Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 The biggest eclipse

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 The biggest eclipse cycle of the 21st Century begins

This Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 is at 26 Vedic Gemini using the Sidereal Vedic Zodiac. It’s in Punarvasu Nakshatra (ruled by Jupiter).
In western astrology, it is at 20 deg Cancer using the Tropical zodiac.
Exceptionally this year, this is a three eclipse cycle, the second Eclipse being 27th July, and the third being 11th August.
And note that the second eclipse on 27th July is the longest eclipse of the 21st Century, and together the three of them will keep Eclipse energies running in our minds and in our lives for a record length of time. It’s a longer window of eclipse energy than usual! How do eclipses affect the planets in your chart ?

Here are the Charts:

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 vedic chart

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 vedic chart 2





This Eclipse is Opposition Pluto – Really Big Note: Note that that the Sun/Moon of this eclipse are exactly opposition Pluto. So, check if this Eclipse and ‘death and rebirth’ intense power of planet Pluto affect your natal chart or natal planets or a sensitive house. If so, there will be big effects. With Pluto in such exact opposition to this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018, we are offered profound transformation: challenging or harmonious; if the Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 chart strongly interacts with our own individual birth chart.

And here is my video:

Mercury Issues: Because this eclipse is in Vedic Gemini, communication skills and information issues in your life could experience breakthrough, and you could cooperate with that trend if you feel it coming your way. Gemini, and also Punarvasu Nakshatra (Vedic Lunar Sign) where this Eclipse occurs, need to be understood. There is a danger of asking questions rather than wanting answers. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is fickle and androgynous and changeable. There’s versatile adaptable glissando. Mercury’s over-questioning can trash needed action and direction. Mercury is illogic as well as logic. Our personal standing and power an energy can be squandered if we use its energy for Mercury-style ‘politically correct’ futile FaceBook posts on social and political issues that are really unacknowledged working out of our personal issues, that more properly should be a focus for real healing and empowerment work, or for focus on shocking scandals or conspiracy theories that don’t really lie at the heart of our life issues! This is damaging to you because, magically, its drain to parade and posture and identify with factions, rather than empower. Mercury can really harm our Mars for example.

In fact, crucially, we have to learn to draw on the two hemispheres of our brain.

I’ll include a couple of personal notes, so you can see how to build analysis of how an eclipse effects your chart and your life: the Ascendant of this eclipse conjuncts my natal Uranus, and this will enhance the inspirational revolutionary current that has been running in my life and work.
And, secondly on a personal note, Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis, and I feel a destined revolution running in my work and life, my astrology readings, the expansion of my various courses. Uranus‘ higher meaning is inspirational revolution.

So, note that with Eclipses, and this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018, there will be positive results if we are on-course for our true life path, or the eclipse consequences will be negative if our life is off-course for its spiritual meaning. Eclipses deeply polarize and internalise our life issues, and we must face our personal and collective shadows around these issues. If you cling to your false securities and stuck patterns, or resist the call of your evolution now, then these eclipses will leave you at best a robot pursuing a mechanical rump of a non-real life, or your life circumstances will quite possibly disintegrate because you are not living in accord with your truth.

So, July 2018 is definitely a month to stand firm in the midst of what might feel like quite a storm, not give way to fear, not go limp, but be truly open to change. Cope with self-doubt and with felt loss of direction. Please see my separate Blog and Video of my Astrology and Healing Magazine for July 2018, and the separate Blogs and videos for the two other Eclipses of this present eclipse cycle: The Solar Eclipse of July 13th and the Solar Eclipse of August 11th. An Eclipse may propel you to a needed new direction.

Please do remember, that Astrology is here to give us good quality perception of the energies and possibilities coming our way. It must never be formula or slack ‘impulse of the moment’ channelling. For our own good, our guiding astrological declaration needs to be intelligent, inspired and developmental. We are not here to experience these powerful July 2018 astrology energies passively or fatedly. Guided by good astrological declaration, we are here to ask these sort of questions:
How can I heal?
How can I empower myself?
How can I use these events to burn negative karmas?
How can I use these energies, including the terrible ones, to powerfully and beautifully manifest that very special spark of incarnational destiny that drove my soul to incarnate to achieve here in this particular lifetime?

Note that this report, like all my astrology readings and courses combines psychodynamic Western astrology (using the Tropical Zodiac) with the Vedic Astrology which is essentially based on our incarnational Life Purpose, and will only give accurate results if you use the Sidereal Zodiac (with Lahiri Ayanamsha for the degrees of difference from western Tropical zodiac). I combine the nine planets of ancient Vedic Astrology with the newer discoveries whose energies have entered western consciousness over the last two and a half centuries: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus, most necessarily: the Wounded Healer: Chiron.

This is a Solar Eclipse. Note that Solar Eclipses and this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 tend to be more ‘factual’ and bring bright new beginnings, whereas Lunar Eclipses tend to be more emotional and bring about the death of something with the possibility for rebirth.

N.B. You really do need to check how the chart for this eclipse interacts with your natal chart. This way, you can understand and prepare for these Eclipse energies that will be entering your consciousness and entering your life. We have to try to deal with Eclipses negative consciousness and life effects, and we have to work out their positive divine meaning and embrace that.

Please note that the Dates and Times for this report are set to Ireland. Check with  for your local variations.

How to interpret this Eclipse:

Enrol on My Varga Course Learn the Vedic Astrology Divisional Charts

This is an invitation to enroll on my very special Varga Course:

The Vargas are the Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology.

Each Varga makes a very special and uniquely, awesomely powerful declaration about a particular area of your life.

In fact, my Vargas Course is one of several wonderful options of more advanced Vedic astrology Courses, which build on my Vedic Astrology Foundation Course. So, you do need to know just the basics of Vedic Astrology in order to study the Vargas.



A. The great benefits of my approach to teaching Vedic Astrology are as follows:

1. Individual and Caring: You get individual caring tuition.

2. Vedic-Western Crossover: You can study this Vedic Astrology Varga Course combined with your Western Astrology if you wish (My western astrology emphasis is psychodynamic and evolutionary), or you can study the Vargas from the standpoint of your Vedic Astrology only.

3. It’s learned. I have studied Vedic Astrology extensively and vastly. I have five university degrees. I have completed a five-year field study: this was an Ethnography: a social-anthropological field study of individuals, Communities and Institutions in connection with spiritual forms new to the modern West, in areas of Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community. I run a Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with my partner Maggie Pashley from where we also offer very many Healings, Courses and Readings worldwide.

4. Grounded and Genuine: In all my course, you focus on two charts, yours and mine, and that way, the discussion is genuine and caring.

5. Healing/Empowering: My astrology readings and courses are never just formula: they are geared to Healing and Empowerment potentials and possibilities.

B. The Vargas – Two Case Examples:

I want first of all, to start off this post about my Varga Course by sharing with you two case examples, so as to give you a very human idea of the great power of these Vedic Astrology Varga charts.

We’ll be looking later on at the particular Varga Chart I have chosen to focus on in this Blog, which is the D12 Dwadashamsha chart. The D12 chart shows us the effect in our lives of our Ancestors and related karmas.

But first of all, please read these two case examples graphically and wonderfully show the power of the Varga charts, what they can so clearly tell you about your life in the special life-are covered by each Varga chart, and why it’s so good to study my Vargas course.

So, please just absorb the power of the examples at this stage. For more detail, you can see later on, in Sections F and G, below, a bit of the deeper information of how the Varga chart is constructed, and who the Varga deities are, and what the energies of these Deities are in your life, etc.

So, these case examples are the D12 Varga Chart of two individuals, a man and a woman: they show the great value of the D12 Dwadashamsha Varga Chart for perception, as with all the Vargas, for healing and Empowerment.

B1. Varga Case Example 1: D12 Dwadashamsha chart of a man: 

So, what was the clear guidance this guy was given from his D12 Dwadashamsha Varga Chart of the effect of Ancestors in our life. Looking at Moon conjunct Ketu south Node in his D12 Varga chart 2nd House, the crucial message is that the issue of value and mothering in his life will be completely destroyed. And so, there is sound help in having this perception. And, also, it gives him the opportunity to do the work to get the needed healing of the karma, as well as empower himself.
Note that the critical planets (the chief planets of study) in the D12 Varga chart are the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node.
His Mars is well-placed in the first house of his D12 chart, and so emphasis on Mars qualities and Men’s Work should go well. Mars is conjunct Chiron in his D1 Rashi chart.
Note the intuitive energy of Jupiter and Mercury in this Varga 12th House.
Note that the Sun is shown actually emboldened in this Shri Jyoti Star Varga chart. This means that his Sun is Vargottoma: in the same sign in the Varga chart as in the rashi/birth chart, and this means that he will be sent very special soul messages throughout his life to heal his Sun, which is of course deeply Fallen in Vedic Libra.
Here is a statement from Kala Vedic software of his D12 Deities. For the energy of each of the D12 deities, see below:

Note that this man’s Jupiter, Sun and Rahu are in Ganesha-ruled Dwadashamsha, indicating positive supportive input from his ancestry, in the nature and manifestation of these planets in his present life.
Note that this man’s Mercury and Ascendant/Lagna are in Dwadashamsha ruled over by Yama the God of Death, and thus there would be problems of an inherited ancestral nature and need for restraint and hard learning in his handling of them, and the challenge of perfecting the qualities of these planets in preparation for death.



B2. Varga Case Example 2: D12 Dwadashamsha chart of a Woman:

So, the clear guidance this woman was given from her D12 Dwadashamsha Varga chat is that Ketu in her 12th House means that she will have a script from her ancestors of engaging in drain or even addiction.
And with Sun conjunct Saturn in her D12 Varga chart, her father will be a total block to her valuing herself and expressing herself.
The Sun-Saturn conjunction is in Vedic Taurus, so it will strike at body issues. She is therefore called to heal the effects of her Father heredity in terms of body image and block to expression of ‘King of her Kingdom issues; that the Sun should be able to express in a life. And she must beware draining activities such as surfing the internet or repetitive group activities (the conjunction is in 11th House). And it will block her gains until she learns to heal and empower herself, and stop the drain.
Here is a statement of her D12 Deities (see below for the deities’ natures):






C. What is Vedic Astrology? And what do the Varga Charts contribute?

Vedic Astrology is the Astrology heritage of India. Indeed, it is vast, and it takes more than one life time to study Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology is geared to a statement of your destiny and your incarnational life purpose, whereas Western astrology is geared to your psychological self, our psychological unfoldment.

The Sidereal Zodiac: Please note that Vedic Astrology uses a different 12-sign zodiac from western astrology, so your planets will often be described as being in different signs. This is because the sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology is fixed: it is anchored to a fixed star as a statement of the Eternal, whereas the tropical zodiac of western astrology is moving: it moves a degree every 72 years and its start point is that point in the heavens that the Sun occupies on the first day of Spring, and because it is solar it is ‘ego astrology’ The scope of Vedic Astrology is immensely vaster than egoic western astrology. At the present the two zodiacs are 24 degrees apart.

The Lunar Zodiac: Additionally, please note that Vedic astrology also employs an even more ancient zodiac: the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs, that depicts our realities in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful. These lunar signs are called ‘Nakshatras’. The positions of the lunar signs were more easily visible to ancient astrologers because they are quite simply the position of the Moon in the heavens on each of the 27 days the Moon takes to orbit the Earth. Because the lunar signs are so ancient, they are powerful and magical and pre-rational, and each of them has a power animal that can be used for many purposes of understanding, including the identification of the best marriage partner for you.

Love Astrology: The Lunar Sign or Nakshatra that your Moon falls in in your Vedic natal chart is the basis for the ancient and powerfully accurate Vedic Astrology of love and relationships. You can order from me a special report on your Love and Relationships Astrology. Each Nakshatra has a power animal. The power animal of the same species but the opposite gender to your own is your ideal sexual partner, however, taking the wider issues of relationship, overall compatibility is often best with another Lunar Sign.

D. So, lets’ now Look at another very special feature unique to Vedic Astrology: the Varga Charts of Vedic Astrology. This is the special focus of this Blog post:

The Varga Charts or Divisional Charts are each a supreme statement about a very special and defined area of your life.

They are derived from the more General Vedic Astrology birth chart which is called the ‘Rashi Chart’.

What the Varga charts declare about your life and destiny, your personality and future, can be so eye-opening. It can be life-changing. It offers you the chance, should you decide to take it, of healing and empowering your life

And so, I invite you to enroll on my Varga Course.

Prerequisite: Please note that you do need to know the basics of Vedic Astrology first in order to be able to study the Vargas.
So, if you do need to encompass the Vedic Astrology basics first, enroll on my Vedic Astrology Foundation Course Master Vedic Astrology. See:

E. There are three important things to realize about the interpretation of each Varga chart:

A. Each Varga represents a different and specially-defined area of life.

B. In each Varga, a planet will have different dignity based on is friendship with its sign ruler, so the different planets will make a more or less powerful contribution to your special area of life declared by the Varga chart that you are studying, than that planet will for your life in general.

C. In each Varga, a planet will have ruling deity, and knowing the deity energy associated with your planet in the special area of life declared by the Varga chart, is often so special and so uniquely eye-opening.

F. So, what areas of life do the Varga Charts cover?


This Table shows brief indication about each Varga, its number, name, key house, key planet and area of life. The 16 main Varga charts are shown here, the Shodasha Vargas. And they are presented in five groupings:

1-Realm of our Existence, Concrete Manifestation:
D1 Rashi First House Sun
Life Path, Events that reveal your true self. The Body = the vehicle of the soul travelling down the road of this life.
D2 Hora Second House Moon
Well Being, Resources, Needs for your accomplishment of material responsibilities. Wealth.
D3 Drekkana Third House Mars Siblings issues Expression, Energy
D4 Chaturthamsa Fourth House Mercury Fortune in life. Property, banks, treasures.
D7 Saptamsha Seventh House Jupiter Conceiving Children, Co-Creation. Dynasty.
D9 Navamsha Ninth House Venus
Ashram in this life. Marriage, Spouse. Life Purpose. Life path.
D10 Dasamsa Tenth House Saturn Career. Standing. Great Fruits
D12 Dvadasamsa Twelfth House Rahu/Ketu, North Node/South Node.
Ancestors. Ancestrally Fated Events. Ancestral Karmas. Parents.
2-Relationship of Consciousness to those Concrete Things:
D16 Shodamsa Fourth House Venus
Vehicles, Mobility, Sources of Happiness or lack of it.
D20 Vimsamsa Eighth House Jupiter
Devotion, Fulfilment. Spiritual Path, Worship.
D24 Chaturvimshamsa Twelfth House Mercury Understanding, Spiritual Knowledge
3-Strength and Skill of Consciousness to Deal with Things that Arise:
D27 Bhamsa Third House Mars
Strengths. Defence. skills and talents. Hard work and focus. Overcoming difficulties. Problem solving powers.
D30 Trimsamsa Sixth House Saturn
Arishtas, Fatalities. Suffering. Misfortunes. Medical crises and challenges.
4-Healthy Growth, Cohesion, Forces that Allow for Things to Come Together:
D40 Khavedamsa Fourth House Moon
Auspicious and Inauspicious Events. If a D40 planets is in good dignity = auspicious. If a D40 planet in bad dignity the planet really destroys the affairs of its House and wider than that, reaches into the other Vargas.
D45 Akshavedamsa Ninth House Sun
Purpose. Feeling things are Worthwhile.
5-Reality of What We Can Manage:
D60 Shastiamsa Twelfth House All Planets
Confirmation of Everything, Accrued Karma, What One Can achieve in this life. D60 sets the limits, e.g.: if D60 2nd bhava is bad, then 2nd bhava can only get so good in any Varga, including D1 Rashi.

F. The four D12 Dwadashamsha Deities:
The four Dwadashamsha Deities are as follows:
Haya (or Sarpa/Serpent).
They rule over one division each, infusing each division with the qualities of their particular powerful spiritual nature.
Who are these deities?

Ganesha and Ashwin Dwadashamashas are benefic:

If you have a planet in a Ganesha sector of your D12 Dvadasamsa chart, that planet will be blessed, because the legacy of your ancestors will lead to initiation of new tasks, spiritual knowledge, and destruction of obstacles on your path of material and spiritual development. Your ancestors will promote encouragement, protection and education to a planet here.

If you have a planet in the Asvins sectors of your Dwadashamsha chart, because these are the Divine Horsemen, the Divine physicians, their nature is to bring fast healing. situations will arise in your life needing healing resources, methods and consciousness This indicates a nurturing and caring legacy from your ancestors, a benefic influence from your parents/ancestry.

Yama and Sarpa Dwadashamashas are more malefic in nature:

Yama is the god of death who leads the disembodied souls into one of the darker or brighter regions of the astral world according to each individual’s merit. If you have a planet occupying one of his sectors in your Dwadashamsha chart, there will be issues of control and restraint and discipline, and of preparation for death around the nature of that planet.

If you have a planet in Sarpa, Haya, or Hayagriva Sectors of your D12 chart, this means that a ‘serpent energy’ or ‘death and rebirth’ quality will apply to the affairs of that planet in your life. knowledge and wisdom will be used to overcomes demonic or dark forces, and thus give peace and prosperity. knowledge and understanding will be needed to overcome difficulties or realize the knowledge and understanding obtained, even after all else is left behind. the passing of time and manifestation of unwanted or uncalled for karmic reactions, which are activated by the time factor, will be an issue to be dealt with, so as to manifest higher residual knowledge during the passage of our life.

So, I hope you are satisfied as to the supreme benefit of learning to read the Vargas, the divisional charts of Vedic Astrology – and also of the need to link these to Healing and Empowerment rather than leaving them as just recitation of arid formula????

Go to my Advanced Vedic Astrology Course website and enroll:

I look forward to working with you



Learn Astrology Prediction – Wonderful caring expert Course

Learn how to Predict using Astrology. Learn Astrology Prediction !

My worldwide Astrology Prediction Course is very special – for the following five reasons:

1. You learn a full range of Astrology Prediction Techniques
2. You get individual caring tuition
3. You can study Western Astrology prediction OR Vedic Astrology Prediction, OR you can combine both
4. It’s learned.
5. You learn by focussing authentically on two charts: yours and mine – and that way the discussion is genuine.



And Very Special Note: If you are wanting to Rectify your Time of Birth, you can do no better than do it through my Astrology Prediction Course.


It is such helpful perception and understanding of your life ahead to have good understanding of the energies that will be entering your consciousness and your life in the year ahead.

Pt. 2 Video: Prediction Case Examples drawn from my Have an Astrology Prediction Year Ahead Video:

Let’s look at some practical examples:

1. Take the example of Rahu North Node transits the Moon in your birth chart in your year ahead: You Have Rahu in the heavens transiting towards your natal Moon. You see that Rahu will hit exact in June ahead. Well, that warns you to expect more obsessing or mental turbulence, etc. it wards you that you might have to handle weird dreams. It tells you that the turbulence will be worst in the applying phase but will then reduce after the exact hit. It warns you that if your Moon is unsupported in your birth chart, then the mental hurt and over-thinking will be worse. AND there’s also the more positive gift that (depending on other indications in your chart) this might be a good time to do shamanic journeying or healing, this might be a good time to engage in intuitive healing, etc,

2. Take the example of: you are in Jupiter Predictive Period or Dasha in Vedic Predictive Astrology, now: well that could be wonderfully expansive and give you needed purpose in everything you do. But you need to hear if your natal Jupiter is in the 6th House in your Vedic Birth Chart (Rashi Chart), in which case one of the things you need to be aware of is that you could attract enemies, so you need to think out really carefully of doing anything that may attract enemies, and then consider all the difficult issues of how you handle enemies in your life if you have attracted them! And is your Sun strong enough to handle a vast Jupiter expansion and direct and manage and contain such in your life now?

3. Let’s say Uranus is going to transit conjunct your Sun in the year ahead: well, be open to wonderful Revolution. Be open to inspiration – and this may come in ways you don’t expect, but take care not to be totally driven and hurt others.
And if you are around age 21/22 or 42, 64 or 84-year-old, then you will be experiencing your Uranus square or Opposition or return, and I can so help you be open to the best in that!

4. Individuation Age Pont and Nodal Age Point: And note that age 42 is the 8th House low point. And I use the wonderful Age Points: the Individuation Age Point of Psychodynamic Western Astrology, and the Nodal Age Point of Evolutionary western astrology, and when your 8th House low point is predictively activated, you will really benefit from a Reading to understand this huge time of life-change.

5. Saturn is transiting Vedic Sagittarius in the year ahead: this is Vedic Sagittarius using the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. What will this mean? Well you have to look at what House Sagittarius is in your Vedic birth chart.
If that house is the 8th from the House occupied by the Moon in your birth chart, this will be Ashtama Shani: Saturn transits 8th House from Moon, and you really do need to know what this means and how to handle it!
And, another example:
if your Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius in your Vedic Birth Chart, well, you are in the middle of Sade Sate and you really do need to know what that means and how to handle it, and it is such a good idea to get a timetable of your Sade Sate energies from me to see: when are the really difficult times? when are the phases of ‘fool’s paradise times’? what does Sade Sate mean for you individually and particularly in your life? It’s a time of separations and despondence and being cut off from God’s grace with the divine purpose of thus being made to see yourself as you really are, and do something about that.
If your Moon in your birth chart is in Vedic Scorpio, then you are now entering the final two and a half years of Sade Sate. Learn how to handle that.
If your Moon in your birth chart is in Vedic Capricorn, then you are starting the seven and a half years Sade Sate, and you would do very well indeed to get a reading of guidance about that!!!
And note that if you are around age 28 or 59, you will be having your SATURN Return, and I can give you great guidance about that that means.

6. Jupiter is in Vedic Libra for your year ahead: well, you need to hear what sign this is in your Vedic birth chart. If its your first house, consciously cooperate with the energy of Jupiter by making strategy fro your expansive projection in the world.

7. Another example: Neptune is opposite your natal Venus: well make space to bring in the ideal love into your life, that your soul will be sensing and yearning for, bet beware Neptune has his dangerous side: the issue of money in your life could be dissolved.

8. Chiron: transits of Chiron bring up healing issues. Chiron takes fifty years to orbit the Sun, so if you are in late forties / early fifties, talk to me, get a reading from me to understand the healing of Chiron in your birth chart: the healing of your existential wound in the healing of which you can become the Healer of others. Your Chiron Return: the time when Chiron returns to his natal position and thus transits conjunct your natal Chiron is big. Chirosis!

3. What Predictive Techniques do we Learn?

This is when a planet in the heavens aspects a planet in our birth chart now, or is transiting through a House in our birth chart now. We study the nature of the Transiting planet, and we study the nature of the natal planet or House that is affected by the Transit.

We study Secondary and Tertiary Progressions are in Western Astrology:

Secondary Progressions:
Day for a Year Progressions are a very reliable and robust indicator of what is going to happen in our life. These are also called Secondary Progressions. They are based on the principle that the chart for when we are one year old says crucial things about what will happen when we are in the year that starts when we are one year old. And of course, the chart of our second birthday predicts year two in our life, and so on. We note especially the position of the Progressed Moon, and what it aspects in our birth chart in terms of natal planets and House. And we note the effect of progressed Ascendant and chart angles, and progressed planets. This system works because of the fixed mathematical ratio between the Earth’s rotational period of a day and the Earth’s rotational period of a Year.

Tertiary Progressions:
These are similar to secondary progressions, but based on the principle of a day in the life corresponding predictively to a month in the life. These are powerful fine-tuning declarations, and are used in the astrology of death for example.

Predictive Periods: The Dasas of Vedic Astrology:
These are supreme and powerful predictors. They are unique to Vedic Astrology. From the moment we are born, a series of Predictive Periods starts to unfold, each period with a ruling planet, and there are sub periods within each predictive period, and each of the sub periods has a ruling planet, and there are sub-sub-periods within each sub-period. We learn how to assess what will happen when the ruling planet of each period/sub-period is activated, in terms of the standing of that ruling planet within our Vedic birth chart and also what the ruling planet is an indication of: The Karakas and Chara Karakas of Vedic Astrology.

Your Solar Return chart is also a good indicator for your Year Ahead. This is the chart for the exact moment the sun returns to the position it occupied at the moment of your birth. It’s usually on the date of your birthday each year. The Solar Return Cart in Vedic Astrology is called the Varshaphal Chart, and is such a robust indicator of themes that will happen in your year ahead.

Predictive Age Points:

I teach two wonderful Predictive Age Points within psychodynamic Western Astrology, using Megastar software, and I supply the chart of these two age points in respect of each of us. There is an Individuation Age Point which circumnavigates the chart in 72 years, starting from the ascendant and moving counter-clockwise. It is an indicator of the energies we will pass through in our journey to potential individuation, in our egoic psychological unfoldment, learning about all the parts of our egoic psychological identity, and learning how to manage them and fulfill their highest potential. This Individuation Age Point moves counter-clockwise from the Ascendant passing through the houses and signs as it progresses. This Individuation Age Point does not only pass through the signs and houses in your natal chart, it also forms aspects to the planets in your natal chart as it progresses, thus activating experiences in your life relating to your scripts for the energies of that planet.
There is also a ‘Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul to you from the astral. The Nodal Age Point charts your soul’s call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions. The nodal Age Point starts from the position of the North Node of the Moon at the moment you were born. It circumnavigates the rim of your chart clockwise, thus passing at predictable dates through your signs, houses and in aspect to your planets. Fascinatingly the Nodal Age Point so often declares a similar strand to your Vedic Predictive astrology.
The Individual Age Point is shown by the black cross in a circle on the rim of your natal chart
The Nodal Age Point is shown by the red cross in a circle on the rim of your birth chart.
The Age Point declaration is sophisticated in that it includes advance techniques such as ‘House Intensity Curve’ etc.

4. Western and Vedic Astrology:

My Prediction Course is unique and very special in that it offers the option to combine predictive techniques of both Western astrology and Vedic Astrology.

You don’t have to study both western Prediction and Vedic prediction, by the way, though many people love to. Others prefer to study just one option.

Modern Western Astrology is largely a psychodynamic and evolutionary framework, geared to our study of our ‘egoic self’, our psychological self, and how we experience things psychologically. And we use the Tropical Zodiac to study Western Astrology, which is based on the position of the Sun on the first day of Spring: The Vernal Equinox.

Vedic Astrology is largely Destiny and Life Purpose orientated, and our psychological self is but a part of our destiny, and not fully ‘real’ at that. Vedic Astrology must use the Sidereal Zodiac and Lahiri Ayanamsha for accuracy. The Sidereal Zodiac is anchored to the ‘Fixed Stars’: Spica in Chitra at 0 degrees Sidereal Libra. Due to precession of the Equinoxes, the Western Tropical Zodiac drifts in relation to the Sidereal Zodiac by a degree every 72 years. Currently the Western Tropical Zodiac is approx. 24 degrees apart from the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac.

The Nakshatras: And note that Vedic Predictive Astrology also gains vast declarative extra dimension from use of the Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology: the 27 Lunar Signs: The Nakshatras, which supremely declare our emotional self, our consciousness arising therefore, and our path to growth to better managing and aligning our emotional self to our higher and more spiritual connection and our openness to God.

5. Which Planets Do We Study on This Course?

The thirteen Planets of both Vedic and Western astrology that are encompassed by this course, are as follows:

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron the Wounded Healer, Ketu South Node and Rahu North Node.

6. The Focus of this Prediction Course:

As with all my Astrology Courses, each topic is studied in relation to two charts: yours and mine. The aim here is to keep the discussion real, grounded, authentic and caring, and to avoid ungrounded formula.

Natal and Predcition Charts: You therefore receive from me at the start of this course two sets of natal charts: yours and mine.
These charts will be in both Western and Natal Astrology and are drawn from four astrology software programs. In Western Astrology these programs are Astrocalc and Megastar. In Vedic Astrology, these are Shri Jyoti Star and Kala.

Other Charts: I am really glad to send you charts for family members in Western and Vedic natal and Predictive Astrology. I can’t undertake to discuss these with you within the framework of the Course, but I do find that giving students the opportunity to also take family members’ predictive astrology on board is a great and wonderful extension to their predictive astrology learning. If you want these, please let me know.

7. Predictive Reports – 2 yr. Period:

For your background consideration, you also receive from me two good quality computer-generated predictive reports for your year past year and also your year ahead in Western Astrology: yours and mine. These are generated using Soar Fire software

8. In what order do we study the planets for their predictive effects?

I find it is good to tailor the order of study to the individual student. And so, what happens is that I make a decision to prioritise prominent or important Predictive Phenomena that are happing in your or my life now.

So, for example, if you are in Sade Sate now, we would study Saturn predictive astrology first. If you were having your Chiron Return now, we would study the predictive astrology of Chiron the wounded Healer first. If you were experiencing a Uranus to Moon transit now, we would start with Uranus, as the first predictive planet to study. I always aim to make my teaching as individual, authentic and caring as I can.

9. Rectification of your Time of Birth:

The best way to rectify your time of birth is to try out the implications of different selected times of birth, to assess which time of birth most accurately predicts the timing event in your life, at the actual date that that event actually occurred.
We encompass this rectification of time of birth testing, where appropriate, as we work through the assignments of this Prediction Course, using different predictive phenomena such as Transits, Progressions and Dashas (Predictive Periods). We try out different times of birth in relation to a predictive phenomenon/method, to see which time of birth gives the most accurate prediction in terms of what actually happened at an earlier time in our life.
We can later fine-tune a Rectified time of birth through study of how different times of birth affect the declaration of our Varga Charts: the divisional charts of Vedic Astrology.

10. Your First Assignment:

We now select for first predictive phenomenon study: Transits.

And we also now select the transit of the first particular chosen planet.

And as stated above, we are now selecting one transit by this planet that has already happened in relation to your natal chart.
An we are also select a second transit by that planet which is yet to happen.

So, you now send me a prediction for both the past and the present transit of the selected planet, shown below, in your life.

And when you have heard back from me on this piece of work, you will then study a past and future transit by the same planet, but in relation to my birth chart.

To support you in this work, I send you our natal charts, also our charts for the moments of the two transits being studied for each of us,
PLUS two documents each with accompanying videos:
Presentation for the first planet of study: Video and Doc. Including Meditation journey to meet that planet in his Pure/Divine self, and also as experienced by us in our chart/our life through the filters of sign, house and aspect.
Karmic Presentation for the first planet of study: Video and Doc: My Lords of Karma Series, complete with presentations of many healing techniques.

And may I wish great Blessing upon all my students for our wonderful inspirational, healing and empowering work,

And I look forward to hearing from you,

Learn Vedic Prediction Astrology
Learn Western Prediction Astrology
OR you can learn to combine both.

PurvaBhadra Nakshatra & Nakshatras Course

PurvaBhadra Nakshatra & Wonderful Worldwide Nakshatras Course (distance Learning and personal sessions through VC)

Learn the Nakshatras, the wonderful and immeasurably powerful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology. I teach a worldwide Nakshatras Course, and here’s a presentation of the 25th Nakshatra: PurvaBhadra Nakshatra number 25 (video below)

Vedic astrology also uses an even more ancient zodiac as well as the traditional twelve Sun Signs: this is the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs: The Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras depict our realities, our Mind and our emotional natures in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and in a way that is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful. It is such an eye-opener when you know and understand the nature of the Nakshatra in which each of your planets fall in your Vedic birth chart. Once you know this, you can manage your life better, purify, heal and empower yourself.


PurvaBhadra Nakshatra Spans: 20°00’Aquarius to 3°20′ Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.
PurvaBhadra’s Planetary Ruler: Jupiter (Dasa-Ruling Planet: Jupiter : 16 years).
Symbols: 1. The Sword. As a weapon, and as cutting of ties to our attachments or former life. Deaths and endings. Also: 2. Front Legs of a Funeral Bier or Hearse: the journey of death, the journey to rebirth.
Power Animal: Male Lion: pride, leadership, respect.
Motivation: Artha – wealth and worldly comfort. Focus on wealth-creation.
Guna Triplicity: Sattva, Sattva and Rajas: SSR
Ayurvedic Dosha: Vata – scatter, discontent and irritation. Sees issues from both sides (for good or ill).
Gana: Human. down to earth and tangible.
Sex Male.

The Devata or Ruling Deity of PurvaBhadra Nakshatra is a complex expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth. He is sometimes: Aja Ekapada – The One-Footed Goat: a form of Rhudra, god of Storms. Thunder God, and therefore a form of Shiva. Cleansing Fire. And the name PurvaBhadra means Hearse or a vehicle for the transport of Fire: The spiritual power of Fire. But PurvaBhadra is also associated is the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) – He and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya (the deity of UttaraBhadra) are seen as brother, the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect: they are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm.

Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course

Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course with Michael Conneely

Learn Vedic Astrology

Here’s an invitation to enroll on my wonderful, learned, caring and completely individually taught Master Vedic Astrology Course: This is a wonderful Foundation Course in Vedic Astrology. It’s completely distance learning and it’s available worldwide.

The Key principle of my Master Vedic Astrology Course is that for each item of study we focus on two charts: yours and mine.

This has a special benefit: that because each item of study in focussed on the charts of two flesh and blood people, this means that our study is completely genuine and authentic. There’s no ranted formula applied to the charts of celebrities, where the astrological assessments and predictions can’t be tested or tried out.

The key qualities of my Master Vedic Astrology Course are as follows:
The course is based on my very learned studies and underpinned by extensive written course material emailed to you, including extensive planet and technique method presentation videos and journeying videos.
You receive all needed charts for yourself and myself: the Vedic Astrology uses Sri Jyoti Star and Kala sidereal zodiac software Charts; the Western Astrology uses Astrocalc and Megastar Tropical Zodiac software charts.
Our Vedic Astrology is studied using the Sidereal Zodiac. If you wish for Western Astrology crossover that the charts we use are in the Tropical Zodiac.
My course is also accessible, individual – and it’s certificated.
And, optionally, and at no extra charge, you can cross over from our Vedic Astrology into our Western Astrology if you wish (including psychodynamic and Evolutionary Western Astrology).

The Course Content of my Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course is as follows:
We study the nine planets of Vedic Astrology one by one: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node. You receive videos and extensive course material for each planet.
We study each planet first of all as a ‘divine principle’, then as how that planet appears in your chart and then mine, assessing its manifestation on various levels as it functions through ‘filters’ of the Sign it occupies, the House it occupies and the planets it aspects – and so we find that how the planet appears in our charts can, of course, be very different from the divine perfect nature of the planet.
And if you wish, you are so welcome to include in to your study the chief four outer planets of Western Astrology: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And, of course, Chiron the Wounded Healer – the statement of our existential wound, in the healing of which we can become the healer of others.

Study of the Planets:
We study the standing of each of these planets in your chart and also how your planets treat each other. We study planets in Signs, Houses, Aspects, Planetary Strength, As Indicators (or Karakas) for areas of our life, and we utilise the insight of various systems of Avasthas as an integral part of the course.

Study of Methods of Vedic Astrology Chart Interpretation:
In between each study, we also learn the Vedic Astrology key basic interpretation techniques, such as Malefic and Benefic nature of planets, Exaltation and Fall of Planets, Rulerships, Karma, Purushartha (the four aims of life): Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha; the Gunas (the three impulses of the planets): Sattva, Rajas and Tamas; The Elements, The Doshas (Kapha, Pitta and Vata), the Navamsha chart (the Divisional or Varga chart of your Soul, life-ashram and relationship) and introduction to Predictive astrology of Transits and Dasas or predictive periods).

Further Study Opportunity is Available.
You can go on to study of my more advanced continuation courses such as my Nakshatras Course, my Prediction Course, my Varga/Divisional Charts course and so on.

Very Special Course Features to the Master Vedic Astrology Course
Healing – Vedic Astrology, optionally including western astrology crossover can of course produce the most wonderful accurate and penetrating perception as to your destiny, incarnational life purpose, karmas, egoic psychological self, psychosynthesis and individuation. However, I make the point that Vedic Astrology is not to be studied in a fated or formulaic set in stone destiny way. It is always to be geared to our healing. For example, if we find that we have Gandanta Moon or Sun, this is valuable perception not least because it gives us an informed chance to utilize the perception and apply healing to our lives.
Empowerment is surely the true value of astrological perception. It is of no value for the Astrologer to state that ‘you have a weak Sun’, unless the declaration also includes sharing and consideration of ways of healing that sometimes devastating handicap that can otherwise blight your life.
Western Astrology Crossover if desired
Individual Attention and Tuition – this is the way I work. I do my best to support, assist and teach and help you to realize your ambitions in learning Astrology.

A little about myself as your Tutor:
I have an Oxford University MA. This was based in study of the roots of the English Language and Literature, for example Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon, Chaucer and Shakespeare, this included the philology of the development of the Indo-European peoples as they spread North, West and South across Europe and trough Asia minor into the North of India (I was taught by JRR Tolkien’s son).
My postgraduate degrees are in Psychology and Sociology.

I completed a five-year university based field study: an Ethnography or Social Anthropological Study of communities and individuals embracing spiritual forms new to the modern West, mainly in Glastonbury where I also studied the development of Glastonbury as a Place of Pilgrimage. The spiritual areas I studied included communities, institutions and individuals embracing Hinduism (based at Skanda Vale), Buddhism (Tibetan and Theravada), Paganism (including Wicca and Druid Path), Shamanism and Utopian Community (Bender sites around Glastonbury dedicated to ‘tread lightly on the Earth).

I live and work with my partner international Healer, Maggie Pashley, at our Healing Centre on the Atlantic Coast of County Sligo in the West of Ireland, close to Ireland’s most ancient sacred sites, international surfing beaches, W B Yeats Country and many mountains and lakes.

I hope this has been a useful presentation of my Master Vedic Astrology distance learning course and teaching methods, and I look forward to hearing from you,

Nakshatras Course Learn Vedic Astrology with Michael Conneely

For details of my wonderful and very genuine worldwide Nakshatras Course, see:

First of all, let me say that it’s not really advanced in that you only need to know the basics of Vedic Astrology in order to be able to do this course.

But let me also say that this course is really advanced when you see all that you will learn from it!

What you study in part 1 of this Course is each of the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology in turn.

You get full manual of background notes and charts to start the course. These set out the different spectrums of analysis criteria by which the Nakshatras are understood, such as the Dosha, the ruling planet, the ruling God and so on.

And you get quite exalted and fascinating notes as you move from one Nakshatra to the next in your study.

And for each Nakshatra, in addition to the notes, you get a video.

And what you do in the Part 1 course, is you write up your own ‘take’ on each Nakshatra in turn. And you also make a study of each Nakshatra in which one of your planets falls or which is occupied by one of my planets. This way we keep the course grounded and full authentic, genuine and caring. We are dealing with the lives and destinies of two flesh and blood people here. There’s no ranted formula or non-genuine analysis systems.

And, if we encounter a Nakshatra in our study sequence which is not occupied by either a planet of yours or mine, you can bring in the chart of a family member of celebrity so as to study in what way that Nakshatra affects the energy and manifestation of the planet occupying it.

Not that my course is always geared to perception of the healing potential of each feature of your chart, and dedicated to your empowerment. I work closely with my partner Maggie Pashley who is a worldwide Healer. See her website and we run a healing Centre on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland in County Sligo.

Part 2 of my Nakshatras Course is a study of the powerful Vedic Astrology analytic techniques that use the Nakshatras system. For example, you learn and test out how you will experience the energy of a Nakshatra and the personality of a person who has emphasis of any particular Nakshatra, in terms of the numerical sequence that Nakshatra occupies from the Nakshatra occupied by your own natal Moon. These systems are such as Nadi Nakshatras, Navtara, health Astrology and Prediction using the Nakshatras.

So: Why study the Nakshatras???


They are such unbelievably accurate declaration and description of the person’s personality.

They depict our emotional self and the self of our consciousness so accurately – but it’s ‘warts and all’!

They accurately depict the highest and the lowest manifestation of the energy and characteristics that we are born into dependent upon having an emphasis in one Nakshatra or another in our birth chart.

And by perceiving the lowest possibilities, we can use that perception to commit to the good. We can embark on healing. We can embrace empowerment. We can pluck victory out of what could be defeat in our life. We can commit to transformation and growth.

We can heal and empower.

And when you do a Chart Reading for another person, the extra dimensions brought in by the Nakshatras system, almost at a glance can RADICALLY transform your Reading!

The extra dimensions brought in by Nakshatra Analysis are breath-taking!

So: go to my Nakshatras Course website and enroll:

I look forward to hearing from you


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