Now is a good time to join the Druid Forest School

Now is a good time to join the Druid Forest School


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Prepare for Samhain 2014

Now is a good time to enrol on the Festivals Course of the Druid Forest School: to get ready for the start of the Ancient Irish Festivals Year.

As a build-up to the first Festival of the Year, Samhain, celebrated around November 1st, we prepare together in the Druid Forest School as a respectful, enlightened democratic community.

Now is a good time to study and share on the preparatory themes around the Festivals of the ancient Irish.

Here are the areas of study we are sharing about in the run-up to Samhain:

The Aims of the Druid Forest School

Methods of Study

Indicative Bibliography

Celtic Spiritual History Themes

Sacred Space of the Ancient Irish

The Irish Festival Year

This way we are each fully prepared to celebrate the first festival of the ritual year, Samhain, the time when the veils between the realms are thin. We share our preparation and our celebration of the Festival with our members worldwide.

For more about this enlightened approach to the Druid Heritage, visit our website:

Eihwaz The Rune of the Yew Tree

Eihwaz The Rune of the Yew Tree

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Three Questions that will show if the rune Eihwaz is calling to you at this time. If you wish to learn deeply about the runes, then join my rune course. Here are the questions:

Q: Is it time to cooperate with a death and rebirth experience in your life?

Q: Do you need to shed your old scripts?

Q: Do you need to chose a focussed direction or to seek ‘surrender’?

ogham yew tree 2The 13th Rune is the Rune of the Yew Tree, Eihwaz.
Eihwaz is the energy of death and rebirth.
The key to really experiencing and really knowing what the rune Eihwaz means, is for you to go to a huge ancient Yew Tree or go to a Yew Grove.

Spend time within the circle of the grove, or spend time inside the energy field of the Yew Tree. You will feel it: the energy is so still and silent and remote.
The scripts and focuses of the everyday world, those that you think is your life, all now feel as if they have been killed stone dead: they have stopped. They are gone!

Yes, Yew is the tree of death. And we all have periods in our life when we have to let die those things in our life or personality that now must die. This is because they are not part of us. They damage us or they hold us back from being the true ‘me’. They blind us to the true identity which is one with our divine purpose, one with our purpose in incarnating this time, in this life-time. They block us to being one with our True Self. We need to raise our level of consciousness so that we can see this is true now.

Yew Trees are of course found around cemeteries all over Europe. They have long been understood as having an energy of death around them.

But there is another part to the understanding of the Yew Tree: Bows. Bows were made from Yew wood. Hence the term Yeoman! The Yew wood is solid and strong, yet flexible. One of the messages of this association is that we can usefully ask ourselves: do we need to focus on chosen priorities in a difficult time, like a bow-man focussing on his target? or is this one of those cases where we might choose to embrace ‘surrender’?

There is an ancient myth surrounding the association of the Yew Tree with bows and arrows. The Old Icelandic Rune Poem for Eihwaz, the Yew Rune runs as follows:

‘Yew is a taut bow
And brittle iron
And the arrow of Farbauti.’

So what’s this poem about? Who was Farbuti?
Well, Farbauti was actually the father of Loki, the trickster fire spirit of the Norse. What happened was this: Farbauti fired one of his fire-arrows at Loki’s mother, whose name was Laufey meaning ‘Tree Island’. Her gentle trees were all burnt up by Farbauti’s fire arrow and from this she gave birth to Loki.
Loki ended up with the Aesir Gods, who were actually the gods of the Invaders of the Northern Lands, ruled by the magnificent warrior magician god, Odin. They were part of the Indo-European migrations all over Europe and into Persia and NW India.
But the Aesir were so into hierarchy and law an order they could not accept the necessity of Loki’s Trickster Spirit, so they banished him and so he turned to the comforts of the foul witch Angrbroda and together in the Iron Wood they spawned two foul children: Fenrir the wolf of Ragnarok and Hel, queen of the realm of the criminal or unworthy dead. The Aesir needed to understand the necessity for the Trickster.

There are other really important stories relating to the uneasy union of the invading Norse with the local indigenous people they conquered: people who in some ways had better consciousness and wisdom than their invadors.
There is the story of Gullveig whom they killed three times, but not kill, who ended up working Magic with Odin.
There is the story of Mimir, the first being, whom Odin slew and thus created the worlds, but in slaying Mimir, Odin slew ‘unity consciousness’: the Aesir laughed at Mimir when he got lost in trances of meditation. They did not realise that slaying him sealed their own fate and was the ruin of their magnificence.
There is the story of the Norse taking up the shamanic practices of the people they found and conquered.

FFOTNOTE: By the way: don’t mix up this rune with others, as some text books do: this rune, No 13 Eihwaz = Yew. Rune No 15 is Algiz = elk sedge. Rune No 19 is Ehwaz = horse.

CONCLUSION: The Runes are so worth working with. They can heal your life. They are transformation magic. They are powerful active wisdom. The Yew Rune alone can bring great heling in your consciousness, in your life.
To find out more about the powerful magic of the Runes, you can enrol on my course: This is worldwide distance learning.
You receive sound-file presentation of the meaning of each rune. You receive a sound-file where you journey to discover how each rune is operating within your life and how you can transform this, and you practise rune-chanting (Gladr) and rune-stance.

I look forward to hearing from you, Michael

The Runes are such powerful transformative magic  : Gera the Rune of Harvest

The Runes are such powerful transformative magic : Gera the Rune of Harvest

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Gera is the 12th Rune of the Futhark, the Runic Alphabet. It is the rune of Harvest.

Gera is in the second Aett, or group of eight runes, which works with developing the right perception we need to take us beyond the consciousness-level of the first Aett which are all about succeeding at being ordinarily human. The 2nd Aett seeks to shift us beyond that to partaking in transformation of ourselves through sharing God Consciousness.

rune geraThe Rune Gera comes after the dreadful trio, namely the first three runes of the second Aett: Hagalaz, Nauthiz and Isa. If we can develop the right consciousness to understand and succeed within these three dreadful life-situations, we will reap our harvest. What are those first three terrible runes?

Hagalaz is all about finding ourself in a sudden Hail Storm of a dreadful life-situation we seem to be able to do nothing about.

Nauthiz is finding ourself in a situation of dreadful constriction where we have to take a path of action. We need to avoid obsession, we must live within balance, but we must take a course of needed action.

Isa is where everything in our life is frozen over. We can be frozen and out of touch with our heart, with our true spark. We can be englamoured by the glitter of ice, which is of course deadly to relating, connection and to life: the Ice Maiden! But ice can of course form a bridge over water: these situations can be a bridge to better things if we develop good consciousness and perception. An ice bridge is not a good location for a blind man!

So what is harvest? Well, it is the outcome of preparations of the ground, sowing, care of the crop and reaping. If we don’t do the preparation we won’t reap Harvest. If we do bad things, we will reap a harvest of failure or despair. The concept of Time takes on special value. The law of karma operates.

rune nerthus

Nerthus Goddess

Harvest is often linked to union of God and Goddess in ancient human consciousness, and indeed, much of the harvest in our life comes from sacred union. In the Norse tradition these pairings were Frey and Freya, and Njord and Nerthus.

To find out more about the powerful magic of the Runes, enrol on my course: This is powerful personal magic to help you on your life path. this is personal powerful magic to raise your level of consciousness. This is worldwide distance learning. You receive sound-file presentation of the meaning of each rune. You receive a sound-file where you journey to discover how each rune is operating within your life and how you can transform this, and you practise rune-chanting (Gladr) and rune-stance.

You will be amazed how the Runes bring up the awareness you need. You will be amazed about how working with the runes can bring you out of a rut, a block or a difficulty and transform you to your best possibility.


I look forward to hearing from you, Michael
Mob: 07799296821

Testimonial to Join My Ogham Course : Worldwide Distance Learning The Celtic Tree Alphabet

Testimonial to Join My Ogham Course : Worldwide Distance Learning The Celtic Tree Alphabet

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Here is a much valued and deeply appreciated Testimonial I have just received from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA, who has just completed the Course. I hope this will encourage you to study the Ogham:

Tree Spirit

I stand before you
sensing infinite energy
limited by perception
listening, listening.
Faintly, I hear drumming
the door opens
to my vision quest.

ogham tree spirit Gatherers Moon Celtic Ogham sticksCauldron of Plenty, Stone of Destiny,
Watch towers, oceans
rippling to infinity
all reflections of soul.
My silhouette
presses against you
our roots intertwine
reaching toward Source
uncovering Truths
a magical adventure
in Michael Conneely’s Ogham course.
Anne Lee, 2014

For details of this wonderful course, go to:

The Rune Nauthiz

The Rune Nauthiz

rune bifrostWhenever I work with Nauthiz there seems to be an explosion. Nauthiz is sandwiched between the runes Hagalaz (Hail storm) and Isa (Frozen Ice). These three dread runes are the start of the second Aett – the second group of eight runes. The first eight are all about what it is to be an ordinary but successful human being. But the second Aett are all about how to share in God-perception by learning to deal positively with adverse circumstances. They are Bifrost: the Rainbow Bridge that connects this world, Middle Earth, to the God Realm, Asgard. Bifrost is ever-guarded by the splendid Heimdall.

Nauthiz is all about situation that we find ourselves in that feel unavoidable. Usually they are caused by our patterns of which we may be unaware or in finial. Usually they come from the scripts we live out from our past lives or ancestry, scripts we may be unaware of, scripts we may have banished to our unconscious.

In the spiritual understanding of the ancient Norse these scripts were laid down by the Norns, the three wise women who dwell by the World Tree by the Pool at the end of time. Urd, Verdandi and Schuld. Urd fashions our fate from issues from the Past. Verdandi weaves our life thread according to that, knotting it into the threads of others in the Web, and Schuld cuts the life thread. In fact the Norns descried our Destiny by carving runes on placks of wood, rather than weaving threads: that was how the same task was completed by their Greek and Roman sisters: The Moirai: their names were: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.  Often Nauthiz situations are experienced when we find ourselves in one of those knots and can’t break free.

A great help is the Need Fire. The Need Fire is part of the symbology of Nauthiz. We need to have the fire to break out and change. To end that which was causing the repressive situation – hopefully with creativity and love. Fire is a deep and ancient spiritual force the Norse and all the Indo-European peoples revered and knew well.

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

To learn more about Nauthiz and the runes, enrol on my Rune Course. It’s worldwide distance teaching. See: my email is

Here’s a testimonial I received about the course only this morning:

Strangely I feel more complete, that the Runes have given me the missing piece and that I can step out with more confidence.
I will be doing Gebo shortly.
Thank you – Fiona

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