Visionary Contact Course: Goddesses and Gods of the Ancient Irish

Visionary Contact Course: Goddesses and Gods of the Ancient Irish

The Gods and Goddess of the ancient Irish are wonderful powerful beings with great gifts of learning for each of us.

There’s the ethical defendress of our sovereignty, The Morrigan. There’s the good god, the generous Dagdha, There’s Llugh, the God of the Harvest of your talents, there’s Ogma, Warrior and Writer. There’s the great mother Danu. There’s Brighid and Manannan, and more.

This course with the Druid Forest School teaches you how to make empowering and healing ethical vision contact with these great beings.

They incarnated at the time of the arrival of the Tuatha de Danaan in Ireland. They withdrew because their special skills and gifts were not recognised by humanity. They wait in the Otherworld for us to be ready to receive their great gifts again, and for us to bring them through to this world once more.

This is the Celtic revival started by W B Yeats and Lady Gregory. In addition to teaching the worldwide courses of the Druid Forest School, my partner Maggie Pashley and I also run a Healing Centre and B&B in County mayo in the far west of Ireland. We live near the grave of W B Yeats and it brings deep appreciation of the inspiration of the man and his contribution to our modern consciousness to stand before his grave. These Druid Forest School Courses include making visionary contact and ​ true relationship and with the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish:

This is a very special visionary, healing and empowering worldwide distance learning Foundation Course to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish.

The Course is offered by The Druid Forest School, which grew out of my Novel, Druid, and I am now writing its sequel: The Morrigan and The Dagda.

You are sent information sheets and audios about each of the Gods or Goddesses whom you seek to approach. You learn to develop clear appearance of that God or Goddess.  ​You develop a relationship with him or her and thus embark on your own unique and beautiful and creative journey of healing and empowerment and your vastly develop your insight into yourself and your life.

When you have completed a step in your relationship with the God or Goddess, or a piece of work facing and relating to one of your chosen Gods or Goddesses, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we hold deep and completely individual confidential discussion.

​It is likely that you will need to work over quite a length of time with each deity, keep a journal, and communicate with me at intervals as your relationship with each Goddess or god develops, and your life changes as a result. ​

There are periodic webinars, and a very special bonus is that I also include in my replies to you, information and illumination offered by your astrology: your natal or your current predictive western and Vedic astrology. We can move on in your work to the very special step of embodying a deity – and, again, I support you in this.

See the website:

I look forward to working with you,



Astrology for January to August 2016 – Confused, sensitive and difficult Energy to be understood

Astrology for January to August 2016 – Confused, sensitive and difficult Energy to be understood

Michael burnsall crop bestYes, it is a confused and difficult energy now for everyone, at the time of writing this Post at the end of January 2016. But with great potential if we understand and manage it.

This is partly because although Mercury is no longer retrograde at the time of writing (28th January). But the Mercury Retrograde effects still demand out attention and solutions. This is not just until he stops retrograding but actually it lasts until he regains his pre-retrogradation position on 3rd March.

Very importantly, Jupiter is retrograde now.
For these two see:

Jupiter is our spiritual enlargement – also husband issues for women – and so there will be challenges of understanding and challenges to manifesting and growing in these areas, but these challenges will be rich in rewards if you seek to understand and work with them.

However even more important, the Nodes of the Moon change Vedic Sign tomorrow, North Node (Rahu) moves into Leo, South Node (Ketu) moves into Aquarius and this once every eighteen month change causes major adjustment and turbulence.

However, even more powerful (and potentially dangerous for some) is that North Node. Rahu (North Node) has been in Vedic Virgo for the last eighteen months, but he moves into Vedic Sign of Leo. Ketu (South Node) has been in Vedic Pisces for the last eighteen months but he moves into Vedic sign of Aquarius. The changeover feels uncertain.

N.B. We will all go through uncertainty and then have to adjust the thrust and directions of our expectations and strategies now.

Also Rahu North Node is in conjunction with Jupiter now, and has been for some time, but  with Rahu  moving into Vedic Leo tomorrow, a very ambitious, and aprtly potentially dark energy is created until August 2016 of Jupiter and Rahu being in the same sign. In Vedic Astrology it’s known as Guru Chandala yoga. If your ambition is authentic to yoru body rhythms and spiritual life purpose and if you avoid dark or egoic or over-ambitious associations, ideas and drives, you could succeed well. See for example:

So watch out for Leo issues becoming very highlighted and even florid.

Examples of the dangers of over-ambition I have noticed coming out are two one-person astrology teachers declaring themselves to be a university, and some devotees of the Irish Druid Tradition militaristically bringing out a list of books to read in a way that rivals the Spanish Inquisition and the Index Librorum Prohibitorum of the Catholic Church, namely the approved categories being: Authors to Love, Authors to Read Critically (But Who Still Have Value) and Authors to Pretend Don’t Exist.

But This means that Ketu South Node is commencing transit through Vedic Aquarius. Please note that this means very big challenges, opportunities and issues for you if you have Ascendant or planets in Vedic Aquarius.

For example if you have your natal Mercury in Vedic Aquarius, this will be all about working with and seeing through mental constructs and paradigms, with the aim of moving beyond those to more enlightened spiritual realisation.

For example if you have your ‘Manasa Nakshatra’ there: Manasa Nakshatra is the Nakshatra or Vedic Lunar sign (there are 27 of them and they are wonderful and powerful analysis and depiction) which depicts our default state of consciousness, this could be very spiritual. I have Shatabishak as my ‘Manasa nakshatra’ or ‘default state of consciousness’, and my intuition has been growing so much since Neptune entered Shatabishak, for example, doing tarot readings all over the world. Now, with Ketu going to enter Shatabishak I will grow even more intuitive. My partner, Maggie Pashley has Purva bhadra as her ‘Manasa nakshatra’ and she has been developing ‘Access Consciousness’ and ‘Access Bars’ since Ketu entered her Manasa nakshatra and doing energy healings all over the world.

But what will you experience if you have your natal Sun in Vedic Aquarius and Ketu is therefore now commencing transit over your natal Sun?????

This is big and offers you chance for deep spiritual realisation, but it is hard for issues of egoic self. But also, Ketu transiting the Sun will highlight paternal problems and issues with authority figures.

Above all between now and August you must beware driven over-ambition or dark connections in spiritual quest or self-expression or pursuit of power.

If you watch out for that danger, and if you are disciplined, pure and focussed, and authentic to emotions and to your life purpose now, you will succeed well in the period up to August 2016 and indeed over the upcoming eighteen months.

And what about the big sting in the tail???

Mars enters Vedic Scorpio on the 21st February 2016. Saturn is already transiting there. Mars and Saturn are a malefic combination. Although Mars is back in Vedic Libra from 18th June to 12th July, he won’t move out of Scorpio, until 18th September, and he’s exactly conjunct Saturn on 24th August.

The combination of Mars and Saturn is deadly and warlike, though if understood and worked at can give structured gain. Look what House in your Vedic Chart the transiting Mars – Saturn conjunction is. Strategic and careful, sensitive work in this area could bring you very gainful reaping, though also hard duress!

Have one of my expert worldwide astrology readings. They combine both Vedic and Western astrology. Healing modalities are also available:
Or join one of my truly caring and very high quality astrology courses:
My astrology Courses websites are: and
These courses can take you into supported and mentored study as deep as you could wish for.
Also there are very regular webinars (

Brigid, the Great Goddess

Brigid, the Great Goddess

Michael burnsall crop bestIn this video, Michael Conneely talks about the power of this great Goddess and how her sacred fire can truly and authentically be created in your life to midwife the personal developments that are your true focus now.

The Druid Forest School offers genuinely personal Celebration of the Festivals of the Year in a way that is empowering and truly authentic for your and avoids rote speeches and the emotionally and spiritually deadening hand of hierarchical orders. Meet your true power and beauty with the courses of the Druid Forest School.

Imbolc – Prepare for the Festival

Imbolc – Prepare for the Festival

Michael burnsall crop bestPrepare to celebrate Imbolc with the Druid Forest School   Michael Conneely speaks about the ancient festival of Imbolc and tells how the Druid Forest School supports you in festivals study to whatever depth and helps you to truly personal authentic celebration, whether as an individual or with others.

Link the cycles of your own life now to those of the Earth and Nature.

Meet the great Goddess of the ancient Irish: Brigid. Work out where the fire of your inspiration is truly taking you now.

Celebrate the Festivals with the Druid Forest School in a way that is empowering and truly authentic and avoids rote speeches and the emotionally and spiritually deadening hand of hierarchical orders.

Sacred Earth – A novel by Michael Conneely

Sacred Earth – A novel by Michael Conneely

Cover Sacred Earth 2
Here is a brief excerpt

Sacred Earth – A Novel by Michael Conneely. A novel of Utopian Community, Protest Site and Stone Circle Protest.

From 1998 I completed a five-year Field Study – a social anthropology of spiritual forms new to the modern West, including Utopian Community.

In this novel I am honoured to portray the ideals and struggles, the earth spirituality path of those who would treat lightly on the earth, live in connection to the Earth’s heart beat and rhythm, and protect the ancient sacred sites.

And see my courses website:

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