Very Special and needed Blessings for Scorpios for one year ahead from May 31st!

Very Special and needed Blessings for Scorpios for one year ahead from May 31st!

Druid Aed FireThe Jupiter in Vedic Gemini Transit from May 31st 2013 – June 2014, brings you auspicious greatness, wisdom and intelligence to apply to your relationships.

I offer superb natal, predictive and relationship readings all over the world which have the special bonus that they combine western and Vedic astrology, and they are backed up with recordings of the interview, reports and follow up question/answer discussion. My contact details are below for you to have a reading from me that will transform your life.

On May 31st 2013, Jupiter enters the sidereal or Vedic sign of Gemini. Jupiter now thus forms an aspect to Saturn and Rahu (The North node of the Moon) which are already transiting together through the sidereal or Vedic sign of Libra, the sign of relationships. This means that if you have Moon, Sun or Ascendant in your birth chart in the last 6 degrees of western Libra or in western Scorpio, you will receive special blessings from Jupiter and divine intelligence from Mercury, and you can apply this combination to your relationship issues as they are being hammered (for your own good) all year by the eclipses of 2013.   First, here’s the general meaning, then see the effects on the individual western astrology signs:


Currently Saturn and Rahu (North Node) are already transiting in western Scorpio (and the last six degrees of western Libra) bringing quite a bit of pressure into our personal lives, especially our love life and relationships.
Jupiter’s transit through Vedic Gemini (the last six degrees of western Gemini plus western Cancer) for a year from May 31st, will now therefore form an aspect Saturn and Rahu (North Node), bringing Jupiter’s auspicious greatness and wisdom into this area of life.
If you’ve been experiencing some deep relationship pressures, especially since January 2013, you can now expect some wisdom and intelligence to help you learn to deal with them and find the great truths of love, from June 2013 until June 2014.

To get the best out of this energy washing towards you, it is definitely best to engage in a spiritual and relationship exploration with your partner. But is you are just ‘me first’ and out for yourself, or if you are just blindly repeating any negative childhood scripts of relationship wounding, then the lessons you may learn will be very hard in the area of  selfishness and blocks to sharing.

With  Jupiter is now going into Vedic Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, so what’s their combination all about?
Jupiter = cosmic wisdom – often based on the past and what we have been through: hope or narrowing of choices. Jupiter is ‘Mahat’ (= the Great) is cosmic intelligence.
Mercury is Buddhi is the function of mind: intellect. Make new choices and be flexible. Mercury is about comprehension and the ability to explain. With Mercury you know things rather than blindly believing them. If you can’t explain what you believe in, those beliefs (Jupiter) could be shallow, stupid or useless to you.
Their combination is none other than blessed intelligence! and it will particularly impact on our relationships at this time due to the eclipses which are on the Vedic Aries – Libra relationship axis of balancing ‘me first’ with relationships.

munay ki serpentThe Jupiter in Gemini Transit – meaning: So the big lesson while Jupiter is in Gemini during the year June 2013 – June 2104 is the opportunity for you to connect wisdom, beliefs and intelligence. It’s the opportunity to transform through intelligence and wisdom rather than blindly repeating our lower reactions and scripts. We need to be like the serpent of Munay Ki shamanism who is able to shed his skin. We must leave behind what no longer serves us if we are to become the luminous and powerful being we were born to be. We must get out of dwelling in and repeating the ‘story’ of our past hurts and we must heal at an energetic level. We may fear this change, but it will help us to deal with it better  if we develop our Jupiter wisdom and our Mercury intelligence.
In fact there’s a lot of planetary energy coming up in sidereal Gemini now: Jupiter joins Venus and Mercury which are already there. Mars enters the sign on 5th July as well. The Sun’s there from 15th June to 16th July

I now offer a bit more detail on the meaning for you of transiting Jupiter’s aspect to transiting Saturn and Rahu, and then we look at the effect of this on the individual signs for the year ahead:
Jupiter’s transit through Vedic Gemini will form a year-long aspect to Saturn and RahuNorth node in Vedic Libra (western Scorpio), as Saturn and Rahu (north node) are transiting through sidereal Libra all this year. Saturn and Rahu are bringing all of us great focus on our personal life in connection to our relationships. Jupiter and his sign ruler Mercury now bring wisdom and intelligence to this heavy and inescapable Saturn-Rahu process and its strict focus on self-relationships. Through this aspect, Jupiter now brings you auspicious wisdom and intelligence, where (exalted) Saturn and Rahu have already been transiting bringing obsessional great pressure for us to develop our self-expression AND ALSO at the same time correct our (loving) relationship expression and giving.

Rahu the North Node brings pressure, stress and worry to this area of life.
Saturn brings the potential for feeling shame at our shortcomings and achieving golden reaping in this area of life. We will become more willing to apologise and be graceful and see the bigger picture in this area of life because of Jupiter’s input here. We will see that it is not intelligent to be stuck or see yourself as the victim of relationships. Jupiter will help us untangle this and bring grace to this area for the coming 12 months.
This transit of Jupiter also offers the chance to examine your beliefs (not cultish dogma or stuck patterns you are hanging on to). Mercury applies intelligence (not dogma) and identifies where you have room to grow and left go. There’s the call to test your beliefs, let go and embrace the higher.

The Effect of the Jupiter in Vedic Gemini Transit on the individual western astrology Signs up to June 2012:
Now let’s Look at the effect of the Jupiter in Vedic Gemini Transit for the Individual Signs. These are valid if you have your Ascendant, Moon or Sun in these signs. (The Vedic- western sign equivalences shown here are approximate):

Vedic Aries (western Taurus)

Transform belief and introspective consciousness through courage and facing obstacles.

Vedic Taurus (western Gemini)

Transform your values based on the past and your comfort zone, in areas of greed and excess and community

Vedic Gemini (western Cancer)

Connect career and your duties and responsibilities to others, and enhance your creativity

Vedic Cancer (western Leo)

Learn how to navigate and let go of enemies and battles. Deal with the emotional toll on you of being gracious and high minded. Re-think your principles and philosophies and re-think your self-assertions. Lots of emotions: need for revolution. Be more introspective, infuse your inner emotional connection.

Vedic Leo (western Virgo)

You are looking to achieve transformation as a form of creativity. Play at a higher level on the stage of groups. Leo is too fixed and calcified and stays in its comfort zone. Take a risk. Unbend.

Vedic Virgo (western Libra)

Grace brought into the realm of career. Deepening your emotional core, finding and working with partners: love or business. Do things that increase your responsibilities so that you will reap reward and feel value.

Vedic Libra (western Scorpio)

You have to face unpleasantness and face adversaries with grace, rather than conflict within yourself and/or with others. The abstract quality of Jupiter can bring out an annoying adversarial principal in you: you always balance up and say the mirror opposite of anything. Don’t embrace everyone’s philosophy and yet actually follow none of it. Don’t get stuck in the realm of honouring ideas but not really bringing anything into practice. Libra always seems to embrace all and practise nothing. They don’t do the practice or do the meditation. Saturn and Rahu now transiting in 1st compels you to put your spiritual awareness in to practice now.

Vedic Scorpio (western Sagittarius)

Scorpio is about the awareness of life’s changes and the fragility of our emotional connections. Jupiter now brings wisdom and transformation to your values and creativity and the impetus to explore the deep mysteries of life that we are not in control of. Cultivate introspection and learning lessons and the need to let go.

Vedic Sagittarius (western Capricorn)

The aspect from Jupiter brings you power. Be more flexible in your relationships with others. Surrender a bit and be more flexible and less rigid. Be willing to step up bigger, and Jupiter will elicit the help of others to bring you even greater gains.

Vedic Capricorn (western Aquarius)

You need to focus your will and resistance to obstacles with principles of solitude, introspection and meditation and surrender (12th House). This time also mean facing unpleasantness even enmity and managing the right-living details of your life. Balance your right living and spiritual practice. Saturn and Rahu are going through your 10th house so this will be very good for career: Saturn is exalted in your 10th House Libra and Rahu brings pressure there.

Vedic Aquarius (western Pisces)

For Aquarius, Jupiter rules 11 and 2nd houses:  ambitions and values. In addition, Jupiter transits 5th house and aspects 9th where Sat and Rah are transiting, so this is good for Aquarius (as it is for Gemini). Step up your act now and put your principles into practice. Base this on your real personal principles, not just your formulaic head-stuff general principles which actually equate to a lack of courage if you just keep mouthing them. Saturn and Rahu are going through your 9th House. Saturn makes us face our mistakes in our spiritual path. Jupiter brings pressure to give more. Rahu brings obsessional tension. So, follow your creativity and connect to teachings and teachers that are bigger than you.

Vedic Pisces (western Aries)

For Pisces Jupiter rules 10th House of career and 1st House of self-assertion, and is transiting 4th House of our emotional nature and consciousness.  Raja Yoga is created by transit as Jupiter rules the 1st house and transits the 4th. Good for finding retreat centre to teach in. 4th house is good for property. 4th house is emotional and psychological landscape and Jupiter there will deepen emotions by his wisdom and teachings. Jupiter rules 10th so this transit of Jupiter is also good for career. Nowadays, this will include web-based work because On-line is a modern form of property. Jupiter is aspecting your 8th house, Libra,  so face the need to get real about life’s uncertainties, and work out how best to define your life and transform it. It’s great for research and for shared finances/investments/inheritances in the year ahead.

You can contact me for a full birth chart astrology reading if you want to know more. See my websites:, and You can email me at or phone me on 07799296821. A special bonus of all my astrology readings is that (unusually) I combine both western and Vedic astrology.

The Lunar Eclipse of Saturday 25th May 2013 – what does it mean for you?

The Lunar Eclipse of Saturday 25th May 2013 – what does it mean for you?

eclipse lunar 3My interpretation of the main meaning of this 25th May eclipse is that with the Nodes of the Moon being on the Vedic Libra – Aries axis, this is mainly going to have an effect of undamming the currently on-going issues of self-assertion balanced with the call to relationship.
This is because Saturn is transiting through Vedic Libra (western Scorpio) from 4.8.2012 to 2.11.2014, and Rahu is transiting through Vedic Libra from 15.1.2013 to 13.7.2014. They are both malefics, and together they have been bringing pressure into our personal lives, especially in our love life.
The Eclipse of 25th May will further undam tensions in your life around these ongoing relationship issues. If you’ve been experiencing some deep relationship pressures, especially since January 2013, these should sort out the issues and the stresses in a sort of make or break way, if you have not properly addressed any problematic scripts you bring to relationship. The ideal is to shed your old dysfunctional scripts around relationship issues, like the serpent sheds its skin.
AND when Jupiter enters Vedic Gemini on May 31st, forming a beneficial aspect to Saturn and Rahu, you will get further help from June 2013 until June 2014, with Jupiter bringing you auspicious greatness and wisdom into the relationship area of your life. You can expect some wisdom and intelligence.
You will have the happiest relationship if you share a spiritual tradition with your partner, but if you are just “out for yourself” the big lesson you will learn has to do with selfishness and sharing.
The Full Moon of May 25th is in a square aspect to Neptune at 5 Pisces. The risk therefore is that you will wallow in confusion and get nowhere, but of course, Neptune in Pisces is visionary, so the great achievement would be to compassionately work for visualised shared purpose with your partner. Belief and trust and surrender is the call. Letting go is called for.
Western Scorpios will have a big effect from this eclipse, and will feel it coming before-hand. This is because western Scorpio (and the end of western Libra) is Vedic Libra, and so the pressure to sort out any shadow areas in your relationship is pervasive and potentially explosive: so be compassionate and don’t get into drama. Heal the energies in a spiritual way. Work lovingly with your partner.
The eclipse is on the 2nd House- 8th House axis for western Scorpios, so it will be good for undamming issues of value in your life, and good for your wealth and finances, but especially good for shared monies, inheritances and joint work incomes.
People with Sun in Sagittarius where the eclipsed Moon is, should beware being abrasive or dogmatic.
Mars is strong and people with Sun in western Gemini should be careful, because the eclipse Sun is there too, and they should beware pointless explosions and dramas.
Western Virgos have the eclipse in their 10th house of career, so there will be undamming there for good or ill.
Western Aries could have sudden revolutionary change for good or catastrophically bad, because Uranus is transiting in Aries, and they, like western Capricorns are caught up in the famous transiting Uranus-Pluto square that is full of total revolution, which should be so good for western Capricorns. Though for Capricorns, this eclipse in in their 12th House which should bring unconscious material to the fore to energise and propel them and give them truth about themselves.
On a personal note, I did post Blogs on both of the earlier 2013 eclipses, and you may remember I predicted career success for the Solar Eclipse of 10th May, and then I posted after it saying that was indeed what had happened for me! Well, this eclipse of 25th May is on my Mars, and I already feel a big wave of up-coming Mars energy and am achieving lots!
There now follows some more technical detail for those who would like that, but please do note that you can contact me for a full birth chart astrology reading, or Prediction or Relationship Astrology. And I do teach both western and Vedic Astrology Courses. See my websites:, and
You can email me at or phone me on 07799296821. A special bonus of all my astrology readings is that (unusually) I combine both western and Vedic astrology).
Here is some more technical detail:

Lunar Eclipse 25.5.13   at 04.25 hrs at 9 Vedic Scorpio   (Western 3 Sagittarius) (Sun opposite Moon)
This is the third eclipse of 2013.
The first eclipse was the lunar eclipse of 25th April at 11.6 Vedic Libra (western 5 Scorpio) (Sun opp Moon).
The second eclipse was the Solar Eclipse of  10.5.13  at 24 Vedic Aries (western 19 Taurus) (Sun conj Moon).
Eclipses’ effects are hard to predict and they are associated at the mundane level with earthquakes and tsunamis. They have the general effect of undamming stagnant or stuck energy for good or ill in the life of the individual. Very generally speaking, eclipse on the Ascendant can be dangerous. Eclipse on a benefic planet can be favourable. Eclipse on a malefic planet can bring ills.
For this upcoming eclipse, using the western astrology signs, the Moon is at 3 Sagittarius, Sun is at 3 Gemini (opposite the Moon), and the Sun is together with three planets: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. The western and Vedic charts for this eclipse are below.
However, the Nodes of the Moon which are always part of any Eclipse are just over the border into the next sign. So Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is at 16 Scorpio. And Ketu, the South Node of the Moon is at 16 Taurus conjunct Mars at 25 Taurus.

Vedic Chart for the Eclipse:

Chart Vedic Eclipse 25.5.13

Western Chart for the Eclipse:

Chart Western Eclipse 25.5.13

Have you got Retrograde Planets in your Birth Chart ?

Have you got Retrograde Planets in your Birth Chart ?

Retrograde Planet 4This Blog tells you about the general issue of what it means to have one or more Retrograde Planet in your birth chart. You can contact me for a full birth chart astrology reading if you want to know more. See my websites:, and You can email me at or phone me on 07799296821. A special bonus of all my astrology readings is that (unusually) I combine both western and Vedic astrology).

And watch this space for future Blogs telling you the meaning of having each of the planets retrograde in your birth chart (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron).

AND also watch out for future Blogs telling you what it means for you when each of these planets is Transiting Retrograde in the heavens at any time in your life.

A Planet is termed ‘Retrograde’ if it has backward motion in the heavens as viewed from Earth. You will have Retrograde Planets in your birth chart if one or more of your planets was travelling backwards in the skies at the moment you were born.

What effect does this have in your life?
Having these planets retrograde at birth gives us an extra challenge out of which we can arrive at a more spiritual use of their energy.

The energy and meaning of a Retrograde Planet in your birth chart is expressed more on an inner level. The easy expression and the needs and urges represented by the planet are held back or blocked in your particular life. This is a Fate or a Challenge that is there for your learning. Your soul chose this learning when it chose to incarnate. The reasons lie in past lives. Retrogrades give us the chance to really get our teeth onto a matter, because we are forced to go over old ground again and again. This may get frustrating and tedious, but ultimately it is very useful, for tackling something karmic we may have been avoiding and that we have to address once and for all.
In Vedic Astrology, the term for retrograde planets is known as ‘Vakri’ meaning twisted, crooked, roundabout, indirect, evasive or ambiguous. Vakra Asana in Yoga twists the body to strengthen the spine. Retrograde Planets twist their energies and meanings round, to make them unclear, to teach you their message in an indirect way, to strengthen you and correct the course of your lives. The negative potential you have to learn to move away from is that they can be twisted thinkers, crooked, hard to understand or even dishonest. This teaches you to use the planet’s energy in the right way. If you have a lot of Retrograde Planets in your birth chart, this means that you soul chose a broad spectrum of hard lessons in re-learning about the facets of life and existence represented by the planets, this time round.
So having inward-directed or blocked energies from one or more Retrograde Planets is not the end of the story, it’s an opportunity! By experiencing the frustrations and the handicaps, we can apply ourselves to learning that life lesson and grow. There will often be peak experiences in your life which give you second or third or further chances to learn to express that planet at its best in your life. We ‘absorb’ the energies of a planet if it is retrograde in our birth chart, rather than radiate those energies outwards. This is due to the need to learn more about that planet due to past lives.
From a karmic point of view, the Retrograde Planet represents a life lesson, a challenge that must be met in order to deal with unfinished business and clear the path for future progress.

There is of course a Predictive Astrology dimension to this: If you look at your Secondary Progressions, or ‘Day-for-a-year’ Progressions, you will see that planets may change from Retrograde to Direct (or vice versa) at predictable and definite ages in your life. This is worth noting and understanding. And there is also of course the whole issue of when Transiting Planets go from Direct to Stationary to Retrograde and back to Direct again, but understanding the Divine Learning of that predictive phenomenon is the subject of another Blog. A transiting planet may go just once cross a planet in our birth time, or it can go across it three times (Direct, Retrograde and Direct again) or even more than three times in the cases of Neptune and Pluto.

But to return to the issue of Retrograde Planets in your birth chart: part of the cause of the Retrograde Planet’s powerful effect is the planet’s velocity at the time of birth:  Retrograde planets are always slow-moving. Indeed they are ‘Stationary’ in the heavens at the time they turn from the normal Direct to Retrograde, and also when they turn from Retrograde back to Direct again. The slower the velocity of a planet in your birth chart, the deeper, stronger and more powerful effect it has in your life.
But remember, Strong does NOT = good (or easy): the strong effect can be for ill. It can be the cause of lots of problem manifestations of that planet in your life.  The fast planets pass by so quickly; they have lighter effect on your life than the planet that moves slowly. Also, Retrograde Planets that are moving relatively closer to the earth in their elliptical orbit, and when a planet is closer to the earth, he has a stronger influence then when he is further away.
Retrograde planets in your birth chart are marked by R or Rx. The Sun and the Moon never retrograde.
The North and South Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu, almost always move in retrograde motion. They therefore have difficult divine potential and are actually the key to understanding our incarnational life purpose. They are the Eclipse points at the moment of our birth, and as such are so powerful they can devour a luminary: Eclipses devour the Sun or devour the Moon at the moment of an Eclipse. For that reason Vedic astrology views them as Demons. Rahu the North node has a driven obsessional energy to drive us to our incarnational future. Ketu the South Node has a sharp knife-like energy of dissolution to sever us from our dissolving past. But because Hinduism is a Tantric spirituality: out of Darkness, Light! Our of our personal deepest darkness, we can learn to use these very difficult and dangerous energies to find our personal light: to find the reason we are here this time!

How long are the retrograde periods of the planets?
Mercury retrogrades for 24 days and is stationary one day before and after.
Venus is retrograde for 42 days and is stationary approximately two days before and after. Mars retrogrades for 80 days and is stationary 3 to 4 days before and after.
Jupiter retrogrades 120 days is stationary 5 days before and after.
Saturn retrogrades for 140 days and remains stationary 5 day before and after.
Uranus typically retrogrades about 155 days.
Neptune typically retrogrades about 160 days
Pluto’s typically retrogrades about 165 days.

Each planet has its own percentage of time when they are retrograde:
Mercury   19.76%  (88 days orbital period)
Venus      7.22%.  (225 days orbital period)
Mars        9.33%  (1.8 yrs orbital period)
Jupiter     30.24% (11.86 yrs orbital period)
Saturn     36.39% (29.46 yrs orbital period)
Uranus    40 to 45% (84.32 yrs orbital period)
Neptune  40 to 45% (164.8 yrs orbital period)
Pluto       40 to 45% (248.1 yrs orbital period)
Chiron     Rx highly variable (50.7 yrs orbital period)
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Eclipse May 10th 2013 – Eclipses can be good for you

Eclipse May 10th 2013 – Eclipses can be good for you

(when they don’t bring disaster!) As you were possibly aware, there was an Eclipse in the early hours today which I blogged about. I said it was on my 10th House of career, with Jupiter and Venus next to it in my 11th House of Gains, bringing luck and spiritual teaching. I said it would be good for me – and it is!
Last night I was approached by the famous Prediction Magazine to write their official Monthly prediction column, and the confirmation came through this morning: the morning of the Eclipse!
Under my column will be my contact details for people to contact me for Readings!
I’m really looking forward to writing about the star signs and people’s year/month ahead!
Here’s what I predicted for myself about the eclipse:

The Solar Eclipse of 10th May 2013 – What does it Mean in your Life?

The Solar Eclipse of 10th May 2013 – What does it Mean in your Life?

eclipse solar 2The second eclipse of 2013 is on May 10th at 00.28 hours. It’s a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse. Here are a few thoughts about this eclipse.

This eclipse is at 19 Taurus in western astrology or 24 Aries in Vedic astrology. It’s a Solar Eclipse, so the Sun is conjunct the Moon. See charts at the foot of this Blog post.

Eclipses are the undamming of dammed up energy, and they are associated with earthquakes, tsunamis and increased volcanic activity at the Earth level. In our lives, we are particularly affected if an eclipse falls on one of the planets in our birth chart AND by the affairs of the House in our birth chart where the eclipse falls. The energy of the Sign the eclipse falls in is also important. Generally speaking the main understanding comes from Vedic Astrology, but western astrology gives the pointer of how we experience things more at the egoic or psychological level.

The last time an eclipse was at this degree of the Zodiac was on May 10, 1994. Please read through my thoughts below about the meaning of this present eclipses, but also think back to what you were doing around that date. How might you be building on that now? Is there any thread of common meaning or similar life-development theme? What are you ready to do now? What do you need to release so you can make a fresh start?

Eclipses are the most powerful transits we can experience. SIX in a row are underway:
Lunar Eclipse 25.4.13   at 19.57hrs  at 11.6 Libra
(western 5 Scorpio) (Sun opp Moon)
Solar Eclipse   10.5.13   at 00.28 hrs at 24 Aries     (western 19 Taurus) (Sun conj Moon)
Lunar Eclipse 25.5.13   at 04.25 hrs at 9 Scorpio   (Western 3 Sag) (Sun opposite Moon)
Lunar eclipse  18.10.13 at 23.37 hrs at 1 Aries       (Western 25 Aries )   (Sun opposite Moon)
Solar Eclipse     3.11.13 at 12.50 hrs at 17 Libra     (Western 11 Scorpio) (Sun conjunct Moon)
Lunar Eclipse 17.11.13 at 15.15 hrs at 1 Taurus     (Western 25 Taurus) (Sun opposite Moon)

Now to turn to the Eclipse of 10th may in more detail: Notice that there is a five planet pile up at one end of this Eclipse: Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). Notice that at the other hand Rahu the North Node plus Saturn are transiting through Vedic/sidereal Libra.

Relationships axis: Because the sidereal sign axis of Libra – Aries is activated, this Eclipse gives yet more emphasis on relationship issues in your life. Rahu and Saturn are both transiting Vedic/sidereal Libra. There’s a huge emphasis being offered to humanity on the right place of Relationships, and this eclipse will be part of the undamming in your life to aid you to have the opportunity for better relationships and better understanding of the issues in what it is to relate.

If your relationships have wrong issues, this Eclipse will ‘burst the dam’ on the difficult feelings and help to offer you the chance to relate in a way that is better for you.

How do you know what to release? Consider who or what drains your energy, time, and resources. Ask yourself whether that situation, person, or belief empowers you. If you answer yes, then keep it. Let go of whatever does not empower you. Get good perception about your way of life as it affects your relationships. Commit where you should!

But of course you also have to look at the House the Eclipse falls in. What house in your Vedic birth chart is the Vedic/.sidereal sign of Aries. In my birth chart it’s the 10th House of career and standing in the world, so I expect there will be another (very positive) dam burst in this area, following on from the first eclipse of 2013 which was also on the 4th House – 10th house axis: Career – Home life.

But there’s also the past lives issue: The North Node represents the direction you are to move in life. The South Node signifies your past in this and prior lives. The nodes of the moon are part of an eclipse. In Vedic Astrology, the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic birth chart is the key to your incarnational life meaning. Ketu the South Node represents past lives/skills/issues. Rahu the South Node represents the obsessive direction of the push of your incarnational future in this life.

Now in my case, the Eclipse Rahu (North Node)  is transiting through sidereal/Vedic Libra, the sign in my Vedic birth Chart occupied by Ketu the South node at the moment of my birth. So the Nodes are reversed! This can be a time of turbulence because the node of the Future is impelling us to travel to our past lives, and indeed, because Saturn has also been transiting through Vedic/sidereal Libra since last November, Saturn has also transited across Ketu in my birth chart. I do feel this has been marked by past life skills arising: sudden changes of career and direction. In addition to my astrology work, I also launched distance learning courses on Ogham, the Runes and Shamanic Development as well as offering initiations into Munay Ki Shamanism. I have also published my third Amazon Kindle novel: Vision Holder Munay Ki, which is based on the Ogham as well as Munay Ki Shamanism. Certainly my ancestry is on the far West coast of Ireland. I therefore have a blood heritage of Celtic plus no doubt the Viking raiders. The novel has a very Irish theme. All this I feel represents past life material welling up.

The Lunar Sign an Eclipse falls in is important: This eclipse falls in the ferociously heavy Lunar Sign, or ‘Nakshatra’ of Bharani. Bharani is the second Nakshatra of the wonderfully powerful Vedic 27-sign lunar zodiac. It’s power animal is the Bull Elephant. Its symbol is the yoni or vagina, and its presiding deity is Yama, the God of Death. It is the constellation of the womb where new life comes into being.  It has to do with birth and transformation.  Birth and death belong together – there is no separation.  Each time we enter a new phase of our life, we conclude an old one.  The dying of the old is the logical consequence of the birth of the new.   The vagina welcomes the seed that makes new life possible and is the way through which new life comes into the world.  The sexual act is the foundation of the beginning of new life.  During an orgasm, one looses control.  For a little while the ego is dead and you are in immediate contact with the divine, the moment that concep­tion takes place: the beginning of new life.  Bharani deals with birth and the protection of life.  The transforma­tion processes connected to this constellation, however, can be violent ! We do need to bring the child like authenticity of the eclipse’s sign: Aries, but we do need to balance this with committed relationship.

Jupiter and Venus are conjunct. Now and for the next few weeks the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Taurus is beneficial materially and on all levels. Both planets are special Teachers. Check the House in your Vedic Birth Chart to understand in what areas of your life Jupiter and Venus will break through.

Astrology Readings: I do offer astrology readings which, as an unusual and very special bonus, combine western and Vedic astrology. Contact me for a reading. Tel: 07799296821, email:

Visionary Novels: My visionary earthspirituality novels are on Amazon Kindle: Rune Magic, Sacred Earth and Vision Holder Munay Ki.

Please also see my general blog about eclipses and their general meaning for 2013 which I wrote at the time of the first 2013 eclipse: the lunar eclipse of 25.4.13:

Here is the Vedic chart for this Eclipse:
Eclipse solar 10.5.13 VEDIC

And here is the Western chart for this eclipse:
Eclipse Solar 10.5.13

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