All you need to know about Scorpios!

All you need to know about Scorpios!

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It is important to note that Scorpio is potent for good or evil: there is a Higher and a Lower Scorpio – and then there is the Shadow Scorpio.

Higher Scorpios: The Higher Scorpio’s glyph is the eagle. These are the Mahatmas, who have transcended selfish passions and lead a path of spiritual or psychological transformation. They have faced the Hydra (see below) within themselves, and held it up to the Light. They redeem the world.

Lower Scorpios: The Lower Scorpio’s glyph is the scorpion, about whom most of this analysis is addressed

Shadow Scorpios: But the Shadow  Scorpios will even sting themselves to death as well as others: ‘Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven’. It will vary to what degree the Shadow manifests.

Scorpio Key Words:

Secretive, passionate, emotional, intense, highly-sexed, possessive, jealous, spiritual, penetrating, sharp, observant, determined, dedicated, resourceful, unshakeable; generous or stringent to a fault. Smouldering. Hints of fathomless depths. Proud, Tends to keep others at a distance. Blunt, provocative and confrontational. Often react against authority. Ambitious. Shrewd and enterprising. Investigative. Coercive, into Power Issues.

Often has very piercing gaze, can be magnetic. Mouth can be fish-shaped or wide and straight. Often thick hair.

Vindictiveness, power-crazed, scheming, control-freak, driving, workaholic, fails to realise that others are made differently, re-making others, paranoia.

Ruler – Pluto (and Mars). Rules the 8th House


They learned in childhood to mistrust. They saw dark shadows standing behind their parents. The gates of Hell yawned open at the outer edges of their religious teaching and their education.

Scorpios are often masked or enigmatic. They are suspicious and afraid of being hurt. Some hide their profound feeling and sensitivity behind an habitual smokescreen. They are proud, and can’t see that it is sometimes necessary, even courageous, to yield. They can be brooding, neurotic or egotistical.

Scorpios are very subjective and concerned with their own personal values, and can be downright fanatical in their views about people and life – fanaticism which can spur them on to unpleasant, even evil actions and biased, distorted judgement. Facts confuse an issue!

They are very attuned to the shadow in others, and can intuit others’ dark side very quickly. Mistrust of others’ motives can be crippling.

They loathe superficiality.

They loathe weakness of character.

They are sympathetic and compassionate, BUT they are also very ready to be ruthless. Although they respond to suffering, pain and loneliness, they are intolerant of weakness: they feel that no matter what sort of mess you are in, you can do something about it – they fail to realise that people are made differently, and not everyone has their capacity for ruthless self-discipline or their potential for self-transformation.

They are driven by a voracious need for relationship, but their fear of being hurt &/or their power issues can leave them intensely lonely.

Scorpio has a great problem relinquishing control: this means control on a lot of levels: spontaneous showing of emotion, controlling other people, arch-manipulators who pull strings all around them to keep the world in its place. Some make absolute power their ultimate goal.

Scorpios are all-or-nothing about work. They commit themselves to whatever they do. They ruthlessly move mountains.

Their insight enables them to outsmart, avoid or bludgeon their way to what they want.  – they can wait for years, if necessary, to achieve their implacable goal. If they do appear apathetic or outwardly submissive, this is because they are eaten up from within by furious resentment and jealousy.

Every Scorpio carries a wound of some kind – an emotional or sexual problem or conflict or frustration, which – no matter how hard he tries – refuses to be solved. He has a penchant for creating crises and pitting himself against his enemies or against life. In this, he is self-destructive.

Scorpios have an acute sense of Justice, and don’t seem keen on turning the other cheek. The Scorpio does not hold the intellectual balanced justice of the Libran; it’s a powerful gut-level emotional reaction – and the Scorpio dictionary may not distinguish this from retaliation or revenge.Revenge can be an art form. One example is the ‘happy family’, where the wife sabotages her husband’s masculinity and loads her children with guilt at her unlived life. Scorpios can be very prepared to use sex for punishment.

Scorpio can systematically and protractedly ravage a marriage, can be possessive, jealous – even pathologically so. Shadow Scorpio is the calculating user who denies or justifies his or her abuse. Shadow Scorpio can be fanatically possessed by an ideology and at some level or other, project what they can not deal with themselves out onto the world and define it as their mission to redeem humanity: whether it’s in the home, at gun-point, on the rack, at the stake, from the fundamentalist pulpit, the politician’s seat in parliament, the social worker’s assessment unit or the psychiatrist’s cell or the custody and control unit’s therapy section next door to it.

Mysterious, fascinating and sensual, Scorpios have passion in abundance. Many Scorpios have a deep and mystical feeling about sex. Sex and love can be bound up with some sort of longing which ordinary relationship can not provide. Sex can be a symbol for reaching a different order of experience – perhaps surrender: a magic gateway to upper (or lower) realms. The Shadow brings in cruelty masochism and fantasy. Scorpios usually worship the erotic and reject anything ‘mechanical’. Scorpio possesses a capacity for enduring love – and this can sometimes amount to an act of self-sacrifice: it can be permeated with fanaticism. Either way, there will be nothing lukewarm. Scorpio can devastate love by his/her need to maintain control. – and this includes jealousy, as much as it includes deep and enduring love. Scorpio may very well seek to posses or re-make his/her lover. Scorpio may fail to respect the partner who will not fight him/her – and yet that fight can destroy everything: so either you have to fight, or be persecuted as ‘pathetic’. Either way, Scorpio has to win. If there isn’t a fight, it will be a case of a seethingly repressed Scorpio sabotaging and manipulating. Scorpio relationships can all too often be marred by implacable resentment and revenge for every slight (real or imagined) and constant blow-ups and crises. They will viciously cut deep and take the view that honesty precludes compassion.

Scorpio tends to hold traditional attitudes to marriage.

Yet, Scorpio has a rare potential as a lover, for understanding and insight – because he/she misses little. Scorpio may do his utmost to read and meet the other’s needs. Like all water signs, they thrive on being needed. They are not afraid of ugliness, whether internal or external. They have depth of awareness as to motive.

Double standards are often part of the Scorpio game. What’s good for him/her, s/he wont tolerate in you. They are subtle, complex and never obvious. Their fierce individuality can inspire respect – even love (if it doesn’t inspire fear and hatred).

Yet underneath it all, there’s Scorpio’s need for affection, acceptance, reassurance, love and companionship. They can not bear coldness. They are terribly sensitive. They’re hurt by neglect. If they are embarrassed by so much emotion, they can become hard-driving workaholics, ruthless and ambitious. They do need some arena where they can unleash or transform.


a) Pluto and Persephone

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio:

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, saw Persephone innocently playing in a field. Aphrodite told her son Eros to fire an arrow at the God Pluto, who was nearby.

But symbolically, it was Persephone who brought Pluto upon herself when she picked a narcissus flower: the earth gaped open at her feet and Pluto issued forth drawn by black horses breathing fire. Pluto abducted Persephone to the Underworld, raped her and made her his Queen.

Persephone’s mother, the Harvest Goddess Demeter was distraught – not knowing where Persephone had gone. Demeter wandered the world grieving. All the crops on earth withered, and it was winter.

Eventually, with the help of the other Gods, a deal was struck: Persephone only spends half the year in Hades.

In the other half of the year, Pluto gives Persephone back to Demeter, thus the gift of Plenty is made to the earth.

Thus, out of the black suffering of Pluto transits, plenty and rebirth can be won.

Pluto’s gift is Cornucopia – the horn from which flows endless plenty and creativity. From the magical secret union of Pluto and Persephone, flows the cosmic fire of creation and conception: great opportunity: an open window beyond time and space: a void where anything can happen. It is the union of apparent opposites. It is miraculous rebirth out of destruction.

This mystery is not for the common run of humanity – it can not be explained to the mundane or profane (as is appropriate for a planet and its satellite who’s dance is so far away).

It needs to be remembered that one of our handicaps is that we are actually afraid of our potential, afraid of our greatness – it can seem far easier to stay with the familiar.

b) Hercules and the Slaying of the Hydra

Another myth that is relevant to understanding of Pluto, especially Pluto in Transit, is The Slaying of the Hydra, from The Labours of Hercules.

Just as you feel you have resolved matters with a Pluto transit, a new dimension of challenge and pain can manifest.

The Hydra had nine heads. As Hercules cut off one, the rest just kept coming. In the end, Hercules lifted the Hydra out of the stagnant swamp it dwelt in, exposed it to the light of day, and killed it. After the nine heads were cut off, Hercules gained the jewel the Hydra had been hoarding.

So, it is that our feelings must not be left festering, but need to be brought out into the open and held in the light of consciousness to be acknowledged and resolved, for liberation from pain to be won.

Blind instincts and drives must not be left to fester in the stagnant swamp, but must be brought out into the open.

c)  Ishtar and Ereshkigal

A third myth that is relevant to a full understanding of the descent into darkness that is involved in a Pluto transit is this myth from Babylon:

Ishtar, radiant Queen of Heaven descended into the Underworld to attend the funeral of the husband of her sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

As Ishtar descends, she is forced to give up her clothing and possessions, and is eventually hung up on a hook – utterly brought low.

So great is Ereshkigal’s power in her grief and rage that none of the Gods can do anything to save Ishtar.

Ishtar remains abandoned and defiled.

The world is bereft of light.

Eventually, the solution the darkness is found. The Gods fashion two little mourners who can slip unnoticed past the guards of the Underworld.

The Mourners win Ishtar’s return to the skies because they realise that what Ereshkigal needs is to be listened to. Ereshkigal needed her grief and rage to be understood and honoured.

This is one of the early challenges of a Pluto transit.

d)  The Erinyes

The fourth myth needed for a full understanding of Pluto is that of the Furies (the Erinyes).

The Furies were born when Cronos (Saturn) castrated his father Uranus who had become a tyrant, imprisoning his children back in the womb of his consort Gaia, because of his dissatisfaction with them.

Cronos castrated his father with a sickle and where the seed of the dying Sky God fell on the Earth, it produced the terrifying Goddesses of Vengeance called The Furies.

(In fact the Greeks knew it was ill-omened even to mention their name so they referred to them ass the Eumenides – The Kindly Ones!, instead – to placate them!).

The Furies pursue all those who offend against the Laws of Nature, who sin against the family, who live some aspect of their life that is somehow out of true, who live contrary to their True Selves. Then, during a transit of Pluto, The Furies will pursue them, to manifest as illness.

Pluto is the avenger of Natural Law. The Furies are His instruments.

OEdipus was pursued to the ends of the earth by the Furies for killing his father and sleeping with his mother, albeit he was not aware of the identity of either parent when he committed these actions – but the point was OEdipus and those associated with him had tried to outwit his Fate.

e)  Serpent lore

The serpent sheds her skin cyclically, and this was anciently perceived as symbolic of immortality and constant self-renewal.

The serpent was also seen as symbolic of the wisdom of Earth herself – timeless, ancient and knowing the secret of life, and also deadly

Who's in charge – you or the planets?

Who's in charge – you or the planets?

A question I am sometimes asked is how can the planets at the time of our birth affect our lives and I get a picture of that person seeing themselves as a puppet being strung along by their Sun, Mars or Venus. That’s not the way I see it at all and I’m glad it’s not as that would be hugely disempowering and would make a mockery of our lives.

The natal chart is a ‘snapshot’ of the energy-pattern of the universe at the moment you were born. My understanding is that the planets do not affect our lives, but the disposition of the planets represents the energy pattern that prevails across the universe at the moment we are born in exactly the same way that our life does. It is essentially a ‘map of energies’. Each of the planets has a certain energy, which can be described; each of the planets is a facet of the total. So, it’s not that the planets affect us, rather it is a case of ‘as above, so below’. The whole of the universe resonates to the same energy pattern at any given time, and we are part of that. This is similar to the Bodhisattva concept, that everyone is interconnected. It is similar to the First People’s understanding of the Web of Life: whatever you do to part of the web you do to the whole. I think it is similar to fractal theory, where the part is a microcosm of the whole.

And from this  basis it all UNFOLDS. The Universe unfolds, and so the positions of the planets unfold in their predictable orbits. Their new positions at any point in our life thus brings their energies into our lives in a predictable way. This is the gift the universe is destined to give us. But – and this is the IMPORTANT  thing – how we experience and use those predictable energies is to an extent up to us. We need not blindly react once we gain understanding and wisdom of what it’s all about, once we learn tools for change.

And it is not only the external universe that unfolds. Our own energy pattern unfolds, too, predictably, like a bud developing into a flower.

Having your natal chart interpreted gives you great diagnostic insight into your emotional patterns and how you will experience the different parts of your life. Vedic Astrology adds to this a powerful and magical declaration of why you are here and what you will encounter and the growth you will need to undertake to meet the challenge and the opportunity.

My partner, Maggie Pashley, offers Metamorphic Technique which is based on the same Principle of Correspondence – as above,  so below. Using a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head, it provides an unconditional environment to the receiver to become who they were born to be. Find out more here:

All about Librans – Oct 2010

All about Librans – Oct 2010

Sun is in Libra this Month: Here is a prediction for Libra for October 2010. This is followed by an in-depth study of all you Librans!

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September should have been a dynamic and successful month for many Librans. The urge to succeed continues until at least October 17th, when your energies may turn more inward. But you should be becoming steadily clearer about the personal changes you need to see brought in. You have the gift of gab. Your improved communications skills will serve you well. However, from the 7th forward, others are not always picking up the right signals from you, so be as clear as you can in your dealings. The Full Moon on the 22nd brings “eyes wide open” energy to your close relationships. You have great energy for making money this month, but beware rash expenditure.





Ruler: Venus

The Sun is in detriment in Libra

Libra rules the 7th House

It is associated with the kidneys and the soft organs of the stomach.

Ruled by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, yet in the mentalistic air sign, Librans seek order balance and harmony.

They try to be agreeable and will be the glove that fits the other’s hand in relationship – but in so doing, they very often lose themselves.

They are also insincere (I mean diplomatic) and Cardinal: so they try to push others to do things by using the formula ‘wouldn’t it be a good idea if we did … ‘. They get very angry if you don’t fall in with their plans (or are they manipulations?).

Librans try to please everyone through diplomacy, so they can shift ground a lot and lie and be indecisive.

Love triangles are the curse of ‘well meaning’ – ‘I only wanted to love you’ Librans.

There is a big risk that their indecisiveness will shade into simply waiting for things to happen.

Librans enjoy socialising. They bring grace, charm and congeniality to every situation; they love to create a contrived dramatic presence; many of their entertainment initiatives are ruined by being too ‘set piece’. Their efforts to create ‘social beauty’ or harmony can veer into the insincere and they end up grieving because everyone is pleased and loved except for them. And because the Libran has lost himself – well: who can love someone whose identity is unknown?

They love beauty in nature, art, music and literature. They like elegance and money – and will even sell themselves in relationship to have these. They are ambitious, and will move forcefully to create a life situation where they can enjoy Libran qualities and things. They require domestic security and a home they can be proud of. They like to keep their lives orderly, controlled and efficient – though this in itself can be contrary to their ethic of Love. They are patient and tolerant unless pushed too far.

They are sympathetic to the needs of children. They have an interest in Tradition: and this will be reflected in their home.

They are mentally very adaptable: they give the benefit of the doubt and seek to see the rationale of every personality, situation or culture – even to the point of losing what they themselves really feel about these, and becoming ungrounded. This leaves them very changeable. They have a very intuitive perceptiveness, and can weigh up people and situations in a flash, as they develop a repertoire of mentalistic paradigms about personal or social situations. They are very impressionable and sensitive and easily wounded. – and can feel very misunderstood – after all, all they were trying to do was to please! They view reality with distaste and insist that the rest of the world adapt to their romantic fantasizing

They are humanitarian and sympathetic, but their self-preoccupation and mentalism precludes deep empathetic connection. It is vital for Librans to understand that they have periodical need to be reclusive: and their nearest and dearest must understand this too.  They need to be alone (occasionally) to restore their energy and re-assemble their ‘social mask’. This need is often reflected in periodical changes of appearance.

Librans tend to develop a philosophy of life as they mature: which they then seek to apply to their situations and to others. They are able to translate intellectual ideas into accessible forms for others. Physical or mundane work does NOT appeal to Libra. Librans have a passionate belief in fairness – in relationships, in money transactions, in social issues, &c.

A Libran will manipulate people by trying to use charm: At its ‘best’, it amounts to a sort of ‘ethical blackmail’: “If I am beautiful and fair and just, I expect the rest of the world to be the same.” At it’s worst it is the parent charmingly manipulating her child to conform to the parental concept of balance and harmony. It’s presented as being about wanting to make the world a better place. The risk is that the Libran may be misunderstood and seen as unworthy of trust or a hypocrite, whereas what he is trying to do is stand up for Balance and harmony while wanting to be liked and manipulate the other towards the ideal of beauty and love.

As a result, Librans make very diplomatic counsellors. But a Libran can be two-faced, and flatter those he hates or finds too direct, seeking to ‘agree’ for the sake of harmony and peace, hating quarrels and wanting to use his considerable power to win the other over.  He does care and is interested in the other’s ideas. Like Capricorn, Aries and Cancer, Libra is a Cardinal sign: so must have a goal to be working towards, otherwise he can feel lost. A shadow response to this is to create and live by artificial goals, for an illusory sense of meaning (Libra is afraid that underneath, there’s nothing and no one there).

Librans suffer seriously through not being able to express their emotions honestly (because this would contradict their notions of the Good, the True and the Beautiful). This creates repression and health problems. It also creates conflicts of sensitivity. It leaves the Libran with guilt.

Sometimes the Libran will feel driven to making secret snipes to the people who he is trying to be pleasant to. There can be serious problems from pent-up, unacknowledged anger. The irony is that Libra, the lover of Truth is emotionally dishonest: it takes years (if ever) for him to adjust to the rougher side of life. Libra has a great problem in being, or doing, what he sees as ‘selfish’.

Libra consults everybody first, adjusting his decision-making to get everybody else’s co-operation (and probably losing himself in the process). Librans often work through issues by talking to others: thinking through crystallizes issues in conversation. Often he will work out what he really thinks afterwards! Libra’s great goal is to heal (balance) the conflicts in his life, mirroring the ideal that exists in his mind.



Male Librans tend to be yin; women Librans tend to be yang – this is because Libra is the sign of Balance.

Guided by head rather than heart, as you lack total trust in your ability to be emotionally realistic, you are a theorist about love. The power of your feelings can shock you, so you can be bad at intimacy. You lose emotional control in your love affairs – so these often dramatically transform you. Romance can become stormy, because of your conflict between wanting to make the other happy, and your own emotional needs. You are probably more able to apply harmony to others, than in your own passionate relationships. Following your idiosyncratic needs/desires can make your partner feel either ignored or dominated (or both, alternately). You tend to an idealistic/unrealistic vision of the perfect relationship.

This can lead you to compare your partner unfavourably.

Disharmonious relationships conflict with your deepest needs: Librans hate scenes.

Libra’s choice in love can lead to considerable difficulties and confusion: Love Triangles. These can lead to catastrophic emotional and financial dilemmas.

Libra can be characterized by:-

loss of contact with the instinctual (Teiresias killed the female serpent)

loss of manhood


distaste for aspects of the bodily

A Libran can be the enemy of his own sexuality

A Libran is a perfectionist in forms and theories of love

Libran’s rarely remain unmarried for long out of a natural delicate quality of stylization of partnership – and Libran’s can’t bear to be alone.

Librans can move from relationship to relationship in an endless search for perfection (or from job to job).

Libra needs a partner s/he can feel confident in working towards his goal. It’s the ‘Royal We”.

Libra needs to learn to discuss his love problems: not just emote them.

Libra loathes being driven into a fight or a scene, therefore becomes more and more diplomatic and dishonest to avoid harrowing repetition of arguments.

Libra can spend ages discussing how a relationship can be adjusted – but he actually has small capacity to act on this!

A Libran must feel you are being fair to him.

He is child-like, with powerful emotions which are usually repressed, therefore s/he must be coaxed into trusting his emotions.

Even introverted Librans need someone to share dreams with.

Librans are very companionable, so may not suit the independent type of partner.


Librans enjoy group involvements, and need them if they are not to die. These groups will especially be of a socially beneficial aspect, or perhaps fighting for other’s rights, or to do with love or beauty. Librans rejuvenate in company. They must have it.


Getting everyone to fall in love with you (M. Bovary, Scarlett O’Hara, Cassanova).

The deceitful charmer

The ‘coy maiden’, playing ‘hard to get’.

The feelingless lover.

Playing people off against each other.

Fuelled by insecurity and craving for approval, they play these games with everyone – and not just for sex.

A Libran must experience and transcend his shadow.

Questioning his/her own sexuality, often due to identifying sympathetically with the opposite sex.

Can feel dissociated from his/her own sexuality

Librans very often are not comfortable with their own bodies: they need to be made to be felt to be loveable.

They can be more comfortable discussing love than showing it.


Libran men have taste, vanity, appreciation for beauty, culture and the arts: a lover of harmony and addicted to relationship. They like ornamentation and beautification. His house will be tasteful, even luxurious and comfortable. They can be very extravagant for style or beauty. He is generous.

Libran men are romantic. They appreciate the feminine psyche, often in a trans-sexual way. They get on better with women than with men. There can be estrangement from their own biology or bi-sexuality or doubts about the focus of their sexuality.  (Teiresias was made a woman after ‘killing the Mother’ – see the Mythology, below).

Libran men are a sucker for a pretty face or a woman who is suffering. They can thus easily be fooled or hurt. He hates to be alone – and will rarely be out of partnership for long. His need for relationship can be valuable as it potentially grounds him. Libran males mature physically very young, and can thus be thrust into issues of sexual power before they are mature enough to cope. They can’t bear an unromantic partner. His dreams must never be crushed. He likes intellectual companionship. He can retreat into his head and get too abstract. He can reject bodily defects.

Shadow Libran can ‘play hard to get’, can be Don Juan.


Libran women are quite different from Libran men in the issue of gender-stereotyping. Libran women can be quite male, due to the issue of balance within the sign. Like Maggie Thatcher, the Libran woman may be clearly the ‘only man in the Cabinet’.

Libran women usually have a strong intellectual drive, but with tact. They often have the gift of clear sight, logic, fine intellect, the gift of strategy, statesmanship and organisation. They get on better with men than with women as friends. They are good at groups and organisations.

Also a lover of beauty, style, elegance, this is sometimes projected into the world of career and ideas. She will tend to repress her emotions and can’t spontaneously deal with emotions. Romance makes her feel safer.

Some Libran women are unashamedly a bundle of contradictions – others retreat into the intellect. She must be accepted for both.


The scales are far-removed from the instinctual kingdom. The noble faculty of balance and reason evolved later. In pre-Hellenistic astrology, Scorpio once encompassed Libra, but the Greeks in particular split off the portion of the sky occupied by the claws of the Scorpion, defining that as Libra and associating it with Astrea’s scales. It was seen as a point of balance: an Equinox sign – tipping towards the collective. Libran judgement rests on careful assessment and reflection: it evolved away from Scorpionic ‘Eye for an eye’ vindictiveness.  Archetypically, this principle is embodied in Maat and Athene.

Judgement is forced upon a Libran.


Paris is a Libran hero. Paris was prince of Bronze-Age Troy of the Homeric Iliad (Ilium was the Greek name for Troy). Eris the Goddess of strife threw a golden apple inscribed ‘For the Fairest’ at the feet of the assembled Goddesses Hera (she was the patriachally-suppressed Queen of Olympia, correctly dutiful and bitterly unhappy wife of philandering Sky-Father Zeus), Athene (Goddess of Wisdom and of War) and Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love). The three Goddesses immediately fell into bitter quarrel as to who deserved to have the golden apple. They involved the other Olympians – and soon the whole Pantheon was dragged into the conflict. As the dispute dragged on, the three contestants happened to see Paris, son of Priam, King of Troy: a beautiful young man, married to a sylph-like woman, a creature of the mountains called OEnone. Paris was tending his father’s flocks on the slope of Mount Ida.

The Goddesses threw him the apple and bade him choose between them. They offered him bribes:

Clad in regal robes and crowned as Queen of Heaven, Hera offered him vastness of wealth beyond all measure and power beyond the dreams of man, if he named her as the Fairest.

Severe in her armour, Athene offered him supreme wisdom, if he named her as the Fairest.

But Athene drew near, her eyes blue as sea water, her hair like spun gold, with flesh soft and honey-sweet – and offered him the love of the most beautiful woman on Earth …

so, Paris, being a Libran (and despite the fact that he was married to OEnone) chose the love of the most beautiful woman and named Aphrodite as the most beautiful of all the Olympian Goddesses.

The other two Goddesses withdrew towering with rage and vowed to destroy Paris and ruin his life and waste his children.

Then Aphrodite carried Paris to far-off Sparta (leaving OEnone to wander the slopes of Ida for ever, wrecked by grief and longing for death. At Sparta, Paris found Helen, the most beautiful of mortal women. She took one look at Paris and under the enchantment of Aphrodite, fell hopelessly in love with him, and left her husband, Menelaus, King of Sparta and eloped to Troy.

Enraged at the abduction, Menelaus called together all the kingdoms of the Hellenes and vowed to recover his wife and burn Troy to the ground. An army was gathered under the leadership of High King Agamemnon and a huge fleet set to sea to encompass revenge.

Of Helen’s beauty it was thus asked: “Is this the face that launched a thousand ships and burned the topless towers of Ilium?” The Hellenes laid siege to Troy for ten years, but the city was eventually captured by the ruse of the Wooden Horse. Troy was burned to the ground and her men were slaughtered; her women were raped and dragged away to be the slaves of the conquering Hellenes. Paris and his children by Helen lay dead. And Helen was later found in the ruins by the troops of her husband Menelaus to whom she then promised to remain a loyal and dutiful wife, and she sailed away with him, back to Greece, to be Queen of Sparta.


Teiresias, too, was a Libran Hero. Teiresias saw two serpents coupling on Mount Kyllene, but he drew too near and they turned to attack him, and in resisting them, he killed the female. Hera thus ordained that he become a woman, and he remained a woman for ten years and became a harlot, experiencing all the sexual intimacies and ecstasies that are possible for a woman. At the end of his ‘sentence’, he was returned to being a man.

But he too was later called upon to make a judgement: Zeus and Hera were arguing about whether the male or the female had more pleasure from the sexual act: each felt dissatisfied with the other, that their sex was unsatisfying. They therefore turned to Teiresias to exercise judgement on the issue, as he was uniquely qualified to say. He said that woman had the greater sexual bliss by a ration of nine to one over men. Hera therefore struck him blind, because she said she wasn’t getting any. But Zeus rewarded him with a seven-fold life span, understanding of the language of the birds and the gift of prescience. If you remember it was Teiresias who was called upon to prophesy in the matter of the curse of OEdipus.

The theme of this myth is that great suffering is felt by Libra who is forced to choose. Life seems unfair to a Libran. He has superior insight of the Realm of Opposites, of the essence of the opposite gender and of the future – but he has to pay for his gift. Libran’s often destroy their own lives and others by being centred in a conflict concerning love or beauty.


A third Libra myth: Aphrodite ordered Eros to kill Psyche who was said to be even more beautiful than her. But Eros fell in love with Psyche, as soon as he saw her. He hid her away and came to make love to her at nights. he told her to remain blindfold whenever he came to her, so that she wouldn’t realise who he was. Psyche later disobeyed this request. Eros flew off: the love was ruined when his reality was revealed.

Psyche then made the fatal error of praying to Aphrodite to have Eros back (not knowing the background!) Aphrodite decided to torture her by setting her impossible tasks in love. But, to Aphrodite’s surprise, Psyche accomplished her tasks (with the help of animals) and Aphrodite was forced to reunite Psyche and Eros. The Psyche myth points to the need to do work  ( hers was menial work, but your’s may be psychological) to involve oneself in relating, rather than just go to relationship from a viewpoint of abstract harmony.

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Michael offers the following six powerful and exceptionally valuable astrological services:

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Michael has completed a 5-year field study of how modern westerners are embracing spiritual forms new to the west: Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Paganism, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest and Psychosynthesis.

What makes our love astrology programme unique?

What makes our love astrology programme unique?

Whether you are already in a relationship or looking to find love, Astrology can help YOU discover your path to love.

Using a combination of Love Astrology, based on both Western and Vedic systems, and transformative therapies, we can help:

  • Clarify issues of love in your life
  • Receive very clear and accurate insight into an existing relationship
  • Find out ways of overcoming blocks to love and harmony

Our love and relationships compatibility programme includes astrology, life coaching, EFT, Heart Wall Clearing, meditation and vision work, in both private sessions, a range of compatibility reports, workshops and distance readings. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world via email and skype.

The Vedic Astrology of Love and Relationships gives an exceptionally clear and decisive analysis of a relationship. This is given in a way that is not available from western astrology.

It travels the infinite thread between intimacy and vastness.

Vedic Love Astrology states simply and powerfully the key issues about relationship, for example it measures the all-important quality of respect, what level of sexual attraction, whether there is friendliness, whether there is the necessary shared sense of purpose, and so forth.

It is an invaluable backbone to relationships understanding. I don’t think you can actually understand relationships astrologically without it. In itself, though, it is not enough for the modern western consciousness. That is why we also use psychodynamic western astrology which can provide key extra dimensions of compatibility understanding and support.

In fact, even the most compatible relationship can be undermined or destroyed, and so we provide coaching in relationship skills as well as a range of healing therapies and empowerment techniques. This is for couples or singles, as well as through reports and workshops.

This is a genuinely unrivalled insight into love and relationship. Insight you can trust

Love Astrology – Do you want to make the most out of your relationship or find a relationship that is right for you?

Love Astrology – Do you want to make the most out of your relationship or find a relationship that is right for you?

LOVE Astrology

A new program is being launched.
Do you want to make the most out of your relationship or find a relationship that is right for you?
Whether you are already in a relationship or looking to find love, Astrology can help YOU discover your path to love. Using a combination of Love Astrology, based on both Western and Vedic systems, and transformative therapies, we can help:

  • Clarify issues of love in your life
  • Receive very clear and accurate insight into an existing relationship
  • Find out ways of overcoming blocks to love and harmony

Our programme includes astrology, life coaching, EFT, Heart Wall Clearing, meditation and vision work, in both private sessions and workshops.

For further details, please contact:
Michael Conneely at Tel: 07799296821 or
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