Aquarius men and women – too cool and detached behind the Brotherly humanitarian front?

Aquarius men and women – too cool and detached behind the Brotherly humanitarian front?


Ruler of Aquarius:                                   Uranus
FIXED SIGN:                                           Eccentric, determined, stubborn
ELEMENT AIR:                                      Ideas
GLYPH:                                                    The Water Bearer -who symbolizes brotherhood and fraternity: pours out life force and spirituality
Approx. Dates: Jan 20th to Feb 18th. Exact dates vary because of leap years, time zones and other factors


N.B. If you have a planet aspected by Uranus in your chart, you may well be quite Uranian: Humanitarian, Independent, Original. Aquarius is about ideas, science and knowledge: this is a gift or a curse!


Prometheus: Aquarius relates to Prometheus who stole fire from heaven to give it to humanity (and was punished by Zeus for so-doing) Redeems humanity from darkness.


Ganymede: The myth of Ganymede is also relevant: Ganymede was a beautiful boy who was Zeus cup-bearer, with whom Zeus became infatuated, thus rejecting Hera his wife, implicitly rejecting the feminine in us, the instinctual, the emotional. Unfaithful.

The third relevant myth is that of Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler: Uranus was dissatisfied by his children – he felt offended and repelled by them – and so he imprisoned them: Aquarius has problems accepting the physical; and can reject offspring and other creations because of inevitable – real or imagined – imperfections.


Aquarius’ foibles are very wide-ranging: Theory, but no heart, Stubborn fanaticism, Totalitarian idealism, Intellectual bigotry, Loves humanity – but not people! Defends the underdog, Brusque and unfeeling, Cool, Insensitive, Rigid, dogmatic, Stupid in dealing with feelings, Horror at being selfish can lead to a life messed up! Aggression gets submerged by guilt, The Sun is in detriment in Aquarius, therefore lacks self-confidence – and individual self-expression is hampered, a fear of self-fulfilment, Loads of ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’, Feels guilt at having more than others, as if he or she is not entitled to it and may deserve punishment (echoes of the Prometheus myth)


Aquarius is the champion of Light and the Spirit, has a gift for logic, intellectual analysis, reasonableness, rationality (even brilliance), has got all the answers; defines both the problem and the solution instantly – often maddeningly so! But has no room for emotion or chance. Aquarius is guided and motivated by strong ideas, Good at dealing with facts, Retentive memory, Fertile imagination, Quick-thinking mind, Can over-flow with ideas, but being mental can fail to see projects through and have problems with application.


Conflict between introversion and extroversion needs, Aquarius is frightened of feelings, embarrassed by romance, Aquarius has implicit Hope – and Faith in human potential, Displays an ambivalent perfectionism to people,


Aquarius can be impractical with possessions and may need to learn to deal effectively with money. Aquarius does his or her best within humanitarian settings.


Aquarius fear of feelings can devastate relationships with a partner, or with children, or with friends. He or she can’t understand the need for sentimental displays of affection. Aquarius can be embarrassed by emotion; won’t show tears. Don’t go to an Aquarius for sympathy! Aquarius mind can be detached from emotions. Aquarius will speak for justice, progress, liberation – but Aquarius actions may be otherwise (Hypocritical – but thinks he/she’s sincere). Shows integrity. Has a dispassionate interest in and sympathy for humanity – but almost as an intellectual response rather than ‘from the heart’. Aquarius’ ideals clash with human nature – therefore may need anchoring. Gets annoyed with people who don’t understand ( = agree!). Argumentative and forceful, therefore can alienate people and provoke. Aquarius is friendly and sociable and has a large circle of friends. Loyal to friends – unless they discard them on intellectual grounds. Strong group instincts. May have a perpetual over-concern for the power of, or for the view-point of the group. Gains enjoyment from meeting new people, exchanging ideas and relating on a mental level. Has distinct likes and dislikes. Aquarius thinks he or she likes to be an equal among equals. Aquarius is ferociously civilizing. Gets irritated if others infringe on his/her intellectual freedom.


Said not to fall in love easily. Must have an intellectually compatible partner must retain independence. Danger of self-loss through guilt. There can be too much self-sacrifice. Said to be loyal to the idea of marriage. Has a lot of self-discipline in a relationship. NOT particularly sensuous, as compared to Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Friendship can be more important than love.


Dedicated to upholding control. Reforming everyone. Pushing the ideological hobby-horse. Hypocrisy. Pushing the ideal, yet not loving the person – disregarding the person’s integrity. OUT OF TOUCH WITH THEIR EMOTIONS.  Frightened to acknowledge:
Anger, Resentment, Jealousy, Longing, Need, Helplessness, Fear.


An inspiring companion and friend in her own right, Can have great difficulty in expressing feelings, e.g: Stiffness, Rigidity, Pride,
In personal relationships, she can appear: Cool, Remote, Aloof, Sometimes, emotions stay unconscious, Can be embarrassed by her own femaleness, Aquarius has a reputation for bisexuality and for a need for additional purely sexual affairs outside marriage/partnership.
Aquarius Has: Strength, Independence, Original thought, Self-sacrifice. She either turns her self-discipline into the personal sphere, Or she turns her muscle on the world in some way. She needs to become involved with a cause. Home and family are insufficient to exercise her intellectual abilities and interests – “don’t tie me down!” Can tend to exaggerate her own problems.


Has an intellectual bias: Thinker, Dreamer, Philosopher, Scientist, Aggravated problem of confronting his own emotions: Cool, Proud, Hides hurt or breakdown. He is more sensitive than he knows. He masks terribly vulnerable emotions. Can’t discuss personal feelings, Doesn’t adjust well to people. His partner needs detachment and his/her own source of creative life. And his partner mustn’t expect emotional honesty of him! He can believe in ‘open relationships’. He is rather child-like.

Find and rekindle love

Find and rekindle love

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These workshops are part of the Starwheel Love Astrology program.

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The Emotion Code – Tuning into your body’s wisdom; fast depth-healing

The Emotion Code – Tuning into your body’s wisdom; fast depth-healing

The Emotion Code is simple and profound. It cuts through any assumptions that either you or I might make because it speaks directly and accurately to the body through muscle testing.

It is based on the idea that underlying many of our physical or emotional discomforts there are trapped emotions.

A trapped emotion is caused by something happening to you that was too much for you to handle at the time and has somehow become frozen in your body. You might not even remember the actual event but it will colour your outlook and reactions to life so that you are less of who you might be.

If you have been hurt, rejected or disappointed you might develop a Heart Wall which then restricts your ability to give and receive love. I’ve cleared a Heart Wall to find the person I’ve worked on calling me up a short time afterwards to say they’ve met somebody wonderful.

So how is it done? We take an issue that’s affecting your life – it could be a bad back, upset stomach or lack of confidence, procrastination, making yourself invisible… you name it, and then we begin to ask the body through muscle testing if there are underlying trapped emotions contributing to the problem.

If the answer is positive we quickly pinpoint the emotion and the time in your life that it was trapped. There is no going into the ‘story’ of it or having to re-experience a difficult event, just a simple acknowledgement – then the release is quickly achieved by rolling a magnet down your back with the intention of letting the trapped energy go and with the clear voiced affirmation that the named emotion is at last released! The trapped emotions can even be hereditary. I demonstrate this healing technique in love and relationships and life-stage workshops.

It’s awesomely simple, moving and effective and very compassionate. People may feel freed and with a new surge of energy and clarity as if all the energy tied up in that trapped emotion is released and available again.

‘I’ve come home to me.’ ’I felt a fog lifting.’ ‘I feel strong and clear.’ These are just some of the many comments I’ve had from Emotion Code clients and why I love working with it.

The Emotion Code healing approach was developed by chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson. It is one of the fast depth-healing approaches I will be demonstrating at the forthcoming two Starwheel Love and Relationship Workshops at the Ilkley Happiness Centre:

Open Your Heart to Love – Love Astrology for Singles or Solo attenders
Receive clear and accurate insight into love in your life. Find the path to relationship that is right for you. Your right man/woman defined. Get group support. Receive empowering coaching and healing. Saturday January 29th 10 am to 4 pm.

Journey to the Loving Heart of Your Relationship – LOVE ASTROLOGY FOR COUPLES

Ophiuchus is in the news again!

Ophiuchus is in the news again!

I remember this issue from years back. They are saying that Ophiuchus should be treated as a 13th sign again. Someone wrote a book about it a decade ago (Abbamonte??). But Ophiuchus isn’t a sign and it would cause all sorts of problems to make it one.

Personally, I think it’s crazes and fashions like these within western astrology that killed off all the astrology groups in the UK in the 1990s. Astrobabble is the curse of western astrology, as is its tendency to get hi-jacked by certain spiritual systems and also fads: and the craze for fashions undermines it in the long run as well: e.g. asteroids – distracts from the main focus.

Ophiuchus is a constellation a fair bit off the ecliptic (the yearly path of the Sun against the backdrop of stars). It was known to Ptolemy, but it was never a sign – and Ptolemy chose to omit it from the twelve zodiac signs two millennia ago.

Basically the division of the ecliptic into ‘signs’ is obviously man-made and arbitrary. But it has to be done as a basis for conceptualisation and understanding. It’s a question of how do you slice up a cake?

The point is there’s great merit in having the signs of equal size. And there’s great merit in sticking to the traditional to avoid confusion.

Two zodiacs predominate in this culture: the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology and the Tropical Zodiac of western astrology. These are sun-based or solar zodiacs, and the ‘Ayanamsha’ or difference between the two is approx 24 deg and they diverge by a degree more every 72 years.

The Sidereal Zodiac is anchored to a fixed star (Spica at 1 deg sidereal Libra); whereas the tropical zodiac starts wherever the Sun is against the backdrop of stars for the vernal equinox  – and this point is moving each year due to the precession of the equinoxes caused by the wobble in the Earth’s axis of rotation.

For these reasons, I feel it should be said that the sidereal zodiac is orientated to the Divine, to the Eternal, whereas the tropical zodiac, being ‘solar’ or ‘Sun Sign’ astrology, is ‘ego astrology’: its focus largely is egoic.

Obviously our egoic personality is useful and very important to understand and develop right attitude to, but it’s not the ‘whole truth of us’! For this reason, the scope of Vedic Astrology is immensely vaster than egoic western astrology.

Ego astrology very much lends itself to the modern western project of self: protecting one’s self, cherishing one’s self, expressing one’s self, defining one’s self through life-style consumption.

Of course, there are not just these two zodiacs. I also use a third – the wonderful, magical and decisively accurate Nakshatras: the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

In addition to its 12-sign solar sidereal zodiac, Vedic astrology also employs an even more ancient Lunar zodiac: the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs, that depicts our realities with huge truth in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful.

These lunar signs are called ‘Nakshatras’. The Lunar Sign or Nakshatra that your Moon falls in in your Vedic natal chart is the basis for the ancient and powerfully accurate Vedic Astrology of love and relationships. Each Nakshatra has a ‘power animal’. The power animal of the same species but the opposite gender to your own is your ideal sexual partner, however, taking the wider issues of relationship, true overall compatibility is often best with another Lunar Sign.

While we are talking about how to divide up the cake, you might also like to note the Sidereal Symbols. Vedic Astrology also uses a system of Sidereal Symbols: Vedic Sages have channelled the meaning of each of the 360 degrees of the Sidereal Zodiac. The roots of this system lie in ancient Babylonian Star Lore, but the system has been modernised in the last century by Malik Jane. Using the symbol for each zodiacal degree, these sidereal symbols can throw vast illumination onto the nature of any of your planets by using the symbol for the degree the planet falls in. On occasion, the illumination thrown onto the nature of the planet is of vast value and can be found from no other source.

I teach courses in both western and Vedic astrology. I thus see merits in using both systems side by side: see my web site Courses page. I am also offering a workshop on the wisdom of the sidereal symbols: see my web site workshops pages: The unique feature of the workshops is that they fully integrate the demonstration of healing techniques within them, such as Emotion Code, Metamorphic Technique and EFT, as well as visualisation.

Returning to the issue of Ophiuchus, just a couple of footnotes:

Firstly, the issue of correspondence between signs and constellations: The signs of the Western tropical zodiac obviously do not exactly match the physical location of their constellations.  The gap between the star-based sidereal zodiac and season-based tropical zodiac is nearly two thousand years old. It’s widening by a degree every 72 years.  It will be over twenty thousand years before the two zodiacs coincide again. The sidereal zodiac that is used in Vedic astrology is based on the approximate correct locations of the constellations.  It is more faithful to the actual location of the constellations than the Western tropical zodiac.  But note that Vedic astrology chooses not to fit the signs to the constellations exactly. This is because there is huge functional utility in having the length of each constellation in equal 30 degree sections instead of retaining the irregular actual width of each constellation.  The constellation of Virgo, for example, is actually 44 degrees wide, while Cancer is only 20 degrees wide.

Secondly, the Precession of the Equinoxes: The reason the Western zodiac is even more out of sync with the stars is, as I have said, because of its moving start point: the way tropical 0 deg Aries moves each year against the backdrop of the stars. For this reason, a person who is born on April 1 is an Aries in Western astrology, but is a Pisces in the sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology – and the reality is that on April 1, the Sun is actually transiting through the constellation of Pisces in the sky.  Vedic Astrology seeks to maintain a correct correspondence between the zodiac and the constellations, even if it does smooth out the size differences for very valid reasons.

What is the cause of precession? The earth is wobbling as it rotates. This is because the Moon and Sun are constantly pulling on the earth’s equatorial bulge, so the earth wobbles like a top that is slowing down. This wobbling is called precession, and it’s so slow that the earth takes 25,800 years to complete one wobble. For this reason, the position of the sun on the first day of spring (the vernal equinox) slowly drifts around the sky. Five thousand years ago the sun was in Taurus, near the Pleiades star cluster, on the first day of spring. Two thousand years ago, the earth was at the start of Aries. Six Hundred years from now the sun will be in Aquarius on the Vernal equinox. (The “Age of Aquarius,”). The fact of this precession of the Equinoxes was discovered by Greek astronomer Hipparchus in the second century B. C.

A Box of Delights – Maggie Pashley’s New Year Offering of fast-acting cutting-edge new healing techniques, love and relationship workshops, astrology, poetry, sacred sound and …..

A Box of Delights – Maggie Pashley’s New Year Offering of fast-acting cutting-edge new healing techniques, love and relationship workshops, astrology, poetry, sacred sound and …..

Happy New Year. I wish you all the very best of everything in 2011.

This time of year is often a time for reviewing what works for us and what doesn’t and making some decisions about the things we want to carry forward in our life and build on and which things get left behind as there no longer right for us.

So the changes in my life and plans are to focus more on Emotion Code, Metamorphic Technique and EFT as well as teaching Astrology and Healing Workshops with my partner, Michael Conneely. I also want to develop some small group work with Sacred Sound – mantra, toning, sound healing as well as drumming. I’m no longer teaching formal workshops in Quantum Touch.

Stop smoking group session in Ilkley on Sunday 23rd January 2011. If you are ready to become a non-smoker then come along to my Stop Smoking group session in Ilkley. It’s only £50 – less than two weeks of cigarettes for the majority of people. You’ll gain insights into why you currently smoke, and motivation to trade those ‘benefits’ in for something much better, learn a great technique to reduce stress, and have a group hypnosis session. You’ll even get a CD to take home. Limited places so book now and look forward to improving your health and finances. . Please note if you have friends and family we you know genuinely want to become non-smokers, please tell them but if you think it’s a good idea but they don’t, it’s definitely not the time for them to make that change.

Metamorphic Technique at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley on Sunday 20th Feb 2011, 10am – 5.30pm. Cost £95. Come and learn one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways of letting go of obstacles to your true essence. Involves a gentle, light touch on the feet, hands and head. You’ll learn how to give and receive MT as well as hearing about the profound underlying principles. More info and booking:

EFT Level 1 on Sunday 6th March 2011, 10am -5pm at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley. Cost £75. Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing way of reducing stress, dealing simply and effectively with physical or emotional discomforts, overcoming cravings (e.g. for sweets, cigarettes, alcohol). This practical workshop will teach you how to use EFT on yourself and friends and family and form the basic for EFT Level 2 Practitioner level for those who want to take it further.

Astrology & Healing workshops: I’m excited to be teaching a whole series of workshops with my partner, astrologer Michael Conneely. These cover a wide range of topics from finding love, making a relationship work better, navigating through the transformational energies of Saturn Returns and other major astrological transits. The difference is that we will also be focussing on bringing healing and transformation to whatever is revealed by your astrology. So you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, how to celebrate your strengths and empower yourself to deal with challenges. There will be demonstrations of energy healing techniques such as EFT, Emotion Code, psychosynthesis, Metamorphic Technique, visualisation and journeying. For the full list please go to

Emotion Code: I’ve been using the Emotion Code now for about a year and have had some amazing results with it. I’m pleased to say that I’m now a certified Emotion Code practitioner having completed Bradley Nelson’s programme. I learnt so much from this, about how much past events colour our present responses and the amazing efficiency of dealing directly with the body-mind through muscle-testing rather than use assumptions from our ‘clever’ intellectual mind to try and figure it out. Most importantly I love the no-nonsense simple clearing process which takes only a few minutes using a magnet. I’ve had clients say to me how they felt like a ‘fog had lifted’ or how they felt they had ‘come home’ to themselves. It can be used for physical as well as emotional discomfort of course, self-sabotage, understanding how we are getting in the way of being the person we were born to be.

Heart Wall Clearing: One very powerful aspect of the Emotion Code is Heart Wall clearing. This is really wonderful as it clears blocks to giving and receiving love. Bradley Nelson reckons that around 80% of us have these blocks simply through having experienced rejection or disappointment at some time. Clearing a heart wall can take around 3 sessions but the feeling of release and lightness is wonderful.

Read my blog here:




Amega products: I came across the Amega wand a few months ago and have had some wonderful responses using it on people with pain and injury, including my own sprained ankle, another’s sciatica and drop foot, and various other speedy results on a painful shoulder, a painful ankle (she was able to cancel surgery) and a host of others. I did a talk and demonstration at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley a few weeks ago with my colleague Chris Miller and all were impressed. A colleague of mine who had been in pain for 18 months following major back surgery was able to have the first night’s good sleep after a ‘wanding’ and her back has remained good ever since. My cat TC loves it and is quick to come across the room when I take out my wand, which can also be used on food, plants, drinking water, wine…..well anything really.

The Amega products harness ‘zero-point field’ energy and create an environment where the body can tune into a state of wellness and health. For more info, check out my Amega website at or better still ask me to give you a demo.

Chakra Meditation CD: I have produced a simple 30 minute Chakra meditation CD. I talk you through clearing and balancing your energy centres with gentle background music by Michael Hammer. Cost is £7 and can be bought from me of from the Happiness Centre in Ilkley.


Blogs: I’ve started doing a blog…well I’ve only posted a couple of posts but I definitely intend to do more! Michael, on the other hand, after initial resistance to the whole idea of blogging and social networking has become a prolific blogger on astrological subjects : with 25 posts published and counting. So check out here: – for my blog – for the Happiness Centre’s blog.

Happiness Centre Open Day: There is an Open Day at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley (where I work) on Sunday 30th January. So if you are free do pop along and meet us and the other practitioners working there. There will be low cost tasters, talks and meditation. Contact the Happiness Centre on 01943 60 15 17 for more details

Poetry: I am now one of the founding members of both the Ilkley Poetry group – meeting at the Happiness Centre on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm upstairs in the Meditation Room (after the 6.30pm free meditation so come early if you like and do both) and the Haworth Poetry Group at Cobbles and Clay Art Cafe in Haworth on the first Wednesday of each month from 1pm -2.30pm. Cost for each is £3.

So on that note, I’ll leave you with a quick poem I wrote, inspired by Gregg Braden’s wonderful book ‘The Divine Matrix’

The Web

There is a web
That unites us all
Soul to soul
Heart to heart
Like tiny glittering candles
Lit from a central flame
And we continue
Passing on that light
Flame to flame
What do we pass on with that light?
How is it coloured?
How is it weighted?
Is it filtered through the eyes of love
Or through the eyes of fear and separation
In every moment we have a choice
And the key to it all
Om mane padme hum
Om shanti shanti shanti

Change for life News January 2011

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