The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

Michael ConneelyDonald Trump Astrology Birth Chart The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

This Blog Post examines the power of the Nodes of the Moon in creating the special destiny of Donald Trump, with which the destiny of so many millions of humans are now entwined.

I have written posts on Donald Trump’s astrology before and charted his rise to power, shown the clear astrological parallel with the rise of Adolph Hitler, and asked the question of what will the eclipse of 21st August 2017 mean for him and for the USA and for the world.

This Blog post focuses on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in his birth chart: The Nodes are Rahu the North Node, Ketu the South Node.

Donald Trump’s  birth chart and derived charts are set out at the foot of this blog post for you to see what I am talking about.

And also please see the associated Video about the Birth Chart of Donald Trump:

This is the chart of one born under an eclipse – darkness upon the native’s life. This means there is some disconnection with the personal identity on earth and the person’s soul or higher self.

Whereas Ketu conjunct the Sun will diminish the Sun and render it insubstantial, Rahu conjunct the Sun, at a worst-case scenario, as here in Donald trump’s chart, will create a hugely over expansive reaction to a crisis in personal identity, making the person go big time for worldly success, and driven to make a huge mark on the world.

Rahu here gives the person clear direction. Success is likely with high social status and fame and achievement. But the impurity of Rahu imbues the Sun with driven over-ambition, selfishness, rigid dogmatic ideas and dark psychological tendencies of scapegoating.

Rahu has an adventurous nature and loves surprises and sudden events, that are not actually real, but an illusion that is magically forced to become chameleon reality in peoples’ minds. The energy breaks taboos and loves to breach boundaries. It wants to be unique and noticed and break tradition all so as to repair the original wound of not having loving notice from mother.

Sun is the King. Rahu is the thief. They are inimical. The genius with double standards loves to think outside the box and sneak its way to power by cheating and hiding the real truth, while looking honest and convincing in his deception.

N.B. AND ALSO NOTE THAT HE HAS Chiron conjunct Jupiter which makes it worse: an existential wound to Jupiter, producing glitzy ungrounded over-expansionary slogansing and rant.

Ketu conjunct Moon:

The Moon represents the Mother, Mind and consciousness arising therefrom. Ketu conjunct the Moon can gives intuition and even psychic powers, but this can become florid and even insane in the worst cases.

Issues from mothering in this and past lives, and also psychic material from past lives can overwhelm and confuse the mind, leading to outburst and irrationality, fear and turbulence, and so spiritual management of consciousness is essential for the stability, continuity and protection both of the person concerned and also those in their lives: whether family members, or the public at large if their job takes them in that direction.

Ketu conjunct Moon creates confusion, scatter, over-analysis and turmoil in the mind and emotions, with great potential for becoming critical of self or others and attacking others.

And you can also see the associated videos and blog posts on Ketu the South node of the Moon:Rahu Conjunct Sun:

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Here are Donald Trump’s Astrology Charts:

Donald Trump Western Astrology Birth Chart:











Donald Trump Planet Positions Western Astrology:







Donald Trump Transits Western Astrology:








Note importantly that Saturn is transiting conjunct his natal Moon this year and so also transiting opposition his natal Sun. Sun.
And note importantly from the Vedic astrology table below that Sun is ‘AK’. Sun is his Atmakaraka. He was born to get Sun issues right this life time, because of what happened in his previous life! And with Rahu conjucnt Sun what a set-up for great power he has!
And note importantly that Saturn is also transiting conjunct Ketu, and so Saturn is transiting opposition Rahu: And note from the Vedic Dignities Table below, what great Dignity his Rahu and his Ketu have: what a powerful and fated life!

Donald Trump Vedic Birth Chart: 




Donald Trump Vedic Planet Positions:




Donald Trump Vedic Planets in Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Signs):




Donald Trump Planet Dignities:




Note that Sun is Atmakaraka (AK) in his Vedic Birth Chart and in his life (see above):


When North Node Rahu transits your Natal Saturn

North Node transiting natal Saturn,
‘Rahu transiting natal Saturn’ as it’s called in Vedic astrology,

This is tough!

To me, because I am experiencing this transit now, it feels like the concentration camp aspect.

I am in the concentration camp at the moment. I am driven to produce loads of promotional videos to share news about my astrology readings, my astrology courses and my other spiritual courses.

The achievement is tremendous in my case. But I long for when I can settle back to the more gentle life again!

Saturn is in my 2nd House in my birth chart and in Vedic astrology the second house is partly about mouth and speech.

And so here I am developing my powers of communication: making loads of videos about spiritual topics!

AND, would you believe, three days after I made this video, I had to find a dentist because one of my teeth fell out!!! Yes, 2nd House is about mouth.

In a higher sense, Saturn is all about karma. Rahu (North Node) is a driven energy, but he can take us to our incarnational destiny for this life, but only if we learn to purify his driven energies. If we don’t purify our rahu we will never get to the destination in this life that he is trying to drive us towards and give us impetus to get to.

Both Rahu and Saturn are malefic planets, so you need to realise that malefic planets can be good for getting things done, but they need to be handles with care. They can damage relationship issues. You need to be able to stand back and try to preserve balance in your life with gentler issue, relationship issues and so forth.

In order to understand any transit, you need to consider the nature of the transiting planet, the sign that the transiting planet is transiting through, the House that the transiting planet is transiting through, any planet occupying that House, aspects created by the transit, and also the position of the ruler of that house. And most crucial of all, we need to develop the highest spiritual perception of the divine meaning of that transit, its practical considerations, any strategies we need to put into place, as well as any healing or empowerment work we really must now do!

So, in order to understand my particular Saturn transit, you would need to be aware what it can mean generally to have Saturn transit the second House. As a Keyword, it means Focus on Finances, the need to stabilise your finances, it can mean the need to watch your nutrition and diet. It can highlight the quality of speech, for example it can make us need and want to speak the truth and develop good quality communication. And yes: Visit your dentist!!! There can be a need to try to keep family issues calm and equanimous and loving.

So, to understand your transits and what to do about them, you can get in touch with me for an Astrology Prediction. I am very caring and thorough. See my astrology readings website:

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The Astrology of 2017

The Astrology of 2017

In summary, the five big events are:

  1. Three Transits through all three of the Vedic Astrology Gandanta Zones
  2. The Four Eclipses of 2017
  3. The transiting Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction
  4. Venus in sign of Exaltation
  5. Kal Sarpa Yoga

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Before we examine these great energies in more depth, we have to realise that these are energies that affect everyone: all of humanity.

But, in addition to these factors, you also have to take into account how these energies interact with the planets and houses in your own individual birth chart and also your own individual Vedic Predictive Periods called Dasas during this year, also your own individual solar and lunar return charts.

How we personally will experience these and all the other transits and lunations of 2017 will depend on how they interact with the planets and houses in our own individual birth charts.

But there’s another factor too: how each one of us will experience these global factors, depends on how we individually perceive and understand them. The crucial issue is how we can each manage our mind during these periods.

And maybe most important of all, everything depends on how we can heal and empower ourselves, and how we can create strategies for managing all the different facets of our lives during the year, such as relationship, family, work, healing, spiritual growth and development of our consciousness.

Let’s look at the first great energy on the list:

The three Transits of planets passing through all three of the Vedic Astrology Gandanta Zones:

Gandanta Zones are the three difficult transition points in the Vedic or Sidereal Zodiac, where a Water sign dissolves and there is a void before the first flicker of the following Fire sign. They are zones of up to 2 degrees either side of the transition point, where this reality (or Maha Maya) is felt to be insubstantial and not fully real, and so planets natally or transiting there manifest in a fallen way, but with a difficult call to create divine perception, healing and empowerment.

Saturn will be transiting the ‘Abhukta Mula Gandanta zone’ three times in 2017. This is the Gandanta Zone between sidereal Scorpio and sidereal Sagittarius, the transition from Jyestha to Mula Nakshatras. It is the crossing point at Vedic 0 degrees Sagittarius, which is approx Western 24 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will cross this difficult Gandanta Zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius three times:
26th January 2017
21st June 2017
26th October 2017.
Basically, in the case of all of us, Saturn grinds away at patterns and scripts we must let go of. If we don’t respond to his message, we can feel pessimism, experience downfall and illness. There will be separations and tensions. But Saturn’s divine message will bring us Golden Reaping if we can perceive and respond to his message.

Uranus will be transiting the sidereal Pisces-Aries Gandanta zone four times overall. This is the passage from Revati to Ashwini Nakshatras. The last time Uranus transited here on his 84-year orbit of our Sun saw the rise of Adolph Hitler, the creation of the Third Reich, genocide and World War. Uranus will occupy this Gandanta degree four times:
2.1.18 (in 1st deg Aries, just short of the zero point)

Mars and Rahu
(North Node) will be transiting the sidereal Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone. This is the changeover point from Ashlesha to Magha Nakshatras.
Mars and Rahu enter Cancer and are in the Gandanta 18.8.17.
And the very difficult Solar Eclipse visible all across USA is 21.8.17
In fact Mars has Mars has two 2017 gandanta crossings and one in early 2018:
2.3.2017 through Pisces-Aries Gandanta:
11.7.17 through Cancer-Leo Gandanta
7.3.18 through Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta.

The Four Eclipses of 2017:

  1. February 11 – Lunar Eclipse
  2. February 26 – Solar Eclipse
  1. August 7 – Lunar Eclipse
  2. August 21 – Total solar eclipse visible all across U.S. and situated on Donald Trump’s ascendant).

Lunar Eclipses usually have results soon; Solar Eclipses have delayed results.
Plus there will be activation of the eclipse points of September 1, 2016 and Feb. 26, 2017.
There is Adhi yoga 21.8.17 – 11.9.17 but August volatility may prevent this yoga from giving its more usual full possible results.

The transiting Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction:

Jupiter in Vedic Libra will oppose Uranus in Vedic Aries, exact, on these three dates, at these degrees of the western zodiac:

December 27, 2016 at 20 degrees
March 7, 2017 at 22 degrees
September 27, 2017 at 27 degrees

This is an energy of revolution. It is Prometheus energy. Prometheus brought the gift of Fire from Heaven for mankind, and was punished by Jupiter for all eternity for doing so: he was chained to a rock where his entrails were eaten out daily. Are you ready to embrace this great and divine gift – and ride it? And do so wisely?

Venus in sign of Exaltation:

Venus is in his sign of Exaltation, Vedic Pisces from 28.1.17 to 1.6.17. this will be good for love and money and the energy will be sexual. Additionally, Venus is Retrograde during that Exaltation period:

Venus is Retrograde from             5.3.17     to    16.4.17
Western zodiac degrees:              13 Aries          26 Pisces
Vedic zodiac degrees:                    19 Pisc             2 Pisc

But because of Venus being Exalted, only the days around station will be really felt problematical, it will be less difficult learning than most planetary retrograde periods.

Kal Sarpa Yoga:

Kal Sarpa Yoga creates divisiveness, paranoia, unrest, uncertainty and insecurity, and problems of management of the Mind.

With Kal sarpa Yoga, the nodal axis divides the chart with all the planets one side (except for Moon of course, but when Moon is out on its own, it’s unsupported and this destabilises our minds.

The first Kal Sarpa Yoga for 2017 is the tail end of Kal Sarpa. It began around 28.9.2016 with this first Kal Sarpa event ending 20.1.2017.

This Kal Sarpa Yoga was one of three terribly difficult energies affecting last year, 2016. There was also the transiting conjunction of Jupiter and rahu in Vedic Leo and also the transiting conjunction of Mars and Scorpio in Vedic Scorpio.

Note that the Kal sarpa Yoga was radiating its divisive energies on all of us through the US Presidential Election and by weird coincidence, Donald Trump even has this fairly rare astrological energy in his own birth chart as well. Note that the difficult eclipse of 21st August is exact on his Ascendant!

The Jupiter Rahu conjunction was exact on the date the British chose for their Referendum on BREXIT! What a day to choose. What a ‘coincidence’!

Kal Sarpa Yoga re-arises a second time on 17.9.17 until 8.1.18.
Kal Sarpa Yoga will continue, on and off for many years, as Jupiter and Saturn are on one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis, in fact it will continue until 14.12.2019 (date depending a little on definition). So, whenever the faster planets are also one side, Kal Sarpa Yoga will be created.

What to do next:

Look out for the upcoming YouTube Videos and Blogs I will be posting for more details on each of these different energies in 2017.

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Footnote: Dates will vary slightly according to latitude and time zone of place. Variation may be one day either side. Details are set for Foxford in Co Mayo in West of Ireland (53 N 58; 009 W 08), which uses UK time. To see exact detail for your location, please go to: and find out.    

Uranus enters Vedic Aries July and August 2016 and beyond

Uranus enters Vedic Aries : Difficult energies July and August 2016 and beyond : What will it take for your revolution to flower ?

As I have said before in my blog posts, I feel that the mesh of difficult energies running from January 2016 until the end of January 2017 need to be understood with reference to the point  where Uranus enters Vedic Aries. See the charts at the end of this post.

If we can perceive these difficult energies clearly, then we can recognize when they are affecting our emotions and our patterns and our thoughts.

All my readings and courses combine western with Vedic Astrology if this is wished for, and I feel that the fact that the ‘western astrology planet’ Uranus has entered into the Vedic sign of Aries really, really does need to be understood. It is one of four difficult energies that you really do need to be alert for, understand and, yes: Be open to the positive power of.

The things to notice from the Now chart for today 21st July 2016 (shown below in both western and Vedic Astrology) are:

difficult energies

A terrorist attack

1. The Jupiter – Rahu (Jupiter-North Node) conjunction is transiting through Vedic Leo in the heavens. It was exact on the day of the UK Referendum on the membership of Britain within the EU. The Jupiter-Rahu energy can be validly expansionary – but only if you know what you are doing. But in the wrong consciousness, it’s florid and ungrounded and it’s xenophobic and even dark, and of course Neptune is opposite it in the heavens bringing in illusion in the wrong hands. So we are all feeling the shreds of surrounding darkness and the fundamentalism and the giddy ungrounded expansionariness. Coupled with the next transit I will be mentioning, the Saturn-Mars conjunction, the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction can be fundamentalist or terrorist. I need not say more!

2. Second, and more harsh and deadly and frustrating than the Jupiter Rahu transiting conjunction, Saturn is still retrograde in Vedic Scorpio.  And Mars, having retrograded back briefly into Vedic Libra has now rejoined Saturn in Scorpio. We have the transiting Saturn-Mars conjunction in Vedic Scorpio. Now these two hate each other and at their worst bring concentration camp energy, death and great frustration. As I said, Saturn is Retrograde now, and Saturn does not turn Direct until 13th August. So, dependent of course on our own individual charts, we’ll feel great frustration until then, and beyond.

3. Indeed things don’t actually really get better or easier until the end of January 2017. This is because Kal Sarpa Yoga reigns in the heavens just after the above two difficult transits have dissipated.
Kal Sarpa Yoga is where all the planets are enclosed between the two Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu, North Node and South Node – and this formation leaves the Moon very unsupported when it is out on its own away from the rest of the planets for half the time in each month, and this can make our minds and emotions unstable.

4. But fourthly, and maybe the worst of all, but not taken into account by most Vedic Astrologers: Uranus has just entered the Vedic sign of Aries.
Uranus entered Vedic Aries on 27th June 2016.
Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the sun, so a taste of the jarring deadliness of Uranus in Vedic Aries is what was happening then: the rise of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.
And Adolf Hitler had his Sun in Vedic Aries: the ideal man to deliver the dreadful shafts of this energy.
My Moon is in the last degree of Vedic Pisces. My partner, Maggie Pashley’s Moon is in the 2nd degree of Vedic Aries. Uranus has transited across my Moon and is closing on hers. So for us Uranus has brought many driven energies and even emigration! But in the wrong hands, Uranus is Titan energy. See the pics!
Uranus titan 2

So what I’m saying is that we all have to develop awareness of the state of our minds. Positively, the energy of Uranus entering Vedic Aries is Judgement: the summing up of the matter:

uranus enters vedic aries


In fact at this time especially we all have to develop awareness of the state of our ‘Mind’ (capital M), of our consciousness.

We absolutely must ask ourselves ‘whose are these feelings?’ Our minds might be picking up on the feelings ofothers floating around.

We may need to practise Mantra each morning to stabilise our Mind.

But we should embrace revolution. Revolution is about the needed Death of the old and – Rebirth!!!

I was nearly in tears at the newsagent a few mornings ago reading about Turkey, Islamicist conflict there and Turkish refugees, the chaos of BREXIT, the possibility of Scottish cessation from the UK, the new UK Prime Minister beefing about the problem of the ‘internal border’ with southern Ireland (as she called it), shootings in USA, just to name a few.

I went home and did 108 Mantra to Shiva in front of our beautiful brass Shiva Murthi (statue) with candles lit. And regular Mantra is so good to stabilise my mind and help me to monitor it. And then of course there is all the very different range of healing and empowerment modalities we may need to choose from.
Shiva Nataraja
So above all, we do need to realize the ‘weather warning’: we need to know clearly that the energies will be frustrating and fraught all this time for the rest of the year, and so we must not to go into the pit of despair. But instead we must use this astrological declaration to arise from out of the ashes of despair.

The leaden deadness of the Saturn Retrograde is being felt now. But this can be used for your Blessing in that you are tying up loose ends: that special Saturn gift!


But above all we should ask what would to take to be open: be open to the positive revolution that Uranus can now bring????

My partner Maggie Pashley teaches Access Consciousness. See:

I always combine my astrology readings and courses with openness to approaches of healing and empowerment. See and and

Get a reading or join one of my astrology courses now.

Ask: what would it take to be open to the greater You ?

I have found the combination of astrology and these healing modalities so empowering. I feel they really help me develop my perception AND become the spark I was born to be and shake off the diminishing, disempowering invisibility scripts of my upbringing.

Vedic Astrology has truly immense and powerful Declaration, though it can be used in a way that is formulaic and disempowering.

In western astrology I use psychodynamic astrology and Evolutionary Astrology. I personally find that it is through combining the two that we get the fullest declaration of our birth chart and our predictive time ahead.

So what has Uranus entering the Vedic sign of Aries meant for us? Our personal revolution is that we are now emigrating to the far West of Ireland, near Westport, where Maggie will now connect with and work in many Irish centres, and I will add in Druid Forest school and Shamanic events and retreats, and where we will of course continue all our worldwide work as well. Here is the view from our new home:
foxford countryside 1


The Vedic chart:

Chart Now 21.7.16 Vedic

Planets in the Vedic Signs:

Planets in Vedic signs 21.7.16

Planets in the Nakshatras (the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology)

Planets in Nakshatras 21.7.16

The Western Astrology Chart:

Chart west Now 21.7.16 wheel



Maximise you Good Fortune in the year ahead – get an astrology prediction from Michael Conneely. Heal and Empower!

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Hear the dates of successful periods for you in 2016.

What sort of success should you aim for?

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Hear how to heal and empower?

Important news in a difficult year!

good fortune 5For example, between 27th June 2016 and 7th November 2016 the favourable Adhi Yoga is created in the heavens for some. Adhi Yoga is a special yoga in the amazing, sure, inspired and powerful Vedic Astrology – a yoga which gives success and wealth, rise in position or respect, when it occurs either in the birth chart or by transit.

There are other possibilities in the predictive astrology for the year ahead for a more fortunate energy to run in your life, but this blog post focuses on Adhi yoga as an example.

good fortune 3Adhi Yoga transit is an exceptional period for making progress – both professionally and financially. Adhi Yoga will give you better ability to inspire trust and respect in others and increase the benign and philanthropic facets of your nature.

Adhi Yoga is a beneficial yoga where benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in the 6th, 7th and 8th House from your natal Moon or Ascendant. (The Ascendant is called Lagna in Vedic Astrology).

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2016 is a year of very difficult energies and it is a good idea to get a prediction whatever your birth chart.

And my predictions always offer links to healing and empowerment modalities.

As I said, Adhi Yoga is created in 2016 between 27th June and 7th November and at different times in that period, this valuable and powerful yoga will affect different people.

2016 is a difficult year of very tense, driven and torsion energies for many people. This is due to three difficult transits in particular, so it is a very good idea to also get news of when your success can manifest!

The three difficult transits of 2106 are:
1. The Saturn Mars transit in Vedic Scorpio from February to September.
2. The Jupiter Rahu (North node) transit in Leo from January to August.
3. The Kal Sarpa Yoga (all the transiting planets encased between the Nodes of the Moon) from 28th September 2016 to end January 2017. See my first and second Blog post on the subject of Kal Sarpa Yoga.

good fortune 4I personally have found many difficulties in 2016 for example tortuous situations coming from my adoptive family. I used this information about the favourable Adhi Yoga Transit upcoming as part of my decision making on really very big issues – like the very frightening and difficult whether to contest a Will and the death and rebirth decision to emigrate to Ireland.

The strength of results you will experience from Adhi Yoga will depend on strength of your Moon/Lagna. The type of results will depend on your birth chart and also on how your predictive periods (the immensely powerful Dasas of Vedic Astrology) and the other transits of this period in 2016 are affecting you personally at the key times.

The prediction also has to take into account how, if at all, you will be affected for good or otherwise by the eclipses at this time on 18th August, and 1st September and 16th September 2016.

Get a prediction which will specify how opportunity creating transits such as Adhi Yoga affect you in your year ahead.

I will share how best to use your transit as a key part of your year ahead, whether to make your focus for wealth or creativity, and, most importantly how to heal and empower yourself so as to get best results.

My astrology Readings website is:

I look forward to working with you.


Astrology: Jo Cox MP assassinated in EU Referendum and the Orlando Killings: The self-defeating dark reaping of the obsessional and murderous astrological energies of 2016

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

There has been an obsessional murder of a British Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, which leads me to predict that the Brexit campaign for Britain to leave the EU will probably be derailed to an extent, because Brexit will be linked to rather dark obsessional whipping up of emotions. I predict that the Referendum whether Britain should leave Europe will now be swung more in favour of Remain. Brexit was ahead in the polls before the assassination. Campaigning has been suspended. I predict that the murder will now swing the British Public into a less inflamed state of consciousness (which is actually whay Jo Cox was campaigning for). In this post we look at the astrology of obsession and violence that is current now from two negative transits (Saturn-Mars and Jupiter-Rahu/North Node and we also look at Tools for healing; tools for defusing the tendency to get caught up in other people’s obsessions and manipulations.

The challenge facing the British public is that the Jupiter – Rahu (North Node) conjunction (see definition below) will actually be exact on referendum day, and so the British public could still be caught up in the obsessional dark energy despite many of them ‘seeing the light’ from the xenophobic tragic killing.

On December 8th 2015, I predicted a link between fundamentalist obsession and killing for 2016: See:

My prediction has come true: not least with two obsessionally-driven murderous events:
a. The killing of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox, as part of the increasingly vicious run up to the The UK’s EU referendum is on 23 June on whether Britain should leave the EU or stay.
b. The Orlando massacre in USA a few days earlier.

This post both looks at the astrology of these two violent obsessional events.

And in its concluding paragraph my partner Maggie Pashley shows how obsessional or violent energies can be dealt with and handled in a way that defeats and goes beyond their destructiveness and darkness.

Maggie Pashley works together with Michael conneely to offer worldwide healing and empowerment sessions including working with material brought up in astrology readings and courses:

At the end of this Post Maggie mentions two very effective ‘tools’ from one of her many healing modalities: ‘Access Consciousness’.

I actually made this prediction of obsessional or fundamentalist violence coming in 2016 for two main reasons:
a. Jupiter-Rahu: Because Jupiter and Rahu (North node) would be both transiting together in the Vedic astrology sing of Leo, from 30th January until 11th August 2016,  creating a potentially dark, dangerous and driven obsessional combination known as ‘Guru Chandala Yoga’.
b. Mars-Saturn: Because the two malefics; Mars and Saturn would be transiting together from 21st February until 18th June 2016, and then again from 12th July to 18th September 2016, in the intense Mars-ruled Vedic sign of Scorpio, creating an energy of oppression and death.
But then there’s a third malefic configuration which will affect the world in this difficult year:
c. Kal Sarpa Yoga: Don’t think that the energies of 2016 get much easier after the Jupiter-Rahu and the Mars-Saturn two transiting conjunctions have ended in August and September respectively. From 28thSeptember 2016 there’s something awfully special and new:, all the planets in the heavens are one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis (this is the North node-South Node axis). What this means, as I pointed out in my Blog Post dated 3rd May 2016, Kal Sarpa Yoga starts!

Kal Sarpa Yoga is a divisive energy where all the planets are caught between the Nodes of the Moon. It does not really end until the end of January 2017 so it will have a big effect on the US Presidential election. And by weird and unfortunate coincidence, this Kal Sarpa Yoga divisive energy also exists in Donald Trump’s birth chart – and it exists in the heavens as well at the same time! As above, so below! What a coincidence! What on earth will it mean??

British MP Murdered: So now I want to look at the assassination of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox that took place 16th June 2016 at 13.48 hrs in her Birstall constituency during the final days of run up in the torrid and virulent UK Referendum due to be held the following week on 23rd June. whether to leave the EU. Here’s a photo of Jo Cox:
Jo Cox Parliament Square






As he shot her three times and stabbed her, her alleged killer: shy and reclusive 52 year old Tommy Mair shouted ‘Put Britain First’. Here’s a photo of the alleged assasin:

Jo Cox Tommy Mair








Ironically, the obsessional killer has probably achieved the very opposite of what he thought.

I suspect the British people will actually now sense that the anti-EU campaign is tinged with obsessional and vitriolic unhealthy energies.

I write this even though there are of course some good reasons to say that Britain’s membership of the EU carries some bad consequences for Britain.

But I do believe the effect of Jo Cox MPs murder may well, ironically, be that the referendum vote will be swung against current trends for ‘Brexit’ and instead the British people will now vote for Britain to stay in the EU.

And maybe the ideals of worldwide community will have more sway if there’s a feeling that the bubble of contention and in-fighting has been burst by this tragedy.

Jo Cox’s UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “We have lost a much-loved colleague, a real talent and a dedicated campaigner for social justice and peace.’ Tragically she leaves behind her husband and two little children.

In this Post I draw on both western and Vedic Astrology. In fact all my Astrology Readings draw comprehensively and expertly on both astrologies. My courses in Vedic Astrology include western astrology cross-over and my course in western astrology include Vedic astrology if wished.  And there’s always the belief that astrological perception can be linked to healing modalities.

So let’s look first at Jo Cox’s birth chart:

Jo Cox Birth Chart

Next, look at Jo Cox’s death chart. What do we see? Here’s her western astrology death chart: 16th June 2016 at 13.48 hrs, Birstall, UK:

Jo Cox Death Chart

Next, let’s put the two charts together. Here’s the ‘bi-wheel chart’: Her death chart outside, her birth chart inside:
Jo Cox Death Natal Biwheel chart

And lastly let’s look at the Vedic Astrology for the moment of her death:
Jo Cox Death Chart vedic

What do we see? Well, clearly in the Vedic death chart we see the two transiting conjunctions that I predicted last year would bring obsessional and fundamentalist killing in 2016:


Jupiter-Rahu: Note that the obsessional and dark Jupiter-Rahu (North Node) conjunction that I spoke about above has very, very nearly reached its exactness. It actually becomes exact at 22.45 hrs on 24th June.
Mars-Saturn: The oppressive and deathly Saturn Mars conjunction is still in force. Mars actually drops back into Vedic Leo briefly from 18th June to 12th July.

So, this is an obsessional murderous reaping of the astrological energies I described in my prediction last year.

And as I said, I personally feel that the killing will actually prove to be self-defeating because the British will react against that horrible energy and vote to stay in the EU.

Ironically, campaigning has been suspended at the moment for the referendum and political leaders are due to visit the scene of her death. An acid and virulent debate has been cut short! Hopefully a bubble has been burst?

Note from the western astrology chart for the moment of Jo Cox’s death that in the heavens, opposite the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is the Neptune –Ketu conjunction. The Neptune-Ketu conjunction is deeply mystical in the charts of healers; but in lower consciousness individuals it manifests instead as the twisted torsion of delusion.

It is noteworthy that the Jupiter Rahu conjunction and its opposition Neptune Ketu conjunction that’s in the heavens’ is exactly conjunct Jupiter in her birth chart. If we had space to go into the gestalt of her death astrology, I would demonstrate the great significance of this.

It is also noteworthy that Uranus is transiting in the heavens opposition to her natal Uranus (and indeed, transiting Uranus is conjunct her natal Chiron).

And the other question is: is there something in the birth chart of Jo Cox that attracted violent death?  Well, very answering quite superficially, yes: she has Mars on her Ascendant which can attract violence (and is quite pugnacious).

The Orlando Massacre:

Let’s end this exploration of the predicted obsessional and violent astrology of 2016 by also looking at another obsession-driven incident of murder: The Orlando Massacre.

On 12th June 2016, from 02.02 am to 04.00am, in Orlando Florida, Omar Mateen aged 29, born in New York on November 16, 1986 of Afghan immigrant parents, murdered 49 gay people and wounded many others at a gay nightclub.

Partly this was obsessional reaction to his denied gay sexuality, and partly it was connected to Islamic fundamentalism.

It is reported that Mateen vented on Facebook before and during the massacre: “America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic state,” the gunman wrote, according to the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. “You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes … now taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

Then, in his final post, an ominous warning: ”In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic state in the USA.”

In the middle of killing 49 people, Mateen also called 911 to pledge allegiance to the terror group and he called CNN News to say, “I did it for ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State.” An analysis of Mateen’s electronic devices showed searches for jihadist propaganda, including videos of ISIS beheadings.

Here is Omar Mateen’s birth chart: November 16, 1986, New York (TOB not known: Noon chart used):
Omar Mateen birth chart

(Note that his Full Moon in his birth chart is square Mars).

And here is the chart for the Orlando Massacre: 12th June at 02.02 am Orlando, Florida:

Orlando Massacre chart

Note that, yes, this chart too has both the transiting Jupiter – Rahu conjunction and the transiting Mars – Saturn conjunction, the subject of the prediction I made last year.


MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16When faced with such violence expressed against innocent people it is natural to feel outraged and shocked, to feel compassion for those left bereaved, to mourn for the lives cut short.

It’s easy to feel angry and want to lash back at the perpetrators of the violence but when did revenge anger ever help?

And Jo Cox’s husband has himself appealed for people to honour his wife by resisting hitting back and focussing on creating the kind of world his wife campaigned for – for more peace and compassion.

So let me share some tools I use to cope with all the mixed emotions that get stirred up in me by these difficult energies. They come from an approach called Access Consciousness, one of the many healing modalities I use worldwide.  which offers practical tools to help open up greater awareness and choice.

Tool 1: Who does this belong to?

If you find yourself feeling very angry, sad, confused or any other strong emotion you automatically assume it’s yours because you are experiencing it.

But we pick up lots of different energies from those around us, we absorb thoughts and feelings from our family and friends, from the media, from our culture that isn’t really ours.

So ask ‘Who does this belong to?’

The next time you feel caught up in strong emotions and see if you don’t begin to feel lighter, or freer…you might have to ask a few times but if you begin to feel something lifting, it means it wasn’t yours and you can simply ask ‘Return to sender to consciousness attached’ – you don’t need to know who is came from.

If you do get that it is yours; You can ask “What energy, space and consciousness can I be to make the best choices I can here/to see this differently/to bring about more peace and understanding etc.

You aren’t looking for an immediate answer you are inviting in greater awareness and possibilities. You are asking to go beyond a reactive kick-back response. And it’s not about being a doormat, you might get the awareness to take decisive action or come up with a solution or a way of seeing that you’d never considered before.

People who become obsessional and violent are most certainly taking on board a whole host of judgements from other people and allowing themselves to get whipped up in a whirlpool of hatred.

Tool 2 What energy can I be that would contribute to the world I want to live in?

Again this is an invitation question, not one looking for a immediate one-line answer. If you want to live in a more peaceful, kinder world you might become aware of all the ways you judge yourself or your family or those around you and make a choice to be kinder and open to communicating differently, not forcing or pressurising yourself. Even apparently little steps can make a big difference, create a ripple effect in the world.

Thinking about the world you are creating by the choices you are making today can help you make those apparently small steps: If I choose this what would my life be like in five/ten/fifteen name it years time? and thinking of a different option: If I choose this what would my life be like in five/ten/fifteen name it years time? – which feels lighter, freer, more expansive. That’s where life is calling you.

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