Sacred Space and Ritual Form

We are coming up to the Festival of Imbolc, and I have been sending out suggestions about preparing for the Festival as part of my worldwide Druid Forest School. And so the issue of ‘how do you create sacred space?’ arose in my mind.

I myself feel happiest with genuine and authentic attunement to the place where workings are to be held. I feel this is a beautiful and healing way to prepare to celebrate a festival of do a vision journey etc.

What are the energies of the rocks?

What are the energies in the trees?

What are the energies in individual trees?

What are the alignments to the Sun to sacred energy places in the neighbourhood?

What are the energies from sea or river?

What are the energy flows in that particular place?

Have beings implanted special spiritual energies there to assist our evolution and spiritual growth? (and indeed, have dark or hostile energies been left in the land)?

And, having done the attunement to place, then I would feel happy to do the great healing and empowering workings and unforgettable vision paths of the particular Festival or other event.

I personally feel I have left behind use of the cast circle to create sacred space for ritual. This is because I do feel it is dualistic, and it is imposed on the sacred land itself. I feel it carries dualisitc energies of ‘good inside’ the circle and ‘bad outside the circle’, and so this carries all the risks of scapegoating, of dualistic conscious, of ‘banishment mentality’ and even power-stealing. The practice of the casting of the circle actually came down to the neopagan working in the modern west through kabala – and kabala drew on the sacred spatial practice of the ancient Jews at the time of Exodus.

The point is that the ancient Jews were wandering in the wilderness. They were disconnected from the land. And so, the sacredness was wherever they parked the Ark of the Covenant on any particular day in their banishment wandering of Exodus; it had nothing to do with the inherent sacred energies of the place.

Indeed, the Exodus Jews left a legacy of graded sense of sacredness. The holiest was inside the Holy of Holies, where the ark of the Covenant was lodged for the day. This was so holy an area that only the High Priest could enter. And indeed, in the case of the Temple in Jerusalem, the High Priest alone could enter the Holy of Holies, and he only on one day per year.

But I feel instead, it is important not to impose a sense of sacred space onto the land: it is more beautiful, healing and empowering to open yourself to the sacredness of the land where the ritual is taking place.

My background in writing this, is that I completed a five year field study based at Bristol University: a social anthropology or ‘ethnography’ of spiritual forms new to the modern west. The method of Ethnography was created by Bronislaw Malinowski during the First World War, and its method involves living in in the communities or institutions one studies, and – most importantly – giving the people studied their own voice.

So, relevant to the issue of sacred spatial practice, whilst completing this five-year ethnography, I studied in Glastonbury a Wiccan Coven, a Druid grove within the Fellowship of Isis, as well as a shamanic group, several Buddhist centers of different types and a Hindu Ashram, plus a Utopian Community: a Bender Site (tread lightly on the Earth). And it was here that I did this study of sacred spatial practice. And now that I live and work in Ireland, I am glad to share the understanding I came to through my Druid Forest School worldwide courses.

So, do have a look at the courses of the Druid Forest School and enroll: There are wonderful worldwide course for the festivals, for the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish, spiritual energy practices, you name it.

These are very caring courses. When you have completed a piece of work, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we hold discussion.
Maggie and I also run a Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with linked airbnb, so you can come to this sacred land in person as well. See:

The Festivals Course is divided into two modules: the first is The Fire Festivals and the second is Solstices and Equinoxes.
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Meet the Dagda : Visionary druid course

Enrol on my Druid Forest School worldwide Course and Meet The Dagda – the Good God of the Tuatha de Danaan and the ancient Irish

The Dagda (also called The Dagdha) is such a source of power, love and beauty to have in your consciousness, in your life. He is the supreme Good God of the ancient Irish.

His energy is so generous; he has a cauldron of plenty. Can you approach this great being and tell him you deserve plenty? But he is also a warrior and he has a great club: one end of which give life, the other end gives death. And he is a being of great harmony: the playing of his harp controls the unfoldment of the seasons all in correct time and date.

The Dagda is one of the great gods of the ancient Irish, the Sidhe. You can study the epics and hear how these great beings incarnated. They are Gods who formed the world: they formed it with a mission to pursue.  They are Gods who imbued certain exalted spiritual healing places with their especial sacredness so as to evolve the world to higher consciousness and special skill and beauty.

And in their human form, as the epics record, they were Gods of special skill and beauty, the Gods of the Tuatha de Danaan. So, when the Milesians invaded Ireland, the manuscripts tell how the Tuatha retreated to the mounds and barrows, refusing to sully themselves any longer where they could not be appreciated. And now they wait until the time is right for their return. the human world did not appreciate their great energy nor their special skills.

But at the time of the Celtic revival a hundred years ago, their divine beauty and qualities were seen once again, and now is the time to bring these great beings more fully into human appreciation.

Learn the true greatness of The Dagda. Learn the true meaning, also, of his relationship with the great Goddess of the ancient Irish: The Morrigan, their ethical War Goddess, the Defender of your Sovereignty. Learn also the deep magic and power: What is the meaning of the yearly mating of The Dagda and The Morrigan that the epics record occurs every Samhain astride the River Unshin whose mouth adjoins the Samhain aligned site of Carrowkeel in the far west of Ireland?

You can follow this wonderful course worldwide on line, or you can come to our Healing Centre and its airbnb  as well, as part of your study.

See the website:

The course is extensive. The spiritual practices are clear but powerful. The tutor support is always totally caring. Enroll on my worldwide distance learning course. Meet The Dagda. Imagine what power, healing and beauty it will bring to you to stand before the Dagda, to meet him, to receive his energy and gift!

When enrolling, please email me your email address for correspondence, as well as your astrological natal data: date, time and place of birth – as a very special bonus I include commentary from your western and your Vedic astrology.

I look forward to working with you


Our Mind, the Nine Elements and The Well of Wisdom

Our Mind, the Nine Elements and The Well of Wisdom

Druid Forest School - Circle

I’d like to share the valuable and perceptive work of a druid student of mine who was working with the nine elements of the ancient Irish Druid, and I’ll paraphrase her report on her valuable vision work: She was working with the mind, and the sense of cosmic man, how we are a microcosm, how we connect to everything: whatever you do to part of the web you do to all of the web. And this is what came through vision-journeying about the well or mind for the 6th element of the duile: the mind; The well: ‘there was a strong feeling of going into a well or the mind. I started to experience some interesting events. One of them was me walking along a path and there were signs along it. Each sign had a word, and I had felt that the words linked to phrases. Each phrase was connected to a subject, so I had felt like the well is about the well of knowledge. The mind can expand as well as recall memories about one’s life.
I feel that the journey was about searching within my mind for answers. I feel that the well is about a need to connect to understanding oneself on many levels. The web of life, is a phrase that had come to mind as I did my journey. There was also a sense of the feeling of expansion not only spiritually but also mentally. Learning and evolving as a person is what I am doing, for me, it’s a path that I am on. I feel that I am always learning. I then returned back to my center.’She likened the mind of each one of us to the Well of wisdom. Yes, we all have our own Well of Wisdom, and it connects to the great Well of Wisdom,
This journey gets to the heart of this course, clearly experiencing how we are made up of elements and that we are each the cosmic man connected to the Universe.
Of course this is the way intuitive people tap into knowledge they couldn’t possibly have otherwise, like in Tarot and Divination and Kinesiology which my partner Maggie uses so successfully in her worldwide healings.

In the ancient spiritual path of the Irish Druids, which draws on even more ancient Stone Age spiritual knowledge and sense of sacredness of place, there’s the Well of Segais (also called Connla’s Well and the Well of Nechtan). It has nine sacred hazels of wisdom surrounding it, blooming and fruiting in the same hour. Knowledge and poetic inspiration is received by eating the hazelnuts that fall into the well, through drinking the well water when the hazelnuts fall in, or through eating the salmon. The well was accordingly the great destination of poets and philosophers.
But the most ancient myth has it that the goddess Boann, Goddess of the river Boyne by which New Grange anciently stands, approached the well in the wrong way because she did not understand the truth of what she was seeking and handling – like so many spiritual teachers. The legend expresses this with the image that she circled it three times anti-clockwise rather than sunwise, causing the waters to rise up and rush to the sea, becoming the River Boyne. Because her consciousness and actions challenged the power of the truth of the well, this caused the waters to surge up violently and rush down to the sea, creating the Boyne. In this catastrophe, she was swept along in the rushing waters, and she lost an arm, leg and eye, and ultimately her life, in the flood.

The four sacred weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

The Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann 
Special discount sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

Go on a sacred journey, a very special session to learn the deep power, ethics and truth of the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann:

The Sword, The Spear, The Stone, The Cauldron, these are the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann:

Each of these weapons embodies a very needed principle in our lives. This is a journey of great healing and empowerment, a journey of vision and sacredness.

Find out more about the Tuatha Dé Danann and read more of this post


Druid Retreats, Courses and Holidays in the West of Ireland

Druid Retreats, Courses and Holidays in the West of Ireland

Foxford AccomodationHave a Druid Retreat in our Healing Centre in the far west of Ireland. You can study our Druid Forest School course as a worldwide online course, or you can come to our holiday retreat centre facing the western sea of Ireland surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, beaches, lakes, woods and the oldest sacred sites of the ancient Irish.

You book your stay through our Irish accommodation website . You spend your days in beautiful County Mayo landscape, towns and sacred sites, sampling the local music art and culture – and you book a number of Druid course sessions that you can have as a part of your day.

We can accommodate the single spiritual seeker or a group of up to either persons. Our two two-bed air bnb units can accommodate up to four persons, and we can link you to overflow accommodation in the village.

Meet the Gods of the ancient Irish

Meet the Gods of the ancient Irish – discount retreat sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Develop Vision Contact with the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish:

Develop true relationship and true vision contact with the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish, for example:

The Morrigan, The Dagda, Llugh, Brighid and Manannan.

This is a very special offering to guests at our Foxford Healing Centre with its linked airbnb: A session at a specially discounted retreat rate from our Worldwide distance learning Foundation Course to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, offered by The Druid Forest School.

You are given information about each God or Goddess whom you seek to approach. You learn to develop clear appearance of that God or Goddess. You develop a relationship with him or her and thus embark on a journey of healing and empowerment and vastly develop your insight into yourself and your life.
These are great and wonderful beings.

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