Ketu transits UttaraAshadha Nakshatra

Ketu transits UttaraAshadha Nakshatra –
huge spiritual opportunities if you have a planet there

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, transits the Vedic sign Capricorn until 7th March 2019, when he enters his next sign of Vedic Sagittarius.

But within the Nakshatras, the wonderful Vedic 27-sign Lunar Zodiac, this is Ketu transiting UttaraAshadha Nakshatra from 30th August 2018 to May 8th, 2019.

I have a video and a blog on each one of the 27 Nakshatras, and I teach a course on the Nakshatras, so definitely do look up what is the nature and energy of Uttarashadha Nakshatra.

This is because the important thing is that I am finding that this is bringing important spiritual awakenings to peoples with Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any planet in UttarAshadha Nakshatra (though of course, Ketu to Moon transit can also bring health weakening, and also health problems to the mother).

So if you do have a plant in this Nakshatra, get in touch with me for a Reading about how to understand this transit, and how to work with it.

And as a sting in the tail, do note that when Ketu (which is always retrograde) transits to the end of Uttarashadha Nakshatra, (in other words to the first pada in Uttarashadha from May to November 2019),  Ketu will be very close to transiting Saturn, and I have found this to be a very special time. This can be a time when there can be a complete change of profession due to the individual needing to align to their spiritual nature, and abandon any prison they may have constructed for their life and their consciousness.

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When Saturn moves so slowly – feel the pressure

When Saturn moves so slowly – feel the pressure

After a long Saturn Retrograde, Saturn turned Direct on 6th September 2018. This was at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by 1st October he’s still at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by end October he’ll only be at 10 deg Vedic Sagittarius.

So he’s not hurrying!

And note that the slower a planet’s velocity in the heavens the deeper he engraves his effect in our lives. The more inescapable is Saturn’s demand.

And so I personally would certainly say everything seems to have taken so long to do, and everything has been exacting hard work, and, typical of Saturn’s demand for hard work and consolidation, I did manage to get all my websites sorted out and updated, due to the help of my webmaster Robert Williams.

Saturn rules Vedic Capricorn, where the Mars-Ketu conjunction is now, and I do feel that Saturn insists that we ground and earth all our inspirations!

And Saturn will continue to force his demands quite severely, for so long as his present slow-motion lasts. By 1st December he’s moved a whole further three degrees, so he’s speeding along by then!

But note that Saturn’s nature is hard work, karmic demand, dotting every i, crossing every t, rolling our sleeves up and doing the dirty work.

If we respect Saturn’s demands, he rewards us with golden reaping. I know some people who are so successful in Saturn Dasha: Saturn predictive period in Vedic Astrology.

But if we neglect our Saturn demands and duties, what we will get is professional downfall, depression and grief.

Make a special effort to find out if Saturn is transiting over your Moon (the seven and a half year transit of Saturn called Sade Sate: through the Vedic sign before your Vedic moon sign, Saturn transiting over your Vedic Moon sign, and Saturn transiting through the Vedic sign after your Moon. This is hugely influential and really needs to be understood. Contact me for a Reading.
Saturn transiting over your natal Sun is also huge and really does need to be understood.

And indeed, it is very much needed to understand any Saturn transit.

My wife, Maggie Pashley, offers a range of Healing modalities worldwide. See her website for healings, such as:

and more.

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Here is the October video:

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The Slaying of Mimir

The Slaying of Mimir and Rune Wisdom Telesummit

What is the real meaning of the Slaying of Mimir? It’s actually crucial to deep understanding of the nature of the Runes. You can enroll on my Runes Course at:
And there is also a wonderful worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the Telesummit and join in using this link:
Runes Telesummit – FREE to Join In

So, this video tells the story of the Slaying of Mimir:

And you can read all about Mimir and also Odin and the gifts he won for humanity in my Novel Rune Magic. It’s available on Amazon worldwide, as paperback or Kindle: In this passage, Declan, the hero of the novel, tells about the slaying of Mimir:

Different Races populate the Land before Time is Recorded.
‘Long before recorded time, long before the Northern Folk arrived, bringing with them their language and their Aesir Gods and laws, other peoples walked the as yet uncharted Northern Lands:
Giants, Dwarves and Elves – and an early race of men: farmers and fishermen who called their gods the Vanir.
Their lands were fair, their lands were wealthy.
This was long before the Norse folk came, bringing their language and their Aesir gods.
This was long before the High One came and gave them order and recorded time.
Lands of plenty, Lands of harvests, Lands of Beasts and Lands of fish. Lands of fruit and lands of gold.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

‘The coming of the Aesir to the Northern Lands
‘But unbeknown to these happy Northern Lands, Destiny was slowly rousing. Tribes were moving from the southlands, moving from their far-off warrior heartland.
The Folk were on the move.
The Tribes were moving outwards, with their chariots and their herds and their language and their laws and their peerless Aesir gods.
‘Heroes, warriors and magicians led the People outwards,
Conquering, trading, riding. Even to the far-off Northern Lands, the Norse folk came, at last,
Bringing their language and their Aesir gods.
They took the land and they brought Order.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

The Third World: Asgard is created

‘And for their own great residence, the conquering Aesir gods built their own World, High above the worlds where men and giants and dwarves and elves all live.
A world of Law and Order and Ideals: the fortress world of Asgard,
Asgard of the many halls, Asgard, realm of gods.
‘Would you know more?
And what?

The Fourth World: Midgard is created out of murder

‘Odin was a magnificent magician warrior god; god of heroes; god of huge intelligence and powers.
And He gave laws.
But Odin did not understand Mimir’s more surpassing deep and ancient value.
Odin did not understand the unity of the timeless Dream Time.
Odin despised the timeless mystic dream-state of the first being, Mimir.
‘Odin, with his brothers slew the dreaming giant.
They stabbed him in his timeless contemplation.
They dismembered Mimir’s body.
They strewed it across the face of the new world, Midgard.
‘And they divided up the world still further.

Nine worlds were created.
The part of the world they gave to men, they called Midgard.
It was over Midgard, that they strewed the flesh of Mimir.
And now the price for the slaying must be Paid.’

Declan looked up and everyone ducked as the Ravens shrieked and wheeled in fury at this statement, then he continued:


Chiron is square Saturn – face the remorseless call to heal

Chiron is square Saturn – October 2018

October 2018 starts with Saturn at 3 Capricorn and Chiron at 0 Aries using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology. By the end of October, that’s Saturn at 4 Capricorn and Chiron at 29 Pisces.
(So, that’s Saturn starting the month at 8 Vedic Sagittarius and Chiron starting the month at 6 Vedic Pisces, using the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic astrology.)

Note that this important transit offers challenge but also hope.

I do believe that the impetus of this important square aspect in the heavens, will be to force us to name and face our individual wound.

What is yours?

What is mine?

How can I heal?

These are the key questions.

What is the real face that we should wear?




Chiron is, of course, the Wounded Healer. But squares are remorseless. Saturn is remorseless. So there’s a steady remorseless call to heal, and for many, our wounded or dysfunctional behaviour may be pressing to our attention in a steady remorseless way.

Here’s my video for my October 2018 Astrology & Healing Newsletter, but do read on down the rest of this blog for more information about the Chiron square Saturn transit, now, and the need to search your mind and soul to identify what it is calling you to develop your awareness around and act on:

So, I do believe that, to the extent that this square actually interrelates with the planets in your individual birth chart, that this square will also create a remorseless, joy-lacking drive, of overwork and feeling the impact of our (existential) wound, and hopefully not too gradually getting – the message that we need to heal it and grow!

So, ideally this should impel you to healing: healing using whatever healing modality is right for you.

We are each being called to become adult.

We are each being called to beat the endurance test through the energy intervention of personal healing.

With this energy combination, we are given the opportunity to step out of our habitual, but maybe not helpful life-trajectory and change our behaviour patterns, assumptions, denials and evasions as to the reality of our individual existential woundedness.

Unavoidable events at this time can be perceived correctly so that we can reshape our future.

We need to perceive correctly the battlefields in our life, if we are to become the spiritual warrior and die to our egoic self – and this is actually the crucial task of our life.

We can note the consequences of past actions, perceive them correctly and so we must seek to reshape our destiny.

My wife, Maggie Pashley, offers a range of Healing modalities worldwide. See her website for healings, such as:

and more.

You can book an Astrology Reading with me at:

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Bind Rune Making and Rune Wisdom Telesummit

When you wish to send a special magical intention forward into time and space, you can make a bind rune. This video tells you about bind rune making which you can learn on my worldwide runes course:

And please use this link to find out about the wonderful upcoming free worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the free Telesummit and join in using this link:

The runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. Each Rune is not only a letter of the alphabet. It is also a Gateway to knowledge and insight about our life. And also, the Runes are quite warrior-like – so they have to be used ethically, and they are totally magical.

So if we have a special need or desire, we can consider creating a bind rune:

Obviously, we must check out that our desire is ethical, and that it will harm no one. We do also, realistically, need to do our best to live our life in a magical, inspired way that will give the magic scope. It’s no good living a limited, passive life and making bind runes to get money windfalls, lottery wins or fast cars. We have to walk the talk!

As you see from the video, I love creating bond runes on segments of trees. There are a lot of forestry areas around where I live, so it’s easy to find these. But of course, they can be drawn on any surface material, and made into pendants, and when finished, can be placed by your hearth or on your altar.

Then journey to find the deep layers of meaning to the project about which you want to create your bind rune. What outcome do you want? What feelings do you want to surround that? what skills and qualities in you need to grow? What defence or protection is needed? What healing work do you need to do?

You then combine the rune-letters into a single shape, and draw that, so that its energy goes into your mind subliminally, and also radiates into the future energy web in an inchoate, powerful way. It’s like a Sigil. It needs to be activated. Just as I’m writing this post, I’m working to craft and activate a bind rune with a student who is on to her third Driving Test attempt – and success! As you draw or paint each rune into the final combined shape, intone or chant each rune. Visualise the energy form and gain power and direction. It is usually so good to include joyful energy in your bind rune

You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

And I’m also telling you that there is also a wonderful free worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the free Telesummit and join in using this link:


And here are my novels:

Rune Magic Novel on Amazon:







Sacred Earth Novel on Amazon:







Druid Novel on Amazon:





The Tribe Novel on Amazon:



Venus Ketu Relationships – Healing Wounded Love

A major contribution of Vedic Astrology is its statement of
your incarnational life meaning: why you are here.

And this blog post addresses the issue of when you have Ketu (South Node) conjunct Venus in your Vedic birth chart – and its implications for your love relationship.


And please read this post together with my related post: Venus Chiron relationships Healing Wounded Love.

But first of all, I’d like to understand your Venus Ketu conjunction in the context of your incarnational life purpose:

This is stated in terms of the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic natal chart.
The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth with the apparent orbit of the Sun around the Earth. There are thus two Nodes: the North Node and the South Node.

The South Node is called Ketu
. Ketu is what we come in with from past life. Ketu is where in terms of life circumstances we will find that everything will dissolve. Ketu is our past lives and our past life karmas and skills. This experience can terrify, but Ketu dissolves that which needs to die in terms of our need to be reborn and go forward to meet our spiritual destiny in this incarnation. Ketu is sometimes depicted as the ‘occupying army’, i.e. those life areas we have already ‘conquered’ in earlier lives, whereas Rahu is depicted as the advancing army, i.e. those territories we need to advance into in this life.

The North Node is called Rahu: Rahu is where we in terms of life circumstances will put our obsessive, instinctual driven energy of ambition. Rahu is the call of our Future. Our obsessional drive can be dark and destabilizing but the experience of it can impel us to see God, and that we are not cut off from God but actually one with God (and one with everyone else). We never reach our Rahu unless we purify our experience.

The Nodes are actually demons, because they are the eclipse points and they even have the power to devour the luminaries: the Sun and the Moon, but – because Vedic astrology is Tantric – everything is inherently connective to the Divine: even adverse circumstances, even what could be called ‘bad’, but only if we perceive these difficult states in the right way. Anciently, the Nodes were depicted as a dragon. The Dragon’s Head is the North Node called Rahu; the Dragon’s Tail is the South Node called Ketu. What is the spiritual gift of these demons?

In Vedic Astrology, the Nodes of the Moon are interpreted in terms of the following four factors:

  1. The Houses that the Nodes fall in in your natal chart. This is the most important factor for assessing your incarnational life purpose. The Nodes are always opposite each other in the heavens, in the chart. Obviously, the Houses are time of birth sensitive, so if you don’t know your correct time of birth, counting Houses from the Ascendant created by a wrong time of birth will give wrong results, though one way round this is to treat the position of the Moon as your First House (this can be nearly as good depending on certain astronomical circumstances).
  2. The Signs that the Nodes Fall in in your natal chart. Please note that Vedic Astrology does use the 12-sign zodiac familiar from western astrology, but the two zodiacs are actually 23 degrees apart. Your planets may therefore be shown as being in a different sign in Vedic Astrology from western astrology. The zodiac used by western astrology is known as the Tropical Zodiac; the zodiac used by Vedic Astrology is called the Sidereal Zodiac.
  3. Any Planets which conjunct your North or South Node
  4. The Lunar Signs which your Nodes fall in in your natal chart. In addition to the familiar 12 signs of the Lunar Zodiac, Vedic astrology also uses a far more ancient Lunar Zodiac of 27 signs, which is an immensely powerful pointer to the true nature of your magical and dream time self.

Your incarnational life purpose is thus assessed in terms of the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic natal chart, and the wound to love occurs when Ketu is conjunct Venus, or when Venus is square the Nodal Axis thus indicating a ‘missed step’ that was not got right or completed in past life, and this arises inescapably in this life:

Ketu conjunct Venus:

If you have Ketu conjunct (or square) Venus in your Vedic birth chart, then you have incarnated into this life to experience problems in love – and to solve them.

Typically, you could attract wounded partners, partners who carry much emotional woundedness. You could choose a partner who has been damaged and whose acceptability is not along more normal lines.

Typically, you may have experienced rejection in love in a past life, and so you yourself reject your partner over and over again, to get in there first, and seek (futilely) to avoid the pain of being rejected yourself – Again!

So, typically you may reject partner over and over again

You carry unresolved past life relationship issue or script into this life.

And so, you need to develop the needed perception of what your karmic script is, heal it, and do the relationships work, otherwise it will arise again and again and again in this life, in relationship after relationship after relationship.

You will discard your loved one first, because you fear you would be rejected first otherwise!

Another alternative is that you may reject the ideal of marriage and only accept open partnership, or solo life. You may endlessly experiment with your sexuality. You may only accept ‘spiritual marriage’. You may become the selfless carer working for social causes. You may be unable to easily find enjoyment and satisfaction in the basic things of life. You may not be able to do the needed normal give and take and negotiation in relationship, especially if Venus is in the third house in your Vedic birth chart. If Ketu is in the fourth house, the lack of value from your mothering will need to be healed. If in 7th House in your Vedic birth chart then you need to learn to stop being so over-assertive and ‘Me First’ from your Rahu North node in the first house.

You may be more in love with creativity or with mysticism or the occult. And then wonder why love gets so neglected.

If the conjunction is in Mercury-ruled signs or Nakshatras, then you could need to learn to be less critical. If Venus is burned by the Sun (Combust or in Vedic Leo or in bad Avastha score from your Sun), then your value will have been harmed by authoritarian upbringing.

Ketu is about illusion – and the dissolving of it. You could therefore be blind in perceiving and choosing your love interests. This dooms you to disappointment and disillusion.

Essentially of course, Ketu the South Node dissolves. But it ideally dissolves so that we can see the spiritual meaning and message in each dissolution in our life. So, the ideal in Ketu-Venus relationship is to find perception that can lead to growth, healing and empowerment.

I do offer relationship readings: you can book a reading with charts and optionally with reports, lasting one hour, ninety minutes or two hours. See:

I also teach a relationship astrology course. The course can be Vedic relationship astrology only. OR it can be Vedic astrology and western astrology combined. But for this course you do need to know the basics of Vedic Astrology:

My wife Maggie Pashley offers some very relevant healing work with problems in love:
Past Life Future Life:

Soul Realignment:

Heart Wall Clearing:

and several more. See her website:


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