Join my worldwide Rune Course

Join my worldwide Rune Course

Michael burnsall crop bestThe Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change. Welcome to the wonderful world of Odin, the Norns, Freya, Heimdall and Tir.

My name is Michael Conneely, and I have been teaching the Runes since 1994. My heredity comes from lands were used for centuries. My father escaped from the Danzig Corridor on the Baltic Sea coast in 1939. My mother’s family have lived in Connemara for thousands of years – a part of Ireland where at one time in its history, those who used the Runes were no strangers.

rune sigel 2The Runes are powerful and ancient magic.
Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life.
Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.

See this brief video about my ethical and commanding, learned, healing and empowering worldwide rune Course: Michael Conneely’s Rune Course Video

My Worldwide Runes Course  teaches you the meaning of each rune. We share magical and empowering methods of Rune Journeying, Rune Chanting – Galdr and Rune Stance.

Learn how to transform, empower and heal your understanding of the events in your life.

Use the genuine magic of making a rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.

You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses. The Runes are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part with all the support you need from me.

There is a supportive and learned Face Book Group with members in USA, UK and Latvia.

To Enroll, see the course website
and use the PayPal button situated at the left centre of the Home Page. Then please email me to tell me you have joined!

Cover Rune MagicSee also my novel Rune Magic, available from Amazon as paperback or kindle.

Join this Wonderful Vedic Astrology Course: The Nakshatras

Join this Wonderful Vedic Astrology Course: The Nakshatras

Michael burnsall crop bestEnroll on this wonderful weekly Webinar Series through 2016 which will lead you to discover the most ancient enlightened wisdom: The Nakshatras, the Vedic astrology 27-sign lunar zodiac.

And see the course website: Think of the gains to your life, perception, healing and empowerment. How wonderful to transform your understanding of how each planet manifests in your life by deep analysis of the Nakshatra it falls in.

How wonderful to achieve deep understanding of the meaning of each Nakshatra every week through meditation and link to art work, embodiment work, healing modalities and empowerment work.

​How exalted to then go on in the second half of this course to then learn many techniques of Nakshatra chart analysis and apply them to your birth chart and your life.

For more details and to enrol:

To enroll, use the PayPal buttons at the foot of the course Home Page and them email me to tell me you have joined.

I look forward to working with you, Michael

Festive Greetings, Christmas offers and exciting new developments in 2016

Festive Greetings, Christmas offers and exciting new developments in 2016

Michael burnsall crop bestI wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever you are doing and however you are spending the time. And as the year draws to a close I’d like to thank you for your interest in my work over the last year, whether you have had a reading from me, enrolled on one of my courses or simply subscribed to my blog or newsletter.  2015 has been  an eventful year for me, revisiting Ireland, writing my latest novel with all the research that has involved, delving ever deeper into astrological knowledge and then finding ways of distilling that down into clear, useful and often life-changing insights for clients and students. Lots of hard work including a steep learning curve of familiarising myself with video conferencing and the like but I feel very excited to have now developed a platform to dynamically interact with students in my new worldwide webinars. So if you have ever been curious about learning more about astrology, now is the perfect time.

I would like to start by sharing with you a kindly-written testimonial sent to me by one of my astrology students:

‘An in-depth Chart reading from Michael which included both Western and Vedic interpretations has been instrumental in putting my life back on track after suffering for many years with a medically undiagnosed Chronic illness.
I’m now studying Michael’s Western Astrology course under his ever giving, kind and supportive tutorage.
This is bringing even more healing realisations which are slowly but surely turning my life around.
The amount of work he puts in on behalf of his clients and students is amazing, as is his depth and breadth of knowledge.
Many Thanks Michael’,

Lytham Saint Anne’s UK

aquarius 3My Astrology Readings: Special Offer Xmas/New year- 10% (15% off if booking for two):
I am proud of what my worldwide astrology readings offer. They link western with Vedic Astrology, they include tarot, you can order magnificent totally personal reports. You have every opportunity afterwards for emailed questions/discussion. They provide such a firm and inspired statement as to your life purpose, your year ahead your work future, healing and empowerment issues, relationships astrology and child astrology. See the following videos about what my readings offer:
how astrology can help you
using astrology to understand relationships
making sense of difficult life transitions
Book the Xmas/New Year special offer now using the PayPal Buttons at the foot of the home page on my readings website:

planets 2My Worldwide Weekly Webinars: run February to November 2016 and are linked to my Western and Vedic Astrology Courses:
I am so excited to be offering my western and Vedic astrology courses, now with weekly webinars, and recorded so you can replay them anytime. Take Advantage of my Early Bird Offer and sign up before 31st December to get 10% off!  Each webinar will demonstrate brilliantly how the astrology teaching relates to your personal chart. You get full course notes and you get the recording of the Webinar afterwards so you can share even if your time zone is tricky in relation to UK time. Always topics come alive when they can be explored through art work or embodiment and it’s not just stale declaration: Healing and empowerment modalities are explored or described.

Sun ArchetypeWatch some short You Tubes previewing the course content of my different course below:

Western astrology Level 1 Course:  More info and reserve your place at

Vedic Astrology Level 1, More info and reserve your place at

Vedic Astrology Level 2: learn about the wonderful Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, the 27 Nakshatras and how they reveal the true wisdom about your chart More info and reserve your place:

and also Vedic Astrology Level 3 More info and reserve your place:

Blessings, success and happiness for us all in 2016

The  Druid Forest School’s New worldwide Courses:

The Druid Forest School’s New worldwide Courses:

The Tomb of Grace O'Malley: The last Irish Celtic Queen, Clare island

The Tomb of Grace O’Malley: The last Irish Celtic Queen, Clare island

There is a lot of power and beauty in learning the spiritual pathways of ancient Ireland.
You can study the Ogham which is the tree Alphabet of the Ancient Irish Druids, which is a real gateway to vision and spiritual understanding:
In the other courses you can do practical vision work to contact your strength, potential and beauty.
You also receive inputs from me based on your astrology to assist you through the courses. Watch these You Tubes to find out more:
You Learn:
The four sacred weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann: deep power, ethics and truth.
Develop Vision Contact and Relationship with the Gods and the Goddesses of Ancient Irish, such as
The Morrigan, The Dagda.
Mystical Energy Work and Spiritual Enquiry into the Pathways of the Ancient Irish Druids. Connection to the land-Sea-Sky, and Earth Energies.
See the course website and take advantage of the Xmas/New Year special offer:

Michael burnsall crop bestMy Latest Novel: The Morrigan and The Dagda:
It is so good to be writing about the power and beauty of the Gods and Goddess of the Anceint Irish:
Two young people are inescapably caught in the epic struggle for the Gods of the Tuatha to again be received in this world. Together they try to prepare a gateway of vision and ritual and special knowledge, a portal through which the Tuatha Dé Danaan can return to walk once again among humanity.
But can the Gods and the Goddesses of the Ancient Irish once more share their shining light?
Is the time right for the inspiration of the Irish Gods to again be received?
A son of the Irish, a young man of our own time, whose path is vision and healing, who set out to find his father when his chosen path as an archaeology student was overturned, now seeks wholeness from his Irish roots. A daughter of the Tuatha Dé Danaan comes from the Irish Iron Age to this time to open the gateway for her people with him.

Blessings, success and happiness for us all in 2016

Blocks to Receiving your Greatness

Blocks to Receiving your Greatness

Michael burnsall crop bestWhen I offer one of my combined western astrology and vedic astrology prediction readings or courses, I sometimes feel I am clearly depicting gifts or challenges ahead, but the client may be blocked from grasping it and taking it in, even where it is valid – and this is due to ‘mind-sets’.

Have a look at this video on the subject.

In this video, I particularly point to blocks connected to two different prevalent mind-sets that drain authenticity and block openness to empowerment.

The first of these mind-sets is where world-denying practices, especially from Buddhism or sometimes from Hinduism, or modern paradigms derived from Buddhism or Hinduism, drain away our essential ability as a person to achieve the skills and greatnesses we incarnated to actually achieve this lifetime.

I feel myself that this first type of group often seems to gather around a ‘paradigm holder’, or ‘guru’ (living or dead) and around the ‘paradigm holder’ there can even sometimes be the ‘spiritual police’. And certainly when group get-togethers occur there’s lots of swapping of inauthentic buzzwords and in-slogans. These groupings are a sort of gang consciousness and they can steal our power, and they can become drained of true meaning.

Because the spiritual mind-set is world- denying, because it is often orientated to our observing our emotions arise and fall away, observing our thoughts arise and fall away. In this way, we can end up negating the fact that we came here to make achievements, achievements which can often be defined by the astrology of our incarnational life purpose: this is the nodal astrology of Vedic astrology and it is Evolutionary astrology as I use it in my western astrology readings and courses. Of course, part of our incarnational life purpose is that we are born to burn certain negative scripts as well as achieve our special talents.

The other problem I feel exists with this first type of group is that slogans get drained of meaning. Nothing can be said and defined. Everything becomes empty of meaning. And this is an invalid guide for us as sometimes we have to exert discrimination and strategic planning in our lives. It is right that we recognise the ‘emptiness’ in all phenomena, but I feel we wipe out our life if we cannot when needed take the warrior task – or tread the path of true love.

The second type of grouping that can cut us from achieving and accepting our power and beauty is pretty prevalent in some alternative communities. In these groups we define ourselves by politically correct slogans. This is part of the same movement of consumer modernity where ‘you are what you buy’, where we can be encouraged to define ourselves by labels, poses and attributes. These are ‘enforced’ by group or sub-culture membership but in fact they are inauthentic to our truth and our future and they cut us off from being open to the abundant offerings of empowerment that we could otherwise receive one after the other. I completed a five-year university-based field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west. It was an ethnography. And ethnography is where the social anthropologist lives in the communities and institutions he studies, especially so as to give them their own voice and expression. So often I felt some to the alternative cultures paralysed their members. I also felt it became difficult for members to learn true love, and to learn to develop shared purpose in love relationship, such was the ideological pressure in these groups.

It is right to hold alternative consciousness from the totalising consumption-mentality and military/property hegemony of western culture, but it is disempowering to exchange once coercive disempowering mentality for another. Just because we have an alternative set of slogans, this can cut us from developing needed self-awareness and opening ourselves to needed change. I read a wonderful book depicting the mind-set of certain extreme alternative groups during my field study. It was called ‘Spilling the Beans’ by Martin Stott, but unfortunately it now seems out of print. He coined the term ATs for members of these communities: short for alternative types. The thing that sticks most in my mind is his depiction of a couple ‘in love’ where each was embracing the other but what they were focussing on was not the other but a mirror they were holding up behind their lover so that in fact what they were looking into was a reflection of themselves.

I do feel excessive membership of either of these two types of groups can cut us off from being authentic, and it can cut us off from being open to gateways and possibilities for empowerment and growth that are coming our way. Astrological insight can be so helpful to us in charting our life forward. It is such a loss if we are paralysed and disempowered and cut off from our beauty by these mind-sets, groups and ideologies.

My astrology readings website is:

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