Uranus in the Astrology Birth Chart

Michael ConneelyIn this post Michael Conneely discusses the role of Uranus in the Astrology Birth Chart

MEET URANUS I set great store by developing what in Tibetan Buddhism and tantric Hinduism is called ‘clear appearance’ of a god, and Uranus is a facet of the divine that plays an inescapable and totally crucial role in our life, and how exactly we will receive him into our destiny is mapped by the Sign he occupies in our birth chart, the House he occupies, and the energies he forms in aspect to the other planets. Developing this ‘clear appearance’ of the god energy, as well as developing ‘clear appearance’ of each planet as he manifest in our astrology chart and in our life and destiny is crucial and invaluable perception. My astrology always combines Western Astrology (for example psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology) with Vedic Astrology (which offers vast and peerless declaration of our incarnational life purpose and issues in its unfoldment. And as a matter of principle, all my astrology is geared to healing and empowerment in its orientation.
See my worldwide Astrology readings website: www.starwheelastrology.com and my worldwide astrology courses: www.mastervedicastrology.com www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com. And all my astrology is geared to healing and empowerment dimensions. If you wish you can consider the healing offered by the modalities offered worldwide by Maggie Pashley. See: www.maggiepashley.com. Here is a video presentation of Uranus and his energy, and below that a lengthy presentation of Uranus as face of god, planet and Awakener in your life:


Your Astrology and your Time of Birth: Rectification

If we do have an as near as possible birth chart, there is so much we can accurately see and state, so as to understand ourselves and so as to understand our lives, heal ourselves, heal our lives.

But before I go into the issue of correct time of birth, I want to mention another big question about the value of astrology: the other big question is what we do about this supreme astrological perception?

Well, perception itself is useful, it can encourage us to change and to mend our negative life scripts and karmas and our negative behavioural patterns.

But perception can get us so far.

The real value of astrology when it is expert, is to point us towards Healing and Empowerment, and so it can enable us to seek and achieve our healing, and it can point us in the right direction for healing and empowerment.

I work also with my partner Maggie Pashley, both of us working worldwide on-line and also in our healing Centre in the West of Ireland. There are so many sophisticated and powerful healing modalities that can heal the patterns and scripts highlighted by our astrology. See her website: www.maggiepashley.com.

So, this expert astrology can point us to understand the true nature of the spark we incarnated to achieve this time. It can define our assets and our strengths, and it can define those parts of ourselves that are enemies to this and can impeded us. So: yes, then it must be used as a pointer to and a basis for skilled healing.

But correct astrological declaration, with all its potential follow-on valuable uses, does depend on having a birth chart that as much as possible is based on a correct time of birth.

And so, this brings us to the issue of rectification of Time of Birth:

People ask about rectification and its value.

Well, the more our birth time is not correct, the more our astrology becomes incorrect in its potential to make supreme and accurate statement. In fact, if there is an error in time of birth, this means that the position of Ascendant or Rising Sign will be wrong in your Western Astrology birth chart by an amount of degrees dependent upon the number of minutes the tob is incorrect, and therefore the cusps or ‘start positions’ of each of the Houses will be wrong.

And in your Vedic Astrology birth chart, dependent on the amount of time of birth error, the definition of the first house may also be wrong and therefore the definition of the subsequent Houses. In Vedic Astrology, there are Varga or divisional charts in Vedic Astrology, each referring powerfully to specific areas of life, and these are sensitive to tob error, especially the higher divisional charts.
Also, the Moon can be in wrong position in the charts if there is any substantial error in tob, as the Moon moves quite rapidly through the heavens. And understanding the Moon is key to the nature of our consciousness and its management, and to our Mother issues.
Also the start and end dates of your Vedic predictive periods (dasas) will begin to be incorrect if there is error in tob.

So, definitely, it is best to have accurate time of birth:

Let me now give four examples of time of birth issues in more detail:

  1. Your Ascendant or rising Sign:

For example, the Ascendant or ‘rising sign’ which is the basis of defining our First House (and therefore all the subsequent of the 12 Houses) will be in the incorrect position. The twelve Houses make declaration about what will happen in each defined areas of our life. If the Houses are defined wrongly, then the declaration of the affairs of life of each House will be wrong. The more the time of birth error, the greater the error in defining the Ascendant and the Houses, and thus the greater the error in defining the life. In Vedic astrology, the definition of our first House is of course so important as it sets the keynote for our bodily features and the strengths and issues with which we will project into the world. The Ruling Planet of the first House assumes such a special importance for us to define its special nature and characteristics.

  1. Your Predictive Age Points:

I use predictive Age Points in my psychodynamic Western Astrology: an individuation Age Point which charts the unfoldment of our understanding of our psychology and our psychological subpersonalities, and our unfolding ability to manage and heal these, and also a Nodal Age Point which depicts the whispering to us from our soul from the astral at each point in our life. If the time of birth is wrong, then the dates of the ‘hits’ of these two age points, and the nature of their messages will be incorrectly defined.

  1. Your Vedic Astrology Divisional or Varga Charts:Vedic Astrology uses Divisional Charts’ or ‘Varga Charts’ in addition to the birth chart (called the Rashi Chart). Each Varga Chart is a harmonic chart derived from the birth chart. For example, the Navamsha or 9th Harmonic chart makes invaluable statement about our marriage issues and the messages our soul will send to us in this life as our life unfolds. One example of the use of the Navamsha is a woman who has a bad Jupiter in her birth chart indicating that she will attract a bad husband, but she may have a wonderful Jupiter on her Navamsha chart indicating the potential to attract a very good husband, for example when her Jupiter is activated by the wonderful Dashas, the wonderful Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology.
  2. Your Incarnational Life Purpose:
    Vedic Astrology has a most wonderful system for defining Incarnational Life Purpose based on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the birth Chart, as analysed by Sign, House and Aspect, and also as analysed by their position in the wonderful Nakshatras: the 27-sign lunar Zodiac of Vedic astrology. If your time of birth is wrong, you could well make a statement that the Nodes of the Moon are in the wrong House. The definition of the position of planets can get very exact in Vedic Astrology, for example because the 12 Signs are divided into Navamshas and other divisional charts, each with a subtly different nature, and for example because the Lunar Signs, the Nakshatras are divided into Padas (or quarters) each with a subtly different nature within the Nakshatra or lunar sign). If you use an incorrect time of birth, you will state that the planets are in the wrong divisions of these powerful declarative divisions of each sign.

So, for these reasons, you can see that it can be a good idea to have your time of birth rectified when you have an astrology reading or if you embark on an astrology course.


So, this brings us to the question of ‘How is my time of Birth Rectified?

I use two methods:

A. Kinesiology:
A quick way is to tap into our intuitive knowing and use ‘muscle testing’ or ‘kinesiology’ and I have definitely found over the years occasions when this has been subsequently verified, either because the tob has subsequently been discovered, or because the muscle-tested tob has been born out in that it generates correctly timed predictions.

B. Formal Rectification:
The formal method of rectification is two-fold:
a) You list a number of different big life events and then the astrologer to erects different charts for different tobs and sees which chart predicts the events at the correct time that they actually happened.
b) The Astrologer looks at the Houses created by different tob, and says what each different tob declares about the affairs of that house, and then you to say which is the most accurate. For example, if two tobs under study offered different definition of 4th House = Mother, then one could say that ‘time A’ declares that the native will have a very difficult mother, but that ‘time B’ declares that the native will have a very good mother, and so the astrologer can say from this which which is the more correct birth time.

Formal rectification is not easy and it does take time. You would need to send me a list of say seven to ten big life events. I would try out different tob charts, and ask you questions.


Well, I think you will agree with me that a rectified time of birth is worth having, because otherwise we cannot be sure of being able to tap into the invaluable perceptions offered by a correct and expertly interpreted birth chart, nor can we benefit from correctly-based predictive astrology. And if our astrology is incomplete or inaccurate it can’t be such a powerful gateway to its potential for invaluable Perception, and we won’t have such clarity for seeing how we can heal or empower ourselves and thus create a purposeful, happy, healed and powerful life.

So, may I suggest  that you could go through the rectification exercise with me so as to achieve the wonderful asset of having as correct as possible la birth time. This is of great value in itself: now – and at so many times in our life.

But there is another way you might like to benefit from having a rectification, and that is to study my Vedic Astrology Course. I call my course: Master Vedic Astrology. Its website is www.mastervedicastrology.com it’s teaching approach is very clear. In an expert way, we go from one planet to another, and so we study first the sun, then the Moon, and so on down the list of the planets. In-between the planet studies, you study astrological interpretation techniques. Note that your planet studies and your techniques studies are always with reference to two charts: yours and mine. This way we keep the communication caring and authentic. In addition, you are welcome to include Western Astrology Crossover and I recommend this, either in small measure or more fully. In addition, you are welcome the include the Visionary Astrology techniques I describe above. In addition, of course, all the declaration is used not to create inert formula, but to generate within us perception that can lead to our transformation, and to link us to healing and empowerment awareness and techniques that we feel we may need or benefit form so as to make the maximum success and happiness of our lives.

I also teach a Western Astrology Course which majors in psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology, and basically follows the same caourse format and principles as my Master Vedic Astrology Course.

So, you could either enrol just for me to work with you to complete a Rectification Exercise as described above which would be invaluable and fascinating and would leave you with all the benefits of a rectified birth chart. This costs £100 (GB Pounds) and you can email me to arrange this.

OR as a special offer, you could enrol on my Master Vedic Astrology Course or my Enlightened Astrology Course, in which case I could include in the course the Rectification Exercise at half price.

So, all blessings to you and I look forward to hearing from you

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please contact me on: www.starwheelastrology.com/buyanastrologyreading.html
Or if you would like to enrol on one of my wonderful astrology courses, with their dedicated individual attention, please contact me on:
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For Western Astrology:
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I look forward to hearing from you

The supreme value of Astrology with Healing and Empowerment

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

I often receive emails from people who are rightly expressing the damage they have experienced from their family of their life situation, and they are asking how astrology can help them.

Because I too have suffered from for example adoptive (and birth) family, this raises the issue of what work do we have to do to free ourselves and heal ourselves so that we can more ourselves out of the damage and become the spark of achievement that we uniquely incarnated to become.
We should not live in reactive hate and hurt, nor use the horrible people or events as an excuse or reason for living in hurt and failure, tempting though it is to remain in our outraged hurt victim scripts. We have such a similar agenda and challenge here, and in fact the success of our lives is what is at stake.
And so this is related to the question: what is the value of astrology?

From our astrology birth chart, there is so much we can accurately see and state, so as to understand ourselves and so as to understand our lives, and therefor so as to heal ourselves, heal our lives.
I have studied with nine teachers in both western and vedic astrology. On the one hand, I have come to reject the formulaic ranting or the fated declarations that can characterise traditional cultural Hindu vedic Astrology and its often egoic teachers, and the useless traditional remedies and the uncritical and unaware prescription of mantra. On the other hand, I have also come to reject the astro-babble that can characterise the worst in Western Astrology, and its ungrounded waste of time psychobabble.
But I can recognise that with deep study, one can come to amazing insights using the many charts and techniques of Vedic Astrology, and one can come to invaluable insights using the enlightened psychological awareness of western astrology, for example psychodynamic western astrology and evolutionary astrology.
However, I then have to go one to say firmly that such analysis and declaration is not at all useful unless it is geared to using the perception for transformation. TRANSFORMATION.
It is just not utilising the declaration of astrology to its full value, nor fulfilling the needs in our life, unless the declaration of expert astrology is then used for changing the way one manages one’s consciousness and thus the way one understands and lives one’s life.
Basically, when one goes deeply into Vedic astrology, one can make such invaluable and supreme diagnoses of how each planet will manifest in our life, and of how one’s planets treat each other in one’s chart – and therefore in one’s life, and also of what planet will especially manifest predictively in one’s life at a particular time in the unfoldment of one’s predictive astrology, of what exact energy each planet will bring in to one’s life natally or predictively.

This must be used for our healing and empowerment.

It must not be used fatedly and passively.

I advocate, and include, in my Astrology Readings and in my Astrology Courses, the crossover of vedic and Western Astrology. This is so that the peerless declaration of Vedic Astrology of our incarnational life purpose, and the precise declaration about each planet’s energy in our lives (and how our planets treat each other) is linked to, and enhanced by, understanding of the energies of the outer Planets in our lives: the Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and also Chiron our Wounded Healer. These planet’s energies and meanings came into the human consciousness when they were discovered, and must be taken account of.

Visionary Astrology

Michael ConneelyThe development of visionary keys to perceive the meaning of the planets is one profoundly good way to develop your astrological awareness. This is also known as Visionary Astrology.

In this way you can better increase your perception about your birth chart or your transits or predictive periods, and therefore of your life.

And you can go on from that to do the healing and empowerment work that we all need to do in this life.

What I often do with my astrology students on my western and Vedic Astrology Courses is send them analysis techniques and presentation detail to use, to work with the nature of a planet or conjunction etc, and this includes a video presentation of that planet and also a journey to meet the planet.

So with this method, we work with the sense first of all, that a planet is a refraction of the divine and has a pure nature.

However, it is so useful to also recognise that we in fact actually experience that planet through ‘filters’. We expereince each planet through ‘filters’ in our life. These filters are the sign, house and aspect applying to that planet in our chart and therefore in our life. See below about ‘filters’.

For this reason, our personal and individual experience of that planet can be so very different from its divine pure refraction.

Vedic Astrology

I do find that Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac) does have an immense framework to declare our incarnational life purpose and its unfoldment.

But I would say that Vedic Astrology needs to be taught and used non-formulaically, non-passively (Vedic astrology gurus can tend culturally to lay a power trip) and also non-fatedly.

Vedic Astrology needs to be allied to our developing our healing and empowerment. In fact, that is the highest value of the perception Vedic astrology offers.

So, visionary astrology and healing astrology can be used – and needs to be used with vedic astrology.

Western Astrology

Western astrology, on the other hand (which uses the Tropical Zodiac), is a psychological depiction.

Western astrology depicts our ‘psychological self’: our ‘egoic psychology’, and this is so valuable to perceive.

Psychodynamic western astrology, which I teach and use in my Astrology readings, includes ‘psychosynthesis role play’, and is orientated to the process of ‘individuation’, which is getting the full picture of our ‘psychological self’, and learning to recognise the fullness of that self (including unconscious, ‘split off’ and shadow material). The aim of psyschosynthesis is to deeply develop awareness of that self, heal that self, and empower that self. Understanding what is the effect of Nature and what is the effect of Nurture is also important.

I actually first encountered the ‘filters’ model when I trained with the Swiss Huber school over twenty years ago.

And of course, it was with them that I encountered the ‘psychosynthesis role-play’ of Asaglione who they trained with. And of course, he trained with Carl Gustav Jung, whose work I read so avidly when I was fourteen, with his concepts of the individual unconscious (from Freud) and the ‘collective unconscious’ and so wonderfully also Jung’s: Archetypes. I studied a post graduate psychology degree after my MA at Oxford university.

And I also learned the ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ founded by Martin Schulman, particularly his statement of how past life manifest in this life as ‘incarnational life purpose’.

Western and Vedic Astrology working together:

I loved Martin Schulman’s writing on the Nodes of the Moon, but it is crucial to recognise that Evolutionary Astrology provides a statement of the ‘psychological self’ that will arise from past life inputs: arise to be worked with and healed

And, crucially, western astrology also includes the outer planets: The Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – plus so importantly: Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron depicts our existential wound in the healing of which we can become the healer of others.

Vedic Astrology, on the other hand, does not depict the ‘psychological self’. Vedic Astrology depicts the karmically-created and chosen ‘incarnational life purpose’.

And it was the accuracy with which Vedic Astrology depicted my in some ways very unusual incarnational destiny that impelled me to learn it.

The first Vedic Astrology key concept that ‘wowed’ me was the vedic astrology concept of ‘Gandanta’ which so fits my unusual start in life.

Gandanta Moon = Mother will not be there for you.

And hard on the heels of that was the second key concept that ‘wowed’ me: that studying the position of the Nodes of the moon in one’s Vedic birth chart is a supreme key to your incarnational destiny (mine: Ketu in the 4th House of Mother and all that entails.

And then there’s the Vedic method of analysing the standing of a planet in a chart. Mine: Sun most deeply fallen, and so the list gods on – endlessly.

And so, my first Vedic Astrology training was with the late Richard Houck who fascinatingly and accurately developed a combined Vedic Astrology/Western Astrology of ‘The Astrology of Death’
(I was in Sade Sate at the time – the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits the Moon in our birth chart!)

But to get back to the subject of my vision work in astrology, I am so glad that many people are now finding this graphically helpful to understand the planet and how it manifests in their chart and in their life, finding this method liberating and intuitively inspiring.

And I use the same visionary method in my Tarot Course, where i offer presentations and the accompanying Journeys for each tarot card. I do too. I love doing it!

And so a foundation of my readings and teaching is to offer both western astrology and vedic astrology.

I offer pointers to combine the two if that is what the student wants.

And to this, I have added two key additional approaches to astrology that are also on offer if felt to be what the student wants:

Visionary Astrology

and also

Healing Astrology

And so, for example, when a student has made the first study of a planet, or for example, a conjunction in their chart (or whatever other astrological feature they are studying), I can then record for them a ‘visionary journey’ where I simultaneously use my shamanic drum as I speak, so as to heighten our vision and intuitive connection.

And the purpose of this recorded journey is to seek to support the development of their awareness of how that planet actually manifests in their chart and in their life, through developing clear visionary appearance of the planet.

Students themselves send in to me lovely reports of the wonderful vision journeys they do to gain visionary clear appearance of Mars or Jupiter. For example, first: Mars or Jupiter in their essence. Then of Mars or Jupiter in their chart

And then we use very accurate methods (for example avasthas) to state how those two planets treat each other and work together in their chart – and therefore in their life!

Such vibrant satisfying visionary journeying work is so fulfilling to do. Such a happy experience! Such a powerful experience!
Such valuable perception to arrive at.

Such a useful basis to bring in needed healing and empowerment work.

Have a look at this video which mentions my Visionary Astrology approach. It is recorded near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland:

And have a look too at this video about The Sun in your Astrology Visionary Journey:

And here’s a journey to meet Rahu the North Node of the Moon:

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please contact me on: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/buyanastrologyreading.html
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Ketu in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2

Michael ConneelyKetu, South Node of the Moon in your Astrology Birth Chart Pt 2 Visionary Astrology, Mythic Keys and Astronomy of Ketu

Ketu Visionary Astrology:

So, what is the Nature of Ketu. What does he look like? Do you have ‘clear appearance’ of him?

One of my favourite approaches to astrology that I offer in my worldwide astrology courses: Visionary Astrology – East meets West.

It’s about the union of western astrology and vedic astrology, plus the option of using the ancient Tibetan Buddhist and tantric Hindu approach of developing ‘clear appearance’ first of a planet in our birth chart as a God, in his pure state, his innate state, as a refraction of the divine.

Then we can so usefully also go on to getting a graphic picture of that planet and his divine energy as he actually appears in our particular individual birth chart when experienced as our soul chose for us to do through the three filters of the sign the planet occupies, the House the planet occupies and the effects of aspects made to that planet by other planets in our chart.

Thus, we can build up the clear appearance of each planet not only in his pure state as a refraction of the divine, but also, secondly, in his filtered sate as to how he will actually manifest in our life – which can even amount to quite a torsion of the pure and perfect divine planet.

See my Blog on Visionary Astrology:  blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology-east-meets-west/

So, in the case of the innate nature of Ketu, well let’s call an image of Ketu to our mind’s eye and then name some of the energies associated with his manifestation:

Imagine a hissing writhing deadly venom-serpent with its tail, and the body of a headless, trancing man whose form weaves and writhes and swirls and grows from small to immense and flickers in and out of sight. There’s mala beads around his neck, bangles on his ankles, the spiral tattoos on his hands and body. And then you see with terrible shock that in his hands are a sword, a discus and a mace: vicious sharp weapons quite unlike the swirling miasmic first appearance, and he is heading for you. And then you call in association with this image:

Ketu – South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu – Injury, disturbance, knowledge, liberation, spiritual insight.
South Node of the Moon: Past Life, meltdown and suddenness, spiritual light-bringer, dissatisfaction, detachment, solitude, scrutinizing, anonymity.

Ketu connects to computers (especially the internet), moksha and liberation, as well as unique or unusual modalities.

Mythic Keys to Rahu and Ketu:

The churning of the milk ocean happened at the beginning of time, both the Gods and demons sought to extract the needed Amrita: the nectar of immortality from the immense milk ocean at the center of the universe. (The Milk Ocean is a symbol of the Milky Way galaxy, Mula Lunar Sign).

But neither the Gods nor the Demons (the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, our light and shadow sides) were strong enough to do it on their own, so they joined forces. The Gods realized that they had to employ the support of the demons (asuras) to create the momentum needed.
Both our light side and our shadow side must be involved fully if we are to have the nectar!

The churning of the Milk Ocean was a cosmic event. Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod. Vasuki, the king of the serpents, who abides on Lord Shiva’s neck, became the churning rope. The demons demanded to hold the head of the snake, while the gods, taking advice from Vishnu, agreed to hold its tail. As a result, the demons were poisoned by fumes emitted by Vasuki. Despite this, the gods and demons pulled back and forth on the snake’s body alternately, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. When the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a turtle Kurma, came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.

But once they started churning the ocean, an enormous amount of poison emerged. They stirred it up from the bottom. It was so horrific it threatened to destroy all of creation. So, to avert catastrophe, they called on Lord Shiva. They asked Him to drink all the poison.

This Lord Shiva managed to do. He drank all the evil, then transmuted it within himself, and thus he saved creation, because this allowed for the immortal nectar to be extracted.

Shiva and the poison: However, the poison might have destroyed Lord Shiva as well, had he actually swallowed it. Maybe even he could be overwhelmed by our Shadow? So, instead, he held it in his throat, and transmuted it. That is why he is sometimes portrayed blue. One of his forms is called “the blue throated one” (Neelakanthaya). He holds the poison of our darkness in his throat and transmutes it – so that we can live.

In the Vedic literature, one story says that the asuras ended up stealing it for themselves. The gods fought back and with the support of Vishnu (the sustaining force of dharma) they were able to regain the Amrita. Vishnu gave each one of the gods a drop of the immortal nectar, but Rahu (Svarbhanu) received a drop accidentally. Rahu was positioned in between the Sun and the Moon as he received the nectar, and they recognized him at once. The demons had consumed nectar. They had become immortal!

Accordingly, Vishnu chopped Rahu in half with his Sudarshana Chakra discus, and thus Rahu (head of the serpent) and Ketu (tail of the serpent) were born: two parts of a demon: chthonic dark and invisible forces, Ketu without a head so no logic; Rahu without a heart so no feeling. Rahu continues to chase the Sun and Moon out of disdain.

The formless entities Rahu and Ketu are representative of the unseen forces at play within all humans.

Rahu drives the cravings and the appetite for this material and psychic world.

Ketu dissolves. He forces the inevitable release process, severing us from worldly attachments.

Right now, this epic “churning” is taking place very acutely- inside of you and on the world stage. The aggression being stirred in the environment is activating individuals very acutely, and individuals are intensifying the collective energy as well. The churning is extreme right now.

The moral of this story is: It is no good ungroundedly imagining images of light and ascension, and gushing awesome etc, if we ignore our very own huge shadow demon creeping up behind us!

This is a story about the need to tread a tantric road to salvation: one which involves both our light and our shadow.

It contains seeds of wisdom about serpent power that was demonised in the story of Adam and Eve, is found in the story of Hercules slaying the Hydra. For the ancient Egyptians, snakes were the symbol of royalty: the pharaoh wore a uraeus, Cleopatra chose to die by cobra bite. The Egyptian serpent Apep embodied all wisdom and all darkness and evil: out of darkness light; death and rebirth. The world serpent features in many myths for example the ancient Norse Jormungand.

Ketu Astronomy:

The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the apparent orbits of the sun and the Moon around the Earth, and as such are the eclipse Points. They are points in space of special sensitivity. They lie on the ecliptic which is a great circle on the celestial sphere representing the Sun’s apparent path during the year against the backdrop of the stars, so called because lunar and solar eclipses can only occur when the Moon crosses it

The difference between the Vedic and Western astrology birth charts:

The Vedic Birth Chart, using the sidereal zodiac shows our incarnational destiny: what fates constellate at the time of our birth for us to work with to experience, to heal. Its predictive unfoldment shows the nature and timing of the challenges and supporting energies you will have to work with at predictable dates, again: for you to heal and grow.

The Western Birth Chart, using the tropical zodiac shows your psychological or egoic self, and details its psychological unfoldment, with the call to develop individuation: the call to develop clear perception of all our subpersonalities, and the ability to manage them and to strategize our life. The western birth chart depicts our egoic self. Even Western Evolutionary Astrology which deals with the description and management of our past life scripts expresses these psychologically using the western tropical zodiac. Vedic Astrology on the other hand acknowledges our psychological egoic self but states that it is not fully real: just a boat to get us to the other side, but not the other side!
For more on the topic of: ‘Which Zodiac?’ see:  blog.starwheelastrology.com/which-zodiac-should-i-use-in-astrology/

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please contact me on: www.starwheelastrology.com/buyanastrologyreading.html
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