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And also see our latest news below and new writing, teaching and healing options out now.
Astrology Courses: Peerless individually-taught expert Astrology Courses: A special feature of my
work is that in my astrology courses worldwide, I combine both Western Astrology (which is
psychodynamic in its focus) and Vedic Astrology (which is founded on a peerless offering of its
statement of your incarnational life purpose and destiny, your karmas and the special spark you
incarnated to achieve in this lifetime.
I always find myself combining both western and Vedic Astrology in my course teaching and
readings, because you need the vast declaration offered by Vedic Astrology, but you also need the
psychological dimensions of western astrology.
Even western Evolutionary Astrology which describes the effect of your past lives in this lifetime
does so in psychological terms.
And you absolutely must include in your astrological awareness the energetic impacts in your life of
the Outer Planets: The Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – and crucially, of Chiron the
Wounded Healer: depiction of your existential wound in the healing of which you become the Healer
of others.
So, take advantage of this Black Friday Discount (BFCM17) running until Christmas Eve 2017 at midnight, to enroll on my Vedic
Astrology Foundation Course:  More details at this site,
My Vedic Astrology Nakshatras Course where you gain deep study of the wonderful 27-sign Vedic
Lunar Zodiac in your life:,
Or my various advanced Vedic Astrology courses detailed in:
Please note that the very special and unusual features of my astrology courses are that they are
genuine and authentic because the focus of the teaching is always two charts: yours and mine;
there’s always Vedic Astrology-Western Astrology crossover if you wish for that. And, crucially, the
great astrological perception that is generated is never left at the formulaic: No! It is ALWAYS linked
to Healing and Empowerment possibilities.
And I also teach a Western Psychodynamic Astrology Course at


I offer three grades of magnificent Astrology Readings: 1hr, 90 mins or 2 hrs, with or without my famed extensive and
erudite immensely perceptive reports. You can enroll for one of these, now inclusive of Black Friday
discount until Christmas, at more details on this site regarding Astrology Readings:
And, again: in my readings note that Western and Vedic Astrology are always combined. And there’s
deep intuitive directions added from my use of Tarot.

SHAMANIC HEALING: Heal Yourself and Heal Others: also coming within the Black Friday offer, is
my wonderful and very long-standing course on how to be a Shamanic Healer.
You are sent audios to journey to in the various Shamanic Healer modalities, and in undergoing this
Self-Healing you are then equipped to become the Healer of others. The Course is Certificated and
includes: Shamanic journeying, soul retrieval and Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling,
whether from this life or ancestral, and more:
RUNES COURSE. and an OGHAM COURSE: For over twenty-three years now I have specialised in the
worldwide teaching of ancient alphabets: visionary teachings which are linked to spiritual
perception, healing and empowerment, and these, also, are offered within the Black Friday

And last but not least, living here in our Healing Centre on the Atlantic
Coast of County Sligo in the far west of Ireland, I teach the spiritual path of the ancient Irish Druids. I
teach how to make vision contact of personal healing and empowerment with the wonderful Gods
and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, such as The Morrigan, their War Goddess; The Dagda, the
generous ‘good God’; Llugh the God of the special talent, Manannan the oceanic shape-shifting God
of the Sea, and many more.


There’s a new course taught by me, Michael Conneely, that my wonderful Web Master has
not yet had the time to add to my website yet. But you can get details from me now and enroll
within the Black Friday offers. This new course is:

The Varga Charts of Vedic Astrology: the wonderful powerful sixteen Divisional Charts, each of which
makes sure and accurate declaration about some special area of your life, for example D7 chart your
children and creativity areas, D10 Chart your Career and standing in the world issues and the D12
chart: your parental and ancestral issues.


Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely and Worldwide Runes Course

Michael Conneely’s novel Rune Magic is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle. It tells the story of two young people taken up by Odin as Ragnarok approaches, because the High One has a plan to ave the Aesir Gdos and the Nine Worlds where they are somehow key.

Michael also teaches a worldwide Runes Course where you can study each rune in turn, learn the special wisdom and power each rune expresses about an area of life, and heal and empower yourself with the magic of the runes, runes chant, rune stance and meeting the Norse Gods and Goddesses.

In this video, Michael Conneely reads and extract from the novel. Here, the young hero, Declan, does the ritual to mount Yggdrassil and seize the magic of the runes:

And you can find out all about the Runes Course and enroll at:


Declan refused to eat when he finally awoke. He stood there, shockingly, before them. He looked so harrowed. He seemed almost destroyed by the third Norn’s prophecy: that his life was short.
‘Smear my body in white clay,’ Declan told them grimly in a voice that was almost beyond despair. ‘The clay from the pool is the paste the Nornir use to heal the Tree. It will heal me as I prepare for my part in the coming End of Time. Smear me with white clay to token coming death.’ His voice was sounding ever further from them in his coming trance.
The other three went repeatedly to the waterside, back and forth, until every inch of Declan’s body was covered with think swirls of limey clay which set a corpse-white sheet, rigid on his skin.
‘I know what he wants,’ Frithgeir said, ‘it has come into my mind.’ Frithgeir opened the one of the two silver flasks that Odin had given Declan. Then he painted onto the dry hard white corpse-covering paste covering Declan’s body, a great vermilion spiral at the base of Declan’s spine, running on up the back of his neck, the line snaking upwards to his skull where Frithgeir ended it in the snake’s head drawn red atop the crown amid the flaming tresses of his hair.
Declan put his hands behind him and briefly tilted his head far backwards and stared up to the crown of the World Tree, Yggdrassil. Then, grimly, he shouldered his spear and waded round the edge of the pool to where three roots of the World Tree opened at the base of the trunk and went towards the gap between them. The other three shuddered and cried out loud when, one foot in the water and one foot on the earth, Declan suddenly pierced his side with the spear as Odin had done when he first seized the Magic of the Runes and disappeared between the roots, leaving a trail of bright red blood on the snowy rocks behind him and a red swirl in the water that was seized and taken by the current.
Magda gasped and put her hand to her mouth. ‘I didn’t know he was going to do that! – with the spear. Oh no: he could die.’


Three invitations for you from Maggie Pashley

1. Symphony of Possibilities – SPECIAL OFFER TILL END OF 2017
2. Access Bars Class on Saturday 2nd December
3. Hypnotherapy Session and Talk

– For more details of these three special opportunities from Maggie Pashley, please see below.

Our News:

We have moved again! This time to a house we have just bought in beautiful Co Sligo. It is very close to the Atlantic ocean, with its beautiful sea scapes, surfing beaches as well as to the sacred sites of Knocknarea, Carrowmore, and Carrowkeel and many other places. I have a lovely space to teach workshops from and even a spare room which will be placed on airbnb so if anybody is coming from afar they can stay over.

I will continue to do hands-on work – healing, Access Bars, hypnotherapy, reflexology, Energetic Facelifts, Kansa wand sessions and bodywork from our home near Dromore West (between Ballina and Sligo on my N59) but the majority of my sessions can also be done via zoom or Skype. The latest edition to my offerings is the amazing Access Consciousness SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) which I am offering at a very heavily discounted price until the end of 2017 – something to help you in the lead up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period and beyond.

1. Symphony of Possibilities – SPECIAL OFFER FROM MAGGIE PASHLEY TILL END OF 2017

I’m very excited to offer 30 minute sessions of the amazing Symphony of Possibilities for the KNOCKDOWN price of only €35 right up to the end of 2017. This is available in-person from my place in Ballymeeny in Co Sligo or via zoom or Skype.

In the session you get to choose what area of your life you wish to transform right now and my job is to help you align and become congruent with what you are asking to change. We will begin by doing some verbal processing, namely asking questions which open you up to going beyond your current situation to align with your intention. You then lie down on a massage couch while I do the SOP session, which involves clearing energy blocks and inviting you into a much more empowered space. It can feel like a dance of energies.

If you are on-line we simply speak via video or audio link and then you find a comfortable place to lie down and receive. At the end of the session we will check in and you can tell me how that was for you.

So if you feel like some extra help unloosening one of those stuck places (and we all have them!) then get in touch either via my email ( or my landline +353 9647675.

2. Access Bars Class with Maggie Pashley on Saturday 2nd December, 9.30am to 5.30pm in Ballymeeny, Dromore West, Co Sligo – and Worldwide Access Bars Healing Sessions with me any time.

What will I get out of the training?

One day is all it takes to become a certified Access Bars Facilitator and be able to share this amazing modality with others.

A Bars session is an invitation to let go of the limitations you have placed on yourself and go beyond what you thought was possible. The 32 points on the head which are held lightly during the session correspond to different areas of life where most of us can get stuck: such as money, creativity, sexuality, healing and much more.

In this easy relaxed day, you will give and receive two sessions of the Bars each so you actually get to experience four sessions of this transforming technique. You go away feeling lighter, with a certificate and manual and something you can use on yourself, friends and family members and clients for the rest of your life. You can also swap with other practitioners, attend or even create Bars share events.

Investment: €270 if attending for first time, €135 or those repeating (either for the fun of it or as a part of becoming a Bars Facilitator)

For more information please visit: or phone Maggie on 09647675 or 0899799642

N.B. If you would like to experience a Bars session before you commit to a workshop, simply book a session with me and if you decide you want to do the workshop, I will put the cost of your session towards your deposit for the class.

Please note that the cost of the class is due to go up to €300 (for all facilitators) in January and this is the last chance to get the class with me at the current price.

3. Hypnotherapy Talk – and Hypnotherapy Sessions worldwide from Maggie Pashley:

I’ve been invited to talk about hypnotherapy at the Queen Medb Winter Conference at the Rathcrogan Visitor Centre in Tulsk, Co Roscommon

Maggie Pashley – ‘Using the magic of your own mind’
Sligo-based hypnotherapist Maggie Pashley will talk about how the natural occurring phenomenon of trance can be used intentionally to help benefit you in a myriad of ways. She will give you a few short experiences of pleasant trance states and finish with a relaxation to set you up for the rest of the day.

Here is the link to the full programme:

So come along and find out more about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Too far away???
If you would like to experience some hypnotherapy yourself, remember I do distance hypnotherapy sessions so you can join me wherever you are in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Resonating Relationships & Abundance Breakthrough

Resonating Relationships and Abundance Breakthrough – Two new Body Code Packages from Maggie Pashley

Anybody got room for more love or abundance in their life? Then check out my two new Body Code packages – Resonating Relationships and Abundance Breakthrough.

As many of you know I have been working with the Body Code and the Emotion Code for quite a few years and have helped people with all sorts of issues and specifically with these two areas which can be amongst the most challenging for most of us. And while I have got some great results this way I’ve also found that using the two programs developed by Natalie Nelson, Dr Brad’s daughter, can provide extra clarity and focus and get faster results. I’ve been offering them quietly in the background for a little while. Having seen the stunning results that a client of mine recently got using the Abundance Breakthrough (and I’m sure you know who you are!!) I felt compelled to create these two packages and place them on my website so people can choose them if it feels right.

Resonating Relationships
One of my most popular services is Heart Wall Clearing and I have had some  amazing responses from clients doing this work (see this recent testimonial). It certainly opens the door to allow people to give and receive more love, support, kindness and helps people to feel more at ease with themselves. Yet many people have had such poor role models of how to relate in a relationship, beliefs passed down through the generations, developed poor conflict resolution skills etc that still make relationships hard work, not enjoyable or even out of reach. This is where I think Natalie’s Resonating Relationship Program is so good – it was born out of her own relationship pain.

It begins with an evaluation of where you are currently in regard to relationships, helps you clarify the kind of relationship you desire, shows you what mode of relating you’re in right now (connection, stagnation  or conflict), highlights beliefs about relationships holding you back, cording to ex-partners still influencing you and more. Then my package includes 3 clearing sessions. So you get the evaluation and 3 clearing sessions included in the package. For many people this can create a massive shift in their relationships but some people may feel they need more sessions than three and of course can continue to work with me. The package is suitable for people in a relationship already or for those who are single and would like to be in a relationship that works for them.

The second package is the Abundance Breakthrough Package and offers a similar structured approach to addressing your blocks around abundance. The evaluation clarifies what abundance means to you, trapped emotions, traumas, vows, oaths, self-sabotage, cordings etc which keeps you struggling. And then we address all of those with the Body Code and there are 3 Body Code clearing sessions included in the package.

So if either of those speak to you, I’d be delighted to work with you.

Here’s to more love and abundance in the world!

Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land

Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land and worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Rune Othila is to be treated as the next but last Rune in the Futhark, the Rune alphabet of the ancient Norse.

The myth/truth is that the great warrior magician God Odin hung upside down in the World Tree Yggdrassil for nine days journeying and trancing until he fell screaming from the branches the letters and meaning of the 24 letters of the Rune alphabet which he saw in the shape of the twigs of the World Tree.

Each letter – each Rune – tells us something tremendous about a facet of our life. Each letter reveals our relationship with that facet. Each letter is in a special sequence of growth and development of perception, healing and empowerment.

You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path). My ‘Rune Magic’ Novel is available from and and Amazon worldwide in both paperback and digital, Kindle editions.

I have been putting videos about the runes on You Tube over several years – teaching the runes for 23 years. Is it a coincidence that I am filming this video about Othila just after we moved to what is in fact our Rune Othila: Our native land? Our home?

It’s as if the filming for this rune had to wait until we had arrived here:
here in the beautiful West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre, on the Atlantic Cast of Co Sligo.

I tell the story of our finding our Native Land, our home:

Looking for a home to start off with in Ireland a year ago, I put up Estate Agents’ websites and used Tarot to find our first place – and it was great! We found that whenever we went out we ended up coming to the Atlantic coast of Sigo so we decided to move here and re-site our Healing Centre here.

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