A Really Happy New Year 2017 to you from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Here’s our Starwheel New Year’s Day Newsletter
Wishing you a Blessed 2017

Our very best wishes to you for your year ahead, 2017, from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley.

What would it take for this year to be the time when your special talent will really flower???

Here’s a sharing of our personal unfoldment journey in 2016, where we feel blessed to have listened to the call for change and taken decisive action and we hope this will inspire you to follow your dreams.

What started out feeling like a unexpected blow in May 2016, led to us quickly perceiving it as liberation and being set free to move and as it turned out to move to another country- Ireland.

Maggie and I now find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb. And once we had made that decision we were amazed at how quickly and smoothly (despite the odd touch of bureaucracy) it all played out.

So in sharing the wonders that we have found here we’d like to invite you to come and share in what we have found here, to have a holiday, to take a course, have a reading or healing session. You can personalise it for your own particular needs and interests. Or simply take it as inspiration that when you decide to step out of your comfort zone a whole new world can emerge – or of course all our work is also available worldwide online using the internet as well.

After a rollercoaster 2016 that turned out to be a total blessing, Maggie and I find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb.

This Blog Post tells you of the beauties of the area where we live, its music, art, dance and culture, its mountains beaches and history, and the Healings, Readings and Courses we offer here and also worldwide using the Internet.

The astrological energy we were resonating with was Uranus, planet of jarring revolution transiting conjunct the Moon in our birth charts. See my Blog: blog.starwheelastrology.com/when-uranus-strikes-your-moon-transit-of-uranus-conjunct-the-moon-in-your-birth-chart/  We were freed to emigrate to Ireland in May this year, and by August 10th we had done it! And emigrating’s not easy! And if you think it is, you should meet the Irish bureaucrats!

Here’s the graph of our Uranus transits to our natal Moon.

Each of the vertical columns is for one month, so: Jan, Feb, March, etc. And remember, Uranus takes 84 yrs to orbit the Sun, so this can only happen next for us in 84 years time from now!

Here’s Michael’s Graphed Uranus Transits 2016 and then 2017:



Here’s Maggie’s Graphed Uranus transits 2016 and then 2017:


And so now we find ourselves in the most beautiful land a sacred deeply historical area of mountains and beaches and monuments, a special place beyond imagining running a Healing Centre and a B&B, and offering many worldwide online Healings, Readings and Courses, but also local healings and retreats in our Foxford centre too.

Maggie offers so many deeply intuitive healing modalities. See her website www.maggiepashley.com for Emotion Code, Body Code, Access consciousness, Hypnotherapy, healing massage, Emotional Freedom Work (EFT), Stop Smoking and metamorphic Technique.

I offer Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses, unusually offering both Western Astrology and also vedic Astrology, but I also offer my wide range of Astrology Mini Courses and Mini Readings. See my Astrology Readings website: www.starwheelastrology.com

I also teach Shamanic Healing See:  www.earthstarweb.com/shamanic-healer, The Runes (the mystical, healing and empowering alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples) See: www.rune-path.com/  and also The Ogham (the mystical Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids) See: www.druidforestschool.com/ogham

Now, in addition,I am offering tours of the many Sacred Sites of the ancient Irish within an hour of here (see below) as well as offering, as I have done for years: online and face to face courses and events exploring and empowering ourselves through the beauty of the ancient Irish Druid Path: visionary contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, their festivals, their body energy work (The Three Cauldrons of Poesy, the four sacred weapons of the Tuath de Danaan, and for another example: the Duile, the nine Elements of Self of the ancient Irish Druids that link our bodies and minds and hearts to all of the Cosmos). See my Druid Forest School website: www.druidforestschool.com/courses

And a very special thank you to my Webmaster, Robert A Williams for doing such wonders and getting my messages on the road to you. If you are looking for search engine optimisation and all the other arcane mysteries of web work, you couldn’t do better: See: www.r-a-williams.com

But I would like to share what is special about the village where we have ended up living, and we were not looking to live here. We were looking for a place in Westport, but every time I searched on the internet Foxford came up instead! It would be difficult to pick out what is especially special, if you see what I mean, about the village of Foxford where we now live.

It could be the dozens of beautiful beaches within an hour of Foxford www.foxfordairbnb.com/beaches. It could be the homely traditional family atmosphere of Foxford the village, where so many families are dedicated to music, dance and creativity. See the eight music videos on www.foxfordairbnb.com/towns And then there’s the Foxford Brass and Reed Band as well founded at the end of the 19th Century, which is thriving from strength to strength.

And Foxford is so historical, and spiritually so. A Sister of Charity called Agnes Morrogh Bernard gave up her life with vows to serve the Poor, and came to Foxford in around 1890 when Famine had returned and the poverty was dire, and if any family showed signs of bettering themselves the Landlord just put up the rents.  Although knowing nothing of woollen industry, she started up a Woollen Mill to bring wages into the hovels of the starving families who subsisted in what the landlords called ‘Cabins’ with the pig inside the cabin with the family as the pig was ‘the gintleman as pays the rent’! This nun believed in the Eye of Providence and I believe she brought a holy and blessed energy to this land here.





And, weirdly, Foxford also boasts the national hero of Argentina among its former inhabitants: Admiral William Brown, founder of the Argentine Navy and hero of Argentine’s struggle to throw off the colonial oppression of the Spanish Empire.

Aged nine, he set off from Foxford for the USA and a new life in 1786, with his grieving father after the deaths of the mother and all the children, but sadly his father fell ill in the coffin ship and died a few days after landing in Philadelphia, leaving William an orphan. But William was not daunted. He got a job as a Cabin Boy, and ten years later, by age 19, he was in command of his own ship. He later escaped from a Napoleonic prison and in 1814 led the Argentine navy in a desperate but victorious battle against the fleet of the Spanish Empire and in a moment of glory freed the Colony from the Spanish Imperialists.

But there’s another thing that’s special around here, I believe there are especially powerful healing energies in the rocks around this whole area. You can feel them if you go to the exalted special sacred places of the Palaeolithic Irish, the oldest farmers in Ireland, places they founded from around 3,700 BC, sacred places that the Irish Druids still worked with two thousand years ago, and less. There’s so many of these:

If I was forced to choose one sacred place, I would choose Ben Bulben Mountain. It is august and vast. The great poet W B Yeats spent his childhood at its foot, and he is buried there, and it was here that he saw the Hosting of the Sidhe, the great Goddesses and Gods of ancient Ireland, and here he awaited the time to be right for their return to human consciousness, and so from here, he started the Celtic Revival with Lady Gregory.






I should mention Carrowmore which nestles in the arms of a protective circle of mountains: the Sun of the Samhain or Halloween Sunrise streams down its central passage.

There’s high the exalted Carrowkeel tombs.

And there’s Lough Arrow near which the second Battle of Moytura was fought. The manuscript Cath Maighe Tuireadh tells how the godlike and skilled people of the Tuatha Dé Danann, having conquered Ireland, fell under the oppression of the cruel and unworthy Fomorians, who could not understand or appreciate their divine specialness, nor the Goddesses and Gods who incarnated dwelt among them, and so they did battle here to assert their divine qualities and to free themselves.

And what can you say about Rath Croghan? Yes, it’s home of Queen Maeve who lived two thousand years ago, and plunged all Ireland into war. But more than that it’s the inauguration site of the Kings of Connaught. The last King to be inaugurated there was just before Oliver Cromwell turned up. He so hated and despised the Irish for being Catholics that he herded them into the churches and set fire to the buildings with the families inside. He sold off tracts that weren’t his to his Lieutenants, just as so many English Kings had done with parts of Ireland from the late 12th Century onwards, especially Henry VIII. BUT Rath Croghan is also the home of the great Battle Goddess of the Ancient Irish: The Morrigan. Oweynagat, the cave where she dwells, is beneath the inauguration mound. She is the Ethical Defendress of Sovereignty. According to the legends, she mates with The Dagda, the Good God every Samhain, and according to the legends Her divine people the Tuatha de Danaan are waiting until their great consciousness and specialness can be appreciated again, so that they can return.

And I have to mention Croagh Patrick Mountain. I seem to have come across quite a few healing occasions recently. Maggie and I celebrated the Winter Solstice on December 21st, at Kildangan on Clew Bay, where there is a line of standing stones pointing to a cleft in the side of Croagh Patrick Mountain, through which the Sun shines at the moment of Winter Solstice, and sure enough it did. The sky was grey, and then at the exact moment, the Sun blazed into sight like a hydrogen bomb, and its rays shot down the line of standing stones. And the thing is, after I felt very healed and have felt unaccustomedly well since, and other people said they felt forgiveness to situations and healing. Maybe it is energies in the rocks of the place, and maybe it is to do with the exaltation of the sun, the birth of the new Sun and the combination of Sun energies and Land energies. Croagh Patrick area is one of the special healing places where great beings contact the earth, and inhabit those places to bring power, kingship, authority and healing. I seem to end up in these. I was quite struck to find out that the Yew grove where I ran my organisation Glastonbury Ritual Tours for five years was deemed by Catherine Maltwood to be the centre of the Glastonbury land Zodiac. And I am certain that Croagh Patrick Mountain is one of them.

Croagh Patrick is felt by many on the Sacred Earth energies path to be Dragon Energy, and indeed, it is the place where Saint Patrick fasted for forty days before he set out to convert Ireland to the Raman Church, and indeed, in the account of that vigil, Saint Patrick fought with Corra, the spirit of the place there. She engulfed him in her jaws at one point, which does sounds very dragon-like!

But Saint Patrick threw his bell of exorcism at her and he bested her, and he consigned her to Lough na Corra, to the lough beneath the mountain, for eternity – or so he thinks.

But there’s more about sacred energies in the rocks here: Just around the corner from there, is Rossroe on Killary Harbour, where my Irish mother took me once. this was where the great Oxford University philosopher, the German Jew, Ludwig Wittgenstein, went into retreat to write his greatest work: Philosophical Discourses, and I sense it may have been the energy in the rocks there that prompted his greatest philosophical expression. I studied his thought at Oxford in 1968.



But if that was not enough, just around the corner from Rossroe is Glassilaun Beach, nestled Aat the mouth of Killary Harbour below Mweelrea Mountain, where my mother told me that my Irish Grandparents first set up home, and – and this was so important and helpful for me:

The wonderful psychic and psychic surgeon Elizabeth Hendricks ‘saw’ that I should go in the September of 2015.
She said that she ‘saw’ I should go there because she saw that there was an energy in the rocks waiting to enter me to heal me.

And so, unexpectedly, Maggie and I went to Glassilaun, and I was a different person there from those energies, and within 11 months we had emigrated to Ireland. And I I do feel much more accepted for myself, here in Ireland, and so much better able to express myself. I feel there is a destiny running!

So, I hope you will, yourselves, grasp revolution when it calls to you.

I hope we can serve you with our worldwide healings, Readings and Courses.

And it would be great to see you at our Healing Centre and Airbnb, and take you on tours to the ancient sacred sites near here.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Michael Conneely

Festive Greetings, Christmas offers and exciting new developments in 2016

Michael burnsall crop bestI wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever you are doing and however you are spending the time. And as the year draws to a close I’d like to thank you for your interest in my work over the last year, whether you have had a reading from me, enrolled on one of my courses or simply subscribed to my blog or newsletter.  2015 has been  an eventful year for me, revisiting Ireland, writing my latest novel with all the research that has involved, delving ever deeper into astrological knowledge and then finding ways of distilling that down into clear, useful and often life-changing insights for clients and students. Lots of hard work including a steep learning curve of familiarising myself with video conferencing and the like but I feel very excited to have now developed a platform to dynamically interact with students in my new worldwide webinars. So if you have ever been curious about learning more about astrology, now is the perfect time.

I would like to start by sharing with you a kindly-written testimonial sent to me by one of my astrology students:

‘An in-depth Chart reading from Michael which included both Western and Vedic interpretations has been instrumental in putting my life back on track after suffering for many years with a medically undiagnosed Chronic illness.
I’m now studying Michael’s Western Astrology course under his ever giving, kind and supportive tutorage.
This is bringing even more healing realisations which are slowly but surely turning my life around.
The amount of work he puts in on behalf of his clients and students is amazing, as is his depth and breadth of knowledge.
Many Thanks Michael’,

Lytham Saint Anne’s UK

aquarius 3My Astrology Readings: Special Offer Xmas/New year- 10% (15% off if booking for two):
I am proud of what my worldwide astrology readings offer. They link western with Vedic Astrology, they include tarot, you can order magnificent totally personal reports. You have every opportunity afterwards for emailed questions/discussion. They provide such a firm and inspired statement as to your life purpose, your year ahead your work future, healing and empowerment issues, relationships astrology and child astrology. See the following videos about what my readings offer:
how astrology can help you
using astrology to understand relationships
making sense of difficult life transitions
Book the Xmas/New Year special offer now using the PayPal Buttons at the foot of the home page on my readings website:

planets 2My Worldwide Weekly Webinars: run February to November 2016 and are linked to my Western and Vedic Astrology Courses:
I am so excited to be offering my western and Vedic astrology courses, now with weekly webinars, and recorded so you can replay them anytime. Take Advantage of my Early Bird Offer and sign up before 31st December to get 10% off!  Each webinar will demonstrate brilliantly how the astrology teaching relates to your personal chart. You get full course notes and you get the recording of the Webinar afterwards so you can share even if your time zone is tricky in relation to UK time. Always topics come alive when they can be explored through art work or embodiment and it’s not just stale declaration: Healing and empowerment modalities are explored or described.

Sun ArchetypeWatch some short You Tubes previewing the course content of my different course below:

Western astrology Level 1 Course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvGEAj9aPqA  More info and reserve your place at www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com

Vedic Astrology Level 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1FvlnAM5zQ, More info and reserve your place at www.mastervedicastrology.com

Vedic Astrology Level 2: learn about the wonderful Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, the 27 Nakshatras and how they reveal the true wisdom about your chart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXa-mcGcdGQ More info and reserve your place: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com

and also Vedic Astrology Level 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH3w_jl8pik More info and reserve your place: www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com

Blessings, success and happiness for us all in 2016

Newsletter June 2015 from Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

It’s many months since I wrote a Newsletter, and I feel so changed I feel like I’m a different person!
There’s been one change after another – and the end result so far, is that I am getting so much satisfaction out of starting my new novel a week ago (after many months of research). The first draft has just flowed: seven chapters in five mornings, as if channelled. The working title is ‘The Druid Forest School’ and the theme is authentic contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan. I am loving every minute of writing it and am feeling so well doing it.
The action all starts up in a new cave that has opened up in the west of Ireland due to winter-storms land subsidence, where the archaeology of the caves in Ireland reveals they were, for the ancient Irish, places of connection to ….

See my websites: www.inspirationalnovels.org and www.druidforestschool.com.

If you’d like to read my prediction for June 2015 Astrology, please go to: https://starwheel.wordpress.com/2015/06/02/june-2015-astrology-prediction-from-michael-conneely-vedic-and-western-astrology/ , but do read on to the rest of this fascinating June newsletter first!!!

In terms of the predictive periods of Vedic Astrology, I am actually in a period ruled by my ‘soul indicator’, my Atmakaraka planet, which in my case is my Moon. The Atmakaraka period in my life at this time has been thus one of great separations from what must not be part of my spiritual path, and, as I believe, clear embracing of my essence. I feel I am so much more writing from my heart, and working from the heart. And I feel that I have greatly benefited from a wonderful new healing method by my partner Maggie called ‘Access Bars’ which helps remove old programing, empowers you to be yourself.

Astrology Readings: I am still continuing my worldwide astrology readings of course, and they represent an ever more powerful combination of western and Vedic astrology. They take at least two hours these days, and they encompass truly expert methods learned from my courses in astrological psychosynthesis in western astrology and three courses at advanced level in western astrology, as well as twenty years’ reading experience.

I always combine my astrology readings with Tarot, and my favourite packs at the moment where I find I can feel rightly confident in doing readings for people thousands of miles away are the Poppy Palin ‘Wild Spirit’ Tarot, which you can only get off EBay, but I knew was a ‘must’ when I saw some of the card images, and I do find the insight totally spot on. My other favourites continue to be ‘The Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle’ by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, the ‘Tarot of the Sidhe’ by Emily Carding and ‘The Oracle of the Dragonfae’ by Lucy Cavendish.

See my website: www.starwheelastrology.com

Astrology Courses: I have done a lot of work filling out my astrology courses. The guiding theme is that like the Oxford Tutorial system which I myself benefited from as a young undergraduate in the 1960s, they encourage as much excellence as the student wishes to aim for, with vast personal attention by the tutor to the work sent in on each assignment. Gone are the irritating word limits that I found so unnecessarily irritating and confining when I was doing my astrology courses. Gone are the tutor ‘one-liner’ comments. Gone are the ranting to pre-recorded slides. My whole aim is to encourage the student to voice his or her authentic reaction to the astrology method, not just the importation of legalistically-defined rules. I am planning worldwide Webinar series on student-requested themes and I have been preparing masses of course documents for my Advanced Nakshatras Course

(See my websites: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com.)

In my Advanced Vedic Astrology Course, I have been delighting in writing papers about the Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka system which gives such wonderful guidance about the contribution your Soul makes to your incarnation this time, based on the Navamsha chart. And the whole thrust of all my courses are that they must spell out the positives, must spell out ways of transforming the karmically defined challenges and utilising the equally karmically-defined merits and positive essences. I have also loved writing a paper about how to utilise awareness of one’s Badhaka house planet (a weak link house/planet inherent in each of the Lagnas or ‘Ascendants) as well as the principle of Pushkara Planets (weak links that act to our great gain when we purify them), with my paper focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Govenator of California. There is the most astoundingly lively and creative face Book group utilised by some of the course members.
See my website:  www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com

My worldwide Ogham and Runes courses are going very well, and I have just started Face Book Groups for each, which I hope will promote vibrant lively shared learning and support.
See my websites: www.oghampathways.com and www.rune-path.com

Shamanic Healer Course: I am so honoured to read the standard of the work of the students in my worldwide Shamanic Healer Course. I myself am feeling rather sore at what I experienced as ego-filled teaching and power-stealing from many teaching in the shamanic area, so I do feel so glad to be offering a course which I sincerely believe promotes authenticity to the student’s vision, avoids repetitious form rather than essence, and most importantly offers a high level of awareness of ethical shamanic healer techniques.

See my websites: www.shamanic-healer.net and www.munaykiempowerment.com. I got an awful lot out of Munay Ki, and feel it is a gateway to the well-being and authenticity I now feel, but I would add that I feel the full flowering of its chakra energy raising took for me also going on to Dhyana or focus meditation, what can be called Kundalini meditation: focus on the third eye to raise kundalini and thus promote healing crises as the residues of negative past experiences are cleared as the kundalini rises up through them. However, an important finding I also came to was that I feel there is a need to avoid what I feel is the trap of some Eastern perspectives which negate the value of the phenomena of this world. The experience I have come to is that it is important to see that we are here this time to work with certain definable talents and work with certain negative scripts, and so this world has great value – if/when one brings more enlightened awareness to its phenomena.

Psychodynamic Western Astrology: Last but not least, I have loved teaching the western astrology course, where I have benefited so much from the deep and thoughtful sharing of Yvonne Lawton who is working her way through the psychodynamic interpretation of the astrology chart and posting for the benefit of astrology course members in the Face book group. This involves the psychodynamic study of hemispheres and quadrants of the birth chart, planets, signs and houses, astrological sub-personalities and psychosynthesis, the vastly important topic of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ (are you the product of your Nature or your nurture, and extrapolation from the birth chart of the Alice Bailey Rays each person particularly comes to work with this time. There are two very worthwhile predictive systems, one to do with the unfoldement of one’s individuation which his getting to identify, know, work with and transform all the parts of what might be called one’s ‘egoic psychology’. The other is based on the Nodes of the Moon and involves pointers to the ‘whispers of one’s soul to one from the astral’ at any point in one’s life, which oddly, so often says the same thing as some major part of one’s vedic predictive astrology, although the guidance being come to by a totally different method and route.

In addition to ‘Access Bars’ I mentioned above, my partner Maggie continues to do her many worldwide healings such as Body Code, Emotion Code and Heart Wall clearing as well as Munay Ki initiations, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Metamorphic Technique, healing massage and even more!

See her websites: www.bodycodehealing.co.uk, www.changeforlife.co.uk ,
www.metamorphicwings.com and www.munaykiempowerment.com. She is truly a one-woman healing center!

Contact Michael:

Contact me for a detailed Astrology Reading or to enrol on one of my courses.
Email: michaelconneely@gmail.com or phone 07799296821.

Starwheel April News – Eclipses and more…

Michael web photo 3The leaves are coming out on the trees at last here. Hopeful new beginnings for us all. Sometimes these can mean letting go and eclipses are always undammings of energy. I myself am excited to have just brought out my third novel on Amazon Kindle and feel there is lots of new growth happening in my work, such as my distance courses and the Munay-Ki initiations as well as Silsden Spiritual Pathways , including the Silsden Astrology Group.

In this newsletter:
The Eclipses of 2013
Big Saturn Transits
Munay-Ki Initiations
Distance Courses in Astrology, Runes and Ogham
Silsden Spiritual Pathways
My New Novel is out on Amazon Kindle

The Eclipses of 2013: We are coming up to the first Eclipse: on Thursday 25th April 2013, we experience the first of the five eclipses of this year. It’s a Lunar Eclipse: Sun opposition Moon. The Sun is at 5 Taurus in western Astrology (that’s11 Aries in Vedic Astrology). The Moon is at 5 western Scorpio (that’s 11 Libra in Vedic Astrology).

There’s a huge pile-up of planetary energies: The eclipse Sun is conjoined by Mars, Venus and the South Node of the Moon (Ketu); the eclipse Moon is conjoined by Saturn, North Node (Rahu) and the Ascendant of the eclipse chart.

Typically, because the eclipse is caused by a shadow passing across the Sun or the Moon, it is taken as an indication of negative events, suggesting problems for particular countries, leaders, or some aspect of world politics. Eclipses definitely create tsunamis and earthquakes

On the other hand, eclipses can also be used for predicting what will happen to individuals. Firstly, the astrological House in which the eclipse takes place will usually become sensitized for up to 6 months. Secondly, if the eclipse falls near the same degree as a planet in the person’s natal chart, then it affects that planet and everything it symbolizes in the chart. If the eclipse falls on the persons natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or ruler of the Ascendant, then it will have a powerful effect. Many people ‘feel’ or sense the difficult eclipse energies coming about five days before-hand. The effects of lunar eclipses are felt much sooner than those of solar eclipses.

But before we talk any further about this first eclipse, here is the eclipse summary for the year 2013:
Lunar Eclipse 25.4.13   at 19.57hrs  at 11.6 Libra (western 5 Scorpio) (Sun opp Moon)
Solar Eclipse   10.5.13   at 00.28 hrs at 24 Aries     (western 19 Taurus) (Sun conj Moon)
Lunar Eclipse 25.5.13   at 04.25 hrs at 9 Scorpio   (Western 3 Sag) (Sun opposite Moon)
Lunar eclipse  18.10.13 at 23.37 hrs at 1 Aries       (Western 25 Aries )   (Sun opposite Moon)
Solar Eclipse     3.11.13 at 12.50 hrs at 17 Libra     (Western 11 Scorpio) (Sun conjunct Moon)
Lunar Eclipse 17.11.13 at 15.15 hrs at 1 Taurus     (Western 25 Taurus) (Sun opposite Moon)

Eclipses are influential. They undam dammed up energies. On the worldly level they are associated with tsunamis and earthquakes. On our personal level, they can trigger great change. This will be either immediate or after a delay when some later transit will trigger the discharge of huge stagnant energy created by the eclipse.

How you, personally, will experience this undamming of energy depends on where you are at spiritually and in terms of your perception and understanding. If you have an eclipse on your first house moon, this could well make you even more ‘me-first’.  If the eclipse falls on your Jupiter, you could be in for a big period of expansion – but be careful to stay grounded and not over-expand in one area to the detriment of other areas of your life. The effects of some eclipses may be delayed until a later transit over the spot (e.g. by Mars or Sun) triggers the consequences. Generally speaking, if your natal planet is at the Rahu (North Node) end of the eclipse, then the effects will be more malefic than if you are affected by the Ketu (South Node of the eclipse). See more about the Eclipses in my Blog: posted yesterday on this site.

The Big Saturn Transits: So many people who contact me for readings from across the globe all seem to be experiencing big Saturn Transits at the present, so I feel this is because I have important things to be able to say to them.  The first is when Saturn is transiting across the Moon in your birth chart: The second is when Saturn is transiting through the 12th House in your birth chart: The third is when Saturn is transiting across the Sun in your birth chart:

When Saturn is transiting across the Moon in your birth chart: This is known as Sade Sate in Vedic Astrology. It is a predictive period that occurs once every twenty eight years. It always lasts some seven-and-a-half years’. Sade Sathi is always a period of some seven-and-a-half years’ separations, confusion, blocks and problems. It is like going down into a pit and then coming up out of it over a period of seven and a half years. Saturn is transiting through Vedic sign of Libra from August 2012 to November 2014. So if the Moon is in the Vedic Sign of Libra in your birth chart, you are at the bottom of the pit now: the turning point. If your Moon is in the Vedic sign of Scorpio in your birth chart, you are going down into the pit now. If your Moon is in the Vedic sign of Virgo in your birth chart, you are coming up out of the pit now.

Astrologically it is defined as follows: Read more about the three great Saturn Transits on my Blog: http://wp.me/p179Ad-db

Munay Ki Initiations: We are really pleased to invite you to receive Initiation into the Nine Rites of Munay Ki.
These energetic transmissions bring in great healing and clarity, as well as offering very practical tools to help you in the challenges of everyday life, enabling you to move beyond limiting scripts.

The three different options are:
Five Tuesdays evenings starting May 14th, 7.30 to 9.30pm,
Or long weekend: Saturday June 29th and Monday July 1st (This is especially designed to suit people coming for initiation long-distance or from abroad. Rather than have a full weekend which we felt would be too intensive, you have the Sunday free and then return for the second day on the Monday).
Or Two Saturdays: Saturday June 29th and Saturday July 6th

The archetypes of Munay-Ki that are placed in your energy body are what is needed to shed destructive old patterns and arise in light and power. Here are three of them as an example:
Serpent who sheds his skin, Jaguar who defends your medicine space, Humming Bird who can undertake great journeys and drink deeply from the nectar of life, Eagle with whom you can see the great picture and fly wing to wing with Great Spirit. For all the lineages and energies, see our web site: www.munaykiempowerment.com for details and booking. We do look forward to seeing you, Maggie and Michael. See my YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJaFkfr2CeQ

Certificated Distance Learning Courses in western and Vedic Astrology, The Ogham, The Runes and Shamanic Healing
I’ve been passionate about astrology for a couple of decades and have offered my successful distance courses for a number of years. I’m now pleased to add my new distance courses in the Runes, Ogham and Shamanic Healing. I’ve run groups on the runes many times and more recently groups on the Ogham Tree Alphabet. I have been amazed at the feedback I had from participants in these groups and the huge personal growth that occurred for people over the course of studying the Runes, one Rune at a time, week by week or the Ogham Tree Alphabet, one tree at a time, week by week. So as not everybody can make it to West Yorkshire, we have created these distance courses and are delighted to be seeing the same transformational growth in people doing these courses too. So do please take a look and see if it’s something that speaks to you – there is so much learning that happens and you do embark on a real journey of discovery.
. :
Western astrology course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfGIplFPT6w
Vedic astrology course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPi1cFPl5xU
Course on the Runes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbmtAHpk9e4
Course on the Ogham: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJad8-5dzY8
Course on Shamanic Healing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMiN-PHZ2lw

Silsden Spiritual Pathways: Here’s our local program:
1st Wednesday, Shamanic evening with tarot and drumming, alternating the following month with shamanic practice. 7.30 pm. Cost: £3. Dates: 1 May, 5 June
2nd Wednesday: Silsden Astrology Group. Cost: £5 – see separate FB Page. Dates: 10th April, 8th May, 12th June
3rd Wednesday: Silsden Druid Group, 7.30pm. Dates: 17th April, 15th May, 19th June
4th Wednesday: Munay-Ki Empowerment Group – support group for Munay-Ki Initiates only. Dates: 24th April, 22nd May, 26th June
In addition to these Wednesday Events there are also the following:
Druid Group outdoor events: third Saturday of the month from May 18th – contact for more details. Events are at a beautiful cave by a waterfall near Malham.
Men’s/Women’s Group: Last Monday of the month at 7.30pm
Come to the spectacularly beautiful first event working on the land on Saturday 18thMay at 2pm. The Men’s Group and the Women’s Groups start from this.

My new book, Munay Ki Vision Holder, is now out on Amazon Kindle  and here’s the summary 
Vision Holder Munay Ki 
Part 1 in the series Munay Ki Hero’s Journey

When the Terrorist War destroyed the West, the Tribe survived high and remote in its distant valley, living in peace and harmony with the earth, following the Vision of its Founders and principles of Respect and Sharing. But the Tribe did not know that, financed from the distant Union, a new Empire had arisen in the ruins of Europe, where the rich and powerful live through exploiting and enslaving others. And when the Empire at last finds the Tribe, there is bloodshed. Some in the Tribe decide they must prepare for war. Others plan to preserve the Founders’ vision by teaching its values to the whole world. Patrick retreats to a place of healing. Sickened by the violence, he feels that the Tribe’s vision is not enough to preserve it.  But Destiny brings Ciara a beautiful slave from the land of Erin. She has received from ancient places the energies of Munay Ki, lineages and visions of great healing and power. They alone can bring in the New Order that is now so desperately needed.

And in case you didn’t know, you don’t need to have a Kindle to read a Kindle book as you can read it books on your laptop or computer. You can ask for a sample and receive the first chapter for free so please click here to check it out
And then there are my two earlier Kindle Novels:

Rune Magic
Sacred Earth

Contact Michael Conneely through his website http://www.earthstarweb.com or email michaelconneely@gmail.com or phone 07799296821.

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