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The worldwide Rune Wisdom Telesummit is an upcoming unique worldwide FREE event:

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The Rune Wisdom Telesummit is a FREE multi-speaker event that will show you how to partner with the primordial energies of the Runes to energize your life and align with your own soul purpose.

The event will run October 22 through November 2, with two one-hour calls every weekday. There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the talks live, you’ll get access to each replay for 48 hours.

My friend Kim Wilborn will be interviewing me, along with several other powerful teachers who will share their wisdom on coming into sacred relationship with the Runes.

Each call will be like a mini-class, complete with guided meditations!

You’ll be able to listen to live calls online, by phone, or on your mobile device, and free 48-hour replays will allow you to listen at your convenience. (Low-priced recordings are also available in case you’d like to listen at your convenience!)

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Join us and experience:

~ Ingrid Kincaid: An Unfamiliar Journey with The Runes – Part One: The Runes Revealed

~ Michael Conneely: Working through the Three Aetts – Your Journey from basic Human to Co-Creator with the Gods

~Kelley Harell: Working with the Runes in Season

~ Tyriel: Runes as Lenses to the Universe

~ Eadig: Manifesting your life with Runecraft

~ Jennifer Halls: Open Your Intuition with the Runes

~ Evelyn Rysdyk: The Spirits of the Runes: A Shamanic Approach

~ Jon Anastasio: Divination, Manifestation, and Healing

~ Magin Rose: Written in the Body: Igniting the Power of the Runes within You

~ Alexandra Chauran: Runes for Beginners

~ Ingrid Kincaid: An Unfamiliar Journey with The Runes – Part Two: Reclaiming the Runes

~ Kim Wilborn: Create a Personal Relationship with the Living Energy of the Runes

… and many more!

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I hope you’ll join us and discover the lessons, gifts, and awakenings the runes can bring into your life! Register here:
for the Rune Wisdom Telesummit.
I look forward to sharing this deep and powerful, transformative and magical journey with you,
And do look up for all the updates on my website:
where I teach deep connection with each Rune through Rune Presentations, Rune Journeys, Rune Stance, Rune Chant, Galdr, and there’s add-on mini courses: The Magical Will Course, and the Past Life Course, as well as Runes for Healing with my wife Maggie Pashley who leads the Rune Journeys with me:

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Blind from birth, and then experiencing kidney failure with need for dialysis several times a week, Maria is a very spiritual young woman.

She has great skills and potential.

She completed my Runes course with excellence.

But things are getting harder for her as Sade Sate deepens.

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Dangerous Days September 2018

I wrote in our June 2018 Astrology and Healing Newsletter of the Challenge to the Stability and Calm of your Mind (and the healing opportunity, of course) that is created in that the Moon currently has to take six days passing through three malefic-energy signs in a row each month. Will this be tantrums, hissy-fits and walk-outs, or being aware of the need to avoid these?

These three difficult signs are Vedic Scorpio (always difficult for the Moon), Vedic Sagittarius (occupied by Retrograde Saturn) and Vedic Capricorn (occupied by malefic Mars and Ketu).

So, the dangerous days for September 2018: 14th to 21st

And for October 218: 11th to 18th.

You might like to note these in your diary, just in case…..

See my September 2018 Astrology Video:

Read the September Astrology Blogcomplete with Maggie’s this month’s very Venus enters Vedic Libra Healing modality presentation of:
Blissing out on Kansa wand massage:

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Kal Sarpa Yoga

Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force all September 2018

What is Kal Sarpa Yoga?

Kal Sarpa Yoga is a divisive even preposterous energy where all the Vedic planets are to one side of the signs occupied by the Nodes of the Moon.

It is important to understand what exactly Kal Sarpa Yoga means.

If you have Kal Sarpa Yoga in your birth chart, you will naturally be attuned to issues of division and confrontation.

This divisiveness may have been in your family. You may be over-attuned to it in society. Tension around confrontation energies/situations can govern your use of time (e.g. surfing a lot for political news of a confrontational nature/political correctness situations, vicarious experience rather than living).

So it can go either of two ways:

Certainly, with some, this can make for a very confrontational, preposterous inflated person. Strutting their stuff. Boasting. Making inflated claims. I remember when I was doing an ethnography: a five-year university-based field study of spiritual forms new to the Modern West, based mainly in Glastonbury in England, someone set up a University of Avalon – and the local council trading standards department made them shut it down. The head-turning person concerned was not fit to use the term University! It was misleading. It was exploitative of the more naive.

But in fact, with others it can go the other way: this can make for a person who shies away from the potential for conflict and over-assertion, even to the point of overcompensating and letting themselves be over-ridden.

And absolutely of course, we must always remember that the fact is that people with Kal Sarpa Yoga (as for any other challenge) can make great strides in spiritual awareness and spiritual achievement. Our challenges can be our greatest spurs to spiritual growth. This is the ideal.

The other big factor in Kal Sarpa Yoga is that it does create an imbalance in solar and lunar energies. This can lead to overdrive and burn-out.

And the positive qualities of this Yoga are tha, the native can acquire a capacity to do arduous work, with exceptional success in the fields of studies, administrations, philosophy etc.

But how do we establish if Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force in the heavens? Well, basically, Kal Sarpa Yoga exists when all the planets are to one side of the axis of the Nodes of the Moon.

But this does in fact also include the scenario that some planets might be conjunct the Nodes as well, even if technically the other side of the nodal axis. So, do note that even though Mars has slightly higher longitude than Ketu, from September 20, 2018, this does not in fact mean the end of the Kal Sarpa Yoga energy. This is because Mars is still conjunct Ketu/South Node. Mars is still in the same sign as Ketu. We will still feel the Kal Sarpa Yoga effect. Children born at this time will also have Kal Sarpa Yoga in their birth chart, in their destiny, in their personality, in their life.

And another question often raised:  what about the Moon: the transiting Moon? Well, of course, half of every month, the Moon will be transiting to the other side of the Nodal axis from the side where all the planets are positions. But this does not at all mean that Kal Sarpa Yoga is not still in existence. In fact it makes the impact of the destabilising energy on the Moon worse.

The Moon is Mind. The position of the Moon affects our mind, our emotions, our consciousness. So do note that even where the Moon transits outside the grouping of the other planets, Kal Sarpa Yoga energy still runs.

Indeed, as regards the Moon, the fact is that the Moon in such a situation is out on its own. The Moon is thus isolated and unsupported. In Vedic Astrology this is a Kemadruma Moon.  And people with Kemadruma Moon in their birth chart do have extra challenge to deal with to maintain stability of their mind: to avoid lapsing into conformation, or obsessional repetitious mind scripts, etc. this applies if there is no planet in the sign of the Moon, nor a planet in the sign either side of the Moon’s sign as well.

Going into important detail, it is important to note whether Rahu is before or after that planet with respect to the direction Rahu is moving (backwards in the zodiac).

So, If the planet is in a lower zodiacal degree of the sign with Rahu, then the two are coming closer, so the planet is considered to be ‘entering the mouth of Rahu’.

If the planet is in a higher zodiacal degree than Rahu, the two are separating, and the planet is considered to be in the ‘tail of Rahu’. If the latter, in the tail of Rahu, it means the planet has already been burned and destroyed: major problems throughout life, pain, suffering and karmic issue from a previous life to be worked out. The position of Ketu will define what area of life the karma originated from in previous life. So to be in the mouth of Rahu is not as destructive for a planet.

Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun

Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun at the start of September.

I am mentioning this because I do so often find that people who are born with ‘Sun opposition Neptune’ in their birth chart, have incarnated to deal with an incarnation where their father is ‘not what he seems’ and this can make them give false impressions to others and they can get criticised for that.

Or can even be a case of an alcoholic father.

Neptune opposition natal Sun is a very difficult aspect to live with. These people can be very unclear and misunderstood. Or they can be deceptive.

The aspect certainly brings DRAIN.

Neptune aspects are not at all bad of course. Definitely not!

But they can be vague or deceptive or illusionary, as well as providing guiding vision.

The great Reinhold Ebertin presents the Sun – Neptune combination of energies as:

SUN/NEPTUNE PRINCIPLE:              Sensitiveness. Vision. Compassion. Weakness, illness.

+          receptiveness. Active imagination, enthusiasm. Mysticism, soul life, inner life-experience. Great subtlety.
–          impressionability, susceptibility, negativity, weakness. Plans without the power to carry them through, peculiar ideas, craving for drugs. Illusion,
self-deception, frailness, impressionability, subject to moods.

BIOLOGICAL:             Sluggish, weak or paralyzed. Dropsy. Oedema

SOCIOLOGICAL:       Visionaries, mediums, sensitives, weak or sick persons.

+                 abundant experience in psychic or spiritual realms. Mystical experiences, journeys to far-distant places. Success through sympathetic
understanding of others.
–                   illness, easily influenced through others. Proneness to seduction. Exploited by others. Great disappointments, scandals, chaotic conditions,

I, myself am actually experiencing the final burst of a ‘Neptune transit opposition my natal Venus’ which started April 2017, and I am loving writing a visionary novel about the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish called ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda‘, set on the utterly beautiful landscape around where I live.

The landscape round here is indeed the landscape of the poet W B Yeats, who also wrote about them, and I wrote a dissertation on: ‘Yeats and Elliot as Harbingers’ of a New Age back in the sixties at Oxford.

When I had a Neptune opposition in the early 2000s, a psychic predicted beforehand that I would have clairaudience, And indeed, that happened! Increasingly I heard lyrics of a song about a young man’s passage to manhood in a hunter-gatherer time. I wrote down the words and put them into my first novel: The Tribe. And I wrote them as lyrics for a Glastonbury Group, as I was living there at the time doing an ‘Ethnographic Field Study‘ a university-based participant observation study of ‘Spiritual Forms new to the Modern West’, with my focus being: Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Paganism and Utopian Community (people living in ‘bender sites’ with only the most minimal involvement in consumer modernity). And in the months around the peak of the transit, I also experienced clairvision: while I was seeing this world, I was seeing this through a sort of transparency which was the world of the young man in the hunter-gatherer times. This clairvision and clairaudience just arose and then fell away over the period of a year.  Neptune can bring the most beautiful sensitivities and gifts and intuition. Or he can be the Pied Piper who leads you astray. He can be alcohol, drugs, illusion, delusion and denial.

See my September 2018 Astrology Video:

Read the September Astrology Blog  complete with Maggie’s this month’s very Venus enters Vedic Libra Healing modality presentation of:
Blissing out on Kansa wand massage.

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