Goddess of Love Women's circle

Goddess of Love Women's circle

Discover your Goddess withiLynda Earth Heartn and embrace the divine feminine.

We are progressively exploring Tantra and going deeper into your sacred sexuality for empowerment Invoking Rhiannon – the Celtic Goddess of Love in these Isles….Opening to Mary Magdalene’s light love attunement, Shakti dancing, Celestial crystal singing bowls and a lovely gift.


Please look for the Goddess of Love Women’s Circle on facebook £15 Contact Lynda Haigh on 07717158803 for more details.

4pm Earth Center Drighlington, Saturday 14th June

The Druid Forest School of Corra and Llugh

The Druid Forest School of Corra and Llugh

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Grand Trine in Earth Signs – What is the nature of this woman’s Very Special Talent???

Grand Trine in Earth Signs – What is the nature of this woman’s Very Special Talent???

If you had a GRAND TRINE in EARTH: namely Sun at 16 Capricorn, Pluto conjunct Uranus at 16 Virgo and Jupiter at 16 Taurus – How would you interpret it ?????????

AND NOTE ALSO that the Pluto-Uranus conjunct is opposition Chiron in her birth chart at 15 Pisces.

AND NOTE ALSO that Pluto in the heavens now is now transiting conjunct the Sun in this person’s birth chart and Chiron in the heavens now is now transiting conjunct her natal Chiron – How would you interpret that as it will affect her life and the development of her special talent ?????????

Make your comments!!!!!!!



Here are some clues and here also is a one-size-fits-all standard meaning about Grand Trines in General (Notes on the Earth grand Trine follows on below):

A Grand Trine is also known as a ‘Large Talent Triangle’. This is a triangular figure (mutable motivation) comprising three trines (aspects of 120 degrees), aspect usually shown in blue in the birth chart (see above).

The figure points to a wonderful finished quality or inborn talent, which is capable of encompassing a wide range of experience, and which permeates and dominates the personality.

However, the reaping of this talent is not automatic. Grand Trines need conscious working at; otherwise they will become the ‘ruined crop’ or the negative or even ‘criminal’ personality.

The risk is (as Trines are lazy aspects) that you may lazily see no need to develop new qualities and approaches, putting too much reliance on your conditioning or illusory life slogans or the obvious, superficial talents which you already possess.

The planets which define the type of talent usually all fall into one particular element (i.e. Earth, Air, Fire or Water) – all in Earth in the case of this woman, suggesting that the talent partakes of the nature of that element.

But, as only one element is involved: beware the risk of imbalance in the life. Your tendency might always be to seek refuge in the easy blue aspects.

Although such a figure can be enjoyed, blue aspects (in general) are there to be used, and you must NOT squander such a talent or keep it exclusively to yourself. Use it to give something to others.

Trines, being Jupiter-energy aspects, need to be given freely, otherwise those fruits will simply rot and go to waste.

The Grand Trine is a ‘whole quality’ which, if given freely, allows the talent to grow and develop to even greater depths, continually attracting new substance and experience.

This is the Mutable quality of the Triangle – to become simply a part of the process of giving.

The difficulty may lie in the blueness, the complacency, which seeks to hold onto what already is, thus preventing new levels of experience from growing into the figure.

‘To give and not to count the cost’ is a particularly relevant motto for this figure because the more it gives, the more it receives, and so it has even more to grow.

Inertia and stagnation are the fruits of a mismanaged Grand Trine.

Reliance on luck is present: and it’s very much a double-edged sword.

Grand Trine People might be easily defeated by life and even turn to addictions or anti-social life-styles.

At its worst, the mismanaged Grand Trine is the chronic criminal with an unrealistic childish view of the world, expecting the world to give into their personal needs or someone will have to be punished. (Barbara Watters: ‘The Astrologer Looks at Murder’). It’s the illusory unquestioned feeling that they can overpower and gain ultimate control: selfish and ruthless, ‘getting away with murder’. Obviously a lot depends on the planets involved, and on the rest of the chart. The more planets are tied in, the greater the danger of imbalance or the character weakness.

Self-indulgence and personal excess tend to be over-emphasized if Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Neptune are involved, or the signs: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio or Pisces. (This facet is not of course present with this woman).

The Grand Trine individual may expect others to carry him/her through life. ‘Something for nothing’. The ‘charmed life’.

Multiple Grand Trines can be even more debilitating.

The Grand Trine is a specialized configuration promoting high idealism, insight and vision, as well as creative self-expression and wellbeing. The Grand Trine can potentially indicate confidence and self-assurance, optimistic expectation, a sense of pleasure, easy flowingness, inspiration, expansion of creative power and a general sense of protection due to inner Faith and Hope.

The Large Talent Triangle corresponds to the tree that is bearing fully ripened fruit and waiting for them to be picked.  If left unpicked, the fruits fall unused to the ground or rot on the tree.


It so happens that the blue, material aspect figure containing latent energy gives people a tendency to complacency. They let themselves go and think that they do not need to make an effort in life, as they manage anyway and don’t need to learn anything new. A Large Talent Triangle is firmly set in its ways, and has great trouble changing, as it is already perfect. This gives a certain rigidity, an unteachability when learning is required. Such people can use what they have to offer to adapt to the changing demands of life. They usually get through easily and therefore see no need to develop new features and methods, but they do tend to rely too often on the talent that they already possess. Additional squares (or oppositions) are desirable here, as latent strengths can develop through their demands for achievement.

Pride and Self-assurance

People with such a triangle can be unpleasant proud and look down on other people, without being able to say exactly what they are proud of. They even get angry if they are told the effect they have on others. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone with such a triangle must be so proud. Being able to do many things easily gives self-certainty and a heightened self-confidence. With this figure, an accomplished manner appropriate to the element is adopted, and displayed with typical self-assurance.

The quality of the trine in its relationship with Jupiter, and the fact that the figure fits symmetrically around the centre of the horoscope, indicate the need to address the question of purpose. This is to find out what should be done with the given talent and how a suitable challenge and form of expression could be found. One of the challenges of this figure is to develop an appropriate creative will. With a suitable Jupiter orientation, the right balance can be struck between perfectionism, pleasure-seeking and obsessive behaviour.


With the Earth Grand Trine, the calming, comforting, attracting power of the trine is emphasized. Earth, like the trine, seeks to preserve the status quo of existing conditions it feels securely supported by. Both element and aspect do not respond well to drastic, critical changes in life affairs. The individual with this type of Grand Trine is bound to feel a deep sense of inner security and stability in the physical world. Due to the powerful magnetism of this configuration, he is readily able to be sustained upon the material level due to an abundance of opportunities to receive tangible support and worldly position if so desired.

In this respect, the Earth Grand Trine can become the most physically comforting of them all. The capacity to attract, accumulate, and skilfully manage resources is usually powerfully developed. Yet the drive to venture out into the world and make an aggressive effort to obtain such resources is often lacking. In the chart of a less ambitious individual, this Grand Trine is apt to express as a very self-indulgent, materialistic influence or one that keeps the individual firmly rooted and centered in the limited world of matter (which may not be desirable for inner growth in the long run). One of the constructive features of a well-handled Earth Grand Trine is that it has remarkable endurance and persistence, allowing the individual to steadily concentrate his attention upon concrete objectives without being distracted or thrown off course. Once committed to a goal, he is able to work long and hard towards valued accomplishment. He succeeds because he can skilfully consolidate his vast energy reserves and contently plod on until he achieves the solid results he desires. However, unlike mere earth emphasis alone, the dynamics of the Grand Trine suggests an extra measure of inspiration, insight, and vision. The individual may possess tremendous organizational ability and practical know-how, since earth trines enable one to visualize perfect or ideal structure and form. There can be an uncommon amount of common sense shown. Creative resourcefulness is one of this Grand Trine’s special assets.

Earth Grand Triners can be the phenomenal builders of life who sense their own power and creative strength best when they witness it thru lasting material achievements or worldly attainment. Since the security need and sense of value is so ingrained in their consciousness, they are rarely inclined to take risky chances and almost never gamble with life in the bold, cocksure manner of those with the Fire Grand Trine. Instead, they tend to deliberate and shrewdly evaluate conditions before making any important moves. Usually, their timing in such matters is excellent.

Nevertheless, all this strong earth reinforcement tends to produce a conventional, conservative temperament that often lacks the sparkle of imagination and flair. Although the individual’s inner strength and determination to succeed is awesome to others, he tends to lack charisma. Negatively, the individual is so innately attuned to routine and system that he is prone to resist making dynamic changes in life, and sometimes can get stuck in ruts that support his weakness for comfort but keep him living on the mundane surface of life. The pursuit of gratifying the physical appetites could over-shadow the quest for deeper self-awareness. Work and productivity are often over-­valued at the expense of inner development, even though these people usually gravitate towards positions of organizational management in which they delegate work roles for others to perform (since Triners are not apt to exert themselves in a strenuous manner). It is advisable for one with this Grand Trine to actively seek out material ambitions that allow for creative utilization of practical resources to help keep energies here from congesting and becoming inertia-prone.

Big Final Clue: I have often found the Pluto conjunct Uranus opposition Chiron (which is generational) can make people Healers using for example acupuncture or shiatsu.

HERE’S A TIP: This is Reinhold Ebertin’s interpretation of Uranus conjunct Pluto (when activated):

PRINCIPLE: Revolution. The collapse of the old order. The process of transformation

+              restlessness. Activity. Creative energy. Flight from the establishment. Innovation, reform. A strong awareness of purpose and objective. Mobility. Creative power. Untiring effort. endurance.
–            impatience. Scatter of energies. Fanaticism. Violence. Precipitate action. The mania of destruction

Conjunction:            daring and foolhardiness. Striving for new things. Extraordinary powers of creation and performance.

BIOLOGICAL: changes in rhythm of biological processes. The relationship between pulse and breathing. Fever spots.

SOCIOLOGICAL:pioneers, reformers. People who are very much out of the ordinary or who are endowed with universal genius.


+                 the attainment of great objectives by immense application of effort. Bringing new things into      being. The creation of new conditions of living

–                  acts of violence. Subversive activities. Putting a gun to someone’s head. The enforcement of decisions. An accident.

We await your comments and advice and help for this wonderful lady, to help her to name and manifest her great latent talent!!!

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Have an astrology prediction for your year ahead!

Have an astrology prediction for your year ahead!

Michael Web Photo 6 smileMy astrology predictions are unusual and special because they combine both western and Vedic Astrology. I also have a specialist child astrology service.

You can go to my website to order a Prediction: www.starwheelastrology.com. You get a recorded interview, charts, rapports and the opportunity for emailed discussion/questions afterwards.

I am suggesting you consider a Prediction for yourself or your loved ones, now, especially, because certain big phases are coming to end and around now, and some big changes are coming in that will affect you for the next 18mths to two and a half years.

With the Nodes of the Moon changing Vedic signs some of these changes will be quite unexpected. And with Saturn changing Vedic signs shortly, other changes will be deep, major, separative and karmic. Consolidation and completion of lessons will be important immediately ahead.

Depending on the House of your birth chart that these key changes occur in, there will be big changes, that you will maybe need help to perceive, understand and work with, in career, love, children and spiritual path.

You can expect your life to change rapidly by the next eclipse on October 8th. Getting a Prediction from me will help you understand and work with these changes.

RETROSPECTIVE: It has been a very tough time for some lately, especially if they have planets in late Libra or in Scorpio (using the signs in western astrology), because Saturn and Rahu (the North Node of the Moon) have been and still are retrograding there.

And I personally found the recent retrograde of Mars in this part of the zodiac really excoriating, because Mars was opposite my Moon. There was a death in the family at this time as an expression of both Saturn and Rahu retrograding in aspect to my partner’s Moon in her birth chart. And I myself ran into some major digestive system inflammation by the end of Mars retrogradation opposite my Moon in my birth chart. (then found I had developed gluten intolerance: yes this really is an advert for the wonders of Gluten-free bread!!!).

But there have also been some great gains over the recent period. Saturn does indeed send us hard lessons, but we need these hard lessons in order to let go parts of our personality that need to die, and to lose from our life parts that should no longer be part of us. And remember, it is the truth that Saturn really does reward patience and hard work and spiritual diligence. He offers us his golden reaping instead of his grim reaping. For example, we ourselves have been rewarded and blessed to have followed since Christmas the Shaktipat transmissions/kundalini meditations of Steven Sadleir in the US (he is in the middle of what will be probably his last 12-week initiation this year) and also Helen Hamilton in UK (who will be starting a new 12-week initiation in July). With both of them you dial in to hear the ‘Precept’ (of which there are 12) and as you listen you receive the energy and thus you re-calibrate your own upwards. This is the initiation. In case you are interested, here are the websites for reference: Steven: www.selfawareness.com .  Helen: www.manifestmydreams.weebly.com .

THE TIME AHEAD: But I am writing this Blog suggesting you get a combined western and Vedic Prediction because everything is about to change.

We are all about to move into a very new and very different landscape of consciousness and events though.

Here are just a few of the details of the changes immediately ahead:

Mars goes direct now

Jupiter newly enters Vedic sign of Cancer where he is exalted.

Saturn retrogrades, goes on station in July and then changes Vedic sign on 3rd November (after two and a half years in the same sign)

The Nodes of the Moon change Vedic sign in Vedic Astrology July 13th.

N.B. You don’t have to go into the details i give here, but for those who are interested in them, here’s a little more detail, covering the run-up time to the next Eclipse (the 8th October lunar Eclipse):

Mars ceased retrograding on May 20th, and so its expression will be less cruel, difficult and awkward in our lives. But Mars remember, Mars went retrograde on 1st March 2014 and note that Mars does not regain his pre-retrogradation position until 21st July so those of us affected will still have lessons to learn about correct use of our Mars energy until then. Note that in the sure and true prediction of Vedic astrology, the effect of a planet’s retrograde period is not over until the planet returns to its pre-retrogradation position. And retrograde planets manifest their energy ‘crookedly’ but for fuller spiritual learning if we are open to the lessons.


Jupiter has been casting a blessing on the difficult retrogrades in late Libra and Scorpio of the transiting planets Saturn, Rahu (the North Node) and Mars for a year but it moves out of Vedic or sidereal Gemini into sidereal Cancer on 25th June and this will be real blessing, optimism and expansion of our teachings and beliefs for those with sidereal Cancer Ascendants (like me) (it’s at the end of western cancer on 18th June – but the Vedic prediction is the more powerful, so I am using this as the key change date.

Saturn has been retrograding since 2nd March and those of us affected, e.g. by Saturn being conjunct our Ascendant, Sun &c, or opposite our Moon in our Birth Charts for example, these will have felt the heave, saddening influence, and will have been called upon to reap Saturn’s hard but necessary lessons. Saturn finishes retrograding and goes ‘on station’ on July 20th, but Saturn does not return to his pre-retrogradation position until 26th October: long, hard learning indeed for those affected. He enters the next Vedic sign (Vedic Scorpio) on November 3rd, with very big changes for those with Moon, Ascendant Sun in that area, or opposite, especially.

The Nodes of the Moon: There’s a really very big shift when the Nodes of the Moon change Vedic sign on July 13th (using the sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology). The Nodes of the Moon are the indicators of your incarnational life purpose in Vedic Astrology, and when they change sign, really major spiritual shifts can appear in our lives to be perceived, understood properly and worked with.

And here are the changes in the western astrology outer planets between 1st June and the 1st October:

Uranus moves around the point 15 deg Aries (Uranus is retrograde from July 22nd to Dec 21st).


Neptune moves from 7 to 6 deg Pisces Neptune is retrograde from June 9th to Nov 16th).

Pluto moves from 13 to 11 deg Capricorn Pluto is retrograde from April 14th to Sep 23rd).

Chiron moves from 18 – 16 deg Pisces (For example Chiron is moving around opposition my Venus offering healing and growth in love) (Chiron is retrograde from June 20th to Nov 23rd)

Next Eclipse: And lastly, the 8th October lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) is at 15 Aries in western astrology at 10.51 GMT. (20 Pisces in Vedic Astrology). Eclipses have a big effect like and earthquake if they fall on your ascendant or on you planets. For example, I took a brief look at one woman’s chart last year and saw that Ketu (South Node) of the eclipse fell on her Ascendant and I predicted that her present life format would dissolve suddenly – and it did: she had to stop ‘globe-trotting’ and care for her child). The eclipse of 15th April was on the sun in my birth chart, and I had health issues that really came to a head to be sorted out and treated, but saw many good things start and doors opening to better things at the same time.

Have a Prediction: You can contact me to arrange a Prediction by going to www.starwheelastrology.com

And do have a look at www.child-astrology.com

And I also provide Birth Chart Interpretation to the highest standard combining western with Vedic astrology, also Relationship Analysis, where the Vedic astrology of love and relationships has a far surer structure than the western and even a powerful system of scoring.

Rune Magic – a visionary earth spirituality novel by Michael conneely

Rune Magic – a visionary earth spirituality novel by Michael conneely

Cover Rune MagicRead my Novel: Rune Magic.

The Seeress prophesied at the beginning of time that the Gods of Asgard will not survive the final battle; the Nine Worlds are heading to destruction; beauty and order will fail. As the forces of chaos and darkness gather, Declan and Magda, two young people who have never even seen each other before, suddenly find themselves seized by Odin. He takes them from their own world to work together to save the magic of the Runes and create a new future for the gods. Caught up in the end of the worlds, they choose love, courage and even cunning, and they themselves undergo the awesome magic tests where Odin first won his great powers. But can the prophecy of the Seeress be averted? Can a new world be created? And what will be their place in it? ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn. The forces of chaos are invading Asgard,’ Magda said urgently.

Here’s a Review: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Michael Conneely shows a deep and clear understanding of the underlying mythology, yet his narrative flows easily and convincingly. He handles dialogue well and his descriptions are quite vivid. My own knowledge of the Norse legends was superficial. Conneely incorporates an excellent overview into his story and uses the legends to neatly illustrate the path of humanity.

About the Author

Michael Conneely has written four visionary earthspirituality novels. Having lived for years in utopian communities and spiritual centres, and also working as an astrologer and shamanic healer, his great inspiration is finding the divine through vision and connection to the Earth. Unusually for an Astrologer, Michael is a Western and Vedic Astrologer, as well as a Shamanic Healer. He has a Masters Degree from the University of Oxford and post-graduate qualifications in Psychology and Sociology, as well as Counselling and Teaching. He has worked in Community Development and in a five-year social anthropological field-study of spiritual forms new to the West. He has taught the Runes since 1994 and offers Certificated Distance Learning Courses in Runes, Ogham, Shamanism, western astrology, Vedic astrology as well as offering astrological distance readings of great expertise combining western and Vedic Astrology. Michael offers initiations into Munay Ki Shamanism.

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