There's got to be some meaning in this 'coincidence'

There's got to be some meaning in this 'coincidence'

Last night I wrote a blog about the meaning of a Grand Trine in your birth chart, and I said that Grand Trines point to some wonderful finished talent, but that you have to work hard to develop them otherwise they become a ruined crop even criminal, and that multiple Grand Trines in the birth chart are particularly dangerous. And I looked at having a Grand Trine in Earth signs, and how that has a danger of living in an unreal fantasy world of your own creation (see:
Fifteen minutes later, by some strange coincidence, I watched the BBC film on the horrific life of the Poet, Lord Byron – and was amazed to discover this morning that he has – yes: multiple Grand Trines in Air Signs (and also a T-square which I also blogged about last night)!!! I was left horrified at his life: father died when he was three, nurse abused him when he was nine, his life a horrifying run of multiple sexual relationships and scandals including incest with his sister, the only child he loved dying in infancy, his very decent wife defiled, so that in the end the only thing he felt he could trust in his life was his faithful dog to whom he erected a monument in Newstead Abbey his ancestral seat. And he died on 19th April 1824 aged 36, in a pointless grand gesture leading a ragtag of Greek Mercenaries in the horrifyingly brutal war the Greeks were waging to throw off the oppression of their Turkish oppressors. I felt the main value of sitting through so nightmare a film was salutary: to live one’s life not like that, to treat people well not as unreal figures drifting through the untamed torrents of one’s psychodramas. I wondered what might have been his best potential and his best spiritual pinnacle had he lived long enough to be healed, and had there been a decent spiritual path to achieve healing of such a destiny in England in those times. Below is his birth chart: 22.1.1788, 14.00, London (Source: Astrodatabank, which is a good source).

You can clearly see the multiple Grand Trines in Air which alerted me to a strange ‘coincidence’ running.

And here is his Vedic birth chart: Just one point, note that his Jupiter is now being transited by retrograde Venus which is one of the many planets being caught up in the four eclipses of 2012, including the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of 4th June 2012, where, again, the Greek state is in meltdown!!!!

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Chiron, the Wounded Healer in the Birth Chart

Chiron, the Wounded Healer in the Birth Chart

Chiron is the wounded healer in your birth chart. Where Chiron appears you have an existential wound, but in the healing of that wound you can become the healer of others.

For example, ‘Chiron conjunct Jupiter’ in the birth chart, is the person who may go in for ungrounded expansion and hurt others, or be overcome by the glamour of false healers or glitzy readers. But with diligence and through the grace of God and the help of others, and by learning from their mistakes, such a person may come to be able to help others find their needed expansion – and he or she can do this, because of all the errors, follies and false methods that that person has gone through themselves.

Shadow Chiron is the wounder or the victim.

The position of Chiron in the horoscope shows us where our instinctual nature is wounded.

Chiron, discovered in 1977, is a planetoid following an elliptical orbit round the Sun between the orbits of those ancient enemies: Saturn and Uranus (restriction and revolution). Its orbital period is 49 to 51 years.

To analyze Chiron’s effect, look at your birth chart and read Chiron’s:-



Aspecting planets to Chiron

The planet that rules Chiron’s sign

Aspecting planets to that planet

There’s an odd fact that a vastly high number of people who come to me have the aspect in their birth chart: Chiron opposition Uranus: a wound from impatience and often the mother having experienced spasmodic energies when she was carrying them in her womb. The healing of this wound is often meditation, body energy work or vision work.
In more detail, to show you how Chiron analysis works, I often find this person had a mother who was under intermittent anxiety during the pregnancy or early infancy. With the mother, periods of calm were unexpectedly shattered by sudden anxiety (perhaps when the father came into the room, or a sibling, or perhaps there were homelessness pressures, whatever). This instills in the child a need to heal periodic fragmenting anxiety so that peace can be found. It provides a dangerous addiction to excitement, de-stabilizing anxiety or addiction to melt-down to bring in the new. At root, it dishonours phenomena and fails to give value to what it. It is a wound that needs to be healed. When you heal it, you can heal others.

Chiron – Uranus often highlights desire for freedom from restraints, e.g. making sudden changes in relationships or careers, love of new ideas,  new ways of living, or love of the unusual or the bizarre – all these can be on principle, with the risk it’s damaging. There’s a desire to break limitations and stand out in a crowd. These people can be intolerant of others’ ideas, or blissfully unaware of their own contradictions: and therefore hypocritical. They can be brilliant original thinkers, iconoclastic and challenging: clear perceptions. They can be detached, humanitarian, compassionate; sensitive to collective/unconscious issues – but must accept realistic limits and structures or remain ungrounded. Nothing is sacred: indiscriminate rebellion. Energy follows thought. At its best, Chiron-Uranus is a gift for giving birth to the new without indiscriminate rejection of the old, and without devaluing things or hurting people.

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The Different Zodiacs used in Astrology

The Different Zodiacs used in Astrology

Do you know the difference between the tropical zodiac of western astrology, the sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology and the Lunar Zodiac (Nakshatras) of Vedic Astrology?

The Sidereal Zodiac Please note that Vedic Astrology uses a different 12-sign zodiac from western astrology so your planets will often be described as being in different signs to those you are familiar with in your western birth chart. This is because the sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology is fixed: it is anchored to a fixed star as a statement of the Eternal.
The Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology is moving against the backdrop of the stars: it moves a degree every 72 years and its start point is that point in the heavens that the Sun occupies on the first day of Spring, and because it is solar it is ‘ego astrology’ The scope of Vedic Astrology is immensely vaster than egoic western astrology. At the present the two zodiacs are 24 degrees apart.
The Lunar Zodiac (Nakshatras): Additionally, Vedic astrology also employs an even more ancient zodiac: the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs, that depicts our realities in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful. These lunar signs are called ‘Nakshatras’. The positions of the lunar signs were more easily visible to ancient astrologers because they are quite simply the position of the Moon in the heavens on each of the 27 days the Moon takes to orbit the Earth. Because the lunar signs are so ancient, they are powerful and magical and pre-rational, and each of them has a power animal that can be used for many purposes of understanding, including the identification of the best marriage partner for you.

Here is a diagram to show the relationship between the Zodiacs:

The T-Square Chart Aspect Figure

The T-Square Chart Aspect Figure

The T-Square is also called an Achievement Figure. Basically, the aspects of this triangle consist of two squares that are joined by an opposition.

The principle of a T- Square is that the opposition contains energy that is stuck between two polarities. It acts like a battery storing up energy which finds release difficult, as any attempt to release it from one direction meets with resistance from the opposite pole, causing frustration. The energy is thus released via the squared planet at the Apex of the triangle.

This aspect gives capacity for intensive periods of work, and people who have this pattern will often make work for themselves, when there is none to be done.

The square can only work in spurts and phases, since the mutable quality of the figure demands that time be taken to recoup energy and recharge the battery when it has been exhausted through work.

It is important to recognize the cyclical pattern of work and rest since these people consider themselves to be hard workers and may suffer from feelings of guilt or depression when they are not working or cannot work. A person with a red Achievement Triangle should complete his work quickly and successfully, so that he can rest again afterwards.  After a short or long break, he can go back to work with renewed vigour.  A person with an Achievement Triangle produces a greater output per measurable unit of time than someone with a square, but the ‘square aspect’ person’s performance is regular and constant and hence takes up more time.  The square seeks security, constancy and symmetry, while the triangle’s motivation is more flexible and more dynamic. Such a person would like to reach his goal as fast as possible. Someone with an Achievement Triangle can work like mad and when he is ready, he moves onto the next job assertively and highly dynamically. Beware rigid states of awareness; one cannot change and the same mistakes are made again and again.

The Grand Trine

The Grand Trine

Is there a Grand Trine Chart Aspect Figure in your Birth Chart?  Also called a Large Talent Triangle – Basically the Grand Trine is a triangle of equal sides comprising three trines (120 deg), shown in blue. The figure points to a wonderful finished quality or inborn talent, which is capable of encompassing a wide range of experience, and which permeates and dominates the personality. However, the reaping of this talent is not automatic. Grand Trines need conscious working at, otherwise they will become the ‘ruined crop’, or the negative, or even a ‘criminal’ personality. The risk is (as Trines are lazy aspects) that you may lazily see no need to develop new qualities and approaches, putting too much reliance on your conditioning or illusory life slogans or the obvious, superficial talents which you already possess.

The planets at the three corners usually all fall into one particular element (i.e. Earth, Air, Fire or Water), suggesting that the talent partakes of the nature of that element. As only one element is involved: beware the risk of imbalance in the life. Your tendency might always be to seek refuge in the easy blue aspects.

Although such a figure can be enjoyed, blue aspects (in general) are there to be used, and you must NOT squander such a talent or keep it exclusively to yourself. Use it to give something to others, otherwise those fruits will simply rot and go to waste. If given freely, allows the talent to grow and develop to even greater depths, continually attracting new substance and experience. A challenge is that the figure seeks to hold onto what already is, thus preventing new levels of experience from growing into the figure. ‘To give and not to count the cost’ is a particularly relevant motto for this figure because the more it gives, the more it receives, and so it has even more to grow. Inertia and stagnation are the fruits of a mismanaged Grand Trine. Reliance on luck is present: and it’s a double-edged sword. Grand Trine People might be easily defeated by life and turn to addictions or anti-social life-styles. At its worst, the mismanaged Grand Trine is the chronic criminal with an unrealistic childish view of the world, expecting the world to give into their personal needs or someone will have to be punished. Obviously a lot depends on the planets involved, and on the rest of the chart. The more planets are tied in, the greater the danger of imbalance or character weakness. The Grand Trine individual may expect others to carry him/her through life. ‘Something for nothing’. The ‘charmed life’. Multiple Grand Trines can be even more debilitating. But at its best, the Grand Trine is a specialized configuration promoting high idealism, insight and vision, as well as creative self-expression and well-being. The Grand Trine can potentially indicate confidence and self-assurance, optimistic expectation, a sense of pleasure, easy flowingness, inspiration, expansion of creative power and a general sense of protection due to inner Faith and Hope.

Grand Trine in Fire

A Grand Trine in Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is a rare chart shape, indicative of a special gift that can be developed with the right sort of understanding and work, but which notoriously can produce a wasted crop or even a criminal outcome. The creative, inspirational power of the Grand Trine is more evident where it is the trine in fire, since the element of fire is itself vital, self-expressive and spontaneous in action, seeking to manifest through direct expression of its potential. Vision is strongly emphasized, but so also is egotism, selfishness, an unconscious assumption of special individual privilege and heightened pride in self. This individual will exhibit courage, adventurousness, risk-taking and even gambling, combined with an innocence that might ultimately rather prove to amount to naivety, lack of forethought or even culpable carelessness, and will be all the more dangerous because this individual has an unshakeable faith in self as eerily invincible, strangely protected from harm and taking on impossible odds. These gambles will indeed produce amazing results but will ultimately prove to be hubris and turn to ashes. They could well have the seeds of their own destruction. There will be impulsiveness – and acting out of unacknowledged psychological material could lead to undoing. These qualities need spiritual understanding otherwise there will be a growing sense of the emptiness and impermanence of such ego-striving and social climbing and a gathering horror at the harm and stress caused from striving so persistently and so long.

A Grand Trine in Water

A Grand Trine in the water signs has the constituent planets in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The passive, receptive and protective power of the trine is emphasized. Water, like the Trine, seeks tranquility and a soothing sense of peaceful exchange. Powers of detection are above-average. There’s a degree of psychic sensitivity. The flowing expression of the feeling nature permits him to withdraw easily into his inner private world where he often experiences contentment on deeply subjective levels. Unless there are adequate dynamic principles operating in the chart (i.e. Fire Planets in angular houses, or even a fixed T – square) this particular Grand Trine can foster an escapist temperament too vulnerable to effectively channel its emotional overload in a constructive manner. There tends to be an exaggerated need for mothering, dependency, safety from threat, over-caution, dithering. And the more subtly these needs express themselves, the more insidious their effect. This is potentially the most problematic of the Grand Trines. The native is potential hard to get to know, he may feel disconnected from his outer world and out of tune with his surroundings. Yet there is potential for well-developed empathy and sympathy and supportive nurturing: the hidden comforter, the healer of the sick, supportive and nurturing. It’s an asset for psychiatric work, medical fields or psychic counselling. In a weak chart, however, there could be the tendency to feel easily defeated, dejected, insecure: the gentle dreamer who retreats into fantasy, illusion and imagination. This is the figure, par excellence, for probing into the hidden mysteries of Life.

The Earth Grand Trine

The Earth Grand Trine seeks to preserve the status quo of existing conditions it feels securely supported by. Both element and aspect do not respond well to drastic, critical changes in life affairs. The capacity to attract, accumulate, and skillfully manage resources is usually powerfully developed. Yet the drive to venture out into the world and make an aggressive effort to obtain such resources is often lacking. In the chart of a less ambitious individual, this Grand Trine is apt to express as a very self-indulgent, materialistic influence or one that keeps the individual firmly rooted and centered in the limited world of matter (which may not be desirable for inner growth in the long run). One of the constructive features of a well-handled Earth Grand Trine is that it has remarkable endurance and persistence, allowing the individual to steadily concentrate his attention upon concrete objectives without being distracted or thrown off course. Once committed to a goal, he is able to work long and hard towards valued accomplishment. He succeeds because he can skillfully consolidate his vast energy reserves and contently plod on until he achieves the solid results he desires. However, unlike mere earth emphasis alone, the dynamics of the Grand Trine suggests an extra measure of inspiration, insight, and vision. The individual may possess tremendous organizational ability and practical know-how, since earth trines enable one to visualize perfect or ideal structure and form. There can be an uncommon amount of common sense shown. Creative resourcefulness is one of this Grand Trine’s special assets.

The Grand Trine in Air

With the Air Grand Trine, the individual can feel satisfied living in his head without having to express himself overtly in the external world. Both element and aspect share as a common denominator the natural inclination to conceptualize and create on an abstract level. Thus, the impractical side of the trine can be more evident with this configuration if the individual is unable to ground his idealistic insights. This individual is likely to be very socially curious, broad-minded, and tolerant (trines are benevolent and easy-going). But he may not necessarily find himself deeply or passionately involved with others on a more one-to-one basis. The natural inclination here is to remain detached, observant, non-committal, and basically free to explore whatever attracts the attention of the mind. Great inner satisfaction occurs when he is able to have a variety of relationships that put few demands upon him. This suggests that one with an Air Grand Trine may find it quite a challenge to remain emotionally constant with another without interpreting this as a stifling entanglement. Nevertheless, this Grand Trine confers above-average educational ability, an eager intellect, and an ability to have a wide perspective of life. He can take pleasure in learning new information about the world he lives in, and thus tends to be the “eternal student” type.

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