The Eclipses of April 2014 – Can you embrace Earthquake?

The Eclipses of April 2014 – Can you embrace Earthquake?

April 2014 is a month where great held tensions will shatter, just as the plates of the Earth’s crust shift when there’s earthquake.
How much you will be affected depends on how the positions of the planets in the heavens during April 2014 interact with the positions of the planets in your personal individual birth chart.
Contact me for a truly exceptional recorded distance or face-to-face astrological birth chart reading, prediction or relationships reading, or ‘understand your child’ reading. My astrology is very deep and sure declaration because, exceptionally, it encompasses both western and Vedic astrology. See:

First of all in this Newsletter, I look at the exceptional energies of the astrology of the month of April 2014. Then to end there’s more local news of a new shamanic journeying group, EFT training, a 12-week self-realisation training, the celebration of the Festival of Beltane and a Mind-Body-Spirit Fayre:

The Eclipses of April 2014:

If Earthquake does come into your life, how you will experience it will depend on your state of consciousness and whether your life is on course for your dharma or your true spiritual learning purpose or not. If you are on course, great opportunities, healing and empowerment will be offered you. If you are off course, your mind and your life will experience turbulence with the divine purpose of rolling you out of your present wrong ways and opening you up to contact a path which will better allow you to find your enlightenment. Visualising the good outcome is important. There are healing techniques to dispel your fears and blocks (including EFT and hypnotherapy). Remember, eclipses are frequently associated with earthquakes and tsunamis because the earth’s crust is affected by the eclipse energies, just as our minds and bodies feel them too.

The Earthquake actually sets off with the Dark of the Moon on 30th March at 18.45 hrs, where the New Moon or Dark Moon is at 9 western Aries: conjunct the Sun and Uranus in the heavens. What an explosive potential! How driven and irritable! But maybe full of inspiration and innovation and needed potential for change. Issues of freedom! Re-evaluation, re-invention. Don’t let it all deteriorate into cranky dissatisfaction and passive experience of revolution coming in, in and uncontrolled and not-understood into your life. This is obviously a very tense time for those with Sun or another major personal planet around 7 to 15 degrees western Aries (or those with planets in the same degrees in western Libra opposite).  This will be a time where it will, yes, be necessary to note the lessons from astrology and develop your perception and sense of timing, but it will essentially also be necessary to cultivate stability of mind and develop calm energies of powerful connection to Source: to connect to the Divine reality through meditation such as kundalini energy work.

There are two eclipses in the month of April 2014. The first is the lunar eclipse on April 15th (at 07.43 hrs.) and then there will be the solar eclipse on April 29th (at 06.15 hrs.). What will these eclipses mean for you??? What will they mean in your life???

To show you how the analysis works, I note that the eclipsed Moon of April 15th at 07.43 hrs. is exactly on my Sun in my birth chart! The eclipse Sun is exactly on my Moon. What will this mean for me?

Anciently the astrology texts have bespoken ‘the downfall of kings’ when an eclipse hits the Sun or the Ascendant! But of course the energies can go the other way:

Secondly, additionally, Rahu, the North Node of the eclipse is exactly on top of Mercury in my birth chart. My Mercury is devoured by the head of the serpent: the ancients saw eclipses as a dragon or serpent in the heavens. The Rahu, the North Node is the devouring head of the serpent; Ketu, the South Node is the tail of the serpent.

Thirdly, the Mercury-Uranus conjunction of the eclipse is right on my Midheaven (career indicator).

What will this huge impact mean in my life?

I predict that, for me, this will be the opening up of my self-expression, the opening up of my work onto a wider stage. My visibility will increase. My expression of my true self and my mind will be opened up:

Having already got a basic, an advanced, and a further advanced qualification in Vedic Astrology, I now start on the highest qualification in Vedic Astrology in this month of April 2014: the five-year course with Sanjay Rath for the highest Vedic astrology qualifications of Jyotisha Pandita and Jyotisha Guru.

I am also benefiting in a truly life-changing way now from the Shaktipat kundalini meditation from Steven Sadlier at .

And in our local area I am greatly benefiting from the pure energies and lovely community of Earth Centre in Bradford ( where Helen Hamilton leads the UK local group every week for this powerful kundalini awakening and she also starts a twelve week self-realisation course on April 6th.

As if that were not enough, I am launching Druid Forest School with a powerful Invocation Glastonbury Goddess School-trained specialist, Lynda Haigh, dedicated to offering worldwide training in invoking the Gods and goddesses of the ancient Irish, and to restoring Goddess and God to Ireland’s Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick, as depicted in my new novel ‘Druid’. Croagh Patrick was where Saint Patrick commenced his conversion of Ireland to the Roman Catholic Church around 433AD, from which followed the loss by the Irish of their Druid religion, their language, their sovereignty and even their children as depicted by the films Philomena and Magdalen Laundry.

And I have launched two new websites offering worldwide teaching in Runes and Shamanic Healing: and

The second eclipse: the solar eclipse of 29th April at 06.15 is no less powerful. The Sun, Moon and Mercury of the Eclipse are all on top of Rahu the North Node in my birth chart.

In fact, April 2014 will be a tense and transformative month for everyone. More so if certain planets in the heavens impact on the planets in your personal and individual birth chart. Depending on how your personal astrology interacts with the positions in the heavens, April will be a turning point! There will be elements of unavoidable crisis and call for change. It’s not just because of the fiery dark of the Moon on March 30th and not just because of two eclipses, I write this for two further reasons:
1. There is a Grand Square in the heavens this month
2. Retrograde Planets: The month of April starts off with Saturn retrograde, Mars retrograde and Rahu (North Node) also Retrograde (the Nodes are normally retrograde of course).

The Grand Square
You can clearly see from the chart of the Eclipse of 15th April that there is a Grand Square in the heavens, which lasts all month. Jupiter is square Uranus. Uranus is square Pluto. Pluto is Mars. Mars is square Jupiter.

These are a range of most powerful energies all piled up and ready to crack into earthquake. Jupiter – Uranus is revolution and ‘thank the Lord’ Uranus – Pluto is liberation and deep tectonic transformation. Mars – Pluto is raw force. So, the energies range from liberation to upheaval and disruption – and even to raw force. You have to look at which if any of the planets in your birth chart are impacted by this month’s Grand Square. Some people will obviously be affected far more than others.

Retrograde Planets
I have certainly felt the masterful slowing energies of Lord Shani (Saturn) recently as he retrograded (March 2 to 20th July). It has been like wading through setting concrete to get things done. There has also been some sadness and contact with death. Saturn has been in the Vedic or sidereal sign of Libra since end 2011 and therefore themes of maturity and completion of loose ends will prevail especially maybe in the area of relationships (Libra) and on the other lessons we have been working on, bringing consequences and maturity. Both Saturn and Mars (March 1 to May 20th) are retrograde now. Both of these planets give us capacity to persevere and overcome difficulties, both inner and outer. Yet, at the same time, they point to external problems that must be overcome and surmounted. There are big questions that need to be answered within each of us now. Retrograde planets are more introspective. Saturn challenges us to internalize and get real about our willingness to face deep, long-term problems and maintain discipline in all things, reprioritising our commitments, making spiritual growth, being willing to suffer for what is good for us. Face our mistakes and changing this.

Now for some more gentle astrological news:

The Sun: Let’s look first at the gift given by the Sun: Of course, the month starts just after the Spring Equinox which was on 20th March at 16.49hrs. In the Northern Hemisphere, the light force is now from that moment therefore stronger than the dark force, and we are all moving out of the darkness and relative seclusion and inwardness of Winter. We can assess what we have learned during the Winter and what we now want to carry forward with the growing force and pace of the light which will peak at the Summer Solstice on 21st June at 10.42hrs. We should also assess what healing we need if we are to achieve our fullest potential and realize these goals, if the buds that are shooting now can fully flower. No time to waste now maybe! Urgency! These are strong egoic forces and there will be a firm need to meditate and connect to the true you and to source. Astrology must not focus just on the egoic ‘me’, the ‘me’ who lives out the chosen life scripts and karmas. Astrology must also make the point that it is useful to perceive what these egoic forces are, it is useful to perceive their timing. But it is necessary not to get swept into thinking that the egoic ‘me’ is all there is of me. It is necessary to navigate through this to contact with the true me, with Source. Yes we have work to do here on the egoic plane, on the material plane, within Maha Maya, but the true rationale of all that resides beyond time and matter in the realm of connection to the Divine.

A Venus to Neptune Transit:

Venus moves from 23 Aquarius at the start of the month to 27 Pisces at the end of the month, thus Venus transits across Neptune in the heavens on 11th April at 7 Pisces.
The Venus – Neptune energy is the Mystic, the sensitive, the pied piper or the illusionist in love, depending where you are at. It’s about Compassion. Mysticism. Romance. Seduction. Erotic imagination. Illusion. Other-worldly values, sensitiveness in love. Easily influenced. Great receptivity to beauty, art and music. Dreamy nature. High ideals, mistaken sense of love. The seducible character, the mystic. Unearthly sense of reality. Artistic interests. It’s probable manifestations include some of: romantic reveling in love. Longing for love. Peculiar desires and objectives. Unstable existence with changing occupations, a difficult realization of ideas and wishes. An awakening from emotional infatuation with the awareness of disappointment. Wrong ways of love.

Turning to more local news:

shaman in ecstasyShamanic Journeying and Healing Group
Maggie Pashley and I are starting a Shamanic Journeying and Healing Group at 7.30pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. The first session is: April 15th. This follows with May 6th and 20th, June 3rd and 17th and July 1st and 15th

Shamanic Journeying is a powerful method to connect to the earth, to your guides and to spirit. It enables you to heal and become the person you were born to be.

The venue is the spacious and pure-energy of The Earth Centre:
211 Wakefield Rd, Drighlington, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD11 1EB
0113 345 0390

There will also be workshops on Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval,
Spiritual Intrusions Healing, Heart-centred deposition (where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked), Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders, Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling (whether from this life or ancestral) and The Illumination method of  Munay Ki Shamanism.

Emotional Freedom Technique Training (EFT)

Maggie Pashley is holding a training session in EFT tapping at the Earth Centre, Bradford on 17th May 2014. This simple and empowering technique can be a great asset in our daily lives to help us de-stress, address physical or emotional discomforts, clear unwanted cravings and more. This day will be very practical and hands on and you will go away with a great tool you can use for life in so many different situations. No experience of EFT required. Cost £75. Contact Maggie on 07939118136 to learn more.

Kundalini Meditation : Self-realisation Course

Helen Hamilton is holding a 12-week self-realisation training starting April 6th at the Earth Centre, Bradford. Helen’s teaching is masterful and so ethical. You will do so well to learn to connect to the energies of Source, to experience the blissful powerful reality of your true self and train your mind. Meeting Helen is life-changing!

The Festival of Beltane

The festival celebration of the Spring Equinox offered by Lynda Haigh and Michael Conneely working from the Druid forest School was such a lovely atmosphere. Such decent people. It was made truly authentic so that each person could focus on the changes happening in their life and what the energies of equinox meant for them: what needed best outcomes could be envisioned and worked for. So don’t miss the upcoming festival celebration of Beltane. It is planned for a beautiful spot in nature. Lynda Haigh’s invocation of Goddess and God is truly empowering and beautiful. Get details from Lynda or Michael (contact info below).

Mind-Body-Spirit Fayre, Saturday 3rd May

Don’t miss the truly lovely Mind Body Spirit Fayre at Earth Centre Bradford on Saturday May 3rd from 10am. There’s stalls and readings, healings, meditations and pleasant company! For location and contact details, see:

Therapies Day Saturday 29th March

Lynda Haigh is holding a therapies day at the Earth Centre, Bradford on Saturday. Contact Lynda or even drop in to experience her wonderful and wholesome range of healing therapies. Lynda’s crystal singing bowls have exceptional healing power. He other therapies range from Indian Head massage to Metamorphic Technique. Her Face Book Page has details of her work: Tel: 07717158803. Treat yourself. Change your life.

Any questions about the items in this newsletter, you can contact:
Michael Conneely or 07799296821.

Welcome to my March Starwheel Newsletter

Welcome to my March Starwheel Newsletter

I want to share with you a quite extraordinary number of blessed new directions that overtook me in the last four months. This has been so much so that I was almost overwhelmed.

Yet through all this, I just about managed to keep responsibility to my work – and not be unbearable to my family (well, that’s my story!) and encompass all these unexpected and unplanned-for blessings.
And having to cover all these blessed things at once is hard when men are (said to be) no good at multi-tasking!
And such decent, good, blessed people coming into our lives – how fortunate we are!

And a very special thank you to my partner Maggie Pashley for her love and support and sharing her own path working worldwide as a Body Code Healer, Emotion Code Healer, Psychology of Eating coach and Channel. See: would I be without you? And my 18yr son Deaglan is doing so well in his work as a landscape gardener and at his College course.

So I thought I’d list these wonderful new things for you now, in case any of them interest you and in case you feel they might be just the right thing for you! There’s my new novel Druid, There’s the new Druid Forrest School, there’s the decisive Winter Solstice of 2013, there’s Helen Hamilton and her powerful aura readings & healings, there’s the very decent healing centre: Earth Centre at Bradford, there’s the life-changing Shakti pat transmissions from Steven Sadlier, there’s my new super-advanced Vedic Astrology Pandit training with Sanjay Rath, there’s our new Conscious Parenting Service, and there’s Ogham, Runes, Shamanic Healing, Astrology Courses and Readings the Munay Ki Nine Rites, sacred sweat lodge ceremony and Nel’s Spiritual Art Gallery. Here we go: 
Druid – a Novel by Michael Conneely: In summary, I had started writing my fifth novel, Druid, in July last year, and it has just been published in paperback and kindle as we approach 14th March which by eerie coincidence is Saint Patrick’s Day. I say eerie coincidence, and you will see why when you read the synopsis, below.
The Druid Forest School of Corra and Llugh: The second thing was that I met Lynda Haigh at Winter Solstice 2013. Lynda has had trained with Cathy Jones’ Goddess School and I was so impressed at the power of her deity invocation and ritual – and she had just got back from working in a spiritual centre in Ireland!!! And so out of that grew: which ties in with the novel Druid and involves courses and workshops on the invocation of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, as well as celebration of their seasonal festivals. It has involved a lot of work, filming and planning, and it is all with the overall aim of undoing the damage Saint Patrick (well-meaningly) did when he banished the Goddess Corra, the spirit of the land of Ireland’s Holy Mountain, now called Croagh Patrick. He banished her to the lough below the Mountain for eternity (he said), and he exorcized the summit of the worship of the Sun there. The harvest was most anciently worshiped there as the union of the Sun God and the land Goddess, on the two days of every year in April and August when there is the phenomenon of the Rolling Sun: the Sun appears to roll down the side of the mountain and then find union in a cleft in the earth (see pic below). Saint Patrick then proceeded to convert Irelands to the Church of Rome within his life-time, empowered by the ferocity of his dogmas and driven by his sense of sin. And so the Druid Forest School of Corra and Llugh is now formed and it is all with the overall aim of restoring the Irish Gods and goddesses to Ireland’s Holy Mountain again, see the Synopsis for Druid, below. 
Winter Solstice 2013: Lynda Haigh and Kris Krow Summers: I actually met Lynda at an event she co-ran with Kris Krow Summers at Wakefield, and I was very impressed at the way they ran the Winter Solstice Festival. It was none of the scripted rituals you get at some Druid Festivals where everyone is pinned down and little is authentic or spontaneous, and there’s no connection to the spiritual energies from Source. After the huge healing power of Priestess Moryanna Lynda Haigh’s huge amethyst and rose quartz crystal singing bowls, there was a session where we were broken into groups so each person had the chance to work out and share what the Festival meant for them personally in their lives. Then there was an awesomely powerful channelling of the Goddess by Lynda, then a lovely moment when everyone circled anti-clockwise to share in the Sun’s downward spiral of energy manifestation, then everyone spiralled clockwise to share in the rising energies of the new-born Sun from the moment of Winter Solstice, with lots of drumming and shouting. Then everybody hugged which was wonderful and really spontaneous and genuine. Later I used Kris Krow Summers’ Past Life Regression CD which is very much to be recommended. Do get this. His email is: You can see Lynda’s work, healing and teaching on Her FB is: 
Helen Hamilton Aura Readings: The next thing that happened was that Helen Hamilton started to offer aura readings in connection with a new program we are developing. See: below. I cannot praise the immense healing power of Helen’s aura readings and healings enough. Basically you do this face to face or you send her your photo from anywhere in the world. She then draws your aura and writes a lengthy detailed report on your energy issues, then she heals. And her healing energy is very powerful. It did me so very much good. See: 
Earth Centre Meditation Group and Christine Craven: The next unexpected thing that happened was that Helen started offering a regular meditation group at a wonderful new Healing Centre in Bradford. The Centre is run by Healer Christine Craven. It is so spacious and beautiful and energetically so pure. See:  In addition to many healing therapies, Christine sells the most heavenly herbal soap! Helen’s meditation groups are very powerful and slow the mind down tremendously providing deep connection to the energies of Source and to your True Self that exists eternal as you incarnate from life to life. Helen also organises Taster Open Days on the first Saturday of every month which are not to be missed. And the fact is that Earth Centre is now emerging as the UK Centre for the ultimately powerful energy meditations and healings that Helen uses: the work of Steven Sadlier, see below. It is such a blessing to be able to go to a Centre where people are ethical and genuine and committed to a compassionate and transformative spiritual path. 
Steven Sadlier’s Self Awareness Institute: And so as if all these good things were not enough for me, there was more: I was blessed to be introduced to enrol on Steven Sadlier’s training. It’s offered from California. Third of the new directions Helen started a meditation group which led additionally to enrolment on the energy meditation method of Steven Sadlier, see: (with free meditations and a member’s program if you want to take it further). When Maggie and I felt the energies transmitted by Steven Sadlier (from California) we realised these were by far the strongest transmission of energies from Source we had ever felt, and the method teaches one to connect to one’s ‘true self’ that exists eternally through on-going incarnations. So we enrolled on his 12-week course, and I have felt such healing, strengthening and empowerment. It has changed my life. I feel so much better for it. Steven’s personal energy transmission teaches you how to connect directly to the Source of Life itself within you, and live in spiritual awareness and higher consciousness – bliss. Through Shaktipat from Steven you naturally gain greater clarity, inspiration, love, peace beyond words and a bliss called Samadhi – a form of Kundalini yoga. Beyond this you can’t even talk about it. And as I was finalising my novel, Druid, I was so concerned to portray how the richness and the earth connection of the Druid and Earth Spirituality paths and invocation of the ancient Goddesses and Gods need to be and can be transmission forms for this ultimately powerful energy 
But Believe it or not there was another unexpected wonderful thing: I have just enrolled on the highest qualification course worldwide for Vedic Astrology. I already have basic, advanced and further advanced qualifications in Vedic Astrology, as well as qualifications in Western Astrology, counselling and teaching, but now I start next month on a five year examined course to become Jyotisha Pandita after the third year, and Jyotisha Guru after the fifth year. The course Guru is Sanjay Rath of the Śrī Jagannāth Center in India, with the objective of bringing out the traditional wisdom of the Vedic seers which has been passed down through generations of Vedic astrologers. His guru lineage goes back over 500 years to the great sage Swami Achutyananda Dasa, disciple of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It includes studying the original utterances of the Vedic Sages, codified 1,300BC but dating back beyond 5000BC, preserved in the treatise by Maharishi Parasara of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, which are given the status of the heart, the soul, the foundation of Jyotish astrology. The course text books make quite startling reading because they are so dense, but they reveal almost the mechanics of the energies of the birth and predictive charts to an astounding degree of accuracy and depth which definitely makes western astrology books look rather superficial. 
Conscious Parenting: I am very much looking forward to this website being finalised now following its development being put on ice due to developments in Earth Centre and with Steven Sadlier. John Hamilton we need your help! Now we must go for it! See:  where I use western and Vedic family astrology to offer perception on family scripts and karmas and the potentialities of the child, in addition to Helen offering aura reading and healing for parents and children. A big thank you to Rebecca for encouraging us to get this so worthwhile service together. It is such useful perception to be able to identify the scripts that run through families.
Druid Novel Synopsis:
Aislinn and Finn are called by destiny.  They embark on a fearsome journey of love, healing, magic and courage.
‘Despite all the odds, they seek to restore Corra to Ireland’s sacred mountain and renew the Druid heritage of the sacredness of the Earth.
When Saint Patrick set out to convert Ireland, he spent forty days in fasting on Ireland’s Holy Mountain, the mountaintop Croagh Patrick. He fought Corra there, as goddess of the Mountain. He called her a ‘she-demon’. He defeated her, and he consigned her to the lough below the Mountain for eternity.
The Irish then lost their language, their forests and their sovereignty.
Can Aislinn and Finn now truly connect to the ever-flowing energies of Spirit? Can they restore the strength, power and beauty of the ancient Irish heritage? Can the energies of the Irish Gods and Goddesses shine forth? Can the Druid Path connect us to our true essence?
Spanning six millennia, the quest encompasses faith, courage, love, the use of power and contact with the Goddesses and the Gods.
This is a generous offering. A lovely and inspiring novel now linked to empowering courses.’
See this Amazon link:

Nel Wenek
It is so lovely to know Nel and Martin and I really want to thank Nel for painting the cover image of my novel Druid. To see and purchase more copies of Nel’s inspired spiritual art, see:

Mercury Retrograde: 
I wanted to tell you that all this going on, all the new technologies for filming and Dragon dictation software and long manuals to print first proved to be too much for my printer, so I had to buy a far better printer, then my video camera cracked up so I had to buy a far better video camera (where we have yet to learn how to edit the films) and then I had to buy a better program for uploading the videos (Vimeo) which I don’t know how to use yet. And then my lap top crashed. I got it repaired and it’s been limping along, but today I took delivery of a far more powerful laptop. But I won’t be able to use it yet until Maggie has installed all the specialist astrology programs and applications on it!!!!! And of course, all this many hours of battling with computer faults was happening while Mercury was retrograde in the heavens from February 7th until Feb 28th but he
re’s an interesting thing: the teaching of Vedic Astrology is that western astrology is wrong in thinking a Mercury Retrograde effect ends on the day Mercury turns direct in the heavens. Vedic astrology teaches that a retrogradation is not over until the planet regains his pre-retrogradation position, so the retrogradation effect of Mercury does not end until he regains his pre-retrogradation position on 20th March. And yes it’s easily going to take til them to sort out all that went wrong for me. Of course, the divine learning in Mercury going retrograde is to correct our admin procedures and communications so that we put them on a better footing for us to express our true (soul) purpose more powerfully! 

Saturn and Mars Retrograde
In addition, this month, in the heavens, both Saturn and Mars turned retrograde, and will remain so for several months. Mars turned retrograde on March 1 (to May 20th) and Saturn turned retrograde on March 2 (to 20th July). Both of these planets give us capacity to persevere and overcome difficulties, both inner and outer. Yet, at the same time, they point to external problems that must be overcome and surmounted. Retrograde transiting planets show up big questions that need to be answered within each of us now. Retrograde planets are more introspective: 
Retrograde Saturn: challenges us to internalize and get real about our willingness to face deep, long-term problems and fierce, discipline in all things, reprioritising our commitments. Spiritual growth. Willing to suffer for what is good for us. Face our mistakes and change this. 
Retrograde Mars: as well as manage impatience and rash action and become more disciplined. It’s about vitality and strength including inner strength. Mars is actually supported by having Saturn join him now. 
My Own Personal Astrology:
But that’s just stuff going on in the heavens which is offering spiritual learning to all of us. In my own personal astrology, in terms of the predictive periods of Vedic Astrology, I am in the predictive period (Dasa) Rahu-Sun-Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are the Nodes of the Moon which carry for each of us our own personal incarnational destiny message, the reason why we incarnated, so when our predictive periods combine Rahu and Ketu, we are always tumbled to put us on course and we are driven and yet also the weird and unexpected occurs, and when one adds the Sun into this mix: it is about making us become the powerful refraction fo the Divine we really are, our essence!!!! Additionally, Saturn has just transited over my South Node Ketu. This happens once every eighteen years and this often means past life issues and skills arise: hence all the stuff about Ireland and Ogham! And of course three planets have been transiting through Vedic Libra where I have my Sun, Ketu and Mercury and Jupiter has on and off been casting a blessing aspect on Vedic Libra, so this has been a year of great expansion, empowerment, windfall and gain, and coming into who I was born to be.
Ogham Course
I now have people studying the Ogham in three continents, which is nice. Ogham is the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids. Basically you get a recording of how the energy of each of the 20 trees is usually felt and then a journey to find your own personal connection to each tree letter. The Ogham letters also equate to pathways through and across the Celtic Otherworlds with the spiritual weapons and beings. The whole course very much widens once’ understanding of phenomena and one’s life path, as well as being a wonderful connection to the trees.  See:
Runes Course
I have been teaching the Runes for 18 years now. Here is the cover of my lovely novel: Rune Magic available on Amazon as paperback or kindle. I have a real nostalgia for this and its similar book Sacred Earth both of which are so filled with connection to the sacred earth. See:
Shamanic Healing Course
This course is proving so very worthwhile. I teach Shamanic Journeying, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Intrusions Healing, Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked, Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders and Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral. You progress from working on your own life to healing others.
Astrology Courses and Readings
Astrology Readings still continues to be the biggest way I spend my time. I combine western astrology with Vedic astrology. Western astrology can be very good when read competently for psychological understanding when it is taught well, and the astrology of Chiron in our chart (The Wounded Healer) is so very worth while doing to heal and strengthen and liberate us from our chains. Vedic Astrology can be outstandingly sure and declarative, deep and perfectly timed. No better method of understanding your incarnational life purpose and karmas, and your predictive unfoldment is available. See:
Munay Ki Nine Rites
These continue to be such a joy to work with. It is so genuinely healing and strengthening to work with the range of the Munay Ki energies. It is a wonderful presence in one’s life to have connection to the power animals Serpent, Jaguar, Humming Bird and Eagle, and to receive healing and realignment from such beings as the Healers’ Lineage, The Seers, The Day Keepers, The Wisdom Keepers and the Earth Keepers and the Star Keepers, Huascar the Guardian of our Unconscious/Lower World, Quetzalcoatl the Guardian of the principle of right living in this world, and the Emperor energy of Pachakuti. My understanding of the principles of creation steadily broadens and deepens as I work with people initiating them in the 9th Rite. And I am astounded at the power and speed which the related healing method called Illumination can bring!
Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony
And with the weather getting warmer now, here’s a big call to Debbie Bristow that we hold another Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Thank you Debbie! See: and thank you Helen and Gregory for all the wonderful work you put in last time showing Farmer Jeff how to chop logs!

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