Astrology & Healing Newsletter October 2018

Astrology & Healing Newsletter October 2018:
Past Life Hypnosis and October 2018 Planet Energies

Welcome to the October 2018 tenth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, brought to you from our Healing Centre on the Wild Atlantic Way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland. This month’s issue covers the Healing modality of Past Life Hypnosis and Michael brings the Astrology of October 2018.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16First, Maggie’s Healing Modality: Past Life Hypnosis
Past Life Regression – why go back into the past?

While much of my work focuses on what’s happening here right now in the moment and in creating your best future there are times when going back into the past can bring about so much healing and insight.

Past life sessions can be amazing at understanding where a particular long-standing problem has come from and most importantly healing it, gaining whatever insights that might be offered by our Past Life Self too. It can also be used to understand why we might be drawn to or repelled by a particular culture, have a natural ability to play music or create art. We can visit a past life for healing, for understanding or to connect with a particular skill or ability.

In my sessions, I would always ensure that my client feels relaxed and comfortable and reassure them that they will feel calm and comfortable while viewing their past life, a bit like watching a film. In practice, it is generally much more vague than actual watching a DVD. Information may come in drips and drabs, and can come through any one of the senses. We may indeed see what’s happening but very often it can be a feeling, sounds, or facts coming in – often a combination of all of these. Once my client is experiencing a past life I will begin to ask some open questions to orientate them into that life. Are they a man or woman? What can they see around them? And so on? I will continue to give gentle prompts and ask open questions to get more information on that life. It is very interesting how that life can in some way mirror what is happening in their current life. We may visit a few significant scenes from that life or just one scene and generally at some point we will get the answers to the concerns that are affecting them in this life. Or we may connect with a skill and anchor that ability to bring it back to this life. I may ask the Past Life of my client to give some insights into the current situation, or ask the best way of developing a particular skill. I might explore a particular relationship. It can feel like being coached by another aspect of yourself and as such it can feel very authentic and relevant, while at the same time feeling like you are making it all up.
Discover More About Maggie’s Past Life Sessions

Let me give you a personal example. I recently had a Past Life session myself with a colleague to overcome a particular fear and visited a Past Life where I was whipped to death and thrown off a cliff for being a free-thinker and speaking out. Despite sounding like a gory experience it was actually wonderful and very helpful to me. At no time did I feel uncomfortable or frightened, I was simply watching. I felt great admiration for the courage of my Past Self and his courage. I could identify that often I have chosen paths a bit outside the mainstream and sometimes felt unconfident or wary. His message to me was to recognise how much freedom I have in this present life and how much safer it is to speak out today. I should make use of the opportunity. I came back feeling different in a very uplifting way.

So, visiting a past life can bring about a lot of healing, can give you different insights and understanding. It can give you a feeling of peace as you are able to lay something to rest. It can bring back skills that you can use in this lifetime. Most importantly it can give you different choices, more choices on which to build your future.

For more information or to book a Past Life session visit:  Currently I am offering a special price of only €100 (normally €130) until the end of October 2018. Sessions can be face-to-face in Sligo or worldwide on-line via zoom.

And here’s the Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely: 

Here’s my list of the fifteen big items: what an offering!
1. Venus turns retrograde 7th October 2018 – and Venus combust: Lessons in love.
2. Our Power Arises: Pluto turns direct.
3. The blessings and expansion as Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio
And there’s feature on interpretative methods that I do in my astrology readings and courses for mention this month, mentioned throughout this report:
Sub-personalities in your birth chart
Unaspected sub-personalities in your birth chart
Really wonderful Predictive Age Points
Nature versus Nurture interpretation.
Avasthas: how to measure the status of your planets in your birth chart, and how they treat each other.
4. Mercury and Chiron Transits in October 2018 and A bit of a retrospective on Mercury horrors
5. Life after the Mars Ketu Conjunction
6. Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force
7. And what about Saturn?
– and there’s more:
8. Uranus Retrograde (opposition Venus)
9. Ketu in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra
10. New Moon in Virgo/Hasta October 8th
11. Full Moon, October 24th – this is a big event
12. Sun Transits Libra Oct 16th to Nov 17th
13. Uranus
14. Neptune Retrograde
14. Dangerous Days for the Mind in October 2018:
15. October Transits and Events – very handy list!

Please note that in this newsletter, the energies and placements of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus), and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology (which is focussed on our psychological identity and unfoldment).
To see the charts showing the planets’ positions for the start and the end of the month, and also see the lunations and eclipses, go to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:
and information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to:
You can book a Reading at:
Or enroll on one of my courses at:

So: Here’s the first item:
1. Venus turns retrograde 7th October – and Venus will be Combust at times:
This is big news. Venus will be Retrograde in Vedic Libra from October 5th to November 16th 2018. Venus actually retrogrades every 18 mths, lasting around 45 days. And when Venus retrogrades, she commences her descent into the Underworld for – Renewal.
In fact, Venus has been in the shadow of this Retrograde from September 3rd to December 18th, so this taking stock in Venus matters – including love – is quite a substantial period.

I feel we will all now be called to take stock and ground issues in love. Sort out issues in love that feel like they are coming to the fore now.
Forgiveness. Acceptance. Dealing with shadow material, the dark side of ourselves in issues of love. Blame. Flaws. Destructive scripts. Healing old karmic scripts around love. Work with the balance of self-assertion and relationship. Gratitude. Trust and cherishing. Create your Dream.

People with Vedic Libra and Vedic Taurus emphases will be especially affected.

For several days around October 25th, Venus will actually be conjunct the Sun at 8 deg Libra, in Swati Nakshatra. This conjunction means Venus is Combust, and indeed will be Combust for days either side, and this is not good for Venus, as the Sun egoic assertion burns Venus’ love and brightness.

And this exact combust date marks the transition from Venus as Evening Star to Venus as Morning Star. This was of such importance to ancient peoples, for example, the ancient Babylonians.

And note that this retrograde and this combust will, of course, affect the two signs that Venus rules: the earth sign of Vedic Taurus and the Air sign of Vedic Libra, so be aware of the dates and issues here if you have a prominent emphasis in either fo these signs.

Venus actually transits in Vedic Libra for an exceptional long period now, in fact until January 1st, and this is generally good for issues around love, sex, pleasure, beauty, friendships, talents, attraction, joy, harmony, peace, desire, wealth, luxuries art, music, relationships truth, aesthetics truth. And in the case of Libra: justice, values, peace and balance. Our shining.

And do note that Uranus is opposition this retrograde Venus, which will amplify passion and desire and impatience. The Uranus – Venus opposition in the heavens is exact: around October 30th and December 1st.

And note that Venus squares Mars in the heavens around October 11th. Western astrology wrongly says this as a ‘good’ energy creating passion. In fact, Venus is not happy with the Mars energy, and conflicts in love are more likely.

And do note that quite other depths, traumas, hurts and grudges affecting Venus will surface when Venus enters Vedic Scorpio on January 2nd, 2019.

Astrology August 2018 and Healing Newsletter

Astrology August 2018 and Healing Magazine

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Upping your Game – how to play like a champion – Sports Success Healing from Maggie Pashley: 

It takes great discipline and many hours of training and practice to become an excellent sportsperson so that’s why it can be soul-destroying to know you have all the abilities but fail to deliver on the day. Why is that?

  1. Nerves and anxiety. On the big day, there is more at stake. There may be the chance of promotion or relegation, cups, prize money, fame and fortune as well as the thrill of being on top of that leader board. For many that can increase anxiety and stress
  2. Internal dialogue which reminds you of the last time you missed a shot, past humiliations, expectations of losing, conclusions you’ve made about yourself ‘I’ve got a weak backhand/I miss goals when it really counts’ and so on. It may be other people’s discouraging remarks that you’ve absorbed and come to belief.
  3. Fear of standing out, fear of the pressure of future expectations of you to consistently win, fear of jealousy and attack (the tall poppy syndrome), or of losing friendships
  4. Maybe needing to embrace a different side of yourself, a side you don’t naturally use such as perseverance, stamina, a more aggressive streak if it’s a competitive tough sport, or conversely be a team-player if it’s a team sport, the ability to keep going despite knockbacks and so on

These are just a few reasons and there can be many other underlying reasons why it can feel unsafe, impossible or just plain wrong to excel at something you, at least at a conscious level want to achieve. Of course you may not be at all interested in competitive sport. You may simply wish to enjoy doing some activity and wish to get better at it to increase that enjoyment and feel frustrated that you can’t make any progress.

So let me give you some tips:

Tap out your blocks

Close your eyes and imagine yourself playing that sport or doing that activity. Start from the time you go about getting ready for that playing, packing your kit, travelling to the match or sports centre, getting changed and so on until you feel any particular anxiety or negativity.

Stop at that point and tune into your body. Is there butterflies in your stomach, racing heart, tightness or restriction, a negative voice nagging you that you are a loser, do you get a flash of your last defeat. Note that and give the intensity it creates for you a number between 0-10 – your personal score of discomfort. Describe it in some way eg fluttering in my chest. Or you may have a memory or image come to mind – the last time you lost a race and felt dejected or somebody’s harsh words or jeering in your head.

Tap on the side of your hand with the fingers of the other hand and say ‘Even though… and then your description of your particular discomfort eg Even though I have this fluttering in my chest I accept myself/I’m still a great tennis player/golfer etc (whatever feels good for you). Then take a reminder phrase eg fluttering in my chest as you tap lightly on the following points: top of the head, edge of the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, upper lip, lower lip, collarbone and under your arm (4 inches from your armpit). Then check back in to your body. Has that feeling changed? It may have lessened, it may have changed in some way so adjust the statement to reflect that. When you feel ok with that particular aspect move on and see other parts of that activity and repeat the process until you can feel more comfortable with the entire scene you are imagining. Go through it again for good measure.

See yourself winning a match, a race and note whether there is any discomfort or disbelief associated with that and repeat the above process until you feel ok. Imagine a vivid scenario of you winning or achieving what is important for you. Put your right hand out and imagine projecting a picture of you achieving your goal on to that hand. Experience it with as many of your senses as possible. Then bring your hand up and raise your eyes to look at that image. Breathe life into your image and then bring your hand down to your heart, breathe in and imagine taking all the energy of that image into your heart.

Bring in some extra resources:

One very common scenario is being able to perform really well except when it counts on the Big Day. Close your eyes and imagine yourself performing well as vividly as you can. If possible give a name to that feeling. Make that imagined experience as strong as you can, breathe into it and then bring a thumb and index finger together as you say the name you gave it. This is creating a positive anchor for you. Reinforce it but releasing your finger and thumb, taking three breaths and bringing them back together again with the name of that resourceful feeling. Repeat that a few times, suggesting to yourself that it will get stronger each time. When it feels like a strong powerful anchor use it by once more imagining the scenario which was challenging for you previously and re-imagining it with this new helpful energy as you hold your thumb and index finger together. Practice that a few times until it feels like you have integrated this new resourceful state so that you feel able to go beyond your previous limitations.

Bring in some resources from other areas of your life:

Close your eyes and tune into your inner wisdom and ask what resourceful energies you would need to achieve the results you desire – that could be strength, confidence, endurance, conviction, self-belief, breakthrough etc. Then contact an area of your life where that quality is present, no matter how unrelated it might feel. Connect to that state, amplify it as before, create an anchor as before. You may find it more powerful to choose a number of these inner resources and anchor one after the other and then combine them to give yourself a ‘power cocktail’ that you can then integrate to give you a much more empowered response to the area which previously challenged you.

Studies have shown that our imagination is extremely powerful so that if we imagine playing a sport the same muscle will fire off. So imagining yourself playing with confidence, strength determination, flare, accuracy or whatever your sport requires, combined with physical training will let you get the most out of your game.

Please try these tips for yourself and see how they work for you and if you feel like some extra non-physical coaching then please get in touch with me either through my website: or email me at

Here’s my video on this subject:

Next: August 2018 Astrology Summary from Michael Conneely:

IN AUGUST 2018, We are still in Eclipse mode. Depending on how the three eclipses of the present cycle impact your chart and how they impact on you individually, our energies are low. Our emotions are over-sensitive. The Shadow looms bigger. The hidden areas of our psyches direct our thinking and action demanding recognition and change. Deep secrets and unconscious patterns arise to be purged.

But our Ego digs in. It squirms from and it blocks the divine aim which is to dislodge our unhelpful scripts and find inspiration and healing.

Our body and energetic sheathes cry out at eclipse earthquake/tsunami times for healing and growth, rather than being easily able to perceive their true nature and embrace the opportunities for growth.

Yes, we are here to create continuity and strategy. But we must also embrace healing energy to become that special spark we incarnated to become this time. The British newspaper were calling the Lunar Eclipse of July 27th the ‘End of Days Eclipse’ because it’s the longest in the 21st Century. It isn’t the End of Days.

But think what release and empowerment it will be if we embrace its weird gamut of energies at all levels of our consciousness and life, develop our clear awareness of these scripts – and HEAL!

So, in summary, August 2018 has the third eclipse in the present Eclipse Cycle: The Solar Eclipse on August 11th. There’s a very difficult Mars. Augusts lunations are in rather tense Nakshatras, with the third Eclipse in the present cycle. All the planets are retrograde except for Venus and Jupiter. Though Mercury turns Direct on August 18th and Mars turns Direct on August 27th.

Also, there is intense Kal Sarpa Yoga is in the Heavens. Venus is debilitated in Vedic Virgo. So we look to the Great Benefic Jupiter for blessing and purpose since he resumed direct motion on July 10th. Sun enters Vedic Leo on 17th August, and Sun is in the Cancer – Leo Gandanta zone from 13th to 20th August. Gandanta effect is extreme August 15th to 18th.  The dangerous days for August are: 18th to 23rd – see my note on ‘dangerous days’, below.

This all means that August 2018 is a time for needed looking within and noting and assessing our patterns, and seeking to heal situations.

So, August 2018 is a month for sustaining calm and stability, for being reflective and consistent and careful. And do note that in addition to that, there’s strong inspiration and transformation possibilities, and the Chiron-Saturn square offers a very special healing energy that needs to be understood to be embraced. What I have written below on the Chiron-Saturn transit square, below, is very important.

The transiting aspects in the heavens include:
Ketu conjunct Mars
Uranus square Mars
Jupiter Trine Neptune
The Grand Trine of Sun with Uranus and Saturn.
These aspects are are listed and explained towards the end of this Forecast and they make very valuable contributions to our consciousness and our lives.  


Mars is in the spotlight in August 2018, and needs to be understood. He’s very powerful. He’s conjunct Ketu/South Node and he’s square Uranus. So, he’s irritable and driven and demanding.
Let’s hope there haven’t been temper tantrums with family members!

Mars was conjunct Ketu the South Node of the Moon at the great Lunar Eclipse of 27th July, and so this Mars square Uranus is continuing and carrying on the intense, dissatisfied, demanding and turbulent energies of the Eclipse. On 22nd September Mars becomes conjunct Ketu/South node again for the third and final time.

If you can stand the irritation through all this time, you could be inspired!

Also, Mars is at his closest to Earth since 2003. He won’t be this close again until 2035. Being so close Mars’ implacable fiery spear burns us bright and hot.

Mars is Retrograde from June 26th through to much of August. If you look at the Vedic Ephemeris, below, you see that Mars started August retrograde at 8 deg Vedic Capricorn. For full astrological details of 2018 see my 2018 Astrology Pages:

Retrograde Mars: Note that Mars turns direct on 27th August at 4 deg Vedic Capricorn, and he ends August at that same degree. So, in other words, Mars does not even regain his pre-retrogradation position during August. And note that when a planet is retrograde in the heavens, it’s difficult and frustrating to get his energies right. We can be seething and repressed, driven to express ourself (and of course, over-do it all!).

Feelings of past failures, distortions and sublimations of our mars energy can drive us mad at this time. We can feel humiliated, infuriated and discontented.

But note that once Mars does resume direct motion, his energy will be a lot more positive, and add to that that Mars is actually Exalted in Vedic Capricorn. But still we must be careful how we handle Mars energies. Mars is a malefic. We have to be careful how we handle Malefics’ energies when it comes to relationships issues.

Mars in Uttarashadha Nakshatra: Note that all this month of August 2018, Mars is transiting UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. UttaraAshadha is ruled by the Sun, and its power animal is the mongoose, so people with UttaraAshadha emphasis in their chart should be careful not to be dominating or aggressive to others. See my Videos and blogs on all the Nakshatras.

Actually, I also have a planet video series which seeks to present how each plant is in its divine nature, and then how each planet manifest in our consciousness and our life through the filters of sign, house and aspect in our natal chart. And for those on my courses, there’s also a journey video where we seek to meet and heal the refracted or distorted planet of our own particular life.

And in my Vedic astrology course, I teach Avasthas, and I use these in all my astrology Readings. This system shows the standing of each planet in your birth chart, and how your planets treat each other. For example, if you have Mars conjunct Saturn in your birth chart, you may want to go, go, go, but Saturn will block, block, block!

Mars has very slow velocity in the Heavens at this time. So, take care: when a planet has very slow apparent velocity in the heavens, he engraves his effect so much more powerfully and strongly in our lives.

And as if this were all not enough, Mars is in the ‘Out of Bounds’ state from July 4th until end September. Out of Bounds occurs when a planet exceeds 23.27 degrees north or south of the equator. So, this will make for some very Martian children born these two months: bold, iconoclastic and charismatic. This is because Mars is also in Vedic Capricorn at this time where he is Exalted, and he’s conjunct Ketu/South node as well!!!

Mars in Capricorn means pain and problems in knees, joints and muscles – and I have certainly found this. I am building an extension to our AirBnB, and the walls have now reached six feet. You try lifting breeze blocks higher than your head and cementing them in!!!

When Mars turns direct on 27th August, he will deliver the full power of his Exaltation in Capricorn. There have already been three exact conjunctions with Ketu, so we may have learned good things about how to handle that. And Mars is therefore delivering full exalted Martian energy to Vedic Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn through Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga. Powerful yes: but take care to be discriminating at the power of Mars!

So in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, Mars moves from 8 to 4 deg Capricorn.
This is 2 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn in the Western Tropical Zodiac.

The Eclipse Cycle.
See my videos and Blogs on the three Eclipses of the current cycle:

13th July 2018 Eclipse

27th July 2018 Eclipse

11th August 2018 Eclipse

Depending on how each eclipse falls on one of your natal planets (or not), these three eclipses will have great effect in your life for good or ill, so they need to be identified and understood in your life; book a reading with me.

The Lunar Eclipse of 27th July is the longest in 21st Century, and it will have raised matters and stress levels for you to deal with. And the Mars-Uranus square carries this on. And of course, Mars will turn direct and then go over the Eclipse point on the dates around 25th September, so embrace positive energy rather than have hissy fits!!!

So, make that special effort to release yourself from something that has held you in its clutches! But do this constructively and in a measured way if you can. End the struggle and anguish: positively! Read This Post as well

The August 11th Solar Eclipse is in Ashlesha Nakshatra, and this is the third and last in the present cycle. Ashlesha has very deep hurts and retaliations: deep, hurt serpent energy. Dominated by unconscious material. The eclipse could be a lightening bolt of freedom, as was the January Eclipse for those Ashleshas willing to open up!

Also, note that this eclipse is conjunct Mercury Retrograde, so be very careful of communications, travel and IT.
So, with Moon and Mercury in difficulties, we must all be careful to remember to be aware and gentle, and also caring in the managing our mind and emotions during and around this eclipse.

The August Solar Eclipse is Sun conjunct Moon at 24 deg Vedic Cancer, which is 18 deg Western Leo. See my Video and Blog for this Eclipse.


The New Moon is on 11th August

Moon is at 24 deg Vedic Cancer, or 19 deg western Leo. And this is of course the third and final Eclipse of the current Cycle.
This eclipse is in Ashlesha Nakshatra: 24 Cancer is in Ashlesha Nakshatra. This is hurt Sarpa/Serpent energy, and can be very hurtful in speech. It’s a difficult Nakshatra where the person has to do a lot of work on healing themselves. See my Nakshatras Video and Blog series, visit this page
And also see my Video and Blog for this Eclipse.

The Full moon is on 26th August

This is at 9 deg Vedic Aquarius or 3 deg Western Pisces.

Shatabishak Nakshatra: 9 deg Vedic Aquarius is in Shatabishak Nakshatra. I think this is a difficult Nakshatra in many ways. Its symbol is a circle, so it tends to create a world of its own and be quite authoritarian within that. It is ruled by Rahu. Its Deity is mystical Varuna. But when/if Shatabishaks heal themselves, they can become the healer of others, and for this reason it is called the Healer’s Sign or the One Hundred Healers. See my Nakshatras Video and Blog series.

Here is the Chart for the Full Moon August 26th:














Dangerous Days – August 2018:

I wrote in our June 2018 Newsletter of the Challenge to the Stability and Calm of your Mind (and the healing opportunity, of course) that is created in that the Moon currently has to take six days passing through three malefic-energy signs in a row each month. Will this be tantrums, hissy-fits and walk-outs, or being aware of the need to avoid these?

These three difficult signs are Vedic Scorpio (always difficult for the Moon), Vedic Sagittarius (occupied by Retrograde Saturn) and Vedic Capricorn (occupied by malefic Mars and Ketu).

The dangerous days for August are: 18th to 23rd.

For September, they are: 14th to 20th

And for October: 11th to 18th.

You might like to note these in your diary, just in case…..   …..


Venus is in Vedic Virgo from August 1st to September 1st. Venus is Fallen or has Debilitation status in Vedic Virgo, and generally speaking this can create a destiny where the person may have to learn to understand and heal blocks to expressing love easily and fully. These blocks are often mentalistic. But basically, Venus in Vedic Virgo can’t flower! But you can heal blocks to love!
While Venus is in Virgo in August 2018, Venus receives a 10th house aspect from Saturn in Vedic Sagittarius. So, Venus will be very challenges to bring us love, comfort, sexuality and beauty in August.
And matters are made worse for Venus because Virgo’s Ruler: Mercury is retrograde and in a water sign and struggling in this month.
N.B. Be very careful and compassionate in communications with others.
So, in August 2018, Venus moves from 0 to 30 Vedic Virgo, which is 23 Western Virgo to 22 Western Libra.
And Venus will be in Vedic Libra from September 1st, 2018 to January 1st, 2019.
Venus will be retrograde from October 5th to December 16th, 2018.
Venus will turn retrograde at 16 deg Vedic Libra. This is 10 deg Western Scorpio.

In terms of the Nakshatras, the wonderful and surely declarative 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which depicts our emotional consciousness, warts and all, including our Redemption possibility) Venus enters PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra on July 16th. Venus rules PurvaPhalguni, and so the energy is very sexual, though not necessarily always easy, especially in Pada 2, the Virgo pada of PurvaPhalguni. (each of the 27 Nakshatras has four padas or quarters, each with a somewhat different energy). Venus is so creative in Purva Phalguni.


Saturn is retrograde in Vedic Sagittarius from April 17th to September 6th. Saturn starts August at 9 deg Vedic Sagittarius and ends August at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius. Saturn is now transiting Mula Nakshatra, presided over by Niritti the confrontational Dark Goddess of Death and Destruction and Rebirth. When Saturn is Retrograde, he’s insisting that we learn his hard lessons of patience, hard work, dotting the Is and crossing the Ts.

It feels like things are slowing down and coming to standstill in our lives. His terms are exacting and uncompromising: we will be made to do better in some are of our life. Please don’t argue with him when he tells you it’s character-building! He is very non-negotiable. So, what we need to do is to scrutinise our life purpose here and apply this to trying to work out what to do about Lord Shani’s demands and pressures, and always remember that we also need to think ‘out fo the box’.

Saturn to natal Sun transits: If you have Sun in Vedic Sagittarius, the Saturn to Sun transit is famed for bringing to us either professional downfall or golden reaping, depending upon how we pass Saturn’s tests.

Saturn to natal Moon transits: Are you in Sade SateIf you have Moon in Vedic Scorpio you will be entering the last third of Sade Sate, the once every 28yr period, where Saturn passes through the Vedic sign before your natal Moon, the sign of your natal Moon and the sign after your natal Moon. Do get a reading from me because you need to understand Sade Sate. It’s like going down into a pit. You are at the bottom of the pit when Saturn actually conjucnts your natal Moon, then you rise up out of the pit. The whole process takes seven and a half years. During Sade Sate we are cut off from God’s grace with the Divine Intention that we see ourselves as we are without the supporting grace of God, and so we may make huge moves. Our life may fall apart in some way (because it needed to). We can feel depressed (because we can not embrace the new life that the collapse meant to open us to.
If you have moon in Vedic Sagittarius, then you are in the mid phase of Sade Sate.
If you have moon in Vedic Capricorn, then you are in the start phase of Sade Sate.

When measured by Saturn’s passage through Sade Sate using the Nakshatras (the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac) then it’s more accurate as to timing and as to the declaration of events. Watch out because some parts of Saturn’s transit are ‘fools paradise’ Nakshatras, while others are very hard learning. Get a reading from me.

So, in August 2018, Saturn transits from at 9 to 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, which is 3 to 2 deg Western Capricorn.


Jupiter turned Direct on July 12th so please embrace his expansion and purpose amid all the contractionary retrogradation demand of Saturn. Jupiter starts the month of August in Swati Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, but Jupiter is in Vishakha Nakshatra from August 2nd to October 22nd, and Jupiter rules Vishakha, so this should give steadier and solider enlargement and purpose. Vishakha Nakshatra spans end Vedic Libra and early Scorpio, and Jupiter enters Vedic Scorpio on 11th, remaining in Vedic Scorpio until March/April 2019.

Jupiter started August 2018 at 19 Vedic Libra, and ends the month at 23 Vedic Libra, and in the Western Tropical Zodiac, this is 14 deg Western Scorpio to 17 deg Western Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter are together in Vedic Libra from 1st September which is good energy for Librans: loving, creative and expansive.

Mercury starts the month Retrograde at 24 Vedic Cancer.

Healing Saboteur Energy & The Huge Astrology & Healing Newsletter July 2018

Welcome to our Astrology and Healing Newsletter for July 2018 :
Healing Saboteur Energy and the Huge Astrology of July 2018

In this issue, Maggie Pashley talks about how to heal yourself from saboteur energy that may have been implanted into you, and is continuing to harm you and your life.

And Michael Conneely explains the heavyweight Astrology of July 2018, with the longest eclipse of the 21st Century upcoming on July 27th and a wide range of other difficult energies that need to be heard about, explained, and their potential for healing and empowerment manifested. Michael and Maggie work at their Healing Centre on the West Coast of Ireland near Sligo, and do many reading and healings and teach many courses worldwide on line.

Maggie Pashley now talks about healing yourself from Saboteur Energy:

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Dealing with Saboteur Energy

Saboteur Energy is something that stops us being as amazing, as creative and successful as we could be. It can be like driving with the brakes on, or like taking a last minute detour that stops us arriving at our destination.

In other words, it can be something that is ever present in your life so that you don’t go for what you really what, consider yourself too stupid, too old/too young, just plain wrong in some way to make different choices. You may consider yourself unlucky, unworthy, not enough so you rule so much out as being possible for you. You’ve already given up on yourself so you don’t get started going in the direction you want or you go ahead with such resistance that you’ll never get there. That’s what I’d call driving with the brakes on

On the other hand, you may be very enterprising, committed, hardworking and have a clear direction. You may be on the verge of achieving something you’ve wanted for so long and then at the last minute, you do something to make sure you don’t get there. In fact, at an unconscious level, you may be expecting something to go wrong and attract circumstances that prove you right. That’s what I call the last minute detour which takes you completely off track.

In the Body Code work I do with clients saboteur energy often comes up as a block to be cleared energetically. The saboteur energy can be from another person, even from somebody who is not currently in their life, it can also be from an institution or environment which is restrictive or harmful. It is how our bodies are still responding to that external energy and does not mean that the person triggering it intended it to be harmful. I use muscle testing to get an energetic snapshot of how that energy is being perceived by you. For example an over-controlling or domineering parent may give me an image of being tied up, imprisoned, gagged, somebody who has felt very criticised by somebody may have a saboteur energy which could be described as little darts being aimed at them, somebody who is ignored or overlooked may present me with an image of an invisibility cloak etc. An institution may have castrated somebody etc. I often find that the images that present themselves can appear exaggerated as a way of clearly defining the damage they have caused and thus making it easier to clear. Once we have acknowledged the saboteur energy and described it in energy terms we can dissolve its effect on you.

Without that energetic imprinting of saboteur energy, you are free to be more of you, not defined in somebody else’s terms. The effect of saboteur energy is definitely to limit you in some way or to distort your self-expression. For example, if you have been gagged you may decide that your opinion doesn’t count, you may be unsure of what you feel or you may react against that and always want to oppose or be very vocal. Either way, it’s a reaction rather than a true expression of you. Saboteur energy can lead you to conclusions about yourself or about life ‘women are always critical’,’if I show that side of me I’ll be rejected’, ‘love hurts’ etc and you can forget that there’s a whole new world beyond that is available to you.

And then there is self-sabotage. It can be of the constant nagging restrictive type described above as driving with the brakes on or the last minute side track. Where have you decided ‘somebody like me doesn’t/can’t do that?’ that holds you back. What else is possible for you without that belief?  Where have you unconsciously told yourself that it is easier/safer to fail, to play safe that stops you achieving what you could achieve for you?

Often our unconscious mind has decided that there is some risk in succeeding and it is safer to fail or not fully achieve what we are capable of. It might have listened to you saying ‘I never want to stand out if that the kind of attention I get’ in response to being ridiculed as a child and still be running that old programme. It may believe if we have a successful business, people will be critical, envious, rejecting and so on. We can dialogue with our unconscious and ask if it would now be willing to dissolve blocks to our success, creativity and happiness.

Do you have any saboteur energy and what would your life be like without it? If you’d like some extra help then contact me to find out what could work for you:


Phew, July really is an action-packed month.

The world won’t be quite the same after July 2018, nor will those of us who have planets in our birth charts which are impacted by the many strong astrological events, energies and features of July 2018.

The biggest of these are the eclipses.

There’s a Solar Eclipse on July 13th 2018

Then there is the Lunar Eclipse of 27th July 2018, which is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100).

It’s the longest eclipse for a hundred years, lasting for 1 hour and 43 minutes, and this means its effects will be felt for a long time to come.

Some UK newspapers have reported an ‘end of time’ nature for this Moon. It won’t be that, but its effect in our lives, politics and the earth will be great and long-lasting.

It will be visible across much of Europe and Asia, and in Australia, southern parts of North America, and South America. In UK/Ireland and elsewhere, this Moon will be a ‘blood moon’ where the moon has a red tinge.

Eclipses are ‘wild cards’. Eclipses send a glaring ray of truth onto an area of your life. With Eclipses, something ends and something new begins. But normally speaking, don’t take big hasty decisions immediately in the depth of eclipse time, wait for calmer more mature times before confirming your eclipse decisions or insights.

See the two videos to go with this Astrology July 2018 blog post, then read on for the amazingly detailed and accurate report

July 2018 Astrology Video Part 1:

This continues with:

July 2018 Astrology Video Part 2:

A big eclipse like this 27th July Lunar Eclipse has an earthquake effect. If it interacts strongly with our birth chart, we will experience the eclipse strongly. There will be positive results if we are on course for our true life path, or the eclipse consequences will be negative if our life is off-course for its spiritual meaning. Eclipses deeply polarize and internalise our life issues, and we must face our personal and collective shadows around these issues. If you cling to your false securities and stuck patterns, or resist the call of your evolution now, then these eclipses will leave you at best a robot pursuing a mechanical rump of a non-real life, or your life circumstances will quite possibly disintegrate because you are not living in accord with your truth. So, July 2018 is a month to stand firm in the midst of what might feel like quite a storm, not give way to fear, not go limp, but be truly open to change. Cope with self-doubt and with felt loss of direction. The Lunar Eclipse may propel you to a needed new direction.

There are usually two eclipses in an Eclipse Cycle, but this time we have three! The three July and August eclipses will be huge. But I actually also feel, that July and the present phase should be dedicated to Uranus the Enlightener. In fact, Uranus is caught up with the Eclipses, and with the Mars-Ketu Conjunction, which is another very big feature of energy overload July, and Uranus has only fairly recently entered Vedic Aries – a huge new energy not seen since the run up to the Second World War. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit, remember. So, I feel I personally have much to thank for Uranus’ waves of energy of Inspiration and Revolution now. There is magic and Healing to be found for humanity now – If each of us humans can now learn how to grasp hold of the magic.

And please do remember, that Astrology is here to give us good quality perception of the energies and possibilities coming our way. It must never be formula or slack ‘impulse of the moment’ channelling. For our own good, our guiding astrological declaration needs to be intelligent, inspired and developmental. We are not here to experience these powerful July 2018 astrology energies passively or fatedly.

Guided by good astrological declaration, we are here to ask these sort of questions:
How can I heal?
How can I empower myself?
How can I use these events to burn negative karmas?
How can I use these energies, including the terrible ones, to powerfully and beautifully manifest that very special spark of incarnational destiny that drove my soul to incarnate to achieve here in this particular lifetime?

Note that this report, like all my astrology readings and astrology courses, combines psychodynamic Western astrology (using the Tropical Zodiac) with the Incarnational Life Purpose focused Vedic Astrology (Vedic Astrology  will only give accurate results if you use the Sidereal Zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha, or the degrees of difference from western Tropical zodiac).

I combine the nine planets of ancient Vedic Astrology with the newer discoveries whose energies have entered western consciousness over the last two and a half centuries: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus, most necessarily: the Wounded Healer: Chiron.

So, let’s now go into the Astrology of July 2018, it’s main events and energies, and by way of introduction, the main astrological events of July 2018 may be summarised using the sidereal Vedic signs, as follows:
3 July: Mercury Rahu conjunction 12 deg Cancer, Pushyami.
4 July: Venus crosses Gandanta into Magha Nakshatra and transits Leo till 1 August 2018.
10 July: Jupiter turns direct at 19° Libra – Swati Nakshatra.
13 July: Solar Eclipse 26 deg Gemini – Punarvasu Nakshatra.
18 July: Mars conjuncts Ketu, 12° Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra, second of its three exact conjunctions.Both Retrograde. Conjunct within 1 deg July 12th to 23rd
26 July: Mercury goes retrograde.
27 July: Major Lunar Eclipse. Moon at 10 Capricorn, Sravana Nakshatra.
29   July Sun conjunct Rahu, 11 Cancer, Pushyami

Please note that the Dates and Times for this report are set to Ireland. Check with  for your local variations.

Now, here’s the full July 2018 Astrology in detail:

The Astrology of July 2018:

1.The Eclipses:

The most striking events of July 2018 are the Solar Eclipse of July 13th and the Lunar Eclipse of July 27th. As I said, note that the eclipse season, unusually this year, persists longer with a third eclipse: a solar eclipse on August 11th.

Note that I have covered these three eclipses in more detail, each in its own separate blog and videos, so do have a look at those. The full extent of detail of the astrology of July 2018 is too big to cover in one blog and video.

Major eclipses will tear open to your clear view any discrepancy between your inner self and the outer function self that you have created for yourself in the everyday world. The ideal is to use this time of the run up and actual dates of the July eclipses to identify and meet your Tue self, rather than the self that has been created for you by family, work place, religious upbringing, etc. It is a Pandora’s Box.

So, what is the difference between a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. So, in a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is cutting off the light of the Sun. The Moon is covering the Sun.



A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun.



So, with a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. So, this means that we see the dark disk of the shadow of the Earth crossing the surface of the Moon, and, indeed, that shadow can black out the Moon totally.

Note that Solar Eclipses tend to be more ‘factual’ and they often bring bright new beginnings, whereas Lunar Eclipses tend to be more emotional and catastrophic or tumultuous and they bring about the death of something with the possibility for rebirth.

N.B. You absolutely do need to check how the chart for these eclipses interacts with your own natal chart.
The easiest way to do this is to visit my online Astrology Shop and buy a reading safely and securely from there:  Please visit

This way, you can understand and prepare for these Eclipse energies that will be entering your consciousness and entering your life. We have to try to deal with Eclipses negative consciousness and life effects, and we most definitely also have to work out their positive divine meaning and embrace that.

There is a separate blog and video for each of the three eclipses of the July/August 2018 eclipse cycle, so my video for this newsletter will leave the fuller detail to the separate Eclipse Videos and Blogs.

Eclipses undam dammed up energy. They are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis. They can bring this sort of energy to the area of life covered by the house(s) they fall in, in your birth chart. And note that it’s even stronger in your mind and your consciousness and the areas of your life if a planet in your birth chart is directly affected by an eclipse, especially a conjunction, opposition or square aspect. It is very important to check out beforehand where any eclipse falls in relation to your own birth chart.

And we actually have to take into account that there’s not just two eclipses right now, but this is actually a three-eclipse season running on into August 11th 2018 It’s a longer window of eclipse energy than usual!

To analyse an Eclipse’s effect on you and your life, first check out your feeling about it, what are your intuitions? Then build on that, to note especially where the Moon of the eclipse falls in your birth chart. After that, note also the Nodal Axis of the eclipse chart, the eclipse Ascendant, and then key planets of the eclipse.

You can get an astrology reading from me if you want very dedicated and caring expert definition and advice:

We feel eclipse energies as they are building. We feel them at the time of the Eclipse. And they last for longer. The effects of lunar eclipse are pretty immediate. The effects of solar eclipse take longer. Note that eclipse’s effects are even stronger when another planet later on transits across the degree area of the earlier eclipse. Eclipses can leave a patch of stagnant energy in the heavens. This will be triggered if another planet subsequently transits through this patch.

Maybe the Eclipse will smash structures in your life that have outlived their usefulness for your destiny, or maybe the Eclipse will smash situations that are wrong for you true life path – painful though this may be both to experience and to understand. And note that maybe these eclipses will offer you opportunities for shared purpose with your loved ones to find their higher spiritual purpose.

1a. New Moon Solar Eclipse on 13.7.18 at 02.48 am. 

First of all,, in July 2018, there’s a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is at 26 Vedic Gemini using the Sidereal Vedic Zodiac. It’s in Punarvasu Nakshatra (ruled by Jupiter).

In western astrology, it is at 20 deg Cancer using the Tropical zodiac.

Here are the charts:





Vedic Astrology Chart July 2018





Eclipse July 2018 ChartPluto: Really Big Note: Note that that the Sun/Moon of this eclipse are exactly opposition Pluto. So, check if this Eclipse and ‘death and rebirth’ intense power of planet Pluto affect your natal chart or natal planets or a sensitive house. If so, there will be big effects.

With Pluto in such exact opposition to this Solar Eclipse, we are offered profound transformation: challenging or harmonious.

Because this eclipse is in Vedic Gemini, communication skills and information issues in your life could experience breakthrough, and you could cooperate with that trend if you feel it coming your way.

Gemini, and also Punarvasu need to be understood. There is a danger of asking questions rather than wanting answers. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is fickle and androgynous and changeable. There’s versatile adaptable glissando. Mercury’s over-questioning can trash needed action and direction. Illogic as well as logic. Our personal standing and power an energy can be squandered if we use its energy for Mercury-style ‘politically correct’ futile FaceBook posts on social and political issues that are really unacknowledged working out of our personal issues, that more properly should be a focus for real healing and empowerment work, or for focus on shocking scandals or conspiracy theories that don’t really lie at the heart of our life issues! This is damaging to you because, magically, its drain to parade and posture and identify with factions, rather than empower. Mercury can really harm our Mars for example.  In fact, crucially, we have to learn to draw on the two hemispheres of our brain.

I am including some personal comment in this newsletter to show briefly how we can start to analyse how an eclipse will affect us personally. So, I note that the Ascendant of this eclipse conjuncts my natal Uranus, and this will enhance the inspirational revolutionary current that has been running in my life and work. And Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis, and I feel a destined revolution running in my work and life, my astrology readings, the expansion of my various courses.

1b. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 27.7.18 at 20.21 pm.

This Eclipse Full Moon of 27th July 2018 is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100), lasting for 1 hour and 43 minutes, and this means its effects will be big and will be felt for a long time to come. Eclipse Sun is 10 Vedic Cancer (Pushyami Nakshatra) – Eclipse Moon 10 Vedic Capricorn (Sravana Nakshatra).

Using the western Tropical zodiac, eclipse Moon and Sun are at 4 deg Aquarius – 4 deg Leo.

Note that the Moon of this eclipse is conjunct the powerful and angry Ketu-Mars conjunction (see below). Eclipse Sun is conjunct Rahu North Node.

Here is the map of this Eclipse’s visibility:

Eclipse July 2018 Visibility




And Here are the charts:







Eclipse July 2018 Vedic Chart 1





Eclipse July 2018 Vedic Chart 2

To assess the effects of an eclipse in your life, you need to study which House in your Vedic birth chart the eclipse occurs in.

So, how does the chart of this eclipse interact with your birth chart?

Well, note that this is the most telling of the three eclipses, and note also that it will be aggressive and even violent energy due to the conjunction of this eclipse Moon with Mars. And note this Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and its made more irritable and frustrated because it is retrograde at the time of this eclipse. And out in the world, with this eclipse being conjunct the Mars-Ketu conjunction (see below for more on that), this eclipse will manifest in violence, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, aggression. However, astrology is not about scaremongering or sensationalism. We need to note its divine meaning in our life.

I can share that Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis and I feel a destined revolution and inspiration running in my work and life and in some ways redirecting it. The astrology readings and courses feel very inspired.

But note that this huge and long-running eclipse will generate pressures, anger, anxiety and frustration. Please see the need to keep calm in the face of this energy.

As this eclipse is in Sravana Nakshatra, check out whether you are ‘failing to listen’ to the real and deep message of what transpires.

And it is so very important and relevant to note that this Eclipse is actually also T-square to Uranus it is T-square to the revolutionary irritable supreme planet of change in your life and consciousness: Uranus.

In analysing the effect of an Eclipse in your chart and in your life, the biggest issue is: where is the eclipsed Moon in relation to your birth chart? But you’d also look at where eclipse Uranus is (as Uranus is T-square the Eclipse axis) and you’d also look where eclipse Nodal axis and Ascendant are, and also check out significant planets in the eclipse chart in relation to your own birth chart.

So, here are some very brief one size fits all ‘standard meanings’: You can calculate the House number from Ascendant (Lagna) or from Moon (Janma) in your Vedic birth chart. Note that calculation from Ascendant tends to give the stronger prediction meaning. Remember, eclipses undam dammed up energies, so whether an eclipse’s effects on you are positive or negative will depend on how well you are on course for your meant destiny in life. It is essential to realize that if you are off course, and eclipse will bring downfall, but of course here we hit the issue of phenomenology, because if your life is off course, then you need collapse of that life-style to have any hope of getting your life on-course again.

Eclipse effect on the Houses of your Vedic birth chart
(It is the sidereal zodiac Vedic birth chart that gives the surest result):

Aries: eclipse in 10th House: Major shakeup in career pending.
Taurus: eclipse in 9th house: shakeup in area of beliefs, guru/teacher, higher learning.
Gemini: eclipse in 8th house: Changes in shared Financial Arrangements, Inheritance, Physical or emotional Vitality, or Metaphysical Studies.
Cancer: eclipse in 7th House: changes in the balance between yourself and spouse.
Leo: eclipse in 6th House: shakeup in areas such as legal issues, handling of enemies, personal health and immunity.
Virgo: eclipse in 5th House: earthquake in relationship with children, or in matters of creativity, or in romance, or in spiritual matters and past life merit.
Libra: Eclipse in 4th House: major change in issues to do with mother or home, domestic patterns, activities and happiness. Some change to do with car.
Scorpio: Eclipse in 3rd House: big change is issues of skills, talents, initiative, writing/communication, siblings.
Sagittarius: 2nd House: big change in income, issues to do with mouth and teeth, your voice, value issues.
Capricorn: 1st House: big shock or empowerment to issues of personal health and presence in the world, personal health, your appearance. Positive transformation of position in the world or Downfall.
Aquarius: 12th House: huge effect on issues of loss, institution issues/connections, residence abroad.
Pisces: eclipse in 11th House: major change/shake-up in issues of gains, profits, goals, ambitions, associates.

Then study Eclipse effects on your natal planets:
You also need to take into special note is the Eclipse falls on one of your natal planets. Essentially, we are talking about the Eclipse Moon falling on one of your natal planets, but we also need to consider other key planets from the eclipse chart and its Nodal axis or Ascendant falling on one of your natal planets.

Here is a simple ‘one size fits all’ meaning for Eclipse impact on one of your natal planets:
Eclipse impact on:

Your Sun brings out your expression of self and decisiveness. It creates a crisis or a leap forwards. It is time to shine, but you may need to let go of your old life in order to eb able to do that. Take action. Do Vision Work and Magical Will work.

Your Moon brings hurt emotional events leading to crisis and vulnerability. Can be rooted in mother or the past. Might involve a move of house or job, of major re-creation of your life to make it reflect your spiritual truth and true self. Life will not be the same again. Your Mother may be affected.

Your Mercury can lead to a mental crisis or important rational insights. There could be a trickster energy. There will be a lot of sorting out of your thinking. This could affect friendships and trade issues.

Your Venus creates major crisis or breakthrough in love. Alternatively issues of your finances, inspiration in art, and indeed motor cars can be affected. There could be a fated new love relationship. There could be strong sexual urges. Clear any blocks to love or ‘heart walls’. Venus is the wife in a man’s chart.

Your Mars creates outbursts and arguments. These can be constructive or destructive. Or there could be a surge of physical vitality.

Your Jupiter could bring expansiveness and sense fo purpose, inspiration and ideals. You need to take care to keep this sort of expansion properly grounded and supported. Jupiter is the husband in a woman’s chart.

Your Saturn means either golden reaping because you are on course for your true life purpose, or it means professional downfall. This will be a he milestone and turning point in your life. You will be forced to acknowledge that you must ‘get out of your prison’, or that you must be more realistic and dot the I’s and cross the t’s in your life and get things more grounded. Ideally this is the opening to take a seasoned step up. You will be tested around your use of responsibility. Suffering will become a huge and important issue for you to handle correctly. You may receive burdens.

Your Uranus means the Struck Tower card in the Tarot. inspiration, more expansive life or consciousness, revolution. Apparent eccentricity. Beware being heartless. Become the wild child, the free spirit, or the original genius. Ride out the creative wave that has picked you up.

Your Neptune means that you could realize that you are enmeshed in delusion or denial. You could find yourself in a fog. But this eclipse calls you to strip out the delusion.

Your Pluto ideally means empowerment. Face your shadow. Confront your inner demons. gain the strength to face your shadow. It could mean trauma, and the need not to be crippled by fear and your energy could become compulsive, driven or obsessive. You will need to develop ways to confront and understand and heal yourself. You face a personal challenge.

Your Chiron: you need to find healing modalities that will assist you to heal the existential wound indicated by your astrology birth chart. In this process you could become the healer of others.

Your natal North Node/Rahu: you will become driven to manifest your incarnational life purpose, but you will ned to purify this energy if you are to arrive at the destination it points to.

Your natal South Node/Ketu: chasms will open under your life, but with divine purpose to transform or end that life so that you are put in touch with spiritual meaning.

Your Ascendant (Lagna): Collapse in personal health and presence in the world, or revolutionary transformation for the better in these.

1c. New Moon Solar Eclipse 11.8.18 at 09.58 am.

And, as I said, there’s a third eclipse upcoming in this present cycle. There’s another Solar eclipse. This one’s on August 11th. I am mentioning this now, because what this means is that the ‘window’ of eclipse activity will be much longer than usual.

The Sun and the Moon of this eclipse are 24 deg Vedic Cancer in Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Sun and Moon are at 18 western Leo.
And note that the Sun and Moon of this eclipse are conjunct Mercy which is Retrograde at this time.
Note that Uranus squares the Nodal Axis and Mars of this eclipse chart.

Here are the charts:

Eclipse July 2018 Chart







Eclipse July 2018 Vedic Chart








So, sharing my personal analysis here, so that it can be seen how to interpret eclipse effects, note that the Sun, Moon and Mercury of this eclipse are exactly conjunct my natal Pluto! I see this as undamming ‘coming more into my power’ and of course we can do healing and empowerment work of different kinds to assist these processes, and that is one of the fundamental principles of the astrology of my readings and courses.
And Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my North node in my birth chart which is bringing inspiration and a lot of change.

2.The long-running Mars- Ketu/South Node conjunction:

This huge energy also needs to be understood and managed for your great good. It’s powerful, and it can manifest on many different planes of life: dynamism, inspirational and magical, other planes more technical, and others again that are violent. It can create accidents, loss of property etc.
Will you trail-blaze, or will you dig a hole for yourself? The Mars-Ketu conjunction began when Mars entered Vedic Capricorn on 2nd May 2018, when Ketu was already transiting there. This Mars-Ketu conjunction will remain widely in force until 6th November, when Mars finally leaves Vedic Capricorn and enters Vedic Aquarius on that date.

The Mars-Ketu conjunction is actually exact three times: First, when Mars transits over Ketu direct on June 7th at 13 degrees Vedic Capricorn. Second, when Mars transits over Ketu retrograde on July 20 at 11 degrees Capricorn and Third, when Mars crosses over Ketu direct on September 25th. Note that this Mars Ketu conjunction starts the month of July at 14 deg Vedic Capricorn, or 9 deg western Aquarius.

I would like to make the point that we can understand this energy shafting into our consciousness and our lives at different planes, levels and areas, as is the case with all astrological energies. We will experience it at the human level, also at the social / political level, and also at the wider level, and also of course at our own individual personal level. Let’s now study the meaning and manifestation of this current Mars Ketu conjunction at these four levels:

2a. The Mars Ketu conjunction at the human level:
Mars is assertion, anger, aggression, exercise and activity, leadership. Like Mars, Ketu is a malefic and Ketu can increase the aggression and in some people’s cases: the seething. This can be an energy of hostility and ill-will. Resentment, agitation and criticism. But positively this is an energy for technical skill, and I found that it opens up magical empowerment work possibilities for some people. Ketu can bring up issues from the past at this time.

2b. The Mars Ketu conjunction at the social/political level:
We can look at Turkish politics as a case example: My impression is that Turkey chose a day with dreadful energies for its election, on June 24th 2018, where the minds of citizens would be disturbed and made aggressive by the current Mars-Ketu conjunction. To make emotions more difficult, the Moon had started its transit through Vedic Scorpio, and this has to be understood in the context that, at the moment, there is a succession of three malefic signs in Vedic Astrology that upset the Moon in its monthly travel through the twelve signs, and therefore upset our minds: Vedic Scorpio, where the Moon is Fallen; Vedic Sagittarius which is currently occupied by retrograde Saturn, then Vedic Capricorn, currently occupied by the Mars-Ketu conjunction. People in Turkey distrusted the News and the election result. They found it very difficult to manage their emotions and anger. Supporters of President Erdogan were firing shot guns into the air.
I sadly have not space here to analyse the chart for the election in relation to the birth chart for Turkey, but note that the current Ketu-Mars conjunction generated fear and aggression in the population, given the endemic background fear generated by the slide of Turkey since the 2016 Coup into a Dictatorship dancing to Islamic Syrian / Iranian interests. The populace is also destabilised by the likely fragmentation of the EU, and the Islamic nature of Turkey’s less educated majority, coupled with the inevitable slide of Turkey towards Russia/Syrian/Iran identification.
Rahu is transiting Neptune in Turkey’s 2nd House, at present, which creates monetary illusions of balancing inflation and monetary value given the uncertainty created by US/Russian activities in Syria. And the Turkish currency has suffered much devaluation over that last year and a half. Also, how typical and difficult of Rahu to natal Neptune transit that Turkey should be a nominal member of NATO at the same time prioritise its Russian/Syrian alliance.

2c. The Mars Ketu conjunction at the wider than human level:
That the energy of this conjunction manifest on many planes of life and consciousness, and at the wider than human level.
There have been forest fires and also a rise in the murder rate in Ireland. There have been torrential rains and storms in some arts, and drought in others. There were even forest fires in Ireland on 1st July, and more. The fiery element of this conjunction flares into all areas and manifest in the different levels. For example, as Mars-Ketu conjunction is in Capricorn, this gives technical skill, for example building work. There has been an increase in Volcanic eruptions at the time of this conjunction. Mars entered Capricorn on 3rd May, and on the same day there was a big eruption on Hawaii.

2d. The Mars Ketu conjunction at my personal level: With the inspirational possibilities of Ketu, I have found this conjunction has increased involvement in deep study, magic and breakthrough inspiration flowing. I have created a Magical Will Course. Remember that this conjunction has basically been in Shravana Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology’s wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac. And the nature of Sravana is ‘listening’, and I do believe that this has increased the inspirational nature that this Nakshatra has bursts of. But, fascinatingly, also, at another manifestation of this Mars-Ketu in Capricorn energy, I have been building an extension to our House / Healing Centre / B&B, since the Mars-Ketu conjunction started. Capricorn is about technical skill. And weirdly, the energy of that conjunction even invaded our tiny lane (called a ‘boreen’). Here in the remote Wild Atlantic Way, a mile from the Atlantic Ocean: our tiny lane was unexpectedly singled out to have huge drainage ditches dug and filled with aggregate to drain rain water away into the river at the bottom of our garden, and then the lane was surfaced by juggernauts that turned up. They were bigger than our house. What an astounding manifestation of the Mars – Ketu energy: me building at the back, and the juggernauts ripping the old road surface apart and laying tar. It sounded and looked like a sudden alien invasion of the West of Ireland. See the pics:

Michael Conneely - Builder & Astrologer






Eclipse July 2018 Tarmac






2e. Mars Retrograde: Note that Mars is retrograde all July: from June 26th until August 27th and this will increase the aggressiveness and irritation, but also the procrastination and delay, blocks and outbursts. The building work gets held up! You could wallow in frustration and disillusion and catastrophizing. Mars becomes harder for us to express and manage. But the positive response to all this is to develop patience and realism. Calmly decide to ‘bow to the inevitable’ and choose your priorities.

2f. Mercury is opposition the Mars Ketu conjunction exactly around July 3rd to 5th.

2g. Uranus is square the Mars-Ketu conjunction through July. This is really important. The extra impatience will be felt. Revolution will be felt. Inspiration will come in bursts. It’s earthquake energy. And Mars is casting a square aspect on Uranus and Aries too. It’s enormous!

2h. What House of your birth chart does this Mars-Ketu conjunction transit in?

This question of what house in your birth chart the Mars Ketu conjunction occupies, needs to be understood in order to really individualise your analysis of how the Mars Ketu conjunction will manifest in your life. Here’s some stabs at meaning for a couple of examples, the signs where the Ket-Mars conjunction manifests most strongly. You can best calculate the house number by counting from your Ascendant (Lagna), or you can count it from your natal Moon (Janma). Of course, you need to use a more personalised and more deeply considered meaning of the energy, than the following couple of brief examples given here for the purpose of simple indication:

Aries Lagna or Moon: So, for example, for Aries, the Mars Ketu conjunction is in your Capricorn 10th house, so will your career disintegrate or be riven with new inspiration and revolution? Mars rules Aries and he is conjunct Ketu: you might want to melt down your life.
Libra: the Mars-Ketu conjunction is in your 4th House. Will there be nagging and arguing in the home? Will there be good and useful DIY?
Scorpio: The Mars Ketu conjunction could give you incisive focus, but be careful not to become too ruthless.
Capricorn: will be experiencing overwhelm. There’s also the lunar eclipse here which could bring huge change. Take measures to manage your mind and emotions as pressures unfold.

3.The Kal Sarpa Yoga

The Kal Sarpa Yoga re-asserts itself from the middle of the month, from 17th July.
Kal Sarpa Yoga is when all the planets of Vedic Astrology to one side of the nodal axis, and this can usually (but not absolutely always) be a very divisive energy in the world, and in your life.
Here’s the chart:

So again, compare the Kal Sarpa in the heavens now to your own birth chart, to work out the effects.

As I said, the Kal Sarpa Yoga is when all the Vedic planets are conjoining the Nodes of the Moon, or to one side of them only. But I want to say that there’s a special case when the Moon in the heavens is out on its own, outside the bunch of the rest of the Vedic planets to their side of the nodal axis. This occurs in July.

On 30th July the Moon leaves the Vedic planets all bunched to one side of the Nodal axis, so you could say that this ends the Kal Sarpa Yoga. But this would be wrong. Note that this does not end the energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga. What it does do is leave our Minds and consciousness to now have to deal with the energy of an ‘unsupported Moon’ as well as the divisiveness of Kal Sarpa Yoga. To have your Moon alone and unsupported by other planets in the signs to either side of it is a special to be noted problem feature declared by the Vedic birth chart called Kemadruma yoga. This undermines the stability of the mind. So, note that the Kal Sarpa remains in force until 6th November, when Mars, the first planet to break the Nodal cordon, leaves the Nodal axis, and Mars enters Vedic Aquarius on that date.

4.Retrograde Planets Summary July 2018:

There are Seven Retrograde Planets in July 2018. The meaning of some of these are dealt with in more detail below. They are:
Mars and Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, are retrograde all the month of July.
Jupiter is retrograde at the start of the month.
Mercury goes Retrograde under rather turbulent conditions at the end of the month on July 26th. See below.
Chiron turns retrograde on July 5th2018 See below.

5.Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury turns retrograde on July 26th at 29 deg Vedic Cancer.
Mercury is transiting now in the water sign of Cancer, and Mercury in Cancer is not easy for the mind. Intellect and communication can become over emotional and confused.Cancer seeks protection, and Mercury evasions can be dwelt in in an illusory attempt to shelter in unreal and futile ‘protection’. And remember, Mercury is also at this time receiving an opposition aspect from the Ketu-Mars conjunction in Capricorn.
Note that what we have here is Retrograde Mercury in Vedic Cancer opposition Retrograde Mars in Vedic Capricorn. This is a problem combination for IT issues, for posts and communications, and also for misunderstandings and arguments.
Mercury and Mars are enemies in Vedic Astrology. Mars doesn’t have the patience. Mercury over-discusses! Retrograde Mars explodes with anger at its frustration with Mercury. Patience, care and calm is needed at this time! AND note also that Mercury is conjunct driven Rahu!

The Mercury retrograde starts in Ashlesha Nakshatra (ruled by Mercury) and Ashlesha’s deity is ‘Sarpa’ or serpent, and so this will increase the tendency to arguments and hurt and wanting to defeat enemies. The ‘shakti’ of Ashlesha is ‘poison’, or troubled emotions, and so this needs to be handled with accompanying spiritual awareness. And of course, the transition point from Cancer to Leo is Gandanta. (Gandanta is the three zones in the Vedic Sidereal zodiac of up to 4 deg either side of the transition point from water sign to fire sign (Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Sagittarius, where planets are insubstantial, unconfident and ill-attuned to the material world). So, the fact is that Mercury is in the Gandanta from July 16th to August 3rd, and then again to Sep 1st to the 4th.

And in addition to all that, Mercury is also actually caught up with the eclipsed Sun and Moon on 11th August.

So, during this Mercury Retrograde period, we will ned to take extra special care of posts and communications, deliveries and our IT processes. We will need to take extra special effort to keep our minds and speech calm. Take care to avoid drama. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so Gemini and Virgo people will feel pretty insecure while all this is going on, and will need to take steps to remain grounded.

6. Jupiter turns from Retrograde to Direct:

At the time of Jupiter’s station on 10th July, he is actually within a Grand Cross being opposition Uranus and T-square to the Nodes. Here is the chart for the Jupiter Station Grand Cross:







A Grand Cross is a big energy that fills the chart. Do check out how this Grand Cross relates to the planets in your birth chart. And note that Jupiter will bring his expansionary energy which will magnify the energies in this Grand Cross. Note that as Jupiter gets established in his renewed forward motion after 10th July, growth that has been blocked will free up. The energy will become more positive. But do note also, that Jupiter will be transiting through Swati nakshatra until August 1st, and Swati is ruled by Rahu and prone to scatter and be nervous, so Jupiter’s expansiveness will not be steady. Jupiter finally leaves Vedic Leo on 12th October.

Jupiter trine Neptune: However, it is important to note that a Jupiter Neptune Trine is formed in the heavens at this time, as you can see from the above Jupiter Station chart for July 10th, and the energy of Jupiter trine Neptune is intuitive and compassionate, and this will be in the background for humanity.

 7. The Sun:

Sun moves into Vedic Cancer on 16th July. But the ‘divine king’ energy of the Sun needs to be steadied in our minds, and while Sun is in Vedic Cancer, the Divine King is challenged. This is because he is in the same sign as Retrograde Mercury and also Rahu, and because he receives an opposition from the Mars-Ketu conjunction. He also has to face two eclipses while he is in Cancer: the Lunar Eclipse of 27th July and the Solar Eclipse of 11th August.
So, we will need to monitor if this unsteadiness of the divine Sun is destabilising or weakening us in our lives, and if do we will ned to counteract this.

8.Venus enters Vedic Sign of Leo: Venus will transit Vedic Leo from July 5th to August 1st. The fact is that Venus does not do well in Leo which is ruled by the Sun. the Sun ‘starves’ Venus in Leo. This is because the ambition and show off nature of the Sun detracts from Venus relationship commitments. So, you may need to keep conscious awareness and sharing with your loved one about this energy that is going on.

9.The Venus – Neptune Opposition:

Venus – Neptune opposition in the heavens at the time of this eclipse. This transiting Venus is in opposition my natal Venus, and I have had such visionary beautiful energies during the long run of this Neptune to Venus transit. They are transforming the novel I am currently writing. I am developing earth spirituality courses and sacred Ireland Tours around where I live, and developing a website about all this with a colleague in Chicago who is a musician and artist.

10.The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction:

Remember, Saturn and Pluto now Retrograde are steadily forming into the Saturn Pluto conjunction which will be exact in January 2010 at 27 Vedic Sagittarius. Do be aware if you have planets around, square or opposition that point. It’s a truly implacable held energy. And of course, Ketu joins the Saturn – Pluto conjunction on 7.3.2019.

11.Chiron square Saturn (and Retrograde):

Chiron turns retrograde on July 5th. At this time, he is square to Saturn. Chiron square Saturn points us beyond Saturn’s pragmatism and blocks, to find the healing that we need, to connect to our life-essence, to our True Self.

So, for fuller details on these key energies, and all the other details of July 2018 astrology, please read the main report which is set out below.

For Further Information: Go to the 2018 Astrology pages on my Starwheel Astrology readings website for many charts and tables of planets’ positions in 2018:

My Astrology Readings: Go to:
My Astrology Courses: To take these insights and information further, you can enroll on one of my dedicated Astrology Courses:

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you, and we hope you have enjoyed this huge newsletter.


Astrology & Healing Magazine June 2018, Phobias, Astrology & More

Astrology and Healing Magazine: June 2018

Welcome to the June 2018, sixth Edition of Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely’s: Astrology and Healing Magazine.
This is brought to you from their Healing Centre on the wild Atlantic way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

And this month’s Healing issue covers Overcoming Fears and Phobias.

Plus, clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of June 2018.

There’s a video to go with each section: the healing and the astrology.

Astrology and Healing Magazine May 2018

Astrology and Healing Magazine May 2018

Welcome to the May 2018 fifth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, brought to you from their Healing Centre on the wild Atlantic way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

This month’s issue covers the Healing modality of Befriending Your Unconscious Mind.

Plus clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of May 2018, especially:
Key dates to watch the working of your mind
and also
Understanding two key opportunities for developing occult insight and your necessary personal magical Will.

Astrologically speaking, the big theme for May 2018 (and beyond up to November) is:
1. that Mars enters Vedic Capricorn to create a conjunction there with Ketu, which is square Uranus.
2.  Saturn remains transit in Sagittarius.
3.  the Moon always faces challenge affecting the management of our minds, each month, when it goes through the sign of Vedic Scorpio.
So, note that what is created now, until November, is a sequence of three malefic signs for the Moon to pass through each month so as to create a big and palpable three-sign challenge to our management of our Minds. The dates are given below for each month. Note these and be prepared, and don’t be negatively affected.

BUT, above all, this can be a case of ‘out of darkness light’. Note that this can be a huge opportunity for you to use the distress or disempowerment to take two magical empowering steps:
a. You have opportunity and reason to develop Occult Awareness, and
b. This is a crucial chance to identify, develop and use your Magical Will.

There’s a video to go with each section: the healing and the astrology.

First of all, Maggie’s wonderful presentation on Healing:

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Maggie’s Healing Modality: Befriending Your Unconscious Mind

All the approaches I use with clients focus on empowering them to be more in touch with their own inner resources and to find solutions and insights that are unique to them and that work for them.

Many years ago, an old trainer of mine said how clients come to us because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious and that my job was to act as a mediator or translator to improve that relationship. That is very different to me making up my mind about that is right for them and imposing my own version of their ideal life on them, or even worst imposing the same preconceived idea of what is right on everybody!!

So, let me give you my understanding of the role of the unconscious mind and how it really deserves to be seen as our friend and ally. Our unconscious mind is that part of us that controls and maintains our body functions, that stores our memories, that helps us access learned skills and habits easily (for good or bad!!), it connects us to the energies around us and gives us information and runs programs that it thinks are keeping us safe. I use the word ‘think’ here because sometimes it needs updating. Programs that kept us safe at the age of 6 may now be ones that restrict us and we may need to negotiate to enlist its cooperation to now give us a different response.

To me, it makes a lot of sense that when there are issues concerning our health and body energetics to work with that part of us that is expert in that area. Equally important is to communicate with it in a way it understands and is clear. For example, wanting to be confident at public speaking whilst focussing on all the times we messed up is giving it very confusing messages. So, understanding that the unconscious does not understand negatives (e.g. I don’t want to panic) and responds to images, we can see that the example I gave would produce images of panic and the resulting body response which is not what is intended. We can create a different strategy to communicate what we actually do want. And if there is some underlying memory that is causing that panicked reaction then the unconscious is the place to go to update that memory, to release the energy and the unwanted conditioned response.

The unconscious is very resourceful and creative and can offer responses beyond what we would have been able to come up with just relying on logic and what we consciously know. The famous American hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson, was known to send some of his patients up the nearby mountain Squaw Peak, with the invitation that they would have reached a different understanding or healed an issue by the time they came back down. And invariably they did.

Years ago, I attended a short Huna (Hawaian Shamanism) workshop and was intrigued that in Huna there are seen to be three selves, or three minds, and it is the Basic Self/Unconscious Mind/Body which is the bridge to higher consciousness. And I had been trying to think my way to higher wisdom and largely ignore my body! It was a wake up call to become more embodied and listen to my body’s signals and hunches much more. I believe, in the society we live in, the intellect is generally valued much more than instinctual wisdom so we aren’t encouraged to dialogue with our unconscious. In fact we may learn to fear it, believing that it is irrational (because it is unique to us and may not conform to what those around us believe or be easily justified with logic) or unreliable or make contain lots of murky memories we would rather avoid. What if it could be our friend and ally and help us to live more creatively and happily?

Looking at the different approaches I use with clients I can see how each modality helps build that better rapport with the UM in its own way:

  • Emotion Cody & Body Code – uses muscle testing to get answers from the unconscious. We sometimes find that blocked energies can go back generations or be related to issues we would not have imagined
  • Hypnotherapy – allows a space of relaxed inner focus where we can access and reframe memories, release energies, rehearse new positive scenarios, send messages to our unconscious of what is important to us right now. We can dialogue with it through body signals and ask it to make inner changes.
  • OldPain2Go® dialogues with our unconscious in a very direct and straightforward way to ask the unconscious to reset old pain messages with often startling responses, such as the removal or significant reduction of pain in the body, including emotional pain
  • EFT Tapping and Psy-Tap connect directly with the body’s energetic system
  • Metamorphic Touch uses a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head on areas relating to the prenatal period and provides a space for us to contact our inner wisdom and unique reason for being here
  • Bodywork and energy work allows the body greater freedom and ease which affects us on all levels

Other ways of getting in touch with that deeper inner wisdom include mindfulness, meditation, music, dance, any form of creativity, myth and storytelling, asking questions that open us to more awareness (e.g. what else is possible?), yoga, channelling, breathwork, walking, daydreaming and more. Find out what works for you. And if you feel like having a guide or interpreter to help you, then do get in touch and I’d be happy to work with you. Visit my website to learn more. And apart from hands-on bodywork all the modalities I use can be done over the internet to wherever you are in the world.


The Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely:

The energies of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus), and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology (which is focussed on our psychological identity and unfoldment).

To see the charts showing the planets’ positions for the start and the end of the month, also lunations and eclipses, go to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:
and information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to:
Dates and times in this newsletter are for Sligo, Ireland. You can find your own dates and time here:
You can book a Reading at:
Or enroll on one of my courses at:,

Astrology and Healing Magazine April 2018

Welcome to the April 2018 fourth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, brought to you from their Healing Centre on the
wild Atlantic way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

And this month’s issue covers the impressive Healing modality of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

Plus clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of April 2018, valuably embracing both Western and Vedic Astrology! And asking you key questions that are raised about your life.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Tap your way to a happier you.

This month I’m going to talk about how Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you improve your life.
I first came across the idea of tapping on meridian energy points way back in 2001 and as a trained shiatsu practitioner, I was both intrigued and also pretty cynical as to how this simpler approach would work.  I initially dismissed it as another fad which would at best yield only temporary or superficial results.

Yet EFT kept grabbing my attention and within the year I had trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques and was surprisingly impressed by the responses I was getting with clients. So impressed in fact, that I became and EFT Trainer and helped others get those wonderful and, often surprising, releases from all sorts of conditions, even difficult long-standing ones. Sure it does look a bit weird, or did so at the time when it was less well-known, but when something works, where nothing else has so far, it certainly grabs your attention. I was happy to update my opinion of this new way of working if it could help people feel better.

Some of my early successes were helping a client improve his walking and be able to play with his child again, have a long-standing back pain disappear, resolve trauma and phobias, help prepare a client for IVF, dissolve interview nerves and increase confidence, overcome fear of flying and on and on. The best thing about it too is it gave my clients a way of continuing to manage the on-going stress situations which occur in daily modern life. It is something that can be done face to face or over the internet or phone.

First of all you are invited to bring into awareness the issue or problem you wish to overcome – calling a spade a spade, rather than trying to rationalise it or cut off from it. We give the intensity of how that issue is affecting us a number on a scale of 0-10. The second part is tapping on a series of points on the face and head and sometimes on the hands while we say words which sum up the issue. The words are simply there to hold the focus on whatever it is we wish to address, it is the tapping on the meridian points that does the balancing of our energy. We then compare how you feel now. Has that initial number changed? Do we tap again in a similar way or has the focus changed. Often tapping can help you be aware of what is really going on and help clarify actions to take. It can release the charge of an old traumatic incident so it simply becomes a memory, rather than something that haunts you.

And having released the stuff holding you back it can also be used to help adopt new responses more easily, build confidence and facilitate learning. It can be used to help children with the various emotional challenges encountered during their growing years. In that way it can be a great way for parents to support their children and to also help them cope better with the pressures of a busy family life.

Research has been done over the years which show that tapping helps reduce the stress response. It has increasingly being taken up by therapists, educators, some doctors and even the health service.

You can find more information on my website or drop me an email to find out how it could help you, your family or even your pets.

The Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely:

The energies of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus) and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology, which is focussed on our psychological unfoldment.

You can see the charts for the start and the end of the month, also lunations and eclipses, by going to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:  
and information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to:

What are the top news items for you to be aware of and deal with?

Here is the powerful ‘Top Twelve’ summary, and it’s followed by a very useful Table of the planets’ positions in both Vedic and Western Astrology below that:

1. The Saturn Mars Conjunction
Saturn and Mars start April in exact conjunction at 14 Vedic Sagittarius (PurvAshada Nakshatra), this is 8 Western Capricorn. And the two planets stay in conjunction all month.
This is good for technical work and DIY but it’s tough when Mars pitts himself against Saturn’s structures, patience and blocks, or when Saturn puts the lid on Mars leading to disastrous explosions of swearing impatience!
The energy of Mars-Saturn conjunction is bumpy and antagonistic. Positively, you might break out of the concrete prison you erected for you life, and free up your force of expression. Hopefully knowing this astrology will allow you to see the danger signs, and plan to manage your energy level.
You could enter April with big ideas, but be prepared to modify them, integrate them with other things in your life, and ‘go with the flow’. Channel your Mars power carefully and direct it with good ethical conscious awareness.
Mars is exalted in Vedic Capricorn from May to November! Cultivate courage.
If you have been feeling overwhelmed, let things balance out. Prioritise. Be guided by your intuition and inspiration. And as a very special issue to watch: Mars and Ketu are both in Capricorn from May 2nd to November 5th. See next month’s magazine on what this means and how to handle it.


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