Saturn and Jupiter have been opposite each other in the skies since September 2009. This calls you to break through repressive structures in your life and find freedom.

Saturn and Jupiter have been opposite each other in the skies since September 2009. This calls you to break through repressive structures in your life and find freedom.

Saturn and Jupiter have been opposite each other in the skies since September 2009. The third and last exact peak occurs at the end of this month. This calls you to break through repressive structures in your life and find freedom. It calls you to take a stand in the battle between Spirit and Materialism.

At its best, this opposition brings you hope and blessing for the future and also offers you the chance to get the right structures and arrangements into place to do that.

Can you do it? Do you need healing or help to achieve it?

Hopefully this Blog gives you insight into the nature of the energy you are going through. Hopefully we can find the means and the tools to bring in our best future from it now.

This is the last of a series of three Saturn – Jupiter oppositions. The opposition occurs mid-way between the start and the finish conjunction of each twenty-year cycle. The first opposiiton was exact on May 23rd 2010, at 27°52′ on the Virgo-Pisces axis. The second was on August 16th 2010 and the third and last in this series will be on March 29th 2011, on the Aries-Libra axis.

It’s a tug-of-war between the constantly-expanding, optimistic planet of Jupiter and the constantly-restricting, pessimistic influence of Saturn.

At its best, this opposition dissolves any Fear you might hold and it offers you the chance to heal and be strong and embrace your best future. Get out of fear agendas. Change can be good.

We can see the energy of this opposition in the political activities in the Middle East at the moment: tyrants fall; the ordinary people hope for Justice and Freedom. The last time Saturn and Jupiter were in opposition, the Berlin Wall was brought down. See Appendix 1, below, for a list of the other break-thoughs that came!

Saturn and Jupiter are ancient enemies. They are opposites. Saturn is restriction and hard lessons; Jupiter is expansion and blessing.

So, the question is: How is this opposition of Jupiter and Saturn going to manifest in your life this time???

Spend a moment to meditate and focus: Do you need to make an act of will???

Here are the exact positions of Jupiter and Saturn at the time of the upcoming Opposition on March 29th 2011:

Vedic astrology (sidereal zodiac):
Jupiter: 20 Pisces 28 in Revati Lunar Sign
(Jupiter is conjunct Mars at 3 Pisces and Sun at 14 Pisces)
Saturn: 20 Virgo 17 in Hasta Lunar Sign

Western astrology (tropical zodiac):
Jupiter 14 Aries 20
(Sun is at 7 Aries, and thus also opposed by Saturn)
Saturn 14 Libra 20

What does the Saturn – Jupiter Opposition bring?

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition bring stress, tension and obstacles. It brings shake-ups.

These may occur in your home, or in your place of work, in a country, or across the planet. Do you need to pioneer change in one of these places???

The Saturn – Jupiter cycle is well known to predict stock-market and financial upheavals. There can be big swings in prices.

At the level of our personal lives, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition can make us feel pessimistic and sad. There can be disappointments, obstacles and delays. Our finances can swing wildly. Our studies can be subject to blocks and sudden spurts.

Who will be most affected?

Because the present opposition is in the sidereal signs of Pisces and Virgo, people with planets in these signs will feel the effects most.

The biggest affected people will be those with their Moon at around 20 Virgo: anyone with Moon in Hasta Lunar Sign will be strongest affected (early Libra in western astrology). These people will be in the pit of Sade Sate (the seven-and-a-half-year dark night of the soul in Vedic Astrology), and Saturn will be immensely powerful in their lives, now in March, but especially in June because, although Saturn is retrograding now (going backwards in the skies at the moment) it is actually stationary for most of June 2011 – and for these people, Saturn will be conjunct their Moon in their birth chart. The effects for people with Moon, Sun, Ascendant, or another planet in Hasta, in June, will be immense.

Moreover, take into account that the Nodes of the Moon change sign in Vedic Astrology, also in June, moving from sidereal Sagittarius to sidereal Scorpio (the border is around 23 western Sagittarius). This can bring terrorism or deep insight, again depending on the level we are at: If we use this new energy coming in up to June positively, we could experience great positive growth and transformation. In particular spiritual knots could loosen at this time and liberate us to fuller spiritual expression of ourselves. But if we experience the energy of this time negatively, we could experience driven obsessions and also need to watch out for people who will unsettle our lives. We could dangerously embark in a driven way on a wrong spiritual path. N.B. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, was last in Vedic/sidereal Scorpio from 30.10.92 to 19.5.1994. What happened to you then?

AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS, THERE IS A CRUCIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE ON JUNE 15TH. This could well be the fulcrum point in all this change and re-balancing. SEE MY BLOG:

I think a major part of what will happen in June is this: If you haven’t been dealing now with the calls of the present phase: the call to go forward with strength, then the Eclipse of June 15th will tend to produce earthquakes in your life (There actually was an earthquake at the time of the last eclipse in this area on 4th January 2011: in Ilkley in West Yorkshire).

THE LAST VERY BIG POINT TO MAKE IS THAT THE CENTRE OF THE GALAXY IS OF COURSE BEING CONTACTED: Mula Lunar Sign in Vedic Astrology: The Nodes cross it now, the Sun next year: when the Sun changes apparent direction in the heavens: the end of the Mayan calendar. See My Blog:


It is important to realise that the Jupiter-Saturn opposition also relates to our sense of self-worth or value. Under the influence of the Jupiter – Saturn opposition, such as we have culminating at present, you fluctuate between knowing what you are worth and having grave doubts about your worth. You tend to feel unsure of yourself. You need re-assurance and help. You feel your worth and capabilities are ignored or underestimated by others.


The overall Jupiter – Saturn Cycle lasts 20 years (from conjunction to conjunction), and the Jupiter Opposition Saturn aspect within it marks the half-way point of this Cycle. Jupiter = expansion; Saturn = Contraction, death and loss. It’s a cycle of expansion and contraction (in fact there’s an 800-year cycle comprising all these twenty-year cycles nefore the sequence repeats itself). It affects all planes of life, but it is recognised to govern economic fluctuations. So, because we are now at the Opposition point, we are now at that critical half-way point in the ‘expansion – contraction’ personal, organisational, global and financial cycle. These oppositions coincide with market reversals. They are the ‘tipping point’ around which the global economy turns.
Previous Jupiter – Saturn oppositions have been accompanied with world financial crisis.  This opposition is accompanied with revolution and sudden social change. The old can no longer hold out against the new. The change is sudden and seems unexpected. It’s tense. It’s upheaval. It’s explosive. It manifests in the world at large; it manifests in your work place and it manifests in your home and your own individual life.

Appendix 1: What Happened in the world at the times of previous Saturn – Jupiter oppositions?

  • July 1692: The Salem Witch Trials and the hangings.
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Nelson Mandela freed from prison which led to the end of apartheid in South Africa The Tiananmen Square student revolution began in China
  • Saddam Hussein mounted Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait starting the first Gulf War


If Jupiter is stronger in your chart, remember that sometimes expansion can be pulled off more successfully with proper boundaries and proper grounding.

If Saturn is stronger in your chart, you would do well to realize that new, uncomfortable experiences are opportunities to break through restrictive scripts and succeed.

Pisces – Mystics or Muddlers?

Pisces – Mystics or Muddlers?




In western astrology pisces is now considered to be ruled by Neptune, but the former Ruler was Jupiter, and Pisces is associated with the 12th House. Pisces is associated with the feet.

Appearance: Build: anything from extremely tall to extremely short. Large protuberant or attractive eyes. Tendency to plumpness. Something untidy or chaotic about outer demeanour.

Pisceans are the martyrs of the zodiac; will suffer rather than fight for their rights – very sensitive people who are responsive to the feelings of others. Always want to do the right thing. Can have little will-power and can find it hard to make up their own minds. Can be dominated by others and by the power of their emotions and imagination. Dreamy, emotional, sensitive and shy, confused, changeable, escapist, introverted, artistic, highly imaginative, vague, ‘immoral’, muddle-headed and moody.

 Pisces Suns can seem attuned to a dream world. Can be intensely committed to idealistic causes. Not combative, may lack self-confidence and dislike strenuous activity. They prefer harmonious coexistence but can be so stubborn that no one can reason with them. They can get ‘stuck’ on ideas, beliefs and attitudes. They like to drift, rather than buckle down to a responsibility or obligations. They can alternate between optimistic and pessimistic extremes, which others can find very difficult. Compassionate, easy-going sentimental and sympathetic. They can be emotionally hurt or disappointed, and accept much misfortune – sometimes with calm, wise indifference; sometimes with a hurt victim role setting in.

Pisceans can be quite critical of their partner, but can be blind to a fault with anyone they love. Equally, Pisceans can be prone to projection in relationships: projecting feelings of self-doubt, supposed inadequacies to provide them with these qualities that they lack.

Pisceans need a reliable, methodical and efficient partner. Idealism can be at the expense of practicality. They are so prone to deception agendas, escapism and evasions. Tempted to avoid necessary confrontation or crisis. Can be into alcohol or drugs. Impressionable. Can receive information ‘out of no-where’, by some sort of psychic sensitivity and can communicate unconsciously with others. They can sometimes inwardly rely on money and possessions to enhance confidence in their abilities.

Pisces Sun’s approach to life will be orderly, but inner states of mind, emotions and being will be changeable and fluid. They should beware generating an inner climate of illusions, desires, unfulfilled dreams and wishes that prevents them from experiencing actual reality, and blinds them to what is actually happening. They  will desire ‘ideal home and family’ but their chances for success depend upon the degrees of realism or illusion expressed by them in relationships and expectations – and the dreams they were chasing at the start of the new relationship.

Potentially they  can be creative, as long as you find the appropriate channel of expression.

Pisceans need to discover an inner faith, find clear direction and purpose to their life – and forms of humanitarian service may be a suitable path to look towards.

Pisceans have a mystical streak and this mystical streak: longing for transcendence and meaning. They can have a deep wisdom about the futility of so many human desires. Although obviously capable of these human ambitions and appetites, there is always part of the Piscean where the ambitions exercise no hold.

Pisceans can not easily accept limitations, their mind is on larger things, which can make them impractical about money or over-look the obvious. This can be seen as childishly irresponsible or incurably romantic. Pisceans get bored easily and seek a little theatre in their lives.

The Piscean glyph of two fishes swimming in opposite directions signifies the dilemma of operating in two dimensions: the pragmatic and the transcendent.

Malleable, distorted and pressured by their childhoods and society, Pisceans operate in a culture which exalts the rational above the intuitive, extols establishment rather than personal values: the Pisceans have to somehow balance both these worlds.

Taken to its extremes, for some Pisceans, the result of their sensitivity and escapism can be dereliction, hopelessness and waste, despair and abjectivity – drugs!

But for other Pisceans, there’s the mahatma, the renunciate, self-abnegating sainthood, genius, poetic & musical inspiration, visionariness and mysticism.

Some Pisceans try to become super-rational intellectuals because the irrational which is just below the surface terrifies them: but this defence never rings true.

Some Pisceans gain unconscious reward from clinging to saviour/nurse roles or victim roles – or seek their redeemer in others. Unity with the cosmos can manifest orgiastically, pantheistically, mystically, for example. The drug addict dismembers his bodily prison in search of Spirit. In its hatred of confining flesh, Pisces can be cruel, tormenting and bloody. they can be so cruel!

The Myth of Pisces is expressed in the god, Dionysos, who points to unity with the transcendent via mania, ecstasy and, ultimately, savage cathartic dissolution. Other Piscean deities are Neptune (Poseidon) and Bacchus and the Bachae and the maenads.
Interested in learning vedic astrology?

The Relationship of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes – A study of the astrology of love

Last October, I was commissioned to begin a study of the astrology of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, and an astrological evaluation of their relationship.

The timing was strange because by a huge coincidence, Saturn was transiting conjunct Sylvia Plath’s natal Moon on 7th October 2010! And Saturn transiting conjunct Moon is the special predictive condition in Vedic (or Indian) astrology known as Sade Sate (see: ). Sylvia’s Moon is at 8 deg Libra. And Saturn is again conjunct her Moon when it goes on station in June 2011 at 10 Libra.

Sylvia Plath’s poetry is consummate genius, but the terrible tragedy is that, I feel, it represents the quarrying of her grief at the unhappiness of her marriage to Ted Hughes, and it seems to me to be a last stand to compete with him. In fact, I feel her poetry is far superior to his.

Sylvia Plath was born on 27.10.1932 at 14.10 hrs in Boston USA.
Ted Hughes was born 17.08.1930 at 01.12 hrs, in Mytholmroyd, near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, UK.

They met: Sat 25.2.1952, in the evening, in Cambridge. Ted Hughes records having a dream on their wedding eve about a pike fish. Did he know the relationship was doomed? Things did not go well.

Eleven years later, in grief at Ted’s infidelity with Assia Wevill, Sylvia committed suicide on 11.2.1963, at 04.30 hrs, in London, at the age of thirty, by putting her head in the gas oven.

The horrific coincidence is that Assia Wevill’s relationship with Ted Hughes ended in exactly the same way, in the same gas oven. Assia Wevill was born on 15.5.1927 in Berlin, and when she gassed herself, she also killed their little girl Shura (born 3.3.1965, at 21.55 pm, in London).

Ted Hughes did have an Astrologer of the time draw up a natal chart report for Shura. This is what the Astrologer wrote: ”There’d be a lot of fantasy,, pretending, Unreality and self deception, as well as willingness to be deceived by others”. The astrologer foretold Shura’s character: ”it’s possible that with the control that comes with age, this person will  begin to produce and be more creative, but I think this is a helof a chart to come with – a real crucifixion….I don’t feel this chart is very promising.” … ”There will be a severe loss in this person’s life –  death, accidents, etc in the family.”

Furthermore: Sylvia and Ted’s son Nicholas Hughes killed himself on 16.03.2009, at the age of forty-seven.

The purpose of the study I was asked to complete was to see what astrology has to say about these tragic lives and this terrible relationhsip.

However, the Purpose of this Blog is solely to see what the Vedic Astrology of Love and Marriage has to say about their relationship. This Blog focuses on their relationship as an entity in itself. It does not, therefore, at all focus on the astrology of their individual lives, which I will report on in later Blogs, save to say, here, that Sylvia Plath has in her birth chart a special indicator  in Vedic Astrology of having a problematic husband, namely that Jupiter in her birth chart is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. The South Node of the Moon is called Ketu in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is the karaka (or Indicator) of ‘husband’ in a woman’s chart. To have Ketu conjunct a planet ‘spoils it’. The energy of Ketu is dissolution: a dissolving like knives. Women with Jupiter conjunct Ketu have very special love issues – as do men and women with Venus conjunct Ketu.

I want to convey to you that the Vedic Astrology of Love and Relationships starts of with a very sure ‘foundation declaration’. you can trust it. it’s succinct and accurate.  It offers a sure foundation to the evaluation of a relationship. It evaluates a relationship according to a range of key qualities qualities that Western Astrology can not encompass.

If a relationship fares badly in the Vedic foundation analysis, one would not bother to look further at the next step in the analysis of the relaitonhsip: the aspects between the planets, nor at the western psychodynamic astrology between the couple. If the foundation test fails, one would advise against the marriage.

This ancient, sure and valid statement of relationships is still available today in Vedic Astrology, and it now has a huge gift to bring to the modern West.

I routinely offer Relationship Reports, and also the Starwheel Workshops where there is an emphasis on Love and Relationships, where Depth Insight from the astrology is uniquely combined with demonstration of fast-acting depth-healing techniques such as Emotion Code, EFT, Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch and other healing methods. there is testimony to the accuracy and vlaue of the insight, and the power fo the healing in these workshops.

So, what does the ancient Vedic Astrology of Love and Relationships have to say about the relationship between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes?

I now present a very abbreviated form of the Vedic Love and Relationship report I routinely offer (together with the western astrology of relationships) to my ‘love and relationship’ astrology clients, so here is the report as it applies to Sylvia and Ted’s relationship:

The Foundation of the Vedic Astrology of Love and Marriage is to combine the Moons of the couple (Vedic astrology says relationhsip compatibility can not accurately be determined from a comparison of the Suns of the couple, which is the standard approach used in western astrology. Our Sun is our ‘busniness self’, our ego; but it should be our Moons or our emotional bases that we compare to evaluate a relationship).

The Vedic method compares the Lunar Sign the Moon falls in at the moment of birth for each partner. There are 27 of these Lunar Signs (called Nakshatras) and they are unbelievably magical and valid.

Ted Hughes’ Moon is in the powerful Lunar Sign of Bharani. It’s power animal is the male elephant!
Sylvia Plath’s Moon is in the skillful but tricky and duplicitous Lunar Sign of Hasta whose power animal is the Female Buffalo.

Let’s look at how the Vedic Astrology of Love and Relationships rates this particualr relationship according to its standard evaluation headings:

FIRST THERE’S THE ISSUE OF RESPECT – Will the couple respect each other? This is also called Strii Dirga. This facet is crucial. Vedic Astrology says there is the capacity for Respect in Sylvia and Ted’s relationship. They would have started out with this quality.

NEXT THERE’S THE ISSUE OF WAVELENGTH – Are you on the same wavelength? The score out of a maximum possible 36 points – and there are eight factors to score within these 36 points. Sylvia and Ted get 19 points out of the possible 36. Effectively the minimum viable score is considered to be 18. Not very good. Let’s look at the detail of the scoring they get within the eight subheadings under ‘Wavelength’. Note that the eight categories get more and more important as we work our way down the list, and the maximum number of possible points each facet can score gets higher too:

1. Positive Improvement: Will you tend towards positive improvement? (<1 point). This is also called ‘Mutation’ or ‘Varna Kuta’. They get the max possible one point.

2. Innate Giving: Will you innately give to each other? (<2 points). This is also called Vasya Kuta. Ted and Sylvia’s relationship gets one point out of a possible max of 2 points

3. Comfort: Will the man’s presence be felt as comfortable or threatening to the woman? ( <3 points). This is also called Tara or Dina Kuta. They get 1.5 points out of the maximum possible 3 points. This would be how things would have started off before the terrible issue of the imbalance of ‘assertive pressure’ inevitably set in – see below.

4. Sexual compatibility, also called Yoni Kuta. The better the Yonis between the couple the better they can act together and bond.  (<4 points). This is called Yoni Kuta. They get three points out of a possible four, so there was sexual magnetic attraction. But was it enough?

5. Friendliness: It’s so important to be friends – or are you neutral or even inimical towards each other? (<5 points). This is also called Graha Maitram Kuta. Their relationhsip get a dismal and terrible  0.5 points out of five. They were no way friends.

6. Affinity: Is there affinity between the two people’s temperaments? (<6 points). This is also called Gana Kuta and their relationhsip gets three points out of a possible six.

7. Constructivism: Can you be constructive together? Favorable scores predict prosperity and happiness; lowest scores can bring loss, ruin, quarreling and separation or loss of progeny (<7 points). This is also called Bha Kuta or Rashi Kuta, and Ted and Sylvia get a disasterous  NIL points out of a possible seven! This is a major blow: they can never act constructively together.

8. Humour Imbalance: Is there excess of the three ‘humours’: Kapha, Pitta or Vata in the relationship: there should be balance (<8 points). This is also called Nadi Kuta and their score is 8/8:  no problem with this facet.


The ‘Detriments are also known as the Doshas. The two Detriments are:

1. Obstruction: Will there be excessive obstructions that prevent your lives from completely coming together? This is also called Vedha Dosha or ‘Forbidden Combinations’, and they are not rated as being afflicted by ‘obstacles’.

2. Misfortune: Will the couple be ‘roped to’ misfortune or not, and will unexpected troubles arise between them? This system is also used to establish how compatible the energies of each partner’s chakras are with each other. This is also called Rajju Dosha – and there is no problem inherently identified here.


The Beneficial Supplements are also called the Upaskaras. They are:

1. Shared Sense of Purpose: Is there the needed ‘shared sense of purpose’? This is also called Mahendra. And the danger identified with Sylvia and Ted is that they do not have the necessary sense of purpose. Sense of purpose needs to be there moment by moment and long-term over a life-time. Having no innate shared sense of purpose can be overcome if there is Respect (which there was initially for these two) and if there is balance of assertive pressure (and for these two the imbalance of assertive pressure was horrific: see below).

2. Magnetic Attraction: Is there magnetic attraction between the couple. This is also called Vasya. If the magnetic attraction is one-way, this can be an horrifically dangerous ‘Fatal Attraction’.  For Sylvia and Ted there was no magnetic attraction. This is not in itself a problem. The fatal one-way attraction is the great danger here! And they did not have that.


Mars is a malefic. Its energy is good for getting things done but can be abrasive, harmful or destructive in relationship issues. This facet warns us if one partner is far more assertive than the other. This is also called Kuja Dosha.

If you have Mars in the first house in your natal chart, or Mars in the fourth House, you are a Kuja Dosha person, and you are just too abraisive for marriage to work. You would need insight, awareness and healing, and careful choice of marriage partner.

It is here that the hugest flaw in the relationship between Ted and Sylvia is very clearly and accurately identified. Ted is measured to be five times more assertive than Sylvia. This is a horrific and final impediment to a relationship. If only they could have been told that Vedic Astrology gives this verdict before it was too late!


On the basis of a very low wavelength score; the lack of innate constructivism, and no shared sense of purpose, plus, most especially the fact that Ted is irremediably immensely more powerfully assertive than Sylvia, no Vedic Astrologer would have recommended this relationship.

It would not have been OK even just as a friendship.

Most certainly, the marriage would not have gone ahead. It is a no-hoper. And what would have been so useful to Sylvia and Ted to know. Vedic Astrology could have pointed this out to them.

The big and irrevocably huge problem is Ted being five times as assertive than Sylvia, whereas there needs to be assertive balance. I do give out detailed Love and Relationship reports to my clients evaluating their existing or proposed relationships. Here’s the sort of things the report can say in a case of ‘assertive pressure imbalance’ like Sylvia and Ted’s:

Your horoscopes shows that the man asserts himself with more force than the woman. This can result in the woman feeling pushed into the corner or like she never has a say on a matter. She may also find it hard to say “no” when she needs to in face of the man’s stronger presence. The man may also feel that the woman is not rising to the occasion of building the best life together and this can cause him to get quite frustrated. If by chance the man is a very gentle person, then this can manifest a bit differently. He may simply be very stubborn and quietly insist on things going the way he deems fit. This can make it quite difficult for the woman’s concerns to be met and while her concerns may not be challenged, sufficient attention will not likely be given to them.


As a Footnote, let’s look very briefly at the ‘standard’ compatibility issues between the two lunar Signs:

Ted has Moon in Bharani Lunar Sign and his power animal is a male elephant.
Sylvia has Moon in Hasta and is a female buffalo.

Bharani and Hasta: Hasta (Sylvia) will be inviting and loving and will love you with nothing in return. Be careful how you treat them. They are insecure and in constant need of your approval. They get trapped into conventional lives yet yearn to be conventional. The insecurity makes them possessive and jealous.

Hasta and Bharani: Hasta (Sylvia) is fascinated by Bharani’s (Ted’s) sexual confi­dence. This is the area where Hasta is the least confident. Hasta will love Bharani without expecting anything in return. So Bharani would always need to be so careful with Hasta’s feelings, or they would destroy Hasta. A further problem is that both signs are possessive and stubborn. Hasta will always feel insecure, and always suspicious of Bharani’s friends.


Here is my favourite poem by Sylvia Palth:

Nick And The Candlestick – by Sylvia Plath

I am a miner.
The light burns blue.
Waxy stalactites
Drip and thicken, tears
The earthen womb
Exudes from its dead boredom.
Black bat airs
Wrap me, raggy shawls,
Cold homicides.
They weld to me like plums.
Old cave of calcium
Icicles, old echoer.
Even the newts are white,
Those holy Joes.
And the fish, the fish—-
Christ! They are panes of ice,
A vice of knives,
A piranha
Religion, drinking
Its first communion out of my live toes.
The candle
Gulps and recovers its small altitude,
Its yellows hearten.
O love, how did you get here?
O embryo
Remembering, even in sleep,
Your crossed position.
The blood blooms clean
In you, ruby.
The pain
You wake to is not yours.
Love, love,
I have hung our cave with roses.
With soft rugs—-
The last of Victoriana.
Let the stars
Plummet to their dark address,
Let the mercuric
Atoms that cripple drip
Into the terrible well,
You are the one
Solid the spaces lean on, envious.
You are the baby in the barn.

Love and Relationships 'Insight and Healing Sessions' for the Individual Couple – Launch of a new Service

Love and Relationships 'Insight and Healing Sessions' for the Individual Couple – Launch of a new Service

Love and Relationships Sessions for the Individual Couple

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Receive clear, accurate insight into your relationship

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Receive empowering coaching and healing. 

It can be so helpful to have the support and insight of a skilled helpful outsider. The healing techniques taught are powerful, fast and deep-acting. This workshop is for those who wish to attend as an individual couple. The two of you will therefore receive dedicated expert support from the workshop leaders. 

These workshops last three hours and are set up on a date and time to suit you at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley. They are a uniquely helpful combination of depth insight and healing. Insight is drawn from western psychodynamic astrology and the ancient and highly accurate Vedic (Indian) Astrology of Relationships Compatibility. Fast deep-acting healing methods are demonstrated, such as Emotion, Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Metamorphic Technique and psychosynthesis role-play. No previous astrological knowledge is needed for this workshop. Price: £150 per couple.

The workshop leaders are Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley:

Michael email:        Tel: 077-992-96821
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Need to be careful as we approach the eclipse of 15th June 2011.

Need to be careful as we approach the eclipse of 15th June 2011.

The eclipse of 15th June 2011 is a tense cliff-hanger. It’s surrounded by complex reasons to be careful. But maybe you could seize opportunity? Watch the trends that are developing now in your life. How will they seem by June? What do you wish for? what do you want to avoid? On the world scale, terrorism and overthrow of fixed structures and cults arising.

If we use this new energy coming in up to June positively, we could experience great positive growth and transformation. In particular spiritual knots could loosen at this time and liberate us to fuller spiritual expression of ourselves.

But if we experience the energy of this time negatively, we could experience driven obsessions and also need to watch out for people who will unsettle our lives. We could dangerously embark in a driven way on a wrong spiritual path.

So, I feel there is a need to approach June 2011 with care, but also be strong and open to gain.

Astrologically, it’s not just that there’s a lunar eclipse in June (and the effects of a lunar eclipse are felt immediately). It’s also, secondly, because the Nodes of the Moon move out of Vedic (sidereal) Sagittarius, into Vedic (sidereal) Scorpio on June 6th  and they stay in sidereal Scorpio for eighteen months (until 23.12.12).

[N.B. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon was last in Vedic/sidereal Scorpio from 30.10.92 to 19.5.1994. What happened to you then?]

And, thirdly, it’s also because transiting Saturn is stationary in the heavens during the middle of the month, and when a planet is on station its effects are felt much more.

The astrology alerts therefore both to dangers and possibilities, raised by the eclipse and by the change of sign for the Nodes and the fact that Saturn is on station.

This new set of energies applies to varying degrees for everyone.

But this alert especially applies for those people who have planets on the boundary which the Nodes will cross between sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio (that’s around 24 degrees in the western sign of Sagittarius).


It especially applies for those with planets that will be conjuncted by Saturn – that’s around 16 degrees Vedic/sidereal Virgo (that’s around 10 deg western Libra). Of course, people with Moon in this area in their natal charts will be in the centre or ‘pit’ of Sade Sate: the often very difficult seven and a half year period in the centre of which transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Moon. If your Venus is in this area you will experience saturn conjunct Venus, with very big issues in love.

So, what are these new energies that are coming in?

Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is in Scorpio from June 6th – and just before it enters Scorpio it passes through the ‘Gandanta degrees’ just either side of the sign boundary – if you have any planet there, you need to realise that planet’s benefits are weakened in your life in that its benefits are less open to being enjoyed by you.

What is the energy of Rahu in Scorpio? Rahu in Scorpio is hungry, ambitious and driven. And you can become the victim of Fears – irrational or real! It’s intense, passionate, transformative and obsessional. Rahu will search out secrets. Be very careful that exciting new possibilities don’t become juggernauts or complicated driven and dangerous. Maintain meditation. Maintain awareness. Maintain ethics. Take care not to hurt others. Live within spiritual protection. Remember that your desires or impulses can cause great harm if you rush away with them. You could create really bad karma for yourself with consequences you can not evade. It’s really important to work with the chakras when these energies are around you.

The energy of Ketu in Taurus: Ketu, the South Node of the Moon is in Vedic/sidereal Taurus for eighteen months from June 6th. Ketu dissolves things with an energy like knives. Try to make sure Ketu only dissolves that which needs to be dissolved in your life for your spiritual growth towards Moksha or salvation. Ketu off-loads our past-lives karmas. It breaks old set patterns leaving us vulnerable and exposed and even destitute. It cuts away at the roots and makes us insecure. Ketu is orientated towards letting go, so beware melt-down or being left with nothing. Beware: with Ketu transiting through the materialistic sign of Taurus, all sorts of questions will arise in our minds around the value of our material things. Or you may experience excess: lots of material comforts or wealth and go big time into property and balance sheet so that you may be forced eventually to realise the extent to which the material is unreal and you may need to put it into balance wit other things.

Danger of spiritual aberrations in this 18-month period: Coupled with the ambition of Rahu, you may go onto some spiritual path that is driven and obsessional and excited. You may desire fast-track spiritual fulfillment, but you may find yourself landed with delusion, error, disenchantment or despair. Those you love could be left as ‘road kill’ behind your enthusiastic passage ‘forward’.

Beware cults and cult like organisations particularly. Find ways to develop physical and meditative calm and solidity. Beware the dark obsessional flip-side of religions.

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