Mars in your Astrology Birth Chart

Mars in your Astrology Birth Chart

It is crucial in your life to have a clear picture of the Mars you were born with.

What your Mars in particular is like, is a key portion of your destiny, a totally key portion of your learning task, in this life on earth.

You need to get a clear picture of the raw energy coming from the red planet, Mars, and then you need to decode your Mars destiny by the Sign House he falls in, the aspects to Mars, how he appears in the divisional charts. What yogas apply to your Mars? Your Mars will be so different if he is in Mars or Libra, and so different if he is conjunct Pluto or he is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer.

And the whole point is, if you do not express your Mars with perception and full awareness and ethics, and if you do not go in for any needed healing of your Mars, you will harm yourself – and all the others in your life.

First a bit about my work, then a lengthy and valuable presentation of Mars. First of all, my Readings: To find out your destiny, and how to heal or empower your own individual Mars, have one of my worldwide astrology readings which always combine Vedic astrology with Western astrology:

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There’s always the offering of videos and vision journeys to meet each planet.

And there’s always very knowledgeable option of engaging in an exceptionally wide range of worldwide healing modalities:,  Astrology should be healing and empowering.

So, now: Let’s Meet Mars:

It is so useful to build up ‘clear appearance’ of each planet.

It is actually powerfully helpful of our understanding of life and of ourself to be able to generate a clear picture in our mind of a planet as a being, as a refraction of the Divine, in fact as a God. ‘Clear Appearance’ is a pre-requisite in deity tantra.

So, let’s start to meet Mars by reading the description the Vedic Sage Parashara gave for him:

Mars is cruel. He has blood red eyes. He is ill-mannered yet generous. He is pitta or fiery in constitution. He is prone to anger. He has a thin waist and body.
Parashara 3.25

But as the myths quoted at the foot of this blog reveal, Mars’ aggression and assertion is a mix of Aries and Scorpio qualities, he is quite tied to the way the Sun expresses himself in your chart. This truth of Fire and Water, aggression and turbulence, high heavens and underworld – both need to be taken into account for a full understanding of your Mars.

Mars is quick, decisive and restless in his basic nature; direct, outspoken and assertive. He is willful and harsh in his basic nature. He is cruel and requires hard work and pain. He wants success, and doesn’t care about comfort or harmony.

Mars manifests as:
Action, energy and courage
Independence, initiative, challenge and daring
Mars is energetic, sharp and penetrating.
Mars is action man, who injects action into projects.

The positon of Mars in your chart shows where you will put your energy: the house he occupies and rules, the planets he aspects or affects.

Mars is the principle of differentiation of beliefs, purpose, action and views. He can trash the beliefs or even the rights of others.

But he can be erratically and surprisingly generous and open-handed.

Mars is Masculinity, strength, bravery and will-power

He is ambition, passion, adventure, competition and argument.

Mars is your muscles-structure and your weapons

His condition in your birth chart reveals your Self-reliance and independence.

Mentally, Mars is critical, perceptive, discriminating

He strongly influences sexual maters

He is the essence of our primitive and aggressive urges, including athletics and sport.

Mars is impulse, Goal orientation, Passion, Basic instinct and survival.

The healthy Mars is the healthy warrior able to display anger and strength. Or are you the unhealthy Mars: militaristic and violent? or weak and can’t get started and covering it with excuses?

Mars sparks misunderstanding, hostility, litigation and argument. He can be fueled by discontent.

A weak Mars is impotent, weakening manliness and making achievement difficult

Occupationally, Mars is:
The engineer if in Capricorn: the tool-maker
The lawyer, scientist, warrior
The healer Mars in Virgo; the dentist, the surgeon.
The occultist Mars if in Scorpio.

Afflicted Mars:

The way in which Mars is handled in childhood makes a great difference to how we can express Mars energies in adulthood.

The young, impulsive and immature ‘Hero’ we manifest in childhood is noble in purpose and strives to win the blessing and admiration of his parents. He wants his separateness to be acknowledged, not crushed, shamed or abused.

If separation of the Hero is not acknowledged,  personalities such as the Grandstander Bully (more than), who aggressively and competitively demands centre stage in his woundedness, insecurity and ignorance (nobody gets close to him; he specialises in denying death – his wound), or the Coward (less than) develop.

A blocked Mars results in a feeling of impotence and victimisation and great unconscious rage

Because of Mars’ relationship with Aphrodite, it is often the ‘seductive’ parent  rather than the aggressive parent who performs the early castration.

Expressions of thwarted Mars are covert manipulative cruelty, self-destructive behaviour (esp. if the chart is very Pisces, Libra or Aquarius), being accident-prone, or succumbing to illnesses to do with acquiescence and pent-up rage (migraine, colitis, &c. ? Cancer), crudeness and obnoxiousness, sadism, masochism. The shadow warrior demands control and lives in a rigid hierarchy, with himself as King, of course!

Neglected or thwarted Mars can result in: chronic depression, misery, apathy and deadness, tiredness or inability to sleep properly, Escaping into philosophies or ideologies of non-attachment or selflessness – a difficult issue for the idealists. Fanaticism is often the product of  blocked Mars. Mars can become corroded by guilt and castrated by condemnation of the body and lead to projection and persecution. Someone with unacknowledged anger may needle the partner to act it out. There is the ‘nice’ person who arouses anger in others. The violent and controlling person have the same problem with Mars as the passive impotent person.

A square or opposition between Mars and the Sun is associated with problems of expressing potency – ending up inauthentic and powerless: what Robert Bly calls the naive male – the person who has no front door to his house, even the walls are missing; he lacks any sense of boundaries – thieves come in at any time, taking what they want. No one can truly respect him because he does not respect himself

This person needs to befriend the warrior, to coax him out into the open and help and heal him, to initiate him, to establish an inner  dialogue with the child whose warrior was wounded.

There are many wounded children within us: the Trickster is very common, the wounded lover is the shyest and most vulnerable inner child. The Divine Child that we were (potentially) can manifest many forms of woundedness. The wounded warrior usually shows up as the Bully or the Brat – all these sub-personalities need to be accepted and integrated.

As the Warrior begins to heal and mature, we can (for the first time) begin to feel his proper expression in our lives:

He faces life head-on, he is alert and mindful and responsive to his environment; he has his code of honour.

He has the passion to engage life – and knows its fragility.

He lives with conviction. He makes every act count.

Mars and his relationship with the other planets:

It is very  important to understand how one planet treats another planet, and also what this tells about past life scripts that on the one hand, have to be understood, worked with, burned or healed; or on the other hand these scripts can impel us to achieve our special spark of success in this lifetime, this incarnation.

Sun: Sun is your Inner King, Your Divine Masculine, Your Divine charioteer: what tone and direction will he set for your Mars?
Can he give Mars commitment and stability?
Can he control your Mars?
Do authority figures in your life support your Mars?
Mars will be shamed or angry if the divine Sun does not respect him.
Sun will agitate Mars if Sun imposes wrong expectations, ideals or dogmas at odds with the person’s Mars needs and Mars nature, and this leads to explosion and anti-authority reactive rebellion, loss of the person’s path of inspiration.

Saturn: You also need to check out discipline and structure-awareness in the chart to see how Mars will function.
But Saturn can shame Mars for action or sex, and tell Mars that taking action is futile and will fail.
And Saturn can starve Mars causing great frustration, difficulty initiating, difficulty balancing action and structure, and difficulty utilizing logic, or difficulty in successfully manifesting the qualities of the House in question.

Jupiter: You need to check out Purpose to see how Mars will function.

Uranus: how inventive or erratic will your Mars be?

Neptune: Will your Mars seek to penetrate the realms of intuition, dreams and illusion?

Pluto: how explosive will you be?

Chiron: Chiron is the wounded healer of your destiny. Will your Mars be too strong? Or too weak? Or alternate between the two?

Mercury: Is your Mercury intellectually incisive or sharp-tongued?
When Mercury starves Mars, our thinking processes will nullify needed action!!!
As always check the House involved. For example, if it’s 7th House our concepts may frustrate marriage.
Mercury as mentalism can agitate Mars and make him very frustrated, aggressive and ready to fight
Venus and Mars: Not good bed fellows.
Moon and Mars: not an easy combination, but if they do work well, Mars can achieve the needs and wants of the Moon and create happiness.

The Essence of Mars – A More Detailed Summary:

So, to summarise, here is Mars in the abstract, before he is experienced through the lenses of filters of our birth chart: the lenses or filters of Sign, House and aspect:

Will: Mars is the will of the self. your independence, self-will and confidence, or the lack of it. Mars is goal-orientated action. His nature is electrical, violent, insatiable and thirsty: the urge to penetrate and unite with.

Spiritual Expression: Mars is the energy for questing spiritual realization and the achievement of truth, giving self-discipline; in some charts asceticism, in other charts occult intuition, bioenergetics or energy for healing. It all depends on the sign, house and aspects of Mars in your birth chart and his position in the divisional charts, and how Mars is faring predictively in your astrology. Mars causes discontent which impels us to seek ‘better’: ideally, to seek the truth. He can also bring out the dark side of the Earth energy: titans, destroyers, chaos.

Emotions: Mars is our passions. He is our emotional and vital capacity for self-projection. Mars is certainty; he is critical, perceptive and discriminating. He is the lawyer and the orator, the machinist and the miner, the engineer, the inventor, the planner, the researcher, the warrior, the soldier, the murderer.

Mental and intellectual Consciousness: Mars is also the mental faculty which decides which action or thought to go for.

Energy of Mars: In an ancient sense, Mars is the flame contained in matter.

The Strength of Mars: Mars is your needed strength to have interests and do things.

Mars is a Divine energy, of which each of us has a special refraction of, we experience Divine Mars through filters of Sign, House and aspect.
This Mars energy is one of boundless courage, energy, sexual potency, passion, and arrogant action.
Mars is our arms, muscles and physical prowess.
Mars is our competitiveness, our accidents, our involvement in war or in impulsive action, exploration, inquiry, sport, war, arguments, injuries, ambition, sex and blood.
And he can predict health issues and disease in our life.

The Men in your life: Mars will tell us what we need to know, so as to benefit from it, so as to heal it or work with it, the true nature of the masculine principle that entered in your life from your Father, your Brothers (even from your mother). The position of Mars can also indicate premature death in a chart, the loss of the husband, impotence in a man.

Note that Mars is least prominent in the charts of writers, artists and musicians, according to Gauquelin research. They found that Mars was most prominent when placed in the ‘warrior’ quadrant of the chart: the rising quadrant: house 12 to MC in western astrology, but of course, an issue in their research is that many of the 12th house Mars would have been 1st House in the Vedic birth chart.

Mars as a God, a Refraction of the divine:

Mars is also known as Mangala, Kartika (or Kartikeya) or Kuja, or Skanda.

Mars is a most strong malefic. He can be as strong as Saturn, but his effects are acute, whereas Saturn’s are long-lasting.

Mars in the Astrology Birth Chart:

First, Mars in your Vedic Astrology:

Mars rules the Vedic signs Aries and Scorpio. Mars in Vedic Aries will be proud.
Mars is most exalted at 28 Vedic Capricorn,
Mars is most deeply Fallen at 28 Vedic Cancer.
Mars is Mulatrikona 0 – 12 deg Vedic Aries.

Mars rules three of the 27 Nakshatras (the Nakshatras are the wonderful and powerfully declarative 27 Lunar Sign zodiac of vedic Astrology), as follows:
Nakshatra                                Spans Vedic Signs:
Nakshatra 5:   Mrigashira       23°20′ Taurus to 6°40′ Gemini
Nakshatra 14: Chitra               23°40′ Virgo to 6°40′ Libra
Nakshatra 23: Dhanistha        23°20′ Capricorn to 6°40′ Aquarius

Mars is the Karaka for:
The 3rd House (as younger siblings, courage and energy) and
The 6th House (as accidents).

Mars most effective House placement is the 10th House.

Mars performs well if it is placed in one of the Upachaya (growing) Houses: It is good when a malefic (Rahu, Ketu, the Sun, Saturn and Mars) is placed in the 3rd 6th 10th or 11th House.  Malefics in these houses are favourable for all matters pertaining to that house, except if it concerns people.

These houses are called the upachaya houses. Planets placed in these houses will be able to function better as time passes. The 10th. and the 11th. houses are the best upachaya houses.

In terms of aspects, Mars is best Aspected with Jupiter: Mars can bring great achievements for law and truth.

Aspected with Saturn, Mars: there’s real conflict of opposite: Go now versus stop and prepare, or if in a more enlightened chart: discipline and the capacity for great accomplishment (or a bit of both).

Mars in Western your Astrology:

In addition to consideration of the Sign Mars occupies and rules, and the House he occupies, plus aspects to Mars in your western astrology birth chart, I also teach western psychodynamic astrology which assess the impact on our psychology of the chart aspect shapes and sub-personalities in our birth chart, the relationship of Mars to the Nodes of the Moon for Evolutionary Astrology or past life implications.

Mars in Mythology

It is important to read about these deeply-ancient life and death wisdom concepts, not as dry written reports, but as fuel for you to build your own appearance of Mars as a God, a refraction of the divine, plus fuel also for you to build up your own clear appearance of Mars in your chart:
See how Mars gives positively to your life
Learn what about Mars that you need to heal
and assess how overall you can heal using your picture of Mars.
It is actually really effective to build up this novelistic depiction, which in Tantra is called ‘clear appearance’. I did a University-based five-year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West. I studied how in Tibetan Buddhism and in Hinduism, ‘clear appearance’ is essential to develop if we are to be able to work with the energy of a god, and to be able to call in the god into our consciousness when needed. 

Ares, the Greek God of War

Aries was the daughter of Hera and he represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war. although he embodied the physical valour necessary for success in war, he was a dangerous force, “overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering. His sons are Phobos (Fear) and Demos (Terror) who are the Moons of the planet Mars. His sister Enyo (Discord) accompanied him on his war chariot.
In the Iliad, Zeus tells him that he is the god most hateful to him.

An association with Ares endows places and objects with a savage, dangerous, or militarized quality. Aries value as a war god is placed in doubt.

He had numerous love affairs and abundant offspring, but as the lover of Aphrodite (who was wife to the smith god Hephaestus) he was a laughing stock. The union of Ares and Aphrodite created the gods Eros, Anteros, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia and Adrestia.

Athena, sister of Aries and daughter of Zeus, functions as Goddess of intelligence, strategy and generalship. The Greeks were ambivalent toward Ares: Ares was on the losing side, while Athena, often depicted in Greek art as holding Nike (Victory) in her hand, and she rather than Aries favoured the triumphant Greeks.

Mars is the Roman equivalent of Aries, and he by contrast was the patron deity of the Roman Empire and second only to Jupiter.

Nergal, the Babylonian God of War was also the God of the Noonday Sun who scorched the earth and burned the skin. Again, there’s the Mars-Sun-Aries link. But he also invaded the realm of the dead and deposed Erishkigal, then ruled alongside her like Pluto and Persephone. So he spans the Sun in the Heavens and the Underworld, as the Sun does in its daily motion: Aries and Scorpio!!!!! Scorpio is our underworld fears and phobias, as contrasted to the light of day.

Kartikeya: In vedic mythology, Kartikeya was conceived to be the needed a Demon-slayer. He was born of the seed of Shiva upon the waters, nourished by the seven wives of the seven Rishis of the Pleiades to slay a terrorising demon. So, here again, we have the oceanic aspect, sexuality and war.

I hope this exploration of Mars and his territory in your chart and your life has been useful.

To find out much more about his Karma and his effects in your life, and the way he will manifest, and how you need to manage his energy, you are welcome to have one of my worldwide astrology readings which always combine Vedic astrology with Western astrology:

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Mercury in your Astrology Birth Chart

Michael Conneely

Mercury in your Astrology Birth Chart

At the highest level, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. At his highest level, he communicates the divine to us.
How does he do this? He does this through creating concepts and creating conceptual awareness.

He connects our minds to the universal, to the meaning beyond the realm of form, Maha Maya.

At the next highest level, Mercury connects us to the deepest qualities of our mind. He enables us to figure out the key things of our life, to give needed form to the inchoate, to bring to light that what is held in darkness and unconscious. And because he is also messenger of the Gods, this enables us to evaluate and prioritise and take control of our idea, our ideals, our conceptual frameworks. Mercury infuses the chosen top priority mental insights highest with connection to the Gods. And in order to evoke that which is so hard to express he can he give it form as symbols, speech, scientific concept or poetry. And so, the dimension of purity and efficiency comes in: what is the best way to express our crucial concepts and insights? This is Mercury’s domain.

So already, Mercury emerges as Divine go-between: the go-between of the gods. He expresses highest philosophy of Jupiter. His expression can take on the beautiful form of Jupiter. It can be channelled and intuitive from Neptune. He can take on the exactitude of Saturn. The zany revolutionary éclat of Uranus.

In Vedic myth, Mercury was said to have The Moon as his father. In other words, Mercury is the articulation of our unconscious mind. It is an important principle that Mercury does not initiate thinking, but organises and analysis ideas.

Mercury is concerned with naming. The highest expression of this is the names of God, there was the Divine Litany. When I was five I remember being so moved by the Litany of the Divine Parises. I studied Skanda vale: ‘Om Blessed be God. Om blessed be his many Holy Names.’ If Mercury is conjunct Ketu in your chart, you may tend to change your name. Mercury learns to discriminate between divine nuances and issues in naming, and that which is the product of materialistic social paradigm or lower spiritual form. Mercury can discriminate between the shafts of illumination from inner consciousness and the falseness and slogans of the material world, or the truisms of the torturing dysfunctional family. This highest capacity for mercury is called Budha in Vedic Astrology. As our Mercury awakens it creates enlightened mind or Buddhi. So, an enlightened one is called a Buddha. At his highest, Mercury is the most precise and perfect functioning of the Mind, discriminating the Eternal from the transient, Truth from Illusion. It is the Mind of Vishnu, the cosmic intelligence.

Astronomically, Mercury races round the Sun in his orbit, and his Retrograde periods are frequent. In Mercury Retrograde periods, we will encounter all sorts of hiccups in computer processes, archiving, posts, communications and commerce, especially if we have Mercury Retrograde in our own birth chart or if Mercury is conjunct Ketu or if we have Moon in a Mercury-ruled nakshatra (see below for this detail).

In ancient Mythologies, we have different understandings and perspectives as to the nature and role of Mercury – and it is so valuable to go beyond the Vedic or the Graeco-Roman frameworks for the fuller understanding of the nature of Mercury. Roman Mercury was the familiar God of the Romans with his winged shoes and Caduceus. As with all the planets, knowledge of the Mythological dimension of each planet deeply enhances our interpretation and awareness of how the energy of a planet will manifest in our life, or in the lives of others whose charts we study.

Hermes of the Greeks, was similar. We ;earn about him from Homer’s Hymn to Mercury. and interestingly there was the craft dimension to the Greek Mercury or Hermes: when Mercury was born as the child of Zeus and the nymph Maia, the first thing the precocious child saw as he emerged from the cave was a tortoise and he stole its shell and fashioned the shell into a lyre. Then he went further and stole the cattle of the Sun. when found out he impressed the gods by handing over both lyre and cattle to Zeus and Apollo made Hermes the conductor of Souls to the Underworld of Hades, hence, like Thoth: the Psychopomp. And furthermore, Greek Hermes possessed the Caduceus of healing rod. The Caduceus is the tool of integrated healing, not at all the deracinated western allopathic medicine principle, which is divorced from the total wellness of the individual and armed with medications that can harm as much as they might cure the symptoms.

But Ogma, God of the Tuatha de Danaan of the ancient Irish had more stature by far than Roman Mercury. Ogma was both the fighter and the writer, who invented the Ogham the ancient Celtic Irish tree Alphabet. Then, as I mentioned, there was Buddha of the Vedas.

Thoth of the Egyptians was God of Magic as well as writing, and very strongly connected to the Moon like Buddha, and Thoth was a psychopomp. The role of Psychopomp is a crucial part of Mercury’s nature that got forgotten by the Romans, and hence by rationalist modern western culture too. And the union of Mercury and Moon brings in the crucial dimension of Memory, which is also lacking from Roman Mercury.

In Babylonian theology, the King of the Gods was Murdock, who slew the female serpent Tiamat. Murdock sired Nebo, who was Mercury: The Scribe. Nebo was a dignified and solemn God responsible for writing down the Laws and Edicts of Mardock.

Mercury is also connected with quicksilver: the element Mercury rolls round any surface chameleon-like in changing shape and rapidity of direction shifting.

And very importantly, the ancient Norse God Odin seized the writing and magic of the Runes and gave the gift of writing to the Norther peoples, after hanging upside down in the world tree of nine days trancing in and out of delirium as the meanings of the letters came clear to him from the shapes of the twigs and branches. Odin is very Mercurial, with his Ravens: Hugin and Munin: Thought and Memory/Mind bringing him news from all the Nine Worlds of reality

We thus begin to build up our picture of Mercury:

Mercury’ capacity for naming and exactitude extends his realm into writing, organisation health and right living, artistic values and business transactions.

Mercury’s energy is that of the child. He indicates the state of childhood, troubles in home life, health problems in childhood, or difficulties at school.

Mercury’s gender is hermaphrodite. Mercury’s character is chameleon-like and androgynous. he takes on the energy of the planets around it.

His energy is mental, nervous and articulate. He is necessarily critical. Though it’s not nice to be critical in some ways, nor to be on the receiving end of the critical. One of the Seven Rays that came down to the modern West from Alexandrian Egypt is the rather unendearing Ray of: ‘Harmony Through Conflict’. So above all we must note the need for mercury to be joined to Compassion. This is a key principle.
So, Mercury is speech, discriminating conscious intellect, education, teachers, writing, ideas, trade: buying and selling, short journeys, nervous system and nervous disorders. Mercury signifies quick comprehension, facility and plasticity of expression, correlation and interchange of ideas. Mercury can be associated with crafts and the repair man, the lock smith. The ‘puer eternus’ of the eternally young intellectual or comic. Peter Pan.

And of course Mercury is the divine principle of ‘local travel’. Remember, Mercury orbits the Sun in only 88 days. He can never be more than 28 degrees from the Sun. Remember, as with all the planets, the slower the velocity of the planet in the heavens, the more powerful and trenchant his effect, and so when Mercury in our birth chart is stationary or Retrograde and thus with slower than usual velocity, this is an individual whose mercury scripts are so much more prominent and powerful in his life. The slower-moving Mercury is in your birth chart, the more deliberate will be your mental processes. The further Mercury is from the Sun in your chart, the faster and more deracinated your mental processing will be. But, conversely if your Mercury is combust, then Mercury will be ‘burnt ‘and your concepts will be damaged by the impact of the Solar ego on your concepts and thoughts. And of course, if Sun and Mercury are in the same degree, then there is planetary war or yuddh. And of course, as is the case with all the planets, the Sign and House that Mercury occupies in your birth chart, the Ruler of mercury’s sign and the signs/Houses that Mercury rules, and the aspects from other planets that Mercury receives, will all deeply colour the way in which Mercury will manifest in your life.
Astrology Reading

Fallen Mercury is the childish view of life, the thief and the liar. Immaturity, naivety and folly. The swindler. Sense of entitlement and privilege. Negative Mercury is over-thinking, endless questioning, inability to find and embody the answer, lack of capacity for intuitive knowing.

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. And he rules the nakshatras of Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revati. These are Nakshatras 9, 18 and 27. Significantly, each of these three Nakshatras ends in the three Gandanta zones, and so goes beyond Mercury conceptualisation into the total vastness of the void and the God Realm.
It is significant that Hasta, which is the Nakshatra which is all about skill and craft and falls within the Crafts and Skill sign of Mercury-rule Vedic sign Virgo, is ruled by the Moon. So here we have the connection of Moon and Mercury made clear and important yet again. in my Vedic Astrology courses, you can learn about Avasthas: the effect of one planet on another in your birth chart.

Noteworthy is that the effect of the Moon in my own birth chart is quite totally unusual and exceptional. My Moon boosts my Mercury from my Mercury’s raw score of 505 points or Rupas to an astounding 1058 Rupas. My Moon boost my Jupiter from my Jupiter’s raw score of 504 Rupas to an again totally exceptional 1158 Rupas. Here’s the Avasthas calculation table from Kala software:

Another area of life that Mercury represents is commerce and the articles of trade. Mercury thus opens communication between people, though if afflicted he will exploit people, and he can indicate our trade or profession. He likes standards and prices and scales of measurement and organization. Mercury is thus a key to the issue of money in our life, and afflicted Mercury can damage money in our life.

Strong Mercury is The Trickster. Strong Mercury is needed to fully express the qualities of the other planets, for example: Jupiter. But what is strong? Strong does not necessarily mean ‘good’!

Weak Mercury rationalizes, lies and is fickle, and may be the Fool, a thief or one who has a childish view of the world – he can produce hallucinations and a neurotic schizoid view of life.

Modern western culture is dominated by Mercury communication, allied to the technology of Mars.

Here is more Mercury Astrological Data:

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.
Mercury is most Exalted at 15 Virgo
Most deeply Fallen at 10 Pisces.
Mercury is Mulatrikona 16 – 20 Virgo.

Mercury is Karaka (indicator) for 2nd House (as communication and thinking) and 10th House (as profession). Mercury is best placed in the first House.
The friends who welcome Mercury into their Houses are Sun and Venus.
The Moon is an enemy to Mercury.
Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are neutral to it.
Saturn – Mercury aspects can indicate dulled or delayed intelligence.
Afflictions to Mercury indicate speech defects, dyslexia.

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Astrology East meets West – Now!

Is your Astrology authentic?

Is your Astrology too ‘psychological’ so as to at times amount to psychobabble or being too mentalistic?

Or does your astrology risk being inauthentic to guru teaching of inauthentic formulae?

It’s a simple summary, but the theme must most definitely not be ignored, or you damage your astrology and your life.

The West has included a tradition of the independent consciousness of each independent self.

The East has included a tradition of guru-consciousness, and realisation that the individual self is illusion.

Have a look at this brief video, where I take a huge sweeping historical and cultural overview of the differences in consciousness of East and West.

So, although this is a deliberate simplification, it’s worth watching out that when you are doing astrology, whether, on the one hand you are not over-valuing the individual mental process, but on the other hand whether you are not surrendering your authenticity and individual special spark to guru consciousness and loss through group dynamics.

So, to simplify, let’s look at some main crises in the great interaction between East and West:

To simplify, I suggest that East met West in 480 BC at the battle of Thermopylae, when 300 Spartans saved the day for Greek philosophical enlightenment.

I suggest that the West fell in 410 when the Huns, the Visigoths and the Vandals sacked the city of Rome causing the corrupt Roman Empire to finally fall, and the roman Catholic Church took over as the holder of the Western hegemony and the Dark Ages set in.

Yes, in the Dark Ages, Arthur, guided by Merlin are depicted as blessedly keeping alive the vastness of the Celtic vision, but Arthur only held back the Germanic invaders for so long, even if his spirt shall return.

But I suggest that East met West when the Islamic Empire sacked Constantinople, with the result that scholars fled to Rome bearing culturally priceless Greek Manuscripts – and the Dark Ages were ended with the glories of the Renaissance.

And I suggest that the intellectual destruction done by the Roman Catholic Church was overturned by the Enlightenment in the 18th Century. BUT at the cost of over-valuing of the Rational and the cerebral.

And so, the scales swung the other way when the British Empire seized rule over India – but with the blessed result that Eastern spiritual awareness filtered through with increasing strength to the West.

And lastly, Now, due to internet, East and West can have proper dialogue. And so, just looking at the area of Astrology, this means that at last we are in a glorious position to utilise a combination of both Western and Vedic Astrology, and the glories of Chart interpretation that this brings are so healing and empowering for each of us.

In my opinion, for the best in astrological analysis you must be able to read BOTH  Vedic and Western astrology. Why is this? Well:

Modern western psychodynamic astrology, when expertly interpreted, accurately depicts our psychological make-up, the sub-personalities within us and issues of individuation and wholeness.  Blessedly modern western astrology includes analysis of the manifestation of the energies of the outer planets in our birth chart and our lives: The Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus was discovered and entered the Western Consciousness in 1781. Neptune was discovered and entered the Western Consciousness in 1846. Pluto was discovered and entered the Western Consciousness in 1930. And blessedly, Chiron, the Wounded Healer in our chart was discovered in 1977. When a section of humanity was ready, the extra dimension of consciousness and awareness was discovered and brought into the light of our perception.

Vedic astrology which is far more ancient, powerful and accurately identifies the journey of the soul. It identifies the journey we were born to undertake. It describes the physical and psycho-mental circumstances we will attract into our lives as fates for us to work with. Vedic astrology asserts that these fates are chosen with reference to past karmas that have accrued in previous lives. Some of these karmas are fixed (drida): there is little we can do about them: we need to experience them for a life-time in order to make the growth we need to undertake; other of our karmas are not fixed (adrida) – these we can learn to modify or eliminate or ‘burn’.


Western astrology
uses the tropical zodiac (start point 0 deg tropical Aries: where the Sun is on the first day of Spring). Because it is sun sign based, Western astrology therefore primarily depicts our egoic self, our egoic psychological self: the unfoldment of that awareness through Individuation and psychosynthesis for example.

Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. It’s start point is 0 deg sidereal Aries, and the Sidereal Zodiac is anchored to a (relatively) ‘fixed’ star: Chitra at 0 deg Vedic Libra. Vedic Astrology is thus more anchored to the Eternal. It powerful declares and accurately depicts our incarnational life purpose and the unfoldment of this.

By the way, Western Evolutionary Astrology seeks to do this, based on the work of Martin Schulman, but because it uses the tropical Zodiac, what it depicts is the psychological consequences of our past lives and our present karmic scripts, rather than depicting the scripts themselves which is what Vedic astrology can do.

As the western tropical zodiac moves a degree every 72 years against the backdrop of the stars. The two zodiacs are currently 24 degrees apart.

So, in all my caring and thorough Worldwide Astrology Readings, I can offer crossover from Western to Vedic Astrology where needed – and vice versa.

And, in all my wonderful, caring and totally individually supportive Worldwide Astrology Courses, you always get as a matter of routine, the opportunity for crossover from Western to Vedic Astrology where you wish – and vice versa.

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I look forward to hearing from you,


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