The Truth About Ashwini Nakshatra Lunar Sign ?

Ashwini is a heroic and beautiful story of past lives coming into relationships, sexual panic, celestial healing, the myth of Surya the Sun God and his love for his wife and the birth of Saturn. Ashwini’s are innocent, active, courageous and initiating. They are healing, having an eye for the needs of people. Swiftness is their key word, but if they do not learn to harness the racing horses and commit to love, their life is lost.
The Vedic astrology lunar sign ASHWINI lies 
in the first 13 degrees of the Vedic or sidereal zodiac This is between 24 Aries and 7 Taurus in the western zodiac.
So, if you have your Moon in your birth chart in these degrees of the zodiac, then the basis of your love astrology is the energy of ASHWINI lunar sign or Nakshatra. And if you have Sun or Ascendant in these degrees, the truths of Ashwini will dominate your life. Or if you have North or South Node (Rahu or Ketu) in Ashwini, then the meaning of this is key to understanding your incarnational life purpose.

See this wonderful 2-part YouTube to discover all the secrets of Ashwini. It’s part of Michael’s Vedic Astrology course:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Michael Conneely is a master Astrologer, Contact him for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on my courses at, email and phone: 07799296821.

Contact Michael for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on Michael’s courses at

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