Sacred Earth Novel by Michael Conneely The Protest

Sacred Earth Novel

Sacred Earth is a visionary Earth Spirituality novel by Michael Conneely which is available on
Amazon worldwide as paperback and kindle.

It tells the story of a young man who finds meaning in his life when he joins a group to protect a Stone Circle which is threatened by the start of Quarrying nearby.

In this excerpt, Michael Conneely reads how Liam joins the Protest to save the Stone Circle from the start of quarrying nearby, and how he finds his spiritual path through his act of bravery:

The Book Sacred Earth Is Available on Amazon

I was still standing on my own, watching everything, and the strong feeling was taking hold of me that my own terrible moment of truth was coming – and I did not want it to!
All the other protestors seemed to be in groups – watching people hurl themselves in front of the tracked vehicle, in case the line gave way. Others were now positioning themselves in front of the parked-up quarry lorries as well now, so they wouldn’t be able to move forward or backward, even if the line holding back the tracked vehicle finally broke.
The police seemed to lose patience when this second line of protest started and people were starting to get pretty brutally arrested. Some people were put off by the heavy police tactics, but with others it seemed to work the other way. I got the impression that some people who had just turned up, expecting only to watch, suddenly made the decision to join in instead, even to get themselves arrested, it made them feel so strongly.
I stood there. I still didn’t feel like doing the Action at all. In fact, I can tell you I actually considered just turning round and going away. Even then, I nearly left. I was just so fed up to even have to be in this hopeless situation. One problem was it seemed so obvious to me the protest would fail. OK, so people were holding their own on some of the tiny details, but in the big picture – to use my father’s horrible phrase – it was obvious it could not stop the stone extraction process starting. I nearly ended up trying to count the number of protestors, estimate the average arrest time and multiply the first figure by the second to work out how long it would be before the Action failed because they had all been arrested and taken away. Again I pulled myself up short; it was as if he was inside my head, again.
I just didn’t want to walk that final seventy-five yards into the mouth of hell – that’s what it felt like. So I stood rooted to the spot, lost, losing my identity in a way, I was so torn. Then I saw four kids from my college. Jamie was there. Jamie. I was so ashamed I had thought of him as Heathcliffe. They waved at me trustingly. They looked at me almost with hero worship. That was the last thing I deserved. ‘Oh Lou, can I be worthy of what you have done?’ I asked in desperation. Jamie crossed over to me. ‘I’m going to prison with you, Liam,’ he said.
‘No, Jamie, you mustn’t. You’ll get kicked out of College. Just be here. Don’t get arrested, mate. They’ll crucify you. Thanks – Jamie for – everything, mate.’ Tears filled my eyes. ‘Go back Jamie,’ I told him. But he wouldn’t. He stuck by me though he was shaking with fear.
I dimly remembered what we’d been told about undoing my jacket, ready for the moment when the police grabbed me. I found myself doing this. I told Jamie that’s what you had to do. ‘So it comes off when they grab it,’ I explained to him. I did it in a dream-like way, even though I was actually telling myself, at the same moment, that what I was going to do was to walk back to the bender and tell Esther I had decided not to join the Action, either. I didn’t want to be grabbed hold of by policemen. I looked at them and I disliked them so much.
The police seemed to be getting more and more impatient, rattled or tired, anyway more and more heavy handed. I didn’t want to be sucked into the despised British ‘Justice’ system. I had watched good men and women being arrested but told myself they were making a useless sacrifice. Jamie nearly collapsed at the knees. It was so truly terrifying and horrible. Then I remembered Lou’s voice. It echoed in my mind:


Sacred Earth Novel by Michael Conneely

Sacred Earth Novel by Michael Conneely The Stone Circle Calls

Sacred Earth is a visionary Earth Spirituality novel by Michael Conneely which is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback and kindle.

It tells the story of a young man who finds meaning in his life when he joins a group to protect a Stone Circle which is threatened by the start of Quarrying nearby.

In this excerpt, Michael Conneely reads how the Circle calls Liam.


CHAPTER 1. The Protest Site

OK, so this is the story of how I got into Earth Spirituality. It’s strange to be writing the truth about such personal things for people I know nothing about. I feel awkward, really embarrassed, I suppose – but I’ve got to write the truth, because what happened is so important – so, I swear I’ll keep it the truth.
The background is my father moved job when I was sixteen. He was a Planning Officer and he’d moved to work for a new council. Not just any Planning Officer, he was a Deputy Chief Planning Officer, now. We moved in the April, so I missed the last three months of my old school and would have to travel back to sit the exams; and the College he’d enrolled me near our new house at didn’t start until September. The new house was grossly loathsome. The cul-de-sac it was on was called Admiral Mews! ‘A prestige new residential development of detached houses with commanding views’, the Estate Agents said, but I would add it was built on hitherto unspoilt countryside and it looked plastic and sterile with mock Tudor effects, just as if it was built out of Lego – never my favourite substance.
As soon as I arrived, I got on my bike and cycled round the hill at whose base the Admiral Mews development had been built. I had no friends now and knew no one and I had nothing else to do except revise for my exams. There was a narrow winding road circling the base of this steep wooded hill, more precipice or cliff-face than hill in places. I cycled round it until I noticed a track heading steeply off it up the hill from a small lay-by. There were big sawn-up tree trunks and large lumps of concrete blocking the track’s entrance from motor vehicles, but I just pushed my bike past the barriers and biked up through the trees until I came to the summit where I found myself on a high wide flat windy moor-land plateau open to huge skies with a birch wood at one end, and, in a high clearing within the wood, I found a stone circle.
The stones were not very big, intimate – only a few feet high, but the place was breathtaking. It was so hidden in its clearing, but the clearing was wide so that the circle was sweepingly open to the full arc of the skies and clouds, winds and sun. The moment I saw it, words came into my mind and echoed in there. The words were: ‘waiting’ ‘waiting for you’.
I stayed in the circle every day after that, just hanging around, enjoying the silence, revising for my exams, thinking. The important thing is that the place felt totally quiet, weird, timeless. I definitely felt I was a different person, there – and I was much happier with this different me – but it took me weeks and months before I could even begin to describe exactly how it was changing me. The change is in me still. I can feel it. The fact is it is as if some energy was there. I am certain it had been put there by the people that built the stone circle, or it could be the stones had been built there because of the energy of the place, I suppose; or both: but either way it was definitely a very different world.
I began to feel very different in my body and my mind changed. My head felt different. My body felt more solid and alert. I felt more of a man. I felt more part of the great sweep of time and the endless turning of the seasons and the life of animals and birds. I believe it had given this gift to its makers who first used it for their rituals over three thousand years ago, but how this energy was created in the first place is a deep mystery. If you go there you, too, might experience the truth of these feelings. And later on, I found it had other gifts as well.
The truth is that, by strange coincidence, other people were called to the Circle at exactly this same time, and our arrivals coincided with a time when the Circle itself came under a threat that put into peril its presence on this landscape where it had stood holding its power for three thousand three hundred years.
I was so lucky and blessed in these other people who were also called to the Circle. My whole life changed. It happened like this.

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You can see details of Michael Conneely’s visionary earth spirituality novels at:

Revati Nakshatra #27

Revati Nakshatra No 27 and Worldwide Nakshatras Course

In this blog post Michael Conneely discusses the qualities of Revati Nakshatra Number 27

Spans: 16°40′ to 30°00′ Pisces (Meena)
Ruler: Mercury
Devata: Pushan
Symbol: The Fish, two fishes. The fish swimming in the sea shows the soul’s journey.
Alternatively, its symbol is mridanga (drum)
Yoni/Power Animal: Female Elephant – understanding, immobility.
Motivation: Moksha – spiritual liberation
Guna Triplicity: Sattva, Sattva, Sattva – totally Sattvic/spiritual!
Ayurvedic Dosha: Kapha
Sex: Female
Gana: Divine
Caste: Shudra. Servant. Service orientated!

You can learn all about Revati nakshatra 27, and the whole Lunar Zodiac of 27 Lunar Signs or ‘Nakshatras’ by enrolling on my wonderful caring Nakshatras Course.
You do need to know just the basics of Vedic Astrology in order to follow my Nakshatras Course. The Course focuses on two charts: yours and mine. Part 1 of the Course focuses on each of the 27 Nakshatras. Part 2 of the Course focuses on the wonderful, powerful Interpretative Techniques using the Nakshatras, for example for relationships Analysis and health.

The Nakshatras are such sure descriptors of our emotional self and consciousness. They describe this: warts and all. The benefit of their pulling nu punches is that we can use such sure declaration to grow into our higher and more spiritual nature which the Nakshatra points to.


Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra 26

Here are some few key words about the 26th Nakshatra: UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

To learn more, go to my worldwide Nakshatras Course. See:

You need to know the enough of simple basics of Vedic Astrology to do this course, and you will find that the benefits of my course are that it is completely individualised and caring.

In Part 1 we study the nature of each other the 27 Nakshatras (the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology).
In Part 2 we study the powerful and unique interpretative techniques that are available using the Nakshatras.

Here some key details about: Nx 26 UttaraBhadra

Spans: 3°20′ to 16°40′ Pisces
Padas: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
Ruled by: Saturn (Dasa period: 19 years)
Devata: Ahir Budhyana: the snake that dwells in deep waters.
Symbol: A snake in the water. Back Legs of coffin/death bed.
Yoni or Power Animal: The Female Cow
Motivation: Kama (desire)
Guna Triplicity: Sattva, Sattva and Tamas
Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta.
Gana: Manusha. Human
Caste: Kshatriya. Warrior
Quality: Fixed
The Principal Stars: Al-Fargh-Al-Mukdim, Algenib (gamma Pegasi) gives oratorical abilities, intelligence and
responsible attitude.


Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely with Visionary Worldwide Runes Course

Michael Conneely reads and extract from the novel: Rune Magic, which is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle.

The book is packed with information about Norse Cosmology as well as being a cosmological cliff-hanger

And Michael also teaches a superb and long-standing Worldwide Runes course, see:

Here, Michael Conneely reads how Heimdall, the ever loyal Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, sound the Gallahorn because the forces of chaos are invading Asgard, and Ragnarok has begun.


Several Moons later, they were all awakened by the sounding of a horn. They staggered out of the cave mouth in time to see, in shock, immense pursuing wolves close upon the sun: Hati, Skoll and Managarm – the wolves got by Loki on the hag-foul giantess, Angrbroda, and diligently fed by her for centuries for this very purpose, fed on the marrow of murderers’ bones, hidden away in the groves of Jarnvid Ironwood.
The four of them stood and stared upwards, speechless and stunned, overcome as the gap between the wolves and the staggering sun steadily narrowed. Horrified, they saw the wolves finally catch up first with Sunna, the sun, and swallow her whole; her blood cascaded from their hideous jaws and drenched the Earth.

Then the mighty distant notes of the horn sounded a second time. They were pure and summoning. The cliff-face cracked. The pool emptied with a drunken gurgling roar. The sky went black.
The Moon became visible in the sudden darkness caused by the death of the Sun; then the ravening evil of the wolves turned after him. He continued forward in his orbit but was far too slow. He was swallowed up in his turn by the monstrous brood of Loki and Angrbroda: his blood cascaded silvery from the closing teeth and, it too, showered the Earth.
Gusts of hail and snow now came at them from all four directions. Now, the only light to see by was the ceaseless lightning crashing across the ink-black skies and a strange sick eerie red flaring growing immensity of light coming up from the south. ‘Muspelheim,’ Declan murmured, pointing to the light.

The tragic purity of the horn sounded again for the third time. ‘It is the Gjallarhorn’ cried Magda – she was the first to realise what it was, so stunned they had been to watch the destruction of the luminaries. Magda was the first to actually break from the horrified trance into which the tragedy of the Sun and the Moon had drawn them all. ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn,’ Magda said urgently. ‘The forces of chaos are invading Asgard.’

‘Magda, sound your own ram’s horn,’ said Declan, shaking himself out of his reverie; ‘gather our weapons and our kit. We must call on the dragon you scryed when we first met, to take us to Mimir’s Grove. The nine worlds are ending. And they are ending fast by the look of it. They are finished,’ he declaimed tragically.
‘What about my mam and dad and Sunna and Ari and Bragi and Einar?’ Frithgeir cried out loud. ‘Mam, I’m coming for you.’ Frithgeir scrambled madly down the disintegrating cliff face and fought off Declan’s attempts to hold him back. Brosni joined Declan and they fought Frithgeir. Declan held his arms and Brosni held his legs and Frithgeir eventually gave up struggling and gave way to sobs, instead. The trees outside the cave crashed down. The roof cracked, and they only just made it back up to the ledge to drag their weapons and their gear to safety.
‘Sound your ram’s horn, Magda,’ said Declan urgently, clambering out of the cave, dragging their packs and weapons to the ledge as the roof fell in. ‘Call on the dragon.’ He drew the ram’s horn from Magda’s pack, carefully unwrapped it and passed it to her.
‘I’ve never blown a horn before,’ said Magda. ‘I do hope it works.’
‘What dragon?’ Brosni asked. ‘You never told us about this, Declan – another of your secrets?’
‘I was oath-bound,’ Declan told him briefly.
Magda put the ram’s horn to her lips and blew. A piercing screaming rasping unlovely note rang high and long. But it seemed it worked. The veil at the far side of the emptied pool suddenly dropped away and the four of them suddenly saw the aged Norns revealed standing silent, now, the Orlog ruined, their chant destroyed; their runes were lying strewn in chaos on the ground, the web in tatters. Declan, Magda, Brosni and Frithgeir stood there and stared at the Norns, appalled.
‘We must dress again in the clothes the High One gave us,’ Magda said. She somehow knew they had to do that. ‘The Ravens are telling us,’ she explained. Again, Declan shook his head to clear his mind and dragged his eyes away from the tragic prospect of the Norns. The two of them hurried into the barbaric magnificence that Odin wished for.

‘Two I agreed to carry and no more.’


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