Two Big Discoveries about the Truth of Chiron

Two Big Discoveries about the Truth of Chiron

Chiron is the Wounded Healer. He accurately depicts our Existential Wound – and in the Healing of our Existential Wound, we can become the Healer of Others.

Chiron’s energy is now made available to us through a planetoid discovered 1st November 1977, at 10.00 am, at Pasadena, California, by Charles Kowal.

Looking at the astrology chart for the moment of Chiron’s discovery, western and Vedic Astrologer, Michael Conneely, wants to share two discoveries he just made that amazed him: two discoveries which to Michael’s mind prove even more clearly the TRUTH of Chiron’s nature as the Wounded Healer in our astrology birth chart. Here’s what Michael discovered:

The first of these great discoveries that to my mind confirm the truth of the healing nature of Chiron, is that the position of Chiron in the heavens, at the moment of his discovery, was in Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini is the first of the powerful accurate and beautiful 27 Lunar Signs used by Vedic Astrology (as well as the Vedic astrology 12 Sun signs). And it is NOT coincidence that the myth of Ashwini too is about sexual panic being the root of a wound, about a stallion and horse nature being associated with the event of the wound, and about the creation of a powerful rapid wound-healing response, in that the twin Healers of the Vedic Gods, the Ashwini Kumaras, were born out of the wound, just as Chiron the Wounded Healer Centaur was born as a result of the sexual wound in the Greek version of this myth.

The second of these two great discoveries that to my mind confirm the truth of the healing nature of Chiron, is that the discovery took place on 1st November. The deeply ancient Irish Celtic Festival on the 1st November is called Samhain (now living on as Halloween). In the Irish Myth recorded in the book of Invasions, the Good God, The Dagda is recorded as mating with the ancient Irish Battle Goddess, The Morrigan, every Samhain, so as to secure the sovereignty of our land, and it is a time when the veils between the worlds thin, and death and rebirth and Healing energies are some of the things that cross the gap between the Worlds into our Worlds, so I think this feature of the date of the discovery of Chiron also adds to the proof of the Truth of Chiron’s Healing Nature.

See the video about these two important discoveries that lend further weight to the healing declaration power of Chirion in our birth Charts:

So, first let’s look very briefly at how is Chiron interpreted in our astrology birth chart, and then go on to study the Myth of Chiron.

Well, as regards the astrological interpretation of Chiron, the position of Chiron in our western astrology birth chart reveals our own personal deep existential wound, in the healing of which we can become the Healer of others. Chiron is analysed by Sign, House and aspect. Additionally, if Chiron conjuncts or squares the Nodal axis, then the wound is deeply karmic and past life in origin.  I always also look at the position of Chiron in the Vedic birth chart, as well as the Western birth chart. This adds such illumination in addition.

So now make your task: Healing: Your Journey to meet The Centaur. On my astrology Courses, and in my Chiron Mini-Readings and Mini-Courses, you journey to meet The Centaur, and you study the individual nature of your own existential wound. And through that study, and often also through visionary journey, you reveal the nature and circumstances of your own existential wound. And through that study and visionary journey you set the healing of your existential wound in motion. Your life changes domino effect. And so, also, your healing – becomes the Healing of Others.

The Chiron Myth:

The Myth of Chiron reveals all:

Chiron was conceived from the mating of his father Cronos, or Saturn, with a Nymph named Philyra. The mating risked being discovered by the approach of Saturn’s wife Rhea just as climax was near. So Saturn changed himself into a stallion to seek to escape Rhea’s discovery but ejaculated just before he could withdraw and flee.

So the child that was born was Chiron: half horse half man: a Centaur.

Being conceived by a God, Chiron was immortal, a demigod. And being half horse, Chiron was fully instinctual as well as human.

By the time he became an adult, Chiron was a Centaur King. Just like the Ashwini Healer twins of Vedic Astrology, for the Vedic Aryan Indians are also one of the Indo-European peoples like the Greeks born out of sexual panic, and the mating of a stallion, Chiron too was a peerless Healer. He was also the greatest philosopher and teacher.

And isn’t it so significant that on the day of his discovery, the planetoid, Chiron was at 9 deg Vedic Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra, the Nakshatra or lunar sign in Vedic Astrology that is ruled over by the Ashwini Kumaras: the Healer Twins!!!

But to return to the Myth:

By the time he became an adult, Chiron lived in a cave on Mount Pelion, and his students included Achilles, Jason and Asclepius, who himself became the greatest Healer, so successful that Zeus feared usurpation of the Gods’ primacy and killed him with a thunderbolt.

However, Chiron received a terrible and unendurable wound. Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow while Hercules was out hunting. Chiron was consumed by pain. But as an immortal Demigod, he could not find release by dying.

Zeus wanted Chiron to go to Hell because of the disgrace to the immortals: Chiron shamed the Gods. But only death could bring release from such a wound, and Zeus could not permit an immortal God to die.

In the end Chiron in terrible agony did an unthinkable deal with Zeus. Chiron agreed, though immortal, to be allowed to enter the realm of the Dead, to go to the underworld of Hades, and thus the Immortals would no longer be shamed by the presence of suffering. But the trade-off condition was that Zeus must do the unthinkable: He must release Prometheus.

Now, Prometheus was a Titan. In former times, Prometheus had stolen fire from Heaven, and he had given it to humans. The Gods were furious at such a priceless gift as Fire to mortals.

As consequence, Zeus had sentenced Prometheus to be chained to a rock suffering daily agony as his entrails were eaten out by vultures, with the same thing to happening again, day after day for eternity, because the sentence was that Prometheus’ entrails would be re-grown and ready for the next day’s torture – because he had given Fire to humanity.

And so Chiron voluntary went down into the Hell of death, and as consequence, Prometheus was freed and mankind kept their priceless gift. And is it not a coroboration of the Truth of the healing nature of Chiron, that the myth recounts death leading to rebirth, and descent into the underworld, and the discovery date of Chiron was Samhain: Novemebr 1st: Halloween!

But to return to the Myth: the twist to the tale is that Chiron’s death in the underworld was therefore: a death and rebirth.  The ‘death’ of the divine Healer led to the emancipation and rebirth of man.

Fire and light were gifted to humanity. Humanity was freed up to explore its greatness. Humanity was healed and empowered and illumined: inspired by Fire from Heaven.The Fire principle is crucial to humanity.

Through Chiron’s self-sacrificialness, we can heal our wound and thus heal others.

Since the planetoid, Chiron, was discovered at Samhain, the feast of the dead: on 1st November 1977, at 10.00 am, at Pasadena, California, by Charles Kowal, Chiron on that date at 3 deg western Taurus, there has been an explosion in alternative healing, rebellious healing arts have flourished outside the realm of healing chained within Saturn’s rings: the Medicare establishment and the huge pharmaceutical companies.

Psychotherapy flowered. So many humans were brought freely or kicking and screaming out of the earlier socially prescribed work and gender roles, and confining identities of Victorian states and Religions enforced by priest bureaucracies.

Freedom was born in healing. Humans could seek to live more in tune with their real natures. For example, there was menswork.

And especially for example: shamanism, the oldest bedrock spirituality was reborn and entered the mainstream consciousness.

And the great point about shamanism is that so often the shamanic Healer is and always was: The Wounded Healer.

The Shamanic Healer so often was the individual who, through healing his own wound, became the healer of others.

The wound would often be through a heredity defect, or through withdrawal from society through terrible long illness.

But by going through this death and rebirth experience, like the Centaur of old, the shamanic Healer heals others and heals his tribe.

So now your task is to journey to meet The Centaur.

On my astrology Courses, and in my Chiron Mini-Readings and Mini-Courses, you journey to meet The Centaur, and you study the individual nature of your own existential wound.

And through that study and often also through visionary journey you have revealed the nature and circumstances of your own existential wound.

And through that study and visionary journey you set the healing of your existential wound in motion. Your life changes domino effect.

And so your healing – becomes the Healing of Others.

See the details of my readings and courses:

My Astrology Readings website, offering both western and Vedic Astrology Readings:
My Courses in both western and Vedic Astrology:
And also my mini-courses and mini-readings:

Here is my video about the interpretation of Chiron in our birth charts, and below that are the Astrology Charts for the moment of the Discovery of Chiron:

a. Western Astrology Chart for the Discovery of Chiron:
(using Tropical zodiac):















And here is the Vedic chart for the moment of the discovery of Chiron: The Vedic astrology computer program can not actually show Chiron, but Chiron is at 9 degrees Aries using the Vedic sidereal zodiac employed by thsi chart:

Vedic Chiron








New Moon or Solar Eclipse, 26.2.17

New Moon or Solar Eclipse, 26.2.17

There is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse, on 26.2.17, at 14.58 hrs.
To find out the time of the Eclipse where you live, you can use:
The western and Vedic Astrology charts are below, at the foot of this Blog.

For this eclipse, Sun, Moon, Ketu (South Node), Neptune and Mercury are all in the western astrology sign of Pisces.
And, most significantly, all of these planets are in Shatabishak Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) in Vedic Astrology.

If you have planets in this area especially, this eclipse will have a big effect in your life.

Shatabishak is a difficult and very complicated Nakshatra, but if you are prepared to be open, and to face, admit and slay your demons, then I predict that you will have a great breakthrough and enlargement in your healing energies and intuitions.

Here is my video about the eclipse:

And for more on the nature of Shatabishak Nakshatra, see my YouTube video:

So what I am predicting for those directly affected by this eclipse is a breakthrough energy of growth of healing and intuition- and on many levels.

This is because Neptune, Ketu and Mercury are all conjunct each other in this solar eclipse in this nakshatra, so there’s great intuitive potential here.

And also I’m making this prediction due to the position of Jupiter, in the healer sign of Vedic Virgo.

But please note that this development will manifest in your life as a Fledgling energy of ‘one step at a time’.

There is great force in this eclipse, what with the Uranus/Mars conjunction being opposition Jupiter, and with both ends of this opposition being T-square Pluto! But although there has already been an earthquake in Turkey – already as the Eclipse energies are building, I don’t think this T-square will generally manifest violently in the world, but it will instead  be a courageous energy for those with planets affected by it: A ‘Truth Conquers All’ energy.

N.B. The energy is more about benefiting if you are open and if you are prepared to admit your mistakes and blocks, and so in that way: gaining ‘The World’, rather than the violent side manifesting as actual violence.

For those with planets affected, I think the violent side of this Eclipse more creates what I would call a Hero’s Challenge!

And those caught in Jupiter-Uranus opposition could well experience great gains.

So, see the charts in western and Vedic Astrology for this eclipse, below, and see if your planets personally are affected.

Before going into the nitty-gritty detail of the energies of this eclipse, the details of my readings and courses are as follows:
My Astrology Readings website, offering both western and Vedic Astrology Readings is:
And there’s also my Courses in both western and Vedic Astrology:

Do remember that a New Moon is always a time for withdrawing, and Shatabishak is about healing as well. Saturn has only just crossed the sensitive and very difficult Gandanta zone between Vedic Scoprio and Vedic Sagittarius, so many will still be feeling that, and also feeling Saturn’s confusing shift from Tamasic Nakshatras to Sattvic Nakshatras.  Saturn grinds away at patterns we must let go of. And Uranus moves towards the Gandanta again: the Vedic Pisces to Vedic Aries Gandanta, and some will be feeling that, already. Eclipses are sensitive, uneasy, destabilising, chaotic times of at least two days – and with consequences!

Neptune and Ketu have been conjunct in Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak for some time, and their gift can be intuition. A Neptune Ketu conjunction occurs every 18 years, and Neptune and Ketu last formed an eclipse in Aquarius in 1849. The consequence then was that a new way of spirituality was pervading western society: Spiritualists, Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky, Emerson and Thoreau.

Ketu (South node) and Mercury are caught up in this eclipse: Jnana Karaka: enlightenment indicator, if you are open: The conceptual mind shattered by the éclat of potential spiritual realisation: the limits of concepts.

Jupiter is opposition Uranus, with Mars exactly conjunct Uranus! And the opposition is T-square Pluto! Breakthrough! Shock and upset. Jupiter is conjunct Spica. Auspicious. In health sign Virgo. Retrograde: health issues, organisation of detail. I am really sorting out my teeth!

Uranus will occupy the Vedic Pisces-Aries Gandanta for the third of four times: 28.6.16, 31.8.16, 8.4.17 and 2.1.18 (just short of the zero point). This can turn your life over if you have planets here, and it contributes to the mystic spiritual healing energy eclat.

Jupiter and Venus are occupying opposite Vedic signs of Virgo and Pisces for the next four months: The two Gurus. And Venus is the spark of life and beauty. The Jupiter retrograde Transit period is at the same time as the long transit of Venus, exalted in Pisces (ruled by Jupiter) from January 27 – May 30, 2017. Venus will be retrograde and opposite to retrograde Jupiter from March 4 – April 15, 2017. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Vedic Pisces, but i say not as easy as western astrology usually says. Venus prefers gentler company. But note that Venus is exalted in Pisces, and so much stronger than Mars in this sign.

Here is the western astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:














Here is the Vedic astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:












Moytura Battle Lough na Suil – The disappearing Lake

Moytura Battle Lough na Suil – The disappearing Lake

Please bear with the occasional wind noise during the group’s working in late January at the battlefield of the Second Battle of Moytura. The earth energies and the vision of the ancient Irish Gods makes the whole event so powerful, beautiful and special.

From the mountain top we saw Lough na Suil, the disappearing lake. The Book of Invasions records that the God Llugh took on Balor of the Evil Eye, the tyrant leader of the Formorian forces of darkness, and Llugh took out Balor’s eye with his slingshot.

The Eye had been used to slay any who crossed the Formorians. Now the Tuatha de Danaan were liberated to express their special powers, vision, talents and craft.

We all need to be free to express our special gifts. We must all throw of tyranny. But the spot where Balor’s Eye fell is poisoned forever, and every now and then, the loch drains dry!

See the main video about the battlefield:

Loch na Suil with water

Lough na Suil is only 35 miles from the Healing Centre and airbnb that Maggie Pashley and I run in Foxford in beautiful County Mayo in the stupendously beautiful far West of Ireland, where we offer holidays, holidays with healings, retreats and Sacred Ireland Tours.

See the detail of my wonderful courses:

I look forward to working with you

Loch na Suil with Water vanished


Agnes Morrogh Bernard Mother of Foxford

Agnes Morrogh Bernard Mother of Foxford

Agnes Morrogh Bernard Mother of Foxford and Foundress of the Foxford Woollen Mills

Visit the Foxford Woollen Mill founded in 1892 by Mother Agnes Morrogh Bernard to bring work and hope to one of Ireland’s poorest and most desperate ‘Congested Areas’.

Maggie Pashley and I run a healing Centre and Airbnb in the small, homely village Foxford in lovely County Mayo, in the beautiful far West of Ireland. See:

There are five museums nearby. And amazingly Foxford has three great heroes in its history. One of these is the saintly Agnes Morrogh Bernard, Mother of Foxford.

You can come and stay at our B&B for a holiday. See the ranges of healing and readings you can add on if you wish.

See this Video:

When Agnes Morrogh Bernard was a small girl, the daughter of a rich Anglo-Irish family, she was shocked to the core when a starving Irish woman came to the door of the family mansion and pleaded for scraps to feed the pigs so she could eat. The young Agnes decoded then and there to devote her life to help the poor.

And so, Agnes became a Sister of Charity and in 1892, she arrived at Foxford where the condition of the people was truly desperate. The English Ascendancy Class Landlord was a branch of Lord Lucan’s family, and if any tenant showed any sign of bettering themselves, they simply put up the rent. Agnes Morrogh Bernard saw how there were no proper roads and the people lived in hovels called a ‘cabin’, each with a miden of human and animal manure piled outside the door. The families lived with the pig inside the cabin with the family, as the pig was ‘the gintleman as pays the rent’! She heard from a son how his father was crying out with the pains of hunger, as the Priest was giving him the Last Rites as his father lay dying on a pile of rags.

Agnes Morrogh Bernard was a determined woman, she had a great sense of the ‘Eye of Providence’ ever present and ever-guiding her.

Surprisingly she wrote to a Protestant, Freemason Mill Owner in Ulster, who came and visited her at his own expense and for the rest of his life guided her to found and run the woollen mills.

On her arrival in Foxford, Agnes decided that spinning and weaving could be the salvation of the poor people, and in 1892 she founded the Foxford Woollen Mills. Over the next few years she built a school and in 1893 she got a grant so training could be given in the domestic and farming areas of the community.

She also encouraged sports and music, and in 1897 she set up the Brass and Reed Band which today is still the pride of Foxford. Thanks mainly to her efforts a handball alley was built in 1901.

As the years passed and money became more plentiful she had houses built for employees of the Mill. The music school was built in 1923, and the Convent Chapel On her arrival in 1925, both of these can still be seen in Foxford today. Up until her death in 1932, Agnes continued to improve and update the Mill and the town itself.

Nowadays, there’s a tour round the Mill, and on the first floor there’s a wonderful café with fresh home-made food, from a cup of tea or coffee, a light snack to full meal. The Mill shop is wonderful stocks a wide range of Irish made giftware as well as the Foxford rugs, blankets and tweeds. There’s a jewelry workshop which includes handcrafting intricate pieces of jewellery, many of which are made to order.

Visit the Foxford Woollen Mills. The place is exceptional. It truly is. And take a look at the Admiral Brown Museum as well

Personally, I feel that Mother Agnes Morrogh Bernard left a healing Energy in the land here. Foxford is healing the families who live hear benefit.  You will feel what I mean if you come and stay at our Healing Centre with airbnb. We look forward to welcoming you,

Please take a look at my online shop

Mapping your unique Shamanic Healer Pathway

Mapping your unique Shamanic Healer Pathway

Map your own unique Shamanic Healer pathway to create the perfect course for you.

Enrol on my Shamanic Healer Course:

The four modules of my Level 1 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval (Inner child work and Family Constellation work can be included here if appropriate)
  • Spiritual Intrusions Healing.

The modules of my Level 2 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked.
  • Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

However, this video invites you to map your own shamanic Healer learning pathway on my course as well. I want the course to include what is exactly right and needed for you.

Ask yourself: What is the essence of your Shamanic Healer path?

Vision: A shamanic Healer course should activate your own vision, it should kick-start your intuitive powers. It should give you the foundation to access the Otherworlds and the transpersonal realms.

Shamanic Journey: Obviously, first of all, you should learn to do Shamanic Journey.

Intuitive Connection: This will enable you to go beyond your everyday mind into intuitive connection with the Web of All: unify your body and mind awareness, open your intuitive eyes to your past (karmic and inheritance) and make accessible the awareness of the future we have in that all things and all times are actually connected in the Web. Astrology, too, is a key to creating awareness of the future, as well as stating our destiny patterns and psychological self, and I bring into the course awareness from your western and Vedic Astrology.

Nature: Nature is a gateway to the Otherworlds and to the greater awareness. Every place has its energy, its spirit of place, the energies that have been planted there whether by Gods, Spirits, Humans or animals. For the ancient Irish and first nation peoples, every thing that is, has a soul. Our body and mind is connected with the energies of earth, sea and land. Some rocks, especially crystalline metamorphic rocks and limestone are especially good at holding implanted energies. We can learn how to sense and read earth energies and see and connect with spirits of place.

Ceremony and Ritual: Shamanism is imbued with ritual. You can learn to do your own healing and empowering ritual, and share your development in this in discussion with me.

Dreams: you may feel drawn to keep a diary of year dreams and embark on a journey of dream interpretation and I would be glad to share and support in this.

Art: Art and shamanism have been hand in hand in human history since the dawn of our race. It is so beneficial to use simple sketch art. For example, you can sketch yourself expressing an energy or issue, before and after a healing exercise or shamanic journey or ritual, and those two journeys in themselves can be a powerful and memorable continuing support to your shamanic empowerment. You can sketch the spirit you see. You can sketch the memorable theme of your vision or dream.

Death: we more and more can see life as a preparation for our death. Psychopomp Work can be necessary and you may wish to share on this.

Our Children: We all start out as parents with the highest ideals, but often such are the antecedent difficulties in our own live and so difficult can be the karmic scripts that our parenting can go so sadly awry. Men’s’ Work, Women’s’ Work, Boys to Men work and Girls to Women work is a core and backbone of first nations peoples. It was central to the path of the Celtic Irish warrior, but it has lost its essential place.

Community is an unavoidable issue. Community is fraught with negative group dynamics, power stealing and definition of ideal self in terms of spiritually-correct slogans, but can we find support of community in our Shamanic path?

So, at the outset of your shamanic course, and at all points of your shamanic course, I invite you to refer to this wide agenda of the Shamanic Healer pathway and map your own special path that is right for you and the can be added to the main course outline.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Davitt  The Hero of the Irish Land League.

Michael Davitt The Hero of the Irish Land League.

Maggie Pashley and I run a healing Centre and Airbnb in Foxford in County Mayo, in the beautiful far West of Ireland. See:

Come and have a holiday in this utterly beautiful place.

There are five museums nearby. One of them is the deeply moving and utterly caringly presented Michael Davitt Museum, Straide, Foxford.

Michael Davitt became a saviour of the Irish People. He worked to secure Land Rights for ordinary Irish people whose generations had been trashed by English Ascendancy Class Landlordism.

His formative experience was being evicted when he was age four and a half, because his family had fallen into arrears of rent due to the prolonged Famine. They lived in a farm workers’ ‘cabin’ in Straide in County Mayo, just a few miles from Foxford.

Agents for the English Landlord turned up and the family were put outside and they watched helplessly as the thatched roof was set fire to, then the walls demolished, so that they could not re-enter.

The family then walked to road to the Poor House at Swinford, seeing many piteous sights on the roadside on the way of people dead and dying and reduced to disaster by having to live in the fields.

When they arrived at the Work House, the family were told that as Michael was four, he was too old to be in the same room as his mother, as the sexes were segregated from age three years.

His mother declared that she would not be separated from her son, and that she would rather live by the side of the road.

They went by foot to Lancashire in England, and as soon as young Michael was old enough he had to work 12 hours a day to help support the family who were lodging with fifteen tenants in a terraced house.

Disaster struck when Michael was aged 12 and he lost his arm in mill machinery.

However, great opportunity arrived. A philanthropist paid for four year education for the devastated boy. Michael went on to become an Irish MP at Westminster.

There Michael Davitt met Mahatma Gandhi and following this meeting with The Mahatma, Michael brought methods of non-violent resistance to Ireland to fight for the Irish dispossessed at the hands of their English Ascendancy Class Landlords.

Michael Davitt became a saviour of the Irish People. He worked to secure Land Rights for ordinary Irish people whose generations had been trashed by English Ascendancy Class Landlordism.

Before he met The Mahatma, such was Michael’s hatred for what the British were doing to his Irish people, he took on a secret life, purchasing arms and ammunition and shipping it to Ireland for Fenians to attack British Troops, in the desperate fight for Independence.

He was caught doing this, however. He was arrested on 14th May 1870 at Paddington Station, awaiting a delivery of arms. He was tried for Treason, and he was sentenced to fifteen years’ imprisonment with hard labour.

Michael spent the first five years of his sentence in silence and solitary confinement, picking oakham out of second hand rope. The second five years was spent in hard labour at Dartmoor Prison. But after ten years’ imprisonment, Michael was given parole for the remaining five year on condition he did nothing treasonous to the British Crown.

Of course, he did do treason. He made speeches that the common people of Ireland could not improve their lot without the ownership of their land and he started to campaign for land rights. This was at the time of the 1879 Famine. He even became elected as an MP. And he served three subsequent periods in Prison.

But when Michael met Mahatma Gandhi, there was a great change. Michael renounced his campaign of violence.  He taught that political revolution should be achieved without killing, and on his deathbed, he said he forgave his enemies.

In 1886 Davitt married Mary (b. 1861), from Michigan USA. In 1887 he then visited Wales to support land agitation. The couple returned to Ireland and lived for a while in the Land League Cottage in Dublin, that was given to them as a wedding gift by the people of Ireland. They had five children, three boys and two girls, though one, Kathleen, died of tuberculosis aged seven, in 1895. One son, Robert Davitt, became a TD, while another, Cahir Davitt, became President of the High Court.

Michael resigned his seat in the British Parliament in protest at the British declaration of war on the Boers in South Africa. And although his health was broken, Michael then toured the world to help the suffering and oppressed poor. He went to South Africa to help the Boers in their struggle against the British Empire, and he went to Russia to help the Jews who were suffering persecution there.

Always, he was influenced by the peaceful resistance teaching of Mahatma Gandhi: nonviolent civil disobedience and the practise of truth: ‘Ahisma’. He was a respected colleague of the early English Socialist and Labour party leaders.

Michael died age 60 in Elpis Hospital, Dublin on 30 May 1906, from blood poisoning. the next day over 20,000 people filed past his coffin. His body was then taken by train to Foxford, County Mayo, and he buried in the grounds of Straide Abbey at Straide (near Foxford), next to the ruins of the house where he was born.

Visit the Michael Davitt Museum. The presentation is so moving. The staff there are totally wonderful.

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