Plain,
I am a Hill of Poetry,
I am a Word of Skill,
I am the Point of a Weapon (that pours forth
I am God who fashions Fire for a Head.
Who knows the secrets of the
Unhewn Dolmen?
Who (but I) announces the Ages of the Moon?
Who (but I) know the place where falleth
the Sunset?
Who calls the Cattle from the House of Tethra?
On whom do the cattle of Tethra smile?
Who is the troop, the god who fashions edges
in a fortress of gangrene?
(I am) a Song on a Spear,
an Enchantments of Wind.

Shamanic Healer

Quote 2: The Song of Wandering Aengus by WB Yeats:I went out to the hazel wood,

Because a fire was in my head,
And cut and peeled a hazel wand,
And hooked a berry to a thread;
And when white moths were on the wing,
And moth-like stars were flickering out,
I dropped the berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout.
When I had laid it on the floor
I went to blow the fire a-flame,
But something rustled on the floor,
And someone called me by my name:
It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossom in her hair
Who called me by my name and ran
And faded through the brightening air.
Though I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done,
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

Healing Example 1 : Animal:

15-years old dog got very weak, barely walking around the house, he had blood running from his nose and ear. The vet said that he might have cancer. Made offering of a handful of grain to the spirits asking them to help him heal dog. Drummed above head of dog. With The singing and drumming I was sending thoughts and healing energy. Called upon my power animal, stag, and i “entered” into the dog’s head.After half an hour, I started singing without the drum and with my hands I was “pulling out” the dog’s illness through nose. I “threw it out” in a river and thanked the spirits for helping me. After 2 day’s strong bleeding through nose started and piece of flesh came out of the nose 10 cm long.

Healing Example 2 : Chakra healing:

I scanned the body and felt tense energy and painful emotions above the Heart centre. When I meditated more on the Heart Chakra, I saw a huge encasing concrete round cylinder (about 1 metre in diameter and 1 m high) on the chest. I invited a spirit animal to help me remove the heavy cylinder. I saw him threw it in a volcano and earthquake destroyed it. I saw healing light, sunlight and green flowers planted in the Heart chakra. I felt this horrible encasing concrete thing was a negative programme or energy that blocked the energies from flowing freely, especially from the 2nd to the 4th chakra. Now the client became “open” to the world. She could give and receive, send love. I swept the negative energy from the aura and filled with divine light.

Healing Example 3: Talisman:
Took all the hostile belittle scripts that my family are sending me all my life. Put them into a talisman: a triangle of three twigs that I made and bound together. Buried the triangle in the earth at the foot of the statue of a great hero.

You can stay with us in the beautiful West of Ireland and Study Shamanic Healing

See my Shamanic Healer Course website:

Mapping your unique Shamanic Healer Pathway

Map your own unique Shamanic Healer pathway to create the perfect course for you.

Enrol on my Shamanic Healer Course:

The four modules of my Level 1 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval (Inner child work and Family Constellation work can be included here if appropriate)
  • Spiritual Intrusions Healing.

The modules of my Level 2 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked.
  • Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

However, this video invites you to map your own shamanic Healer learning pathway on my course as well. I want the course to include what is exactly right and needed for you.

Ask yourself: What is the essence of your Shamanic Healer path?

Vision: A shamanic Healer course should activate your own vision, it should kick-start your intuitive powers. It should give you the foundation to access the Otherworlds and the transpersonal realms.

Shamanic Journey: Obviously, first of all, you should learn to do Shamanic Journey.

Intuitive Connection: This will enable you to go beyond your everyday mind into intuitive connection with the Web of All: unify your body and mind awareness, open your intuitive eyes to your past (karmic and inheritance) and make accessible the awareness of the future we have in that all things and all times are actually connected in the Web. Astrology, too, is a key to creating awareness of the future, as well as stating our destiny patterns and psychological self, and I bring into the course awareness from your western and Vedic Astrology.

Nature: Nature is a gateway to the Otherworlds and to the greater awareness. Every place has its energy, its spirit of place, the energies that have been planted there whether by Gods, Spirits, Humans or animals. For the ancient Irish and first nation peoples, every thing that is, has a soul. Our body and mind is connected with the energies of earth, sea and land. Some rocks, especially crystalline metamorphic rocks and limestone are especially good at holding implanted energies. We can learn how to sense and read earth energies and see and connect with spirits of place.

Ceremony and Ritual: Shamanism is imbued with ritual. You can learn to do your own healing and empowering ritual, and share your development in this in discussion with me.

Dreams: you may feel drawn to keep a diary of year dreams and embark on a journey of dream interpretation and I would be glad to share and support in this.

Art: Art and shamanism have been hand in hand in human history since the dawn of our race. It is so beneficial to use simple sketch art. For example, you can sketch yourself expressing an energy or issue, before and after a healing exercise or shamanic journey or ritual, and those two journeys in themselves can be a powerful and memorable continuing support to your shamanic empowerment. You can sketch the spirit you see. You can sketch the memorable theme of your vision or dream.

Death: we more and more can see life as a preparation for our death. Psychopomp Work can be necessary and you may wish to share on this.

Our Children: We all start out as parents with the highest ideals, but often such are the antecedent difficulties in our own live and so difficult can be the karmic scripts that our parenting can go so sadly awry. Men’s’ Work, Women’s’ Work, Boys to Men work and Girls to Women work is a core and backbone of first nations peoples. It was central to the path of the Celtic Irish warrior, but it has lost its essential place.

Community is an unavoidable issue. Community is fraught with negative group dynamics, power stealing and definition of ideal self in terms of spiritually-correct slogans, but can we find support of community in our Shamanic path?

So, at the outset of your shamanic course, and at all points of your shamanic course, I invite you to refer to this wide agenda of the Shamanic Healer pathway and map your own special path that is right for you and the can be added to the main course outline.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Shamanic Healer Course

This is an invitation to enroll on one of my wonderful and very well established worldwide Courses that train you to become a powerful Shamanic Healer.

I work with my partner, Healer Maggie Pashley. We are based in our Healing Centre in Foxford in Co Mayo in the far West of Ireland and both do Healings and Courses worldwide.

My Certificated Distance Learning Courses in Shamanic Healing are in TWO levels as follows:

Level 1: My Certificated Level 1 Shamanic Healing Course

The four modules of my Level 1 Course are:

Shamanic Journeying
Power Animal Retrieval
Soul Retrieval (Inner child work and Family Constellation work can be included here if appropriate)
Spiritual Intrusions Healing.

For each Module, you receive an audio recording download with information and a guided meditation for your personal healing and development. You complete at least two pieces of work for each module. A reading list is provided and there is all necessary opportunity for question and discussion with myself. After working with the audio recording for each module, you then correspond with myself, discussing how you got on, and also how your spiritual life path is unfolding. I then reply to you. This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you.

The Certificated Level 1 course is not a practitioner certification. Healing in this module is healing of yourself. But successful completion of the Level 1 Course can be followed by my Level 2 Practitioner courses which involves applying healing and developmental techniques to another person. (In each case with appropriate correspondence with myself in respect of each module).

​Level 2: My Certificated Intermediate Level Course

In this course, you learn the following additional three shamanic techniques and you complete one piece of supported work with a client:

Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked.
Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders.
Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

You complete at least two journeys for each method yourself, but this Level 2 course now introduces Practitioner work. You choose from the seven shamanic healer modalities you have studied so far, to do two pieces of healing work with one client (with correspondence and support from myself).

There’s every needed support and discussion. The course is Certificated.

​During the course, you can include healing/empowering art work, embodiment work, energy work and link to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Here’s a testimonial to Maggie’s journeying within the shamanic healer courses:

‘I would also like to thank Maggie for her guidance. She makes one feel very comfortable whilst journeying, she’s defiantly a natural guide.’ Dr AJ

We also offer beautiful, healing and empowering Shamanic Healer Retreats in our Healing Centre and linked airbnb in Foxford in County Mayo: breathtaking beauty and ancient Sacred Sites in the utterly lovely West of Ireland. 

Your Teacher:

My name is Michael Conneely. I am a dedicated, caring and supportive teacher. I am the author of six visionary books, and I have an Oxford University MA and five university degrees in total. From 1998, I completed a five-year ethnographic Field Study: a university-based social-anthropological study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, the method of which was to live in the institutions under study in the areas of Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community – mainly based at Glastonbury. I have taught shamanic healing for nineteen years, having initially trained with John and Caitlin Matthews. I can recommend this worldwide distance learning introductory course in shamanic healing as a beautiful, very well-planned and wonderfully healing experience.

To book your Shamanic Healer Course, See:
More on spirit plant journeys retreat.

Shamanic Healer Sessions – discount sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

Learn to be a Shamanic Healer

Receive a shamanic healing

You can receive one of my Shamanic Healing Sessions either Face to Face at our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the West of Ireland, OR by having a contact session with me worldwide by Zoom or Skype.

There are sessions worldwide and sessions for our Guests are at special Discount Rate:

Enter the powerful world of depth healing, visions, shamanic journeying and power animals. Shed unhelpful old scripts. Embrace the true self you were born to be. I am your guide to your hero’s journey. And empower yourself to help and heal others.

Contact your greater self, your vision and your connection to the Earth. Learn shamanic healing. Read my expert chapters on the strengths and issues of working as a Shamanic Healer in my book: The Backpacker’s Guide to the New Spirituality 2014. 

You can have a session at our Foxford Healing Centre with its linked airbnb using any of the modules of my Shamanic Healer Course:

Shamanic Journeying
Power Animal Retrieval
Soul Retrieval
Inner child work and Family Constellation work
Spiritual Intrusions Healing
Heart-centred deposition where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked
Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders.
Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

Come to our Healing Centre and linked airbnb in Foxford Co Mayo for a relaxing holiday amid the utterly beautiful beaches, mountains and forests of Mayo in the West of Ireland and treat yourself to discount Healing Sessions and readings  – all at discount prices specially offered for our airbnb guests.

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Your Hosts are Maggie Pashley who has worked for over twenty years as a gifted intuitive healer skilled in many healings methods, and also Michael Conneely who has worked for over twenty years too, as a worldwide astrologer, Druid path teacher and shamanic healer. You are guaranteed a kind and warm welcome.
There’s so much to do. Mayo is the adventure capital of Ireland.

Book your Guest Session at our Foxford AirBnB website Retreats Page:

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Spiritual Intrusion Healing Course

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Spiritual Intrusion Healing Course

  • Has someone put a hook in you?
  • Does it feel as if someone has put a syphon into you draining your power?
  • Has someone corded you just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet?
  • You can cut the cords!
  • You can receive a healing and empowering presence in your consciousness and energy field. Your essence can flower!

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