Magda Nell Wenek, Our Resident Artist, Meditation Leader, Dance, Drumming and Spiritual Clothes Designer at the Ilkley Happiness Centre

Magda Nell Wenek, Our Resident Artist, Meditation Leader, Dance, Drumming and Spiritual Clothes Designer at the Ilkley Happiness Centre

Magda Nell Wenek is a deeply spiritual and artistic young woman who lived in a forest in Poland for ten years – a spiritual path in touch with the Earth, deeply shamanic and visionary. She lives in contact with the spirit of nature and the trees. Magda now lives in Ilkley with her husband Martin and son, Kai.

Active Meditation Workshops with Drumming
This is deeply connected with body and soul. This is meeting with our Self: with our feeling and emotion – remembering the power of your own breath. There will be drumming, didge and flute and other instruments. We feel more trust in ourself when we do this meditation: we realise how we are guided. This meditation takes one and a half hours. It is a moving meditation as well as mental, so can be very active. We stop thinking too much, so we hear our soul. And we have trust in our body. Mondays from June 11th 2012 at 7.45pm. Cost £7.

Sensitive Dance
Deep contact with your own body: we allow our body to be our guide. This is creative and spiritual. This dance takes one hour. We hold a circle first, where people say one word from their heart about how he or she feels in this moment. We can draw a tarot card each or an angel card for the dance for each person, then we dance eyes focussed more within yourself: your heart, your spirit. Sundays from June 17th 2012 at 7.45pm. Cost £4.

Spiritual Clothes Designs for you to order – We will be featuring samples of Magda’s astounding work shortly, for you to commission her garment or bags, for yourself or  as a gift you wish to make to someone else.

Spiritual Art for you – Paintings and Wall Paintings – examples of  Magda’s paintings and wall paintings will soon be available, so you can contact Magda to make your commission.

Contact Magda at:  Tel: 07742844789 | Email: 

The Eclipse of May 20th 2012

The Eclipse of May 20th 2012

A series of four eclipses leads us to the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012. Here are the dates and details:
Solar Eclipse    20.5.12   at  23.47 hrs at Vedic  6 Taurus  (western 0 deg Gemini)
Lunar Eclipse    4.6.12   at  11.11 hrs at Vedic 21 Scorpio (western 14 Sagittarius)

Solar Eclipse    13.11.12 at  22.8   hrs at Vedic 28 Libra    (western 21 Scorpio)
Lunar Eclipse  28.11.12 at  14.46 hrs at Vedic 12 Taurus  (western 6 Gemini)

Please note that Eclipses have ‘paths of visibility’ across the face of the Earth. None of these are visible as eclipses from UK, although the energies are felt in UK never the less. Pleased note that they take time to travel across the face of the Earth as well.

What is a solar eclipse? An eclipse of the Sun is when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth:

A solar eclipse looks like this: you can see the Sun being blocked out by the intervening Moon. A Solar Eclipse is an eclipsed New Moon.

What is a lunar eclipse?An eclipse of the Moon is when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon this means that the intervening Earth casts a shadow on the face of the Moon:

A lunar eclipse looks like this: a lunar eclipse is an eclipsed Full Moon

The big thing about eclipses is that they release dammed up energies. This is why they are very often linked to tidal waves and earthquakes.
In our own lives eclipses can break the dam too. Difficult things happen to us if an eclipse falls on our Moon, Ascendant, Saturn, Mars or Sun, but we can experience sudden windfalls and good results or promotions if the eclipse is on our Jupiter or Venus in our birth chart.
Please note: The effect of Solar Eclipses can take time to be felt, sometimes as long as a couple of years (later transits are needed to trigger the stagnant pool of energy left at that point in the heavens), but the effect of lunar eclipses is pretty immediate.

The solar eclipse on May 20th 2012 looks absolutely epic. It is at 23.47 hrs at Vedic 6 Taurus  (western 0 deg Gemini). You can see from the chart below that there is a pile up of no fewer than five planets in Vedic Taurus for this eclipse:
Venus (the ruler of Taurus) went retrograde a few days earlier to be joined by Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu in the heavens. The pile-up of energies is exceptional and awesome!
Positively Jupiter and Venus conjoined in this chart (with Ketu) could mean healing of personal value – but it could be a very ‘dragged through the hedge backwards of healing of values, whether personal or for the world economy: Ketu also means stripping away (but for purposes of spiritual learning). Jupiter – Venus in Taurus can mean greed. This eclipse is likely to destabilise so true value can be brought in.

Here is the Vedic astrology chart of this eclipse:

And here is the western chart for this eclipse:

How will this eclipse affect you personally? Well it all depends what planets you have in Vedic Taurus or Scorpio, and what houses Taurus and Scorpio are in your Vedic birth chart.
For example, if you have Moon in Vedic Taurus, this could be bad for your health or for your mother’s health. You may face emotional rejection or you may reject someone yourself. It could open up old wounds that you have been carrying in your psyche and your relationship with your mother will not be easy. The mind can become agitated and restless, you may reject your emotional needs and it is not a good time to make life-changing decisions, especially when Ketu is applying to – rather than separating from – your Moon. However it is a good time for meditation, yoga, searching for your spiritual roots and controlling your emotional desires.

As a general point, this eclipse joins a number of factors like Venus conjunct Ketu and Saturn mostly in Libra which mean that focus on good relationships will be called for generally in 2012.
For an astrological Prediction of your Year Ahead, including the effect of the four 2012 eclipses, you can contact me at email: or Tel: 07799296821.

Full Moons and our state of Consciousness

Full Moons and our state of Consciousness

The next Full Moon Meditation is Sunday May 6th at 6pm at the Ilkley Happiness Centre. A very important thing to realise about Full Moons, is that they are actually the culmination point of the New Moon that went before. At the time of the New Moon we can feel very empty and drained. Our consciousness then grows day by day to its fullness at the New Moon, then it falls away again towards the next New Moon. This waxing and waning of our consciousness can give us great spiritual insight. What we are called to realise is that it is true consciousness that is growing and NOT egoic consciousness. The Full Moon offers us phenomena to observe and understand, and that understanding can bring us nearer to God. We can be pretty sensitive and psychic. 
Sometimes Full moon energies can be linked to horrible behaviour and events – even madness and violence – the last Full Moon was conjucnt Saturn in the heavens!! but the point is: we are called to observe and understand them, not join in them! This way our consciousness becomes closer to God.
In Vedic Astrology our mind is called jiva: it is signified by the Moon. As the Moon moves in its orbit across difficult signs or difficult planets we will all feel this: this crucial thing is how we handle this, how we learn; as the moon moves over more benefic signs or more benefic planets, we will feel happier, and again, we are simply called to learn from this.
A challenge at the present time is that the Moon passes over three malefic planets in a row each month, Mars, then Saturn, then Rahu (North Node) 2012 does not give very easy learning from Moon energies.
It makes a lot of difference to the energies we experience at the time of the Full Moon what sign the Full Moon falls in, and what aspect are formed to the Moon by the other planets in the sky, AND what aspect the Moon forms to the planets in your birth chart. If you would like a statement of the Full Moon and the aspects it forms, please email Michael with your natal data: name, date, time and place of birth. Email:  

Your Incarnational Life Meaning in Vedic Astrology: The Nodes of the Moon

Your Incarnational Life Meaning in Vedic Astrology: The Nodes of the Moon

A major contribution of Vedic Astrology is its statement of your incarnational life meaning: why you are here.
This is stated in terms of the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic natal chart. The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth with the apparent orbit of the Sun around the Earth.

There are thus two Nodes: the North Node and the South Node.
The North Node is called Rahu; the South Node is called Ketu. The Nodes are actually demons, because they are the eclipse points and they even have the power to devour the luminaries: the Sun and the Moon, but – because Vedic astrology is Tantric – everything is inherently connective to the Divine: even adverse circumstances, even what could be called ‘bad’, but only if we perceive these difficult states in the right way. Anciently, the Nodes were depicted as a dragon.



The Dragon’s Head is the North Node called Rahu:



The Dragon’s Tail is the South Node called Ketu.




What is the spiritual gift of these demons?

Rahu, The North Node
Rahu is where we in terms of life circumstances will put our obsessive, instinctual driven energy of ambition. Our obsessional drive can be dark and destabilizing but the experience of it can impel us to see God, and that we are not cut off from God but actually one with God (and one with everyone else). The North Node represents the area or life our future destiny us calling us to. Of course we need to learn to handle this driven energy in a more spiritual way. In Vedic Astrology, planets mature at certain specified ages. The nodes of the moon mature at age 48 and it is often about that time that we really learn to work with our demons in a spiritual way.

Ketu, The South Node
Ketu is where in terms of life circumstances we will find that everything will dissolve. This experience can terrify, but Ketu dissolves that which needs to die in terms of our need to be reborn and go forward to meet our spiritual destiny in this incarnation. Ketu is our past lives, the opposite of Rahu which is the area where we are driving forward. Rahu is the advancing army; Ketu is the occupying army. The word Ketu represents the occupying army’s flag flying over the area of life we previously conquered.

In Vedic Astrology, the Nodes of the Moon are interpreted in terms of the following four factors:
The Houses that the Nodes fall in in your natal chart. This is the most important factor for assessing your incarnational life purpose. The Nodes are always opposite each other in the heavens, in the chart. Obviously the Houses are time of birth sensitive, so if you don’t know your correct time of birth, counting Houses from the Ascendant created by a wrong time of birth will give wrong results, though one way round this is to treat the position of the Moon as your First House (this can be nearly as good depending on certain astronomical circumstances).
The Signs that the Nodes Fall in in your natal chart. Please note that Vedic Astrology does use the 12-sign zodiac familiar from western astrology, but the two zodiacs are actually 23 degrees apart. Your planets may therefore be shown as being in a different sign in Vedic Astrology from western astrology. The zodiac used by western astrology is known as the Tropical Zodiac; the zodiac used by Vedic Astrology is called the Sidereal Zodiac.
Any Planets which conjunct your North or South Node
The Lunar Signs which your Nodes fall in in your natal chart. In addition to the familiar 12 signs of the Lunar Zodiac, Vedic astrology also uses a far more ancient Lunar Zodiac of 27 lunar signs, or Nakshatras, which is an immensely powerful pointer to the true nature of your magical and dream time self.
Your incarnational life purpose is thus assessed in terms of the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic natal chart.

Aspect Shapes in the Astrology Birth Chart

Aspect Shapes in the Astrology Birth Chart

You have chart aspect shapes in your chart. Chart aspect shapes are a powerful guide to our deepest psychological motivations. They identify what parts of our personality work easily together, and which parts are so different that it is hard to reconcile one with the other. In other words, they chart and define our egoic psychology.

In particular, chart aspect shapes analysis is excellent for identifying which parts of us are split off: what parts act as ‘unaspected sub-personalities. The need is to know even the split-off parts of ourselves, so that we will not be driven by unconscious denied parts, so that we will not swing wildly from one persona to another, bewildering ourselves and those around us.

This processes of unifying our Self is called ‘individuation’ the principle method used in achieving individuation is called ‘psychosynthesis’.

Find out about the chart aspect shapes in your birth chart by having a natal chart reading with me. Alternativley you can learn about the whole vast range of the chart aspect shapes by enrolling on my wonderfully supportive and informative western astrology courses.

Here is some information about three example chart aspect shapes:
The Eye or Information Figure

This figure consists of two green semi-sextile  aspects (30 deg)  and   one  blue sextile   aspect (60 deg),   thus   forming  the small blue and green triangle called the Eye. This chart aspect shapes gives a wonderful and useful inquisitive, receptive and questing presence within you that is intuitive and observant or eagle-eyed. However, it is a very small aspect so your eagle-eye will tend to limit itself to just a couple of specialized life areas: the single House or two Houses in the birth chart that the figure takes up. It can indicate a ‘Sixth Sense’ or different facets of clairvoyance. You do, of course, need to be discriminating about what your eagle eye is picking up

This figure consists of a harsh red opposition aspect, and behind that five blue aspects which seek to create rest and harmony (three sextiles and two crossed trines). This is the person who longs to make a life a cradle where they can snuggle up and shut off the rest of the world. If the Cradle is at the top of the birth chart, or at either the Ascendant or Descendant side, it will of course always tip them out of the false security they constantly try to recreate. They are trying to escape from the true realities of life by snugly caring for themselves &/or others people. There’s lots of talents indicated in the blue aspects. The person soaks up the pain of other people, but others can’t get near them because all that happens is that they come up against the no-go red line of the opposition. Obviously many fates are not fixed, and the call is to learn about how the ‘cradle’ works and learn to turn it to the advantage of one’s self and others.
This is a rare chart aspect shape like a trawler net. This is the person who operates from a very fixed position and who draws in information or draws in people. It can be imprisoning and exploitative to others, but when the person learns about the ethics and realities of life, they can help those who they draw to them. Because the figure is so rectilinear and stable, beware the danger of complacency and being over-selective, thus living in convenient denial.
Contact me for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on my astrology distance learning courses at Web: or email me at  or phone: 07799296821. I work at the Ilkley Happiness Centre though also offer distance readings. Ilkley Happiness Centre, 32a Leeds Road, Ilkley, LS29 8DS, web:
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