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The Runes can give keys and indicators as to what may be awry or amiss in your life and also what steps you may be able to take to correct such issues.

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This is what Michael Conneely says about his runes course

Do you need change in your life? Do you need a way to bring in the change? Do you want to learn the keys to change? Learn the healing, empowerment and magic of the Runes. 
The Runes are powerful and ancient magic.
Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life.
Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.
The Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also an enduring magically powerful visionary series of Gateways to new ways of being, to ways of bringing in the change you need.
​Learn how to transform your understanding of the events in your life.
Use the genuine magic of making a Rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.
You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses.
The Runes are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part, with all the support you need from me.
As a very special bonus, my support includes sharing with you insights from your Western and your Vedic Astrology when you enrol on my fabulous Runes Course

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely with Visionary Worldwide Runes Course

Michael Conneely reads and extract from the novel: Rune Magic, which is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle.

The book is packed with information about Norse Cosmology as well as being a cosmological cliff-hanger

And Michael also teaches a superb and long-standing Worldwide Runes course, see:

Here, Michael Conneely reads how Heimdall, the ever loyal Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, sound the Gallahorn because the forces of chaos are invading Asgard, and Ragnarok has begun.


Several Moons later, they were all awakened by the sounding of a horn. They staggered out of the cave mouth in time to see, in shock, immense pursuing wolves close upon the sun: Hati, Skoll and Managarm – the wolves got by Loki on the hag-foul giantess, Angrbroda, and diligently fed by her for centuries for this very purpose, fed on the marrow of murderers’ bones, hidden away in the groves of Jarnvid Ironwood.
The four of them stood and stared upwards, speechless and stunned, overcome as the gap between the wolves and the staggering sun steadily narrowed. Horrified, they saw the wolves finally catch up first with Sunna, the sun, and swallow her whole; her blood cascaded from their hideous jaws and drenched the Earth.

Then the mighty distant notes of the horn sounded a second time. They were pure and summoning. The cliff-face cracked. The pool emptied with a drunken gurgling roar. The sky went black.
The Moon became visible in the sudden darkness caused by the death of the Sun; then the ravening evil of the wolves turned after him. He continued forward in his orbit but was far too slow. He was swallowed up in his turn by the monstrous brood of Loki and Angrbroda: his blood cascaded silvery from the closing teeth and, it too, showered the Earth.
Gusts of hail and snow now came at them from all four directions. Now, the only light to see by was the ceaseless lightning crashing across the ink-black skies and a strange sick eerie red flaring growing immensity of light coming up from the south. ‘Muspelheim,’ Declan murmured, pointing to the light.

The tragic purity of the horn sounded again for the third time. ‘It is the Gjallarhorn’ cried Magda – she was the first to realise what it was, so stunned they had been to watch the destruction of the luminaries. Magda was the first to actually break from the horrified trance into which the tragedy of the Sun and the Moon had drawn them all. ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn,’ Magda said urgently. ‘The forces of chaos are invading Asgard.’

‘Magda, sound your own ram’s horn,’ said Declan, shaking himself out of his reverie; ‘gather our weapons and our kit. We must call on the dragon you scryed when we first met, to take us to Mimir’s Grove. The nine worlds are ending. And they are ending fast by the look of it. They are finished,’ he declaimed tragically.
‘What about my mam and dad and Sunna and Ari and Bragi and Einar?’ Frithgeir cried out loud. ‘Mam, I’m coming for you.’ Frithgeir scrambled madly down the disintegrating cliff face and fought off Declan’s attempts to hold him back. Brosni joined Declan and they fought Frithgeir. Declan held his arms and Brosni held his legs and Frithgeir eventually gave up struggling and gave way to sobs, instead. The trees outside the cave crashed down. The roof cracked, and they only just made it back up to the ledge to drag their weapons and their gear to safety.
‘Sound your ram’s horn, Magda,’ said Declan urgently, clambering out of the cave, dragging their packs and weapons to the ledge as the roof fell in. ‘Call on the dragon.’ He drew the ram’s horn from Magda’s pack, carefully unwrapped it and passed it to her.
‘I’ve never blown a horn before,’ said Magda. ‘I do hope it works.’
‘What dragon?’ Brosni asked. ‘You never told us about this, Declan – another of your secrets?’
‘I was oath-bound,’ Declan told him briefly.
Magda put the ram’s horn to her lips and blew. A piercing screaming rasping unlovely note rang high and long. But it seemed it worked. The veil at the far side of the emptied pool suddenly dropped away and the four of them suddenly saw the aged Norns revealed standing silent, now, the Orlog ruined, their chant destroyed; their runes were lying strewn in chaos on the ground, the web in tatters. Declan, Magda, Brosni and Frithgeir stood there and stared at the Norns, appalled.
‘We must dress again in the clothes the High One gave us,’ Magda said. She somehow knew they had to do that. ‘The Ravens are telling us,’ she explained. Again, Declan shook his head to clear his mind and dragged his eyes away from the tragic prospect of the Norns. The two of them hurried into the barbaric magnificence that Odin wished for.

‘Two I agreed to carry and no more.’


Rune Magic visionary Novel by Michael Conneely and worldwide Runes Course

Rune Magic Visionary Novel by Michael Conneely and worldwide Runes Course

Rune Magic visionary novel by Michael Conneely is available on Amazon

Michael Conneely’s novel Rune Magic is available worldwide on Amazon, and he also teaches a worldwide Runes Course where you can learn the energy and meaning of each Rune, learn Rune chant (or Galdr) and Rune Stance and learn use of the Runes for divination.

The Runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse, and each Rune is a key to deep meaning and transformation of a special area of your life. On his father’s side, Michael originates from Yakut Tribesmen who lived on the coast of the Barents Sea, but who had emigrated to the Baltic Coast ‘Danzig Corridor’ by his father’s time: the area of the Runes.

Michael studied Old Norse language and Literature at Oxford University where he was taught by JRR Tolkien’s son.
The book is a treasure trove of Norse Cosmology and quotes from the Sagas. It centres on two young people whom Odin, magnificent warrior god of the Ancient Norse took up from their own time, because he had a secret plan for them to avert the prophesied destruction of the Norse Gods at Ragnarok.

Declan and Magda took shelter at the house of the family of a Gothi, or Norse Ritual Priest when they first arrived, taken by Odin from their own time as the Fimbul Winter gripped the earth and the time for the final battle between the forces or Chaos and the Aesir Gods approached.

In this passage, Declan reads from the Voluspa Saga:

‘Eastward in Jarnvid, the Ironwood, an old troll crone sits: loathsome Angrboda
And there fed Fenrir’s evil brood:
One from all of these will one day swallow the sun.
He feeds on the flesh of doomed men.
Sunlight in summer shall be black thereafter.
Then comes the icy Fimbulvetr, the last Great Winter, when the sun becomes black.
Snow shall drive from all quarters. Frosts shall be great then, and winds sharp; There shall be no virtue in the sun. Those winters shall proceed three in succession and no summer between.

’Would you know yet more? And what?
Rune Magic

Rune Dagaz A New Day Dawns

Rune Dagaz A New Day Dawns and Worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Rune Dagaz is best to be seen as Rune 24: the last Rune in the Futhark, the 24-Rune alphabet of the ancient Norse.

You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path).

I have been putting videos about the runes on my YouTube Channel over several years.

I have written a Novel called ‘Rune Magic’. It’s available on, and Amazon worldwide.

Is it a coincidence that I am filming this video about the final Rune just after I filmed Rune 23 Othila?

The reason I ask this is because this is the month after we moved to what is in fact our Othila: Our native land, Our home. We have just moved to a new house here in the beautiful West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre.

And now a new day dawns: This is our Rune 24 Dagaz. A new day has dawned.

Of course, the meaning of Rune Dagaz is not just about a whole new Chapter in your life starting: it is also about the dawning of a new day: the dawning of each and every day of your life.

The Norse were very attuned to the starkness of opposites and how they work together. And one of these opposites is Fire and Ice. The Nine Worlds of Yggdrassil the World Tree were born out of the union of Fire and Ice.

And our life is divided into two opposites: Day and night.

Day is ruled over by the Fire of the Sun; Night is ruled over by the Ice of Darkness and the Night.

And so, this rune tells us we need to live our life in a way that honours the rhythm of these two opposites. We need our time of dreams and going inward when we sleep at night, if we are to properly greet the day and are to be able to powerfully and properly do the tasks of our life when the new day dawns.

And we can use the world of dreams and journeys to travel to the other of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrassil from our home here in Midgard. The Norse cosmology honours the essences and nature of the different races of human and giants, elves and Gods – all the living entities.

Look at the shape of the Rune 24 Dagaz. It includes the X shape of Gifu = Gift, with the shape of the rune Isa. And so it tells us that to get the real gift of our Day ruled by Rune 9 Gifu, we have to honour and receive the gift of our time of night: Rune 11 Isa.

Out of the Ice of Darkness, the great Goddess Sunna rides her Sun Chariot.
But Nott the goddess of night, the daughter of the Giant Nafi is the origin of the dreams that will manifest in the day that dawns when the night horse Hrimfaxi ‘frost man’ shakes his mane and whinnies.
And the Moon God, Mani also rides both skies of night as well as day. The Moon waxes and wanes in cycles. And we are very much affected by the position of the Moon in the heavens in relation to our astrology birth chart.

And at the time of Eclipse, the wolves Hati and Skoli who always race after the luminaries actually catch up with and devour their prey – but that’s another story!

Where we have moved into its pitch black and totally silent at night. The few people around us here in the hamlet where we have our Healing Centre, genuinely seems to live according to an impressive cycle of hard work and decent family by day, and honouring the quiet of night = all on the beautiful ancient soil and situated just a mile from the Ocean of the Atlantic. So, living in this way, we can become increasingly sensitive to our right rhythms, heal and live according to them, and thus empower ourselves and reap our Harvest.

Indeed, the other thing to consider is that both night and day are chances for us to reap the harvest of the Earth (The Goddess Jord, the rune Jera). So, we need to live in a way that honours the rhythm of our body and consciousness through both night and day and has right relationship to Mother earth so that the Harvest we may receive from her is the right Harvest for our life.

If we get our connection to the world and to the rhythms and seasons and cycles, what we reap will be Nauthiz: the dread 10th Rune of calamity and restraint, lack and need. You will get Nauthiz, not Gifu!

So, Rune Dagaz is a rune of: seize the day.
Be in your body. Be authentic to your truth.
Live life day by day in one way
But also be prepared to have strategies and targets. But don’t let these take away from the spontaneous gifts of the Day = Rune Dagaz.
Tomorrow is another day. What is this day asking of YOU?
What is this day about? Experience it: don’t pre-plan it. Don’t impose scripts on your life and relationships. Don’t lay your trip on the day, on others – or on you!
This day dawns as fresh new light
Don’t over discuss.
Root down into the truth of your body. Heal your body by true connection to the land you live on.

Don’t be overtaken by the bureaucratic priesthoods of organised religion,
nor the often power-stealer hierarchies of new spiritual groups
The stories of your culture
The virtual living pattern that has arisen.

The gift of the earth arising out of Day and Night and the nine worlds is there for proper harvesting by you.

So go to:
Enrol on my wonderful Runes Course.
I’ve been teaching the Runes for 23 years.
You receive two audios for each Rune: presentation and then a Journey where you journey to find out your issues in relation to the principle that each Rune represents.
Then you email me how you got in in your journey to meet the rune you are studying.
We discuss. To supports our insights and understanding, learning, growth, healing and empowerment, I draw on your western astrology (which uses the Tropical Zodiac and is psychodynamic in orientation) and your Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac and is orientated to your destiny and Incarnational Life purpose).
You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path).

I look forward to hearing from you


Rune Magic Novel and On-line Runes Course

Rune Magic Novel and On-line Runes Course from Michael Conneely

Rune Magic is a wonderful novel by Michael Conneely, available on, and Amazon worldwide.
It has got an associated worldwide Runes Course at:

It tells how two young people are caught up by Odin in his attempt to avert the destruction of the Aesir Gods at Ragnarok.

Steeped with information about Norse Cosmology, the Nine Worlds and Gods, the novel is a moving account of a family’s attempt to avert destruction and secure a future for their people.

In this reading from the novel, Michael Conneely recounts how Odin seized the magic of the Runes:

This passage tells how Declan and Magda have been taken up by Odin to the time when Ragnarok looms. They have been given shelter in the dwelling of the family of a Gothi: a Ritual Priest of the ancient Norse.

When they found themselves in this new land, they found various gifts from Odin in their packs. One of these gifts were rune tablets which Declan read night after night to the family as it sheltered from the eternal Fimbul Winter outside:


Fehu the Rune of Value

Michael ConneelyA Post about Fehu the Rune of Value

The Runes, the magical spiritual Alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples, was seized by the great warrior magician god Odin as he hung upside down in the world tree Yggdrasil trancing and journeying for nine days. And he saw in the twigs and branches the shapes of the letters of the rune alphabet.

My heredity on my father’s side is from the Baltic and Yakut tribesman from the North polar shore. My heredity on my mother’s side is for thousands of years from Connemara in County Galway Ireland. All of this has been discovered through the site 23 and Me with Advanced DNA analysis techniques

In the celebration of the Spring Equinox I combine the two inheritances, but starting with a journey where we learn about the issue of value in our life. What is our sense of value? What is our sense of worth.

The issue of our self-worth was seen by Odin as the first step in our journey of life. It is the meaning of the first rune Fehu. As stated Fehu is the Rune of Value.

At Spring Equinox, we are called to rise in our power and expression, aligning to the growing power and brightness of the Sun.

To do that, we may fail unless we increase our sense of self-worth.

For example, when you are working with the first rune, Fehu, if you discovered you find wealth a challenge, and if you realised you wanted to change your relationship with it, it would help you if you felt willing to define in an email back to me what the nature of the challenge is, what vision you have of how you would relate to it after this work, what clearing and what shift occurred during the rune journey, during the rune stance and Galdr. This experience is exceptional and wonderful.

See my video of my Fehu rune journey at Spring Equinox to heal the issue of value in our lives with Fehu:

See my Worldwide Rune Course at:
See my Worldwide Druid Forest School Course at:

Our Healing Centre and linked Airbnb in the West of Ireland is at:
I look forward to working with you,

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