Meet the Morrigan: Worldwide Course – and events in Ireland

Meet the Morrigan: Worldwide Course – and events in Ireland

Meet the Morrigan: Worldwide Course – and events in Ireland

dfs-cave-of-cats-roscommonThis Samhain, 2016, we went into the cave one by one to meet The Morrigan.

She is the terrible War Goddess of the ancient Irish. The cave is an ancient initiation place where iron Age Irish warriors transitioned from boys to men meeting The Morrigan. Here is a brief glimpse of Her cave:

Men, women and children gathered round the mouth of the cave. People were left to decide when (or even if) they would enter the mouth of the cave.

Three, or maybe four people went in before me. Each descent into the cave took maybe fifteen, twenty minutes. No one knew what to expect.

Yet, each time someone went down there, yes: we all heard a scream. But of course I told myself that when I went down: I would not scream ….

It’s the unexpected that makes us scream. And facing the ferocious ethical might of the War Goddess, can you be sure what She will decide you will need to find when you are in there? ….. She who is Great Queen of the Sidhe?

As I said, I told myself I would not scream, not like those who went down before me …..

Well, I should not have been so glib.

Yes. When it happened, I too screamed (only briefly of course). I was caught so unawares.

As I turned to go, She told me not to let on what she does there.

So, where is this cave? The cave where She dwells is the cave of Oweynagat. It lurks primordially below the Royal Mound at Rathcroghan, the place called Cruachan, the seat of the ancient Kings and Queens of Connaught, a great kingdom in the West of Ireland from the Iron Age.

The Rathcroghan mound stands tall. You can see Croagh Patrick from its summit. You can see for miles around. But it is the cave below the mound where the real power of the ancient sacred site lies. And, as has always been known, the cave is the dwelling place of The Morrigan. And the Morrigan is the terrible War Goddess of the ancient Irish.

Ancient stories tell how on Samhain every year, terrible beings who also dwell there, issue from the mouth of the cave and wreak winter on the surrounding landscape.

Samhain has ancient been a time of death when the veils between the world are thin, when transformations that have been held back or blocked burst upon us. Farmers round here in Ireland take their cows inside for the winter on November 1st. In the Iron Age and Middle Ages, cattle were brought in and those for whom there was not space or food were culled at this time. The traditional sense of the energies of this time are ancient: The Second Battle of Moytura associated with the coming of the great and wonderful Tuatha de Danaan to Ireland was at Samhain, and victory was promised to them following the sacred mating of The Dagda and The Morrigan astride the River Unshin near Rathcroghan, close to the ancient stone age sacred places of Carrowmoor and Carrowkeel.

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

I teach a worldwide distance learning course on Meeting The Morrigan. Learning from The Morrigan can greatly help, heal and empower us. There is such strength and wisdom in learning Her teaching.

Regular practice, working with The Morrigan makes us strong. She teaches us about our need for sovereignty. She teaches us about how to manage our minds in unfair situations. She teaches us about the ethics of defending who you are, of defending what you came here to do this time.

There’s also loads of information handed out in my course as well as journeying exercises. It’s a worldwide course. The tuition is completely individual, caring and empowering.

What we learn is that She is never to be taken lightly. She is never to be misrepresented. But she rewards us when we become our Warrior.

The course is extensive. The spiritual practices are clear but powerful. The tutor support is always totally caring.
For a limited time this course is reduced from £125 to £100

There is not only the worldwide distance learning course to meet The Morrigan. There are additionally events in Her sacred places in Ireland available too. Maggie Pashley and I run healing retreats and we offer healings and readings in our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, not far from Rathcroghan and the cave of Oweynagat. I offer visionary contact with the gods and goddesses of the ancient Irish, including with The Morrigan.

In addition, I also offer Sacred Ireland tours to the many deeply ancient sacred sites that are within an hour of travel from here; ancient places of sacred earth energies such as Carrowmoor, Carrowkeel and Rathcroghan; such as the site of the Battle of Moytura and also such as Croagh Patrick Mountain where we seek to restore Corra to the summit from which Saint Patrick banished her. The forests, lakes, mountains and beaches around here are more beautiful than you can ever imagine … far more beautiful.

So: enrol on my worldwide distance learning course: Meet The Morrigan.

Develop your own warrior. Become strong and perceptive

The Course is part of the Druid Forest school whose other courses support you to meet the other Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish as well.

Within the Druid Forest School, you can learn about the Irish Druid Path. You can also learn the Ogham the wonderful visionary other-world gateway of the sacred tree alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids.

So, learn how to meet The Morrigan with the Druid Forest School. Be supported by my caring and very experienced teaching. Please visit for even more information.

And there’s also a fascinating lovely website for our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo and for our linked Airbnb at  It’s in the West of Ireland in County Mayo near Rathcroghan, Carrowmoor, Carrowkeel, the site of the Battle of Moytura and Croagh Patrick Mountain. It's surrounded by the most breathtakingly beautiful land and traditional culture in Ireland.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing together our Journey to Meet the Morrigan.

Michael Conneely

Foxford Self-Catering Ireland

Foxford Self-Catering Ireland

Foxford Self-Catering Accomodation

A Holiday Retreat in the most Beautiful Countryside in Ireland, for the best self-catering Ireland
self-catering ireland
Healing Holidays in County Mayo in the Far West of Ireland and self-catering Ireland

Foxford is a homely historic village with four museums, two lakes and breathtaking walks
Our self-catering accommodation in Ireland is within an hour of the most beautiful beaches, utterly lovely mountains and Ireland’s most commanding historic ancient sites.
Although a small and sleepy village, Foxford in a most central location with a train station and buses and trains to Dublin.
Foxford has excellent road links to Sligo, Dublin, Galway and Westport
We are less than half an hour from Ireland West Airport at Knock
And nearby to us is the vibrant artistic, cosmopolitan tourist city of Westport

Meet your Hosts
Maggie Pashley
and Michael Conneely offer you a warm and caring welcome.
Maggie speaks German and French as well as English, and she is a skilled and very experienced Healer.
Michael Conneely – Healer and Astrologer  conducts tours of the surrounding ancient Irish sacred sites at Carrowmore, Carrowkeel, Rathcrogham and Croagh Patrick Mountain.
Foxford AccomodationTwo styles of accommodation are on offer:
There’s a cosy self-contained flat with shower room (7.5 Kw shower),  fully equipped kitchen, living room and twin bedroom.
The flat can accommodate one or two adults
(optionally with one child or even two small children).
Facilites for the flat include TV, wifi, fiber-broadband.

The twin en-suite bedroom with its own shower can accommodate one or two adults and also has use of bathroom and Kitchen, also wifi and fiber-broadband.

The accommodation comprises some of the best self-catering in Ireland

You can chill out and have a simple holiday in in Foxford, visiting its nearby beaches, lakes, walks and mountains and the nearby vibrant tourist city of Westport, with its arts and music and Westport House for all the family.


Spiritual Intrusion Healing – Have a Shamanic Healing Session

Spiritual Intrusion Healing – Have a Shamanic Healing Session

Spiritual Intrusion Healing – Have a Shamanic Healing Session

Has someone ‘put a hook in you?’
Do you need Spiritual Intrusion Healing?

Have a Shamanic Healing: My Shamanic Healings can be Face to Face – or worldwide.

Alternatively if you feel drawn to learn to do this sort of shamanic healing to help others, you can get in touch with me to enroll on my worldwide shamanic healer course.

A Spiritual Intrusion Healing session mends a situation where someone has put an energetic hook into you.

It empowers you to deal with a situation where someone has put a syphon tube into your energy field sucking away your true energy.

cutenergeticcordsIt heals you where someone has corded you: roped you into their power, just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet. But you can cut the cords!

You can have a spiritual intrusion healing in two ways:

Have your Healing here, face to face at our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo
Have a Worldwide Healing session when we get in touch with one another via Zoom or Skype

What happens is that you email me and describe your symptoms/history to me.

You send me a photo of yourself and you enclose your astrological natal data (date, time and place of birth)

Our Healing Centre, Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland

Our Healing Centre, Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland

I then contact you back and I set up a face-to-face or internet contact with you.

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