Battle of Moytura – The Labby Stone

Battle of Moytura – The Labby Stone

Battle of Moytura – The Labby Stone – Earth Energy

Please bear with the occasional wind noise during the group’s working in late January, at the battlefield of the Second Battle of Moytura. The earth energies and the vision of the ancient Irish Gods makes the whole event so powerful, beautiful and special.

On the way up to the site of the battle on the mountain top overlooking Loch Arrow, we passed the Labby Stone.

This is a mighty East-facing portal tomb of the Palaeolithic people who found this area so sacred, as did the Tuatha de Danaan who came after them, as now does humanity again. See the detail of my wonderful Druid Forest School courses:

At the Iron Age Irish Second Battle of Moytura, the People of Skill, the people of the Goddess Danu, overthrew the Forces of Darkness.

This January, the group of us climbed to the exalted mountain top where the second Moytura battle was fought, high above Loch Arrow.

The earth energies are stupendous. The rocks austere and black. You look across the loch to the late stone age tombs of Carrowkeel. You look the other way to the sacred earth energies of Carrowmoor, Knocknarea, Ben Bulben and the Atlantic Ocean. See:

Such powerful and healing earth energies are in the rocks of the sacred places round here.

The site of the Battle is only 35 miles from the Healing Centre and airbnb that Maggie Pashley and I run in Foxford in beautiful County Mayo in the stupendously beautiful far West of Ireland, where we offer holidays, holidays with healings, retreats and Sacred Ireland Tours.
See the main video about the battlefield:

I look forward to working with you
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Maggie and Michael


Shamanic Healer Course : Learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings

Shamanic Healer Course : Learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Shamanic Healer Course : Learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings

Would you like to learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings – on yourself and for others

If you would then please enrol on my worldwide Shamanic Healer course.

Has someone ‘put a hook in you?’ Do you need Spiritual Intrusion Healing? Do you wish to learn to heal others whose life is blighted in this way?

Learn how to heal Spiritual Intrusions – as well as a number of other shamanic healer modalities.

Spiritual Intrusions Healing mends a situation where someone has put an energetic hook into another.

It empowers the targeted person to deal with a situation where someone has put a syphon tube into their energy field sucking away their true energy.

It heals an individual who has been corded: where another person has roped them into their power, just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet.

Some people live for decades as the puppet of one of their parents, or as the diminished slave of another person. But you can learn to heal them!

My shamanic healer website is:

Here’s a brief video about my shamanic healings and courses:

To give an idea of the healings we develop, here are extracts of accounts of parts of six different shamanic spiritual intrusion healings – all given by my very able and very differently-skilled worldwide students:

  1. good fortune 3‘I took the client through his account of his problem: this was endlessly dwelling on the unfair diminishment inflicted on him by his mother. I energetically scanned his body and found the hook. I cut the tie and removed the hook. I encouraged him to talk to the 9yr old and 14yr old versions of himself who then popped up wanting to be heard. He ended by raising both arms and cheering at his victory, like a cheer-leader. I reminded him that whenever his mind started obsessing again he could envision certain wonderful empowering pictures we identified together.’
  2. ‘I encouraged the client to see The Morrigan, the battle goddess of the ancient Irish kneeling beside him as he lay on the couch for his healing journey. We built up connection to The Morrigan so that the client could see and receive Her energy, her viewpoint – and so that he could call Her in on future occasions when his mind started running over the damage done to him.’
  3. ‘One client was shown a thick spiked cord implanted in her by her father. I cut the cord. Mentally she ‘showered herself’ of the film of contamination that she realised was on her. I took her back to a happy scene of herself as a little girl with her dog.’
  4. ‘Another client was energetically perceived to have her head enclosed in a black hood from her former husband: a black hood reaching down to her neck – like a bird of prey that can’t see. A cord of saboteur energy from him to her was identified. The cord was cut the hood removed. She experienced liberty as I took it off.’
  5. ‘At the beginning I diagnosed where there were blocks in the client’s body. The power animal the spirit animal elk came to assist me in this journey. The client felt as if the lower half of his body was pressed down as if a huge heavy stone was put on him and he felt pain in both legs beneath his knees. He could not easily move forward in life. He described visions: two small children sitting with backs towards him, dressed in dark clothes. We worked with and healed how he had been blocked by the situation of the unfortunate death of his father when he was young and having to care for two even younger siblings.’
  6. ‘I took the client on a healing journey to cut the cords with her (sometimes) controlling/manipulative mother. We worked with the problem that had been created for her: Inability to speak the truth/to express her opinion openly without being criticized or misunderstood. I cut the energetic cords from mother with scissors. I healed her 3rd chakra energy centre to be more confident, stronger, to be able to withstand energetic attack of other people who want to dominate her or oppress her opinions or actions. I covered the throat chakra with blue light to empower her ability to speak the truth –crystals (blue, turquoise) were given to visualise to energetically cure the throat chakra. I gave a recommendation for her to wear them.There are actually seven different shamanic healer modalities taught on my course. Have a look at the details and enrol:

I do look forward to working with you,

Michael Conneely

You Can Buy The Shamanic Healer Course Via Shopify Button below using a secure payment method through PayPal:

The Mists of Manannan God of the Sea of the Ancient Irish

The Mists of Manannan God of the Sea of the Ancient Irish

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

This is a very brief snippet of the fourth of the meditations to meet Manannan, God of the Sea of the Tuatha de Danaan and the Ancient Irish.

You can enroll on my Druid Forest School Course to meet him.

Manannan is a great God with much to teach us. Join our Druid Forest School and learn how to make visionary contact with him, as well as the other great goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish:…

manannan-2In the first module you learn about the ways Manannan was anciently understood and you receive presentation and journeying audios to build your relationship with him.

In the fourth module, we yet again connect with Manannan on the shore of the North Atlantic Ocean in the far West of Ireland. The mists of concealment are a great theme in the ancient material that has come down to us on Manannan, though sadly he was parodied and trivialised in the monkish manuscripts: writers who did not realise the greatness of their material.

We build to learning about Manannan as Psychopomp. Cashel Manannan leads to the Cave of The Morrigan: The cave of Cruachan – Oweynagat at Rathcroghan which is near the Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo where I live and work.

You can learn about the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish by enrolling for the worldwide distance learning courses on my Druid Forest School website.

As well as my worldwide courses, there are in-person face to face sessions and events on the sacred land either in our dedicated Healing Centre in Foxford county Mayo, and on nearby sacred places on the earth of the far West of Ireland such as Croagh Patrick Mountain (as it is called now!), Loch na Corra, Carrowmore with its sacred alignment, Knocknarea, Cailleach a Bherra’s House, the River Unius: place of the annual union of The Dagda and The Morrigan at Samhain, as well as Carrowkeel. And there’s my Novel: Druid (available on Amazon) and my forthcoming novel: The Morrigan and The Dagda.

Please get in touch. I look forward to working with you,

Michael Conneely

Learn Soul Retrieval : Shamanic Healer Worldwide Course

Learn Soul Retrieval : Shamanic Healer Worldwide Course

Learn Soul Retrieval : Shamanic Healer Worldwide Course

Enroll on my worldwide Shamanic Healer Course:

Soul Retrieval is the 3rd Module of my Level 1 Course.
Here is a brief video about the course:

Please See details of My Earth Spirituality Courses listed here:

shaman-journeySoul Retrieval is where we do the crucial work of contacting some part of ourself that got split off earlier in our life.

This can be because we experienced something happening to us which was shameful or deeply wounding or quite simply because the shining part of ourself was not allowed by our family. We journey to meet the split off part. We befriend the split off part and we re-integrate the split off part into the fullness of our self.

If you have a split off part of yourself and do nothing about it, you cannot be the true you, you will be living an act or a lie, you won’t be able to seize your rightful power. Worse than this, the suffering split off part which is invisible to us, which we pretend is not there, will be directing what happens in our life in an angry or vengeful or destructive or weakening way. It cries out to be heard and be seen, but it needs our help if it is ever to succeed in doing this in a dignified, noble or wholesome way!

I always find soul retrieval sessions so healing and empowering. You are sent two audios: a presentation telling you what Soul Retrieval is about, and then a journey audio so that you can do the beautiful and healing work of your own soul retrieval.

Importantly: In this course you can cross-link into Inner Child and Family Constellation work.

This work can be taken further in my Level 2 Course which includes Soul Retrieval working with Fort Holders, and also included practitioner work where you heal someone else in consultation and support with myself.

To enroll on my shamanic healer course, go to my website:

The other course modules include (in two levels):

Learning within the Course is both by Healing yourself and also by healing another person in consultation with myself. I teach with reference to your natal and predictive astrology in both western astrology and Vedic astrology.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,

Michael Conneely

Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval : Learn Shamanic Healing

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Power Animal Retrieval : Learn Shamanic Healing

Last night my partner Maggie Pashley and I did a journey to shamanic drumming. Our aim was to meet a Power Animal.

As she started the drumming, Maggie briefly saw at first a stag with horns and then a mountain goat with horns and then many horned animals. But then she saw the horse; a chestnut horse, and then fairly quickly he got her on his back.

Foxford 1‘We rode really, really fast like the wind,’ Maggie reported. ‘At times it was exhilarating, almost scary. And then at other times it was stately and very slow. We went up one of the mountains like the Nephin Mountains next to Foxford in Co Mayo in the West of Ireland where we have just come from England to live. Most of our work is worldwide readings healings and courses using the internet, but we look forward greatly to new dimension of our work in Ireland. There’s a photo of the beautiful nearby landscape in this post.

And then we met a snake crawling up the mountain too, and the horse explained there are a lot of people who were frightened of snakes but actually snakes hold great mystery – and people had been taught to be frightened of the mystery, to be frightened of that more mystical place.

The horse told me that he was there so I could know that there was support, that I didn’t have to do everything alone and that he could take me to places that I couldn’t go to on my own; and he told me that he had lots of sensitivity as well as being strong and powerful – and that it was very much a partnership because when we had finished riding and he had taken me to all these places, I would have to look after him: I would have to feed him, groom him, make sure he was honoured and cared for.

We met some birds and the birds were singing and there were lots of animal voices and the horse told me that each animal made up the Web of Life. There was no animal that was more important than any other, how it was very important to talk to everything, and how people had become essentially frightened of life.

Many people are frightened of horses and feared they might fall off and needed to wear a helmet but most such accidents were when there was not a good connection between horse and rider or the rider was overriding their own feelings. But first nation people rode bareback or people were bringing their own issues to the ride.

We met other animals and places and I had the feeling that I was able to cover a lot more ground than I would have been able to do just walking on my own. That it was very exciting to have this partnership and also to have this dialogue.’

Maggie’s website is:

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

If you would like to learn shamanic journeying and to become a shamanic healer, you can subscribe to my worldwide course at the foot of my Michael Conneely shamanic healer website page: .

For each module you receive audios to journey to. You send reports of your journeys to me and we share on the issues in these. I also look at your western and Vedic astrology: both for your birth and predictively, and this can give such powerful guidance and insight to further empower the journey work.

I also offer wonderful astrology readings worldwide that are exceptional in that they combine both western astrology which is very psychodynamic with Vedic Astrology that powerfully depicts our incarnational life purpose and its unfoldment and how to work with that. See

I offer several astrology courses for example and

I teach the Ogham and visionary contact with the gods and goddesses of the ancient Irish: see  and don’t forget the wisdom and power of the runes:

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,

Michael Conneely

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