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I invite you to enroll on my wonderful worldwide Vedic Astrology Course.

When I first learned Vedic Astrology I was amazed that it so accurately predicted the unusual circumstances of my birth and the consequences of that in my life. It did this in a way that Western astrology didn’t and couldn’t. It did it in a way that Western astrology could not even touch! And this has led me on to years of study and teaching, many students and thousands of readings, the fruits of which I now share with you.

This does not mean that I think Western astrology does not have vast and numerous irreplaceably valuable powers and features: it does: Chiron and the outer planets, just to name two examples; its psychodynamic dimensions, its Evolutionary Astrology.

But it true to say that Vedic Astrology accurately and surely presents our incarnational life purpose, the circumstances we will experience at birth, and the unfoldment of our life – all with an accuracy and vastness that western astrology can not touch. Its capabilities for the astrology of health, the astrology of relationships and family generational astrology are immense, as is its sense of the huge cycles of unfoldment in which our lives are caught.

So, the techniques and capabilities of Vedic Astrology are quite literally awesome. And I would love to teach my Vedic Astrology Course to you. The course is carefully supported to take you from beginner to Master’s level.

And a special feature of my course is that there is a very clear backbone and direction to the path of study, and to Learn Vedic Astrology

1. The Planets: The first strand of the Master Vedic Astrology course approach is that we study Vedic Astrology planet by planet. We do this study with reference to focus on two charts: yours and mine. The nine planets of Vedic Astrology are:
Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
But, in addition to these nine Vedic Planet modules, I also recommend that you additionally do modules on the four Western Astrology Outer Planets in our two charts:
Chiron, the Wounded Healer

I give you links to my videos about each planet: A Presentation and then a Meditation Journey. So what you do is this: referring to your course guide material, to my YouTube Videos, and also very importantly also referring to your favourite Vedic Astrology books, you quite simply write about each of these thirteen planets, one after the other: first in relation to your chart, then to mine. This process keeps the interpretation grounded, caring and authentic because it is rooted in the lives of two flesh and blood real people.

2. Techniques of Analysis: The second strand of the Master Vedic Astrology Level 1 approach is that In-between your study of the thirteen planets one after the other, you cross over into working on my modules about Vedic Astrology Techniques. These teach you the vast provision of tools, techniques and meanings which Vedic Astrology provides. You work on the rule consolidation documents a section at a time, in between your planet studies. The course structure is as simple and effective as that.

My approach as your Course Tutor is based on the Oxford University Tutorial system that I myself benefited from in the 1960s. This is a system of skilled individual teaching that is designed to bring out the special spark and excellence of each student to the extent that they are prepared to do and sustain their work of study. My personal wish is to be as caring as possible as your Tutor.

3. HEALING and EMPOWERMENT TECHNIQUES: This is key. I do know from extended and deep personal experience and vast study that Vedic Astrology does not assist you in your life if it is taught at a level that is formulaic or fated or legalistic. I say it must generate perception that can be transformative. I say that it must be geared to healing and empowerment, and so our study is assisted by awareness of the many healing modalities used by my partner Maggie Pashley. See her website: www.maggiepashley.com.
See also:  www.bodycodehealing.co.uk , www.changeforlife.co.uk  and www.metamorphicwings.com

4. Visionary Techniques:
I do recommend the value of doing vision journeys to enhance your understanding of the nature of each planet. We can first journey to gain clear appearance of the pure or divine nature of each planet. We can then do vision journey so as to perceive how the planet manifest in our chart and therefore in our life, through the filters of sign, house and aspect – usually a very different entity from the divine nature of the planet. See: blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology/  and blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology-east-meets-west/

4. Avasthas: There is an optional third strand of study I do recommend you build in to this course at whatever stage feels appropriate, but after you have completed study of the sun in our two charts. This optional third strand is offered at no extra charge and is my Avasthas course, which is complete with Videos and full supporting collection of techniques Appendices. Avasthas are the most wonderful statement of the standing of each planet in your chart (and therefore in your life) and also how the planets in your chart treat each other.

Extra Study: Please note that you are also able to pursue and develop your own particular interests as you go along, if you wish. I am glad to support you in investigating topics that catch your mind into greater depth, all with my support. And you are supported and advised by me in a thorough, learned, wise, informed and helpful way that is genuinely quite different from any other Vedic Astrology course.

5. Videos and Blogs: I have prepared for your reference a Blog on each Planet and also a Video to present that planet plus a video Journey to meet each planet. There’s also a Blog on each Nakshatra.
please see:
Blog: blog.starwheelastrology.com/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/michaelconneely

Further Study: My Master Vedic Astrology Course comes in three Levels:
Level 1: The first level (this Level) is introductory, and this in itself can be vast depending on how much depth you choose to go into the study. In some areas, this course actually goes as far as some Level 3 courses I know. See: www.mastervedicastrology.com
Level 2: is dedicated to expert focus on the Nakshatras, the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. You learn the nature of each Nakshatra both from the sort of ‘novelistic’ perspective of meaning that so accurately depicts the personality characteristics of each person. And you also learn the meaning of each Nakshatra in terms of the depth spiritual unfoldment characteristic each Lunar Sign uniquely possesses. Moreover, you study the many key techniques of Nakshatra Analysis of the Vedic Birth and predictive charts that are quite unique to Indian or Vedic Astrology and are of genuine and unique utter power of declaration, analysis and spiritual understanding. These techniques include for example the use of Nadi Nakshatras and Special Nakshatras. See: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com
Level 3: is the Advanced Vedic Astrology Course. Here we learn a vast range of higher analysis techniques like application of the Navamsha chart and mapping it into the Rashi (birth) Chart to assess soul-gifts/messages (Rashi Tulya) or expert analysis of the strengths of your planets (Bala) just to name two out of literally dozens. There are five Level 3 Course Options. See: www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com

For my Western Astrology Course, see: www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com

I would say that unfortunately much Vedic astrology can be a matter of expert ranting through rules of interpretation that although they are complex, sure and valid, will do little or do nothing to generate your powerful, individual and true perception or assist in your personal healing and empowerment. They can lead to mentalism. Intellectual and formulaic consolidation of the rules of Vedic Astrology will not get you very far on your life-time work for this incarnation. Mantra can have a strong validity, but my experience is that they can only take you so far along the path you need and ought to travel. Remedies are fraught with problems and a new consciousness need to be brought to this area. For these reasons, I take my Vedic Astrology Teaching and Readings into areas of Healing, Empowerment and Transformation. The principle underlying my courses is ‘Applied Astrology’: the course involves using the perceptions of Vedic Astrology as a gateway to liberation and expression of your incarnational essence through use of linked healing modalities and empowerment techniques and other approaches such as art therapy and embodiment, as well as means of managing and stabilizing the Mind such as Mantra.

And a further principle of my Astrology Courses is that the true pinnacle perception, empowerment and healing of astrology actually comes from a combination of both Western and Vedic Astrology, where the branches of Western astrology that I especially teach are psychodynamic astrology and evolutionary astrology. For this reason, you are welcome to pursue crossover into the other astrology discipline as much as you wish as you work your way through the study of our astrology charts.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have studied advanced courses in both Vedic and Western Astrology for many years. I have an MA from the University of Oxford and a total of five degrees including psychology, sociology, counselling and teaching. I have completed an invaluable five-year university-based social anthropological ethnographic field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Utopian Community. And I have also resided for long periods in a Hindu Ashram.

All these skills and qualities I now place at your service, as your Vedic astrology Tutor. I do this to further your own perception, to vastly expand your understanding, to promote your awareness and self-development, and to assist you to your enlightenment. I will enable you to draw on that immense ancient ocean of sublime understanding that is Vedic Astrology.

The Certificate Awarded on successful completion of the Course is The Master Vedic Astrology Level 1 Course.

At the foot of this Blog Post I set out the

So, I hope you will enroll on my worldwide course, and I look forward to working with you. All Blessings to us on this Journey.


As a footnote, here is a list of the documents you receive on enrollment:

My Charts in Vedic and Western Astrology
Your Charts in Vedic and Western Astrology
The Main Course Document
(see contents below)
Appendices – 12 Separate Documents:
1.  Nakshatras
 2. Aspects
 3. Planets
 4. Signs
 5. Houses
 6. Planets in Houses
 7. Planets in Signs
 8. Tithi: Moon Phase
 9.  Planets in Houses, Rulers in Houses
10. Vedic Grahas Perception – Vedic perception of planets
11. Starwheel Nakshatras Quick Guide
12. Useful Guide to Basic Chart Reading

1. The Organisation of the Course
Vedic Astrology Introduction (32 Pages)
3. Reading List
4. Approaching Module 1: Sun
5. Background info on Vedic Astrology
6. Module 1: How to
7. List of Supporting Videos and Blogs
8. Advice to Students


Visionary Astrology

Michael ConneelyThe development of visionary keys to perceive the meaning of the planets is one profoundly good way to develop your astrological awareness. This is also known as Visionary Astrology.

In this way you can better increase your perception about your birth chart or your transits or predictive periods, and therefore of your life.

And you can go on from that to do the healing and empowerment work that we all need to do in this life.

What I often do with my astrology students on my western and Vedic Astrology Courses is send them analysis techniques and presentation detail to use, to work with the nature of a planet or conjunction etc, and this includes a video presentation of that planet and also a journey to meet the planet.

So with this method, we work with the sense first of all, that a planet is a refraction of the divine and has a pure nature.

However, it is so useful to also recognise that we in fact actually experience that planet through ‘filters’. We expereince each planet through ‘filters’ in our life. These filters are the sign, house and aspect applying to that planet in our chart and therefore in our life. See below about ‘filters’.

For this reason, our personal and individual experience of that planet can be so very different from its divine pure refraction.

Vedic Astrology

I do find that Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac) does have an immense framework to declare our incarnational life purpose and its unfoldment.

But I would say that Vedic Astrology needs to be taught and used non-formulaically, non-passively (Vedic astrology gurus can tend culturally to lay a power trip) and also non-fatedly.

Vedic Astrology needs to be allied to our developing our healing and empowerment. In fact, that is the highest value of the perception Vedic astrology offers.

So, visionary astrology and healing astrology can be used – and needs to be used with vedic astrology.

Western Astrology

Western astrology, on the other hand (which uses the Tropical Zodiac), is a psychological depiction.

Western astrology depicts our ‘psychological self’: our ‘egoic psychology’, and this is so valuable to perceive.

Psychodynamic western astrology, which I teach and use in my Astrology readings, includes ‘psychosynthesis role play’, and is orientated to the process of ‘individuation’, which is getting the full picture of our ‘psychological self’, and learning to recognise the fullness of that self (including unconscious, ‘split off’ and shadow material). The aim of psyschosynthesis is to deeply develop awareness of that self, heal that self, and empower that self. Understanding what is the effect of Nature and what is the effect of Nurture is also important.

I actually first encountered the ‘filters’ model when I trained with the Swiss Huber school over twenty years ago.

And of course, it was with them that I encountered the ‘psychosynthesis role-play’ of Asaglione who they trained with. And of course, he trained with Carl Gustav Jung, whose work I read so avidly when I was fourteen, with his concepts of the individual unconscious (from Freud) and the ‘collective unconscious’ and so wonderfully also Jung’s: Archetypes. I studied a post graduate psychology degree after my MA at Oxford university.

And I also learned the ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ founded by Martin Schulman, particularly his statement of how past life manifest in this life as ‘incarnational life purpose’.

Western and Vedic Astrology working together:

I loved Martin Schulman’s writing on the Nodes of the Moon, but it is crucial to recognise that Evolutionary Astrology provides a statement of the ‘psychological self’ that will arise from past life inputs: arise to be worked with and healed

And, crucially, western astrology also includes the outer planets: The Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – plus so importantly: Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron depicts our existential wound in the healing of which we can become the healer of others.

Vedic Astrology, on the other hand, does not depict the ‘psychological self’. Vedic Astrology depicts the karmically-created and chosen ‘incarnational life purpose’.

And it was the accuracy with which Vedic Astrology depicted my in some ways very unusual incarnational destiny that impelled me to learn it.

The first Vedic Astrology key concept that ‘wowed’ me was the vedic astrology concept of ‘Gandanta’ which so fits my unusual start in life.

Gandanta Moon = Mother will not be there for you.

And hard on the heels of that was the second key concept that ‘wowed’ me: that studying the position of the Nodes of the moon in one’s Vedic birth chart is a supreme key to your incarnational destiny (mine: Ketu in the 4th House of Mother and all that entails.

And then there’s the Vedic method of analysing the standing of a planet in a chart. Mine: Sun most deeply fallen, and so the list gods on – endlessly.

And so, my first Vedic Astrology training was with the late Richard Houck who fascinatingly and accurately developed a combined Vedic Astrology/Western Astrology of ‘The Astrology of Death’
(I was in Sade Sate at the time – the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits the Moon in our birth chart!)

But to get back to the subject of my vision work in astrology, I am so glad that many people are now finding this graphically helpful to understand the planet and how it manifests in their chart and in their life, finding this method liberating and intuitively inspiring.

And I use the same visionary method in my Tarot Course, where i offer presentations and the accompanying Journeys for each tarot card. I do too. I love doing it!

And so a foundation of my readings and teaching is to offer both western astrology and vedic astrology.

I offer pointers to combine the two if that is what the student wants.

And to this, I have added two key additional approaches to astrology that are also on offer if felt to be what the student wants:

Visionary Astrology

and also

Healing Astrology

And so, for example, when a student has made the first study of a planet, or for example, a conjunction in their chart (or whatever other astrological feature they are studying), I can then record for them a ‘visionary journey’ where I simultaneously use my shamanic drum as I speak, so as to heighten our vision and intuitive connection.

And the purpose of this recorded journey is to seek to support the development of their awareness of how that planet actually manifests in their chart and in their life, through developing clear visionary appearance of the planet.

Students themselves send in to me lovely reports of the wonderful vision journeys they do to gain visionary clear appearance of Mars or Jupiter. For example, first: Mars or Jupiter in their essence. Then of Mars or Jupiter in their chart

And then we use very accurate methods (for example avasthas) to state how those two planets treat each other and work together in their chart – and therefore in their life!

Such vibrant satisfying visionary journeying work is so fulfilling to do. Such a happy experience! Such a powerful experience!
Such valuable perception to arrive at.

Such a useful basis to bring in needed healing and empowerment work.

Have a look at this video which mentions my Visionary Astrology approach. It is recorded near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland:

And have a look too at this video about The Sun in your Astrology Visionary Journey:

And here’s a journey to meet Rahu the North Node of the Moon:

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please contact me on: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/buyanastrologyreading.html
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The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

Michael ConneelyDonald Trump Astrology Birth Chart The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

This Blog Post examines the power of the Nodes of the Moon in creating the special destiny of Donald Trump, with which the destiny of so many millions of humans are now entwined.

I have written posts on Donald Trump’s astrology before and charted his rise to power, shown the clear astrological parallel with the rise of Adolph Hitler, and asked the question of what will the eclipse of 21st August 2017 mean for him and for the USA and for the world.

This Blog post focuses on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in his birth chart: The Nodes are Rahu the North Node, Ketu the South Node.

Donald Trump’s  birth chart and derived charts are set out at the foot of this blog post for you to see what I am talking about.

And also please see the associated Video about the Birth Chart of Donald Trump:

This is the chart of one born under an eclipse – darkness upon the native’s life. This means there is some disconnection with the personal identity on earth and the person’s soul or higher self.

Whereas Ketu conjunct the Sun will diminish the Sun and render it insubstantial, Rahu conjunct the Sun, at a worst-case scenario, as here in Donald trump’s chart, will create a hugely over expansive reaction to a crisis in personal identity, making the person go big time for worldly success, and driven to make a huge mark on the world.

Rahu here gives the person clear direction. Success is likely with high social status and fame and achievement. But the impurity of Rahu imbues the Sun with driven over-ambition, selfishness, rigid dogmatic ideas and dark psychological tendencies of scapegoating.

Rahu has an adventurous nature and loves surprises and sudden events, that are not actually real, but an illusion that is magically forced to become chameleon reality in peoples’ minds. The energy breaks taboos and loves to breach boundaries. It wants to be unique and noticed and break tradition all so as to repair the original wound of not having loving notice from mother.

Sun is the King. Rahu is the thief. They are inimical. The genius with double standards loves to think outside the box and sneak its way to power by cheating and hiding the real truth, while looking honest and convincing in his deception.

N.B. AND ALSO NOTE THAT HE HAS Chiron conjunct Jupiter which makes it worse: an existential wound to Jupiter, producing glitzy ungrounded over-expansionary slogansing and rant.

Ketu conjunct Moon:

The Moon represents the Mother, Mind and consciousness arising therefrom. Ketu conjunct the Moon can gives intuition and even psychic powers, but this can become florid and even insane in the worst cases.

Issues from mothering in this and past lives, and also psychic material from past lives can overwhelm and confuse the mind, leading to outburst and irrationality, fear and turbulence, and so spiritual management of consciousness is essential for the stability, continuity and protection both of the person concerned and also those in their lives: whether family members, or the public at large if their job takes them in that direction.

Ketu conjunct Moon creates confusion, scatter, over-analysis and turmoil in the mind and emotions, with great potential for becoming critical of self or others and attacking others.

And you can also see the associated videos and blog posts on Ketu the South node of the Moon:Rahu Conjunct Sun:

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Here are Donald Trump’s Astrology Charts:

Donald Trump Western Astrology Birth Chart:











Donald Trump Planet Positions Western Astrology:







Donald Trump Transits Western Astrology:








Note importantly that Saturn is transiting conjunct his natal Moon this year and so also transiting opposition his natal Sun. Sun.
And note importantly from the Vedic astrology table below that Sun is ‘AK’. Sun is his Atmakaraka. He was born to get Sun issues right this life time, because of what happened in his previous life! And with Rahu conjucnt Sun what a set-up for great power he has!
And note importantly that Saturn is also transiting conjunct Ketu, and so Saturn is transiting opposition Rahu: And note from the Vedic Dignities Table below, what great Dignity his Rahu and his Ketu have: what a powerful and fated life!

Donald Trump Vedic Birth Chart: 




Donald Trump Vedic Planet Positions:




Donald Trump Vedic Planets in Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Signs):




Donald Trump Planet Dignities:




Note that Sun is Atmakaraka (AK) in his Vedic Birth Chart and in his life (see above):


Ketu in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2

Michael ConneelyKetu, South Node of the Moon in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2 Visionary Astrology, Mythic Keys and Astronomy of Ketu

Ketu Visionary Astrology:

So, what is the Nature of Ketu. What does he look like? Do you have ‘clear appearance’ of him?

One of my favourite approaches to astrology that I offer in my worldwide astrology courses: Visionary Astrology – East meets West.

It’s about the union of western astrology and vedic astrology, plus the option of using the ancient Tibetan Buddhist and tantric Hindu approach of developing ‘clear appearance’ first of a planet in our birth chart as a God, in his pure state, his innate state, as a refraction of the divine.

Then we can so usefully also go on to getting a graphic picture of that planet and his divine energy as he actually appears in our particular individual birth chart when experienced as our soul chose for us to do through the three filters of the sign the planet occupies, the House the planet occupies and the effects of aspects made to that planet by other planets in our chart.

Thus, we can build up the clear appearance of each planet not only in his pure state as a refraction of the divine, but also, secondly, in his filtered sate as to how he will actually manifest in our life – which can even amount to quite a torsion of the pure and perfect divine planet.

See my Blog on Visionary Astrology:  blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology-east-meets-west/

So, in the case of the innate nature of Ketu, well let’s call an image of Ketu to our mind’s eye and then name some of the energies associated with his manifestation:

Imagine a hissing writhing deadly venom-serpent with its tail, and the body of a headless, trancing man whose form weaves and writhes and swirls and grows from small to immense and flickers in and out of sight. There’s mala beads around his neck, bangles on his ankles, the spiral tattoos on his hands and body. And then you see with terrible shock that in his hands are a sword, a discus and a mace: vicious sharp weapons quite unlike the swirling miasmic first appearance, and he is heading for you. And then you call in association with this image:

Ketu – South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu – Injury, disturbance, knowledge, liberation, spiritual insight.
South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu connects to computers (especially the internet), moksha and liberation, as well as unique or unusual modalities.

Mythic Keys to Rahu and Ketu:

The churning of the milk ocean happened at the beginning of time, both the Gods and demons sought to extract the needed Amrita: the nectar of immortality from the immense milk ocean at the center of the universe. (The Milk Ocean is a symbol of the Milky Way galaxy, Mula Lunar Sign).

But neither the Gods nor the Demons (the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, our light and shadow sides) were strong enough to do it on their own, so they joined forces. The Gods realized that they had to employ the support of the demons (asuras) to create the momentum needed.
Both our light side and our shadow side must be involved fully if we are to have the nectar!

The churning of the Milk Ocean was a cosmic event. Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod. Vasuki, the king of the serpents, who abides on Lord Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope. The demons demanded to hold the head of the snake, while the gods, taking advice from Vishnu, agreed to hold its tail. As a result, the demons were poisoned by fumes emitted by Vasuki. Despite this, the gods and demons pulled back and forth on the snake’s body alternately, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. When the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a turtle Kurma, came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.

But once they started churning the ocean, an enormous amount of poison emerged. They stirred it up from the bottom. It was so horrific it threatened to destroy all of creation. So, to avert catastrophe, they called on Lord Shiva. They asked Him to drink all the poison.

This Lord Shiva managed to do. He drank all the evil, then transmuted it within himself, and thus he saved creation, because this allowed for the immortal nectar to be extracted.

Shiva and the poison: However, the poison might have destroyed Lord Shiva as well, had he actually swallowed it. Maybe even he could be overwhelmed by our Shadow? So, instead, he held it in his throat, and transmuted it. That is why he is sometimes portrayed blue. One of his forms is called “the blue throated one” (Neelakanthaya). He holds the poison of our darkness in his throat and transmutes it – so that we can live.

In the Vedic literature, one story says that the asuras ended up stealing it for themselves. The gods fought back and with the support of Vishnu (the sustaining force of dharma) they were able to regain the Amrita. Vishnu gave each one of the gods a drop of the immortal nectar, but Rahu (Svarbhanu) received a drop accidentally. Rahu was positioned in between the Sun and the Moon as he received the nectar, and they recognized him at once. The demons had consumed nectar. They had become immortal!

Accordingly, Vishnu chopped Rahu in half with his Sudarshana Chakra discus, and thus Rahu (head of the serpent) and Ketu (tail of the serpent) were born: two parts of a demon: chthonic dark and invisible forces, Ketu without a head so no logic; Rahu without a heart so no feeling. Rahu continues to chase the Sun and Moon out of disdain.

The formless entities Rahu and Ketu are representative of the unseen forces at play within all humans.

Rahu drives the cravings and the appetite for this material and psychic world.

Ketu dissolves. He forces the inevitable release process, severing us from worldly attachments.

Right now, this epic “churning” is taking place very acutely- inside of you and on the world stage. The aggression being stirred in the environment is activating individuals very acutely, and individuals are intensifying the collective energy as well. The churning is extreme right now.

The moral of this story is: It is no good ungroundedly imagining images of light and ascension, and gushing awesome etc, if we ignore our very own huge shadow demon creeping up behind us!

This is a story about the need to tread a tantric road to salvation: one which involves both our light and our shadow.

It contains seeds of wisdom about serpent power that was demonised in the story of Adam and Eve, is found in the story of Hercules slaying the Hydra. For the ancient Egyptians, snakes were the symbol of royalty: the pharaoh wore a uraeus, Cleopatra chose to die by cobra bite. The Egyptian serpent Apep embodied all wisdom and all darkness and evil: out of darkness light; death and rebirth. The world serpent features in many myths for example the ancient Norse Jormungand.

Ketu Astronomy:

The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the apparent orbits of the sun and the Moon around the Earth, and as such are the eclipse Points. They are points in space of special sensitivity. They lie on the ecliptic which is a great circle on the celestial sphere representing the Sun’s apparent path during the year against the backdrop of the stars, so called because lunar and solar eclipses can only occur when the Moon crosses it

The difference between the Vedic and Western astrology birth charts:

The Vedic Birth Chart, using the sidereal zodiac shows our incarnational destiny: what fates constellate at the time of our birth for us to work with to experience, to heal. Its predictive unfoldment shows the nature and timing of the challenges and supporting energies you will have to work with at predictable dates, again: for you to heal and grow.

The Western Birth Chart, using the tropical zodiac shows your psychological or egoic self, and details its psychological unfoldment, with the call to develop individuation: the call to develop clear perception of all our subpersonalities, and the ability to manage them and to strategize our life. The western birth chart depicts our egoic self. Even Western Evolutionary Astrology which deals with the description and management of our past life scripts expresses these psychologically using the western tropical zodiac. Vedic Astrology on the other hand acknowledges our psychological egoic self but states that it is not fully real: just a boat to get us to the other side, but not the other side!
For more on the topic of: ‘Which Zodiac?’ see:  blog.starwheelastrology.com/which-zodiac-should-i-use-in-astrology/

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Ketu in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 1 Nature of Ketu

Michael ConneelyKetu is the Vedic Astrology name for the South Node of the Moon.

I want to start with a key factor in understanding Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node, which is what the Nodes show in terms of our ‘karmic unfoldment’.

Ketu in your astrology birth chart is the South Node of the Moon, and shows what past life scripts you come in with in this life. It is described as the camp of the occupying army.

Rahu in your astrology birth chart is the North Node of the Moon, and shows your incarnational destiny: what karmas your soul chose for you to work at to burn in this life, what special talents you chose to work with to seek to manifest and shine with. Rahu is always opposite Ketu, so in fact we are thrown toward our incarnational destiny.

But note at this stage that they are both very difficult energies, and indeed that we will have to purify our reception of Rahu if we are ever to have any hope of getting to where he points to, far across the chart in the opposite sign and house from Ketu.

In fact, until we learn to purify them, the two Nodes are the two parts of a demon: they are chthonic dark and invisible forces, Ketu without a head and so no logic; Rahu without a heart and so no feeling.

This presentation comes in three parts:
This part, part 1, is about the nature of Ketu.
In part 2, we will also be looking at relevant matters such as the Mythic Keys to understanding Ketu, the astronomical nature of the Nodes of the Moon, the difference between the western astrology birth chart using the tropical Zodiac and the Vedic astrology Birth Chart using the Sidereal Zodiac and the method of Visioanry Astrology to get a ‘clear appearance’ of the planet, first as a pure entity, as a refraction of the divine; and socondly as he manifests in our astrology chart and therefore in our life (as we experiecne him through filters of sign, house and aspects to other planets – and this can be a very different matter to his pure nature!).
And in part 3, we look at the birth chart of Donald Trump to show how the force of Ketu manifests in a terrible chart.

But first of all, let’s focus on the nature of Ketu, the South node of the Moon.

Ketu dissolves. So, to have a planet conjunct Ketu in general means that that planet will be ruined. But in fact, Ketu is a divine instrument. Ketu brings a fierce energy of concentration, powerful even terrible perception, intuitive or psychic awareness and openings. So, if we can learn Ketu’s lessons, we may ultimately do well with that planet. Ketu can liberate us. Ketu can on occasion boost the manifestation of a strong planet, but that planet has to be strong in your birth chart.

Ketu is headless and instinctual. He is very hard to understand and get to know. He is elusive. He creates a pervasive atmosphere of disconnection from material solidity.

So, for example, Ketu conjunct Sun might be to have no father. Ketu has the power to overcome the Sun.

Ketu in the 4th House might be to have no mother.

He calls us into the spiritual realm but he does this through odd and weird events and sudden disasters or openings. He creates doubt and disturbance.

Unless we develop maturity and spiritual perception, he can leave us devastated and bereft. Like Rahu, Ketu has a psychic effect on us, and it can be very hard to understand. Our mind can be really puzzled or devastated. His energy is very sharp and critical and martial, so to have Ketu conjunct a planet can make us very wilful, argumentative or critical around the manifestation of the conjunct planet.

To have Ketu conjunct Mercury plays weird games with the normal Mercury qualities of communication and conceptualisation and organisation, so we can be maddened with the Mercury problems, which include siblings, but the divine call is to apply ourselves better. And there is a much bigger meaning to Mercury conjunct Ketu than that. Mercury conjunct Ketu is the ‘jnana karaka’, or the ‘enlightenment indicator’. It manifests this way: we may study spiritual paradigm after spiritual paradigm, only to realise that any paradigm is but a finger pointing to the Moon. No paradigm is actually the Moon itself. Wisdom and psychic sensitively are included in Ketu’s ultimate gifts: spiritual rebirth. Ketu can free us from our illusions and delusions, but to the more materialistic person he manifests as dark destruction and disruptive events and delusion. But that is the higher consciousness person.

Ketu is all associated with mass catastrophe and war.
Ketu represents the forces in our subconscious which can and will erupt, even with devastation as well as release. Ketu is invisible forces and can manifest as virus attacks and epidemics.

Here are a few pointers to understaning Ketu in yoru birth chart: Generally speaking, the Nodes do best in the Vedic signs owned by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo). Rahu does well also in Saturn’s Vedic signs (Capricorn and Aquarius). Ketu does well in Mars’ Vedic signs (Aries and Scorpio).
Note that Rahu is the co-ruler of Vedic Aquarius, and Ketu is the co-ruler of Vedic Scorpio.
Jupiter’s Vedic signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) inspire and uplift Ketu.
Venus’ Vedic signs give a more worldly sensual energy to the Nodes, more so to Rahu rather than Ketu.

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So, now please go to the other two parts of this Blog Post:
Pt 2 Ketu Mythic Keys and Astronomy
Pt 3 Case Study: The frightening Birth Chart of Donald Trump.

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Worldwide Nakshatras Course and Ashlesha Nakshatra

Michael ConneelyNakshatra #9: Ashlesha Nakshatra

The Nakshatras are supremely good at depicting our emotional nature and thus our consciousness arising therefrom. They are deeply ancient and powerful celestial wisdom and reflect the lunar Zodiac: the position of the Moon in the heavens. They are profound and offer both penetratingly exact novelistic interpretation as well as simply divine perception, classification and categorization. You can learn so much about yourself. you can learn so much about the other people in your life. They are a key to life-meaning and relationships.



Here is some preliminary information about Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha Nakshatra Key Words:

Ingenious, versatile, very fluent, imaginative and artistic.
Money-minded, will do anything for money. Can be subtle cheats or liars playing mind-games with those they defraud.
Controlling of self and others.
Hypnotising, with innate reflexive use of sexual power.
Shrewd. There can be brilliance, though this is not necessarily always consistent.
Translation: the entwiner.
Power animal: The Male Cat – cleanliness, finicky, detached, indifferent.
Penetrating, intense, hypnotic.
Wise, profound, secretive; deceptive or evasive.
Ambitious and full of conviction. Business orientated and heartlessly greedy. Untrustworthy liars and cheats.
Reclusive, independent and self-reliant. Marilyn Monroe has Ashlesha Ascendant/Lagna.
Hate critics, vengeful towards humiliation.
Crafty, devious, controlling. Can be cruel and wicked, ungrateful and tactless.
Mercury, here, the Ashlesha sign ruler, can be shrewd and manipulative here and his negative sides of evasion, deception and deviousness need to be watched out for. This Nakshatra is called the entwiner. It ensnares and entangles. It controls.
With the weaker representatives of Ashlesha Nakshatra, there is the risk of mental instability, worry, fear and melancholy for some. The sensitive nervous system can be prone to psychic invasion and self-deception.
But at its best, there is potential for redemption and transcendental perception.

Favorable: Versatile, clever; makes their living in a number of ways. The leader: they can accomplish things when motivated and gain good wealth. they put great energy into things that interest them. They can transform their lives and benefit from spiritual work. Although serpent energy has its poisonous qualities, it also offers penetration, insight and concentration. The negative serpent energy needs to be won over and used for self-less and sattvic purposes, harnessing its instinctual wisdom, cunning, occult and esoteric knowing both for individual good and the good of humanity. When and if truly activated, this Nakshatra can bring mystical power, electrifying shakti and spiritual enlightenment.

Unfavorable: controlling and entwining. The hypnotizer. They disempower others. Snakes paralyze their enemy with their poisonous glance. Unscrupulous; dismissive attitude; impolite, tactless, unpopular, lacks social skills; doesn’t like rules; hoarding mentality; secretive; talkative; lack of gratitude; fragmented and ineffective; reck­less, disconnected, introspective, depressed, and isolated; lacks grace. They have a reputation for fierce court battles, and can be poisonous. They are notorious for using people, and also cutting people out of their lives. They can abuse their powerful energy for self-centred purposes: the snake seduces us to leave paradise, and yet they like to look supremely spiritual, if rather calculating and smarmy. Ashleshas have gained a certain reputation by hypnotising their oppo­nent, abusing their sexual attrac­tion, black magic and ‘snake-like’ intrigues.  They can be crooks and tricksters on the borderlands or outside decent society, playing mental games and dealing in glamours and illusions and sexual manipulations: calculating, cold-blooded and selfish, launching venom attacks and spreading poison. They are notorious for weaving webs, working in secret and creating elites and takeovers, even from a position of stagnation, laziness and indulgence. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Aslesha allows for inflicting with poison. Its heavenly basis emanates for approach of the serpent, which results in trembling and agitation, through which there is destruction of the victim. When we get tangled up in desire, it leads to madness because we do not have any detachment.

See the full details of my Nakshatras course at: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com

In part 1 of the course, you study each Nakshatra in turn, with special reference to the manifestation of that Nakshatras energy in your chart and mine, but also bringing in family, friends and celebrities. The aim of this chart focus is to promote caring and authentic discussion and analysis. There is full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review.
Natal study of the Nakshatras: So, what you do is you analyse the implications for each of the planets in our two charts in the light of the Nakshatras they occupy. What does this mean for our personality, for our life, for our destiny? How will it affect our emotional natures and consciousness arising therefrom? What steps can we take to heal and empower?

In Part 2 of the course, you learn the full range of the interpretation techniques using the nakshatras, such as Navtara the derived Nakshatras table (the Tara system) and health astrology using the Nakshatras, Surya, Manasa and Nadi Nakshatras. Nakshatras for relationship compatibility. Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis

Correspondence: You email me your work in respect of each Nakshatra within Part 1 and then each Technique within Part 2, and I then email you my response, which is always detailed, learned and very caring. You are always welcome to ask questions at any point.

In all cases, there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

This Nakshatras Course shares with my other two Vedic Astrology Courses, the opportunity to study some of Vedic Astrology’s deepest secrets.
It is a powerful tool for developing a profound view of your own astrological chart and it can help in realizing your true path and nature.
It is especially important for discovering your soul’s destiny and helping you to maximize your potential and heal and resolve problems and issues you have in this life; be they emotional, physical or mental.
In fact, my Vedic Astrology courses are exceptional in offering a combination of Astrology and optional Healing techniques that can bring about empowerment and profound and long lasting change to a person.

And they offer opportunity for Western Astrology crossover if you wish for that additional dimension.

I look forward to hearing from you,

See the full details of my Nakshatras course at: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com
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