Neptune the Visionary Dreamer

Michael ConneelyNeptune is where we open ourselves to the realities of the Otherworlds.
He is Lord of the Oceans.

The ancient Irish equivalent of Roman Neptune is in Manannan, and Manannan is actually a very good guide to the energies of the planet Neptune. I teach visionary contact with him, and with the other Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish in my Druid Forest School Courses.

Manannan is Lord of the tides and the otherworld Irelands and the realm of the dead. Manannan is burley man who ride over the waves on a horse named Enbharr or Aonbarr (= ‘water-foam’).

But equally he is a trickster wears a ephemeral shimmering mutable swirling cloak of shifting colour and light which can confer invisibility, and can in fact take on any colour. He carries a crane skin bag (the corr-bolg) of magical treasures and he is god of the sea so we can attune to the currents and depths of our life.

Manannan is the supreme shape-shifter who calls us to transform and meet new demands and imperatives for healing and empowerment.

More negatively, Neptune is the Pied Piper of Hamlyn who led the children to their cave of loss. And most negatively Neptune is the Alcoholic and the compulsive phantasist. And any family that has an alcoholic member would be fortunate not to be destroyed in the controlling web of manipulation, denial, projection and scapegoating that will be generated.

Neptune can manifest as a channel through which we are motivated to pay of Karmic debts to others, to humanity in general and to the planet.

Neptune in libra of the 1960s led to ideals of communal give and take: musical pied pipers expressing the Neptunian ideals of love of the Hippy generation, Narcissistic seekers of greater self-understanding. The idea comes first – then the striving towards it.

Neptune’s transits through the houses show potential for promptings of –
the unconscious
the super consciousness

Depending upon how practical or courageous we are They show:
Higher Forces                          +
Protection                                +
Possession                             –
Dissipation of energies           –

Acute discrimination (Virgo) is needed to actually clarify what is really required to fulfill this potential for our spiritual growth.
Comparison of Neptune to the other gods of Change:

Uranus = mental understanding of the Higher Planes

Neptune = emotional understanding of the Higher Planes

Pluto = commitment to act, to transform to the Higher Planes

shocks and cracks the structure of the separate self

Neptune’s subtle touch is an eroding potency dissolving the separate self prior to the resurrection of the holistic self

Pluto creates tectonic upheaval to subvert the separate self through seismic ripples of intuition and deep undermining
Neptune and Saturn:

Fascinatingly, Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn in the heavens at the moment he was discovered. See the chart below.

When one senses that there is a subtler, higher plane accessible to the human consciousness, it is difficult to live in a mundane world which looks and feels like a prison (Saturn) and which depletes the sensitive person’s psyche through stress.

But we have to accept responsibility (Saturn) for making our live ideal through creativity and devotion: We have to live the real Neptune ideal, in order to make it authentic and find peace.

It’s no use always looking for the perfect situation.

Neptune and Saturn energies pull in different direction.

Neptune dissolves Saturn’s boundaries.

You have to decide how to find the natural balance by using the positive qualities of Saturn to liberate Neptune through self-reevaluation – a determined look at your situation. Ask what you actually want of life – spiritually, intellectually and physically. What is uniquely meaningful for you? i.e. What makes you feel good? Decide how to change your life to get there. Follow the path of your enjoyment. Check out what you get from remaining in your present situation. Affirm and visualize your dream. Pay due respect to Saturn (practicalities and consequences) and co-operate with Neptune as Neptune will give you radical solutions.


The Planet of serenity and peace
The Mystic
The Artist
The primordial ocean from which all forms were brought forth
Oceanic One-ness
The Womb (9th planet – 9 months)
Being guided by dreams
Being guided by intuitions
Being guided by visualizations
Encountering dreams and archetypes
Losing one’s self in another state of consciousness
Escaping the limitations of ego and personality
Compassion – a heart response to suffering
Sensitized and refined
Dispersing – as a defense against attack/invasion (lymph)
Dissolving – Baptismal waters
Neptune has the quality of Air + Water = felt thought/intuition
Neptune is the spiritualization of the House/Aspect involved
God answers as Grace
Visions of Utopia
Deeper social and collective integration
Practical and positive idealization
Tuned in to the unseen, immaterial forces of life
Self-sacrifice (positively)
The King is One with the Land


Addictive-compulsive dependence on the Great Mother (Drugs)
Drowning in a sea of illusion
The Liar
The Swindler
Delaying Tactics
Unconsciousness, leading to Projection
Prey to -osophies and -isms (closed psychic loops)
Prey to transient fashion
The Deceiver
The Betrayer
Disintegration of the personality
Getting manipulated, used or exhausted by another’s demands
Spiritual self-delusion
The Love Addict
The place of our deepest vulnerability and naiveté
Anxiety attacks
Denial of drives/emotions
Denial of anger, sex, love
The projection of troubles
Sealing your fate with self-fulfilling prophecies
Self-sacrifice (negatively)
The Waste Land
Getting hung-up on images
Becoming the Victim of others


Neptune orbits the Sun once every 164.8 years.
Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 at 00.09 hrs. in Berlin. The astrology chart for the moment of the discovery of Neptune is set out below.
Fascinatingly, Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn in the heavens at the moment he was discovered.

However, Galileo’s drawings show that he observed Neptune on December 28, 1612, and again on January 27, 1613; but on both occasions, Galileo mistook Neptune for a fixed star.

At the time of his discovery, Neptune was retrograde at 4 deg Aquarius in the sidereal zodiac of vedic astrology and 25 deg Aquarius in the western tropical zodiac.

Neptune is an ice giant and has 14 Moons and is the eighth planet from the Sun, the fourth-largest planet by diameter, the third-most-massive planet, and the densest giant planet. Neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth and is slightly more massive than its near-twin Uranus, which is 15 times the mass of Earth and slightly larger than Neptune.

Like Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune’s atmosphere is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, with ices such as water, ammonia and methane.  Neptune’s interior, like that of Uranus, is primarily composed of ices and rock. Traces of methane in the outermost regions in part account for the planet’s blue appearance.

Neptune’s weather patterns are driven by the strongest sustained winds of any planet in the Solar System, and because of its great distance from the Sun, Neptune’s outer atmosphere is one of the coldest places in the Solar System, at −218 °C.


  1. Neptune is ephemeral, ungraspable and must be approached respectfully, through disciplined search and meditation. You must earn your access to Neptune’s foggy, hazy, watery world. You need awareness, simple faith and strong ethics – and to have healed the wounds in your guts.
  2. You must have come to terms with the pressures, realities and obligations of Saturn, to be able to handle the intensity and disruption of Neptune (and indeed: Uranus and Pluto), and to be able to incorporate Neptune into your life with honesty and diligence.
  3. Although you may successfully hide from a Neptune awareness, you will fall prey to the very influence we seek to control.
  4. Under the Neptune influence, there is a risk of becoming convinced your lies are truth and that you may reorganize the world to suit one’s self. Watch for these tell-tail signs of grandiosity. You cannot control or manipulate Neptune: If you try, her rises like a cobra, and destroys you.
  5. And so much in this culture of domination and fear is toxic: toxin dramatically rising in the unconscious, and with each from of toxin that arise, Neptune will be there playing his part, for example:

Toxic Venus: sex and love addiction – false coziness.

Toxic Mars: rage and crime.

Toxic Jupiter: rapacious materialism. Shallow looking-good.

Toxic Saturn: depression and suicide.

Toxic Neptune: seduction of bliss, drugs and co-dependency and false life-stories.

Remember: for water to be poisoned, toxicity is measured in parts per billion!

  1. One example of Neptune in men is ‘Flying boys’ are constantly coming from ecstatic heights (Neptune) to deep, dramatic depths, flying away from commitments, responsibility, intimacy, feelings and male friendship. Fate and circumstances always seem to be controlling them. They can’t quite seem to make their lives work for themselves.
  2. Neptune’s spiritual experiences can’t be controlled. We can’t consciously decide to have one. They arise spontaneously. We anchor them by: images,ritual, meditation, visualization and in places of sacred energies on the Earth.
  3. Neptune’s energy is a force that: is beyond control, is not comprehensible to the logical mind and has to be surrendered to – but with perception.


Transits of Neptune are initially characterized by a phase of:

Victim scripts
Martyr scripts
Sometimes addiction
being ‘up in the air’
lacking groundedness
Fear (we prefer to remain in the dark)
Dread (of the emptiness of our self-deception)
wanting new experiences to fit our pre-conceived mental categories
nervous/psychological illnesses
dissatisfaction or longing (especially in the affairs of the House of Neptune’s Transit, or that of the planet aspected)
There can be peevishness, divine discontent, inner flux and agitation
Persistence becomes difficult, aims become hard to achieve.
There’s disorientation, lack of focus, indecision, moodiness, diminished self-confidence, diminished psychological certainties. Familiar life-patterns are swept away. You come to realize something has happened without really noticing it.
There can be fantasy or paranoia.


Neptune and The King Archetype:

People who choose careers in art, dance, spirituality and drama. Highly sensitive – feeling acutely anxious about the limelight they seek. They crave recognition for their dreamy idealism. Often have a naive disposition, so that the bulk of their money is creamed off by their managers.

Shadow Neptune, here has a dreamy ethereal nature which makes it difficult for them to manage their career, often drifting for years, getting ‘nowhere’. They have an innate sense of denial about their ineptitude in this area which leads them to perpetual procrastination.

Neptune and The Lover Archetype:

Neptune here loves togetherness in any form, seeking ecstasy in relationship, powerfully embodying a philosophy of peace, love and happiness, ultimately searching for a soul mate who embodies all their dreams and fantasies.

Shadow Neptune, here, is co-dependent, feeling empty and directionless without their partner, and can live in constant fear of betrayal and abandonment. Will sell their soul to secure the future of their relationship. They live in a fantasy world and are afraid to examine their partner honestly.

Neptune and the Magician Archetype:

Neptune Magicians are highly sensitive to the inner world of dreams and impressions from the unconscious. They enjoy following these whispers in the safety of their sacred space. They may convey this information in such mediums as drawing, sculpture, writing poetry and chanting. Their home will be womb-like in its decor and furnishing.

Astrology Chart for the Discovery of Neptune: 24th September 1846 at 00.09 hrs, Berlin, Germany:





















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Meet Uranus

Michael ConneelyMEET URANUS I set great store by developing what in Tibetan Buddhism and tantric Hinduism is called ‘clear appearance of a god, and Uranus is a facet of the divine that plays an inescapable and totally crucial role in our life, and how exactly we will receive him into our destiny is mapped by the Sign he occupies in our birth chart, the House he occupies, and the energies he forms in aspect to the other planets.

Developing this clear appearance of the god energy, as well as developing clear appearance of each planet as he manifests in our astrology chart and in our life and destiny is crucial and invaluable perception.

My astrology always combines Western Astrology (for example psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology) with Vedic Astrology (which offers vast and peerless declaration of our incarnational life purpose and issues in its unfoldment.

And as a matter of principle, all my astrology is geared to healing and empowerment in its orientation.


The great Awakener.
The Great Liberator.
The Initiator of New Order.
The Pioneer.
The Promethean spirit.
The Logos Principle: abstract thinking.
Transmutes fragmented acquired knowledge into comprehensive synthesis.
The Hierophant: veils that which it is essential to veil and hides that which must be discovered.
The iconoclast.
Transmits knowledge at the right time.
The purpose of Uranus is to create inner balance transcending dualism.
The Magician – conscious manipulation of energies building an ideal world: He manifests destruction where there is resistance.
Uranus bursts through Saturn’s Ego-defenses, block and repressions.
Prometheus stole fire from heaven.
Uranus gives us urge to act out excitement, freedom and experiment.
Radical, permanent change.
Sometimes Uranus may be experienced only on an inner plane: as Transfiguration – the light of the Universal mind shines through.
Uranus breaks all rules.
Uranus can manifest as Magic (causes change to occur in consciousness).
Uranus is Intuitive: SUDDEN alterations of consciousness.
Uranus is not limited in time and space. He manifests as taking a different perspective, pure genius.
Uranus is fresh, new, unheard-of, seemingly crazy ideas, ‘this might work!’.
The non-conformist, the eccentric, the rebel, the freedom fighter.
Uranus is independent, wired, restless. He moves with electric rapidity and detonating excitement. He is shock, a doorway opened to Heaven.
Uranus is at the leading edge: creativity/technology.
Uranus ruptures secrecy/deception.
Uranus is intensive shocking bursts of planetary electromagnetic energy.
He was discovered as a time of Democratic Republicanism (discovered 1781).
In some ways, Uranus is analytical, scientific, soaring creative imagination.
He throws off personality shackles. The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.
Uranus represents forward-looking positive thinkers.
Uranus orbital astronomy reveals its unorthodoxy: he ‘rolls’ along his orbit at 90 degrees to the rotation angle of every other planet in the solar system.
Uranus is the spiritual warrior who quests beyond Mars’ vision. Venus is a route to Uranus. Jupiter and Saturn prepare us for Uranus’ ‘death’ or ‘birth’ trauma.
He is fated unconscious change.
Uranus is not limited in time and space.
Uranus is Transfiguration – the light of the Universal mind shines through.
He breaks all rules. Magic happens and causes change to occur in consciousness. He’s unpredictable, Intuitive and brings lightning flashes of ‘abnormal’ SUDDEN alterations of consciousness which may be experienced only on an inner plane.


We fight Uranus’ change for fear of ending up worse. Negatively he manifests as obsessiveness, eccentricity, lack of balance decisive clarity. He has an inhuman energy of cold objectivity or highly-strung, nervy, over-charged persistent will. He is impersonal detached – even icy. He is cool rationality rather than warmth or sympathy. He is instability. He is niggling pursuit of the exciting – rejection of the familiar.

He can lead to social isolation, multiplicity of fragmented relationships, neglect of commitments, nervous illness, emotional repression, intolerance.

He is argumentative, erratic, unstable, destructive, disruptive, disorganizing. There’s experiment but fanaticism. There’s radical willful obstinacy.

Uranus brings permanent change with utter disregard for tradition.


If we resist Saturn’s slowly grinding away at our internal obstacles, Uranus will step in and totally shatter them. When Uranus intervenes during a transit, this is a chance to smash Saturn’s restrictive life scripts and get on track with your life. Uranus’ overwhelming enthusiasm for the future counterbalances Saturn’s value given to the past.


Uranus people find difficulty working for others. Their powerful rebelliousness leads them into constant difficulties with authority figures. They need plenty of elbow room and will simply not tolerate a restrictive job setting.

They can be highly original in manifesting their gifts to the world. They prefer to shatter all restraints and put the pedal to the metal in terms of their creativity. They are perhaps inventors with lightning fast ability to conceptualize complicated ideas.

In shadow form, they are hot-headed rebellious loose cannons; their knee-jerk reactions making it difficult for their brilliance to manifest.


Uranus Lovers love diversity in relationships. They enjoy relating to all kinds of interesting people. They are highly tolerant and supportive. They are only attracted to partners who are highly liberated in their outlook. Often marry more than once. May refuse to settle down with just one person.

Shadow Uranus, here, simply uses the partner for gratification of their sensual needs, moving on when they grow bored or tired. They crave a thrill a minute to maintain intensity.


Uranus Magicians always feel excitable or anxious deep insider restlessness drives them through the changes in their lives. They are the inner psychic daredevils who love the excitement of exploring the very edges of their own psyches and revel in cutting-edge speculation or study.

In shadow form, these people lead disorganized lives. They forget to pick up the pieces and their lives are a complete shamble.


Uranus Warriors are the most active of rebels. Assertively refusing to conform to anything. Feel claustrophobic when confined in any way. These people love the explosive thrill of speed and acceleration. This powerful inner urge causes them to take too many risks in their lives. They go through life on the seat of their pants. They are drawn to coffee and buzz accelerators. Inner urgency makes them workaholics.

Shadow Uranus, here, is prime candidate for burn-out, driving themselves in such a ruthless manner, ignoring warning symptoms of fatigue or pain. A serious illness may show up after years of ignoring symptoms. They alienate others because of their extreme individuality and refusal to compromise.

Uranus Astrology 2017 to 2018:
as I write this post, Uranus is about to enter the Vedic sign of Aries, where he will stay for the next seven years.

Uranus enters the Vedic or Sidereal Zodiac Sign of Aries on 8th April 2017. This is 24 degrees in the Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac.
Uranus continues to move forward until he reaches 4 deg Vedic Aries on 2nd August 2017 when he turns retrograde.

Uranus only turns direct again on 2nd January 2018, by which time he is back at 0 deg Vedic Aries (0 deg 27 mins).
as a special note: note that the two degrees’ zone either side of 0 deg Aries, is one of the three ‘Gandanta Zones’. The Gandanta Zones are places where Vedic water signs dissolve into the first flicker of a Vedic fire sign: here, the transition from Vedic Pisces to vedic Aries, and these zones are unstable, fraught and immaterial, but can be locus of inspiration.

It was Uranus’ last entry into Aries 84 years ago, that was marked by the burning of the Reichstag and the rise of Adolph Hitler and Europe’s descent into world War II.

This time so far, we have Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.
This is also the time of the highly expansionary and successful Jupiter- Uranus opposition transiting in the heavens, where transiting Jupiter and Uranus are both in T-square to tectonic transiting Pluto. See my Blog Post: //

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Visionary Astrology

Michael ConneelyThe development of visionary keys to perceive the meaning of the planets is one profoundly good way to develop your astrological awareness. This is also known as Visionary Astrology.

In this way you can better increase your perception about your birth chart or your transits or predictive periods, and therefore of your life.

And you can go on from that to do the healing and empowerment work that we all need to do in this life.

What I often do with my astrology students on my western and Vedic Astrology Courses is send them analysis techniques and presentation detail to use, to work with the nature of a planet or conjunction etc, and this includes a video presentation of that planet and also a journey to meet the planet.

So with this method, we work with the sense first of all, that a planet is a refraction of the divine and has a pure nature.

However, it is so useful to also recognise that we in fact actually experience that planet through ‘filters’. We expereince each planet through ‘filters’ in our life. These filters are the sign, house and aspect applying to that planet in our chart and therefore in our life. See below about ‘filters’.

For this reason, our personal and individual experience of that planet can be so very different from its divine pure refraction.

Vedic Astrology

I do find that Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac) does have an immense framework to declare our incarnational life purpose and its unfoldment.

But I would say that Vedic Astrology needs to be taught and used non-formulaically, non-passively (Vedic astrology gurus can tend culturally to lay a power trip) and also non-fatedly.

Vedic Astrology needs to be allied to our developing our healing and empowerment. In fact, that is the highest value of the perception Vedic astrology offers.

So, visionary astrology and healing astrology can be used – and needs to be used with vedic astrology.

Western Astrology

Western astrology, on the other hand (which uses the Tropical Zodiac), is a psychological depiction.

Western astrology depicts our ‘psychological self’: our ‘egoic psychology’, and this is so valuable to perceive.

Psychodynamic western astrology, which I teach and use in my Astrology readings, includes ‘psychosynthesis role play’, and is orientated to the process of ‘individuation’, which is getting the full picture of our ‘psychological self’, and learning to recognise the fullness of that self (including unconscious, ‘split off’ and shadow material). The aim of psyschosynthesis is to deeply develop awareness of that self, heal that self, and empower that self. Understanding what is the effect of Nature and what is the effect of Nurture is also important.

I actually first encountered the ‘filters’ model when I trained with the Swiss Huber school over twenty years ago.

And of course, it was with them that I encountered the ‘psychosynthesis role-play’ of Asaglione who they trained with. And of course, he trained with Carl Gustav Jung, whose work I read so avidly when I was fourteen, with his concepts of the individual unconscious (from Freud) and the ‘collective unconscious’ and so wonderfully also Jung’s: Archetypes. I studied a post graduate psychology degree after my MA at Oxford university.

And I also learned the ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ founded by Martin Schulman, particularly his statement of how past life manifest in this life as ‘incarnational life purpose’.

Western and Vedic Astrology working together:

I loved Martin Schulman’s writing on the Nodes of the Moon, but it is crucial to recognise that Evolutionary Astrology provides a statement of the ‘psychological self’ that will arise from past life inputs: arise to be worked with and healed

And, crucially, western astrology also includes the outer planets: The Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – plus so importantly: Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron depicts our existential wound in the healing of which we can become the healer of others.

Vedic Astrology, on the other hand, does not depict the ‘psychological self’. Vedic Astrology depicts the karmically-created and chosen ‘incarnational life purpose’.

And it was the accuracy with which Vedic Astrology depicted my in some ways very unusual incarnational destiny that impelled me to learn it.

The first Vedic Astrology key concept that ‘wowed’ me was the vedic astrology concept of ‘Gandanta’ which so fits my unusual start in life.

Gandanta Moon = Mother will not be there for you.

And hard on the heels of that was the second key concept that ‘wowed’ me: that studying the position of the Nodes of the moon in one’s Vedic birth chart is a supreme key to your incarnational destiny (mine: Ketu in the 4th House of Mother and all that entails.

And then there’s the Vedic method of analysing the standing of a planet in a chart. Mine: Sun most deeply fallen, and so the list gods on – endlessly.

And so, my first Vedic Astrology training was with the late Richard Houck who fascinatingly and accurately developed a combined Vedic Astrology/Western Astrology of ‘The Astrology of Death’
(I was in Sade Sate at the time – the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits the Moon in our birth chart!)

But to get back to the subject of my vision work in astrology, I am so glad that many people are now finding this graphically helpful to understand the planet and how it manifests in their chart and in their life, finding this method liberating and intuitively inspiring.

And I use the same visionary method in my Tarot Course, where i offer presentations and the accompanying Journeys for each tarot card. I do too. I love doing it!

And so a foundation of my readings and teaching is to offer both western astrology and vedic astrology.

I offer pointers to combine the two if that is what the student wants.

And to this, I have added two key additional approaches to astrology that are also on offer if felt to be what the student wants:

Visionary Astrology

and also

Healing Astrology

And so, for example, when a student has made the first study of a planet, or for example, a conjunction in their chart (or whatever other astrological feature they are studying), I can then record for them a ‘visionary journey’ where I simultaneously use my shamanic drum as I speak, so as to heighten our vision and intuitive connection.

And the purpose of this recorded journey is to seek to support the development of their awareness of how that planet actually manifests in their chart and in their life, through developing clear visionary appearance of the planet.

Students themselves send in to me lovely reports of the wonderful vision journeys they do to gain visionary clear appearance of Mars or Jupiter. For example, first: Mars or Jupiter in their essence. Then of Mars or Jupiter in their chart

And then we use very accurate methods (for example avasthas) to state how those two planets treat each other and work together in their chart – and therefore in their life!

Such vibrant satisfying visionary journeying work is so fulfilling to do. Such a happy experience! Such a powerful experience!
Such valuable perception to arrive at.

Such a useful basis to bring in needed healing and empowerment work.

Have a look at this video which mentions my Visionary Astrology approach. It is recorded near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland:

And have a look too at this video about The Sun in your Astrology Visionary Journey:

And here’s a journey to meet Rahu the North Node of the Moon:

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Rahu North Node of the Moon

Michael ConneelyThe Nodes of the Moon are crucial points in your birth chart to understand. They are points in space that are keys to understanding and working with your incarnational destiny.

Rahu is the North Node of the Moon. Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. They are always opposite each other in the heavens.

Astronomically, the Nodes are the intersection points in space of the apparent orbits of the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. They are the eclipse points. They are so powerful they can devour the Sun or the Moon at an eclipse.

The Nodes of the Moon: Past Lives and Incarnational Life Purpose:

Basically, Ketu represent our past lives, the position we come in to at birth from our past lives.
Rahu on the other hand, is the thrust of our incarnational direction of manifestation this time.

The energy of Rahu is driven and demonic and he drives us across the chart from Ketu. If he were not so driven we wouldn’t get to our destination. But if we don’t purify our rahu, we won’t reach our destination.

Ketu is the tail and body of the celestial serpent (and so has no head). Rahu is the head of the celestial serpent (and so has no heart). This is all explained in the Myth of the ‘Churning of the Milk Ocean’ that I talk about in Pt 2 of my Ketu Blog Post (see links at the foot of this blog).

Crucially, in the war between Gods and Demons, the realisation is that both must cooperate, the churning of the ocean, for the transmutation of the poisons that are released.

Rahu: Description and Energy:

Rahu creates smoke, has a dark body, resides in forests and engenders fear. He is airy and vata in constitution.

The energy of Rahu is animal-like, insatiable and instinctual, not governed by conscious will or intelligence. It is outward rather than inward. Rahu is obsession, ambition, compulsions and insatiable desire; he can offer material success (which can be temporary).

In fact, a strong Rahu usually brings material success and worldly power (though not necessarily inner fulfillment).
And strong Rahu can bring psychic powers and mediumship (though with danger from negative forces).
Rahu can be carried away by uncanny psychic sensitivity to mass trends (though some of these can link us to positive spiritualities if we learn).

Rahu can represent self-delusion, psychosis, and insanity/mental problems (Moon-Rahu is a major indicator of insanity), negative entities, possession and imprisonment, drugs and mysterious diseases.
Rahu generates fear and paranoia.
But Rahu can be psychic and can lead through trance. He disturbs by way of doubt, lethargy, grossness and insensitivity.

He is Lord of magic. He can lead us to mastery of the occult and study of abstruse subjects. His purpose is to lead us to our true self.

He is the Outcast. There can be a strong theme of foreignness and foreign parts.

Rahu Soul Meaning:

Most importantly, Rahu Ketu are the key to unlocking the relationship of the Person with his past life and his Soul. They are vastly powerful and their influence has huge spiritual significance, and channels the influence of our karma from past lives and our spiritual potential. They churn our lives to do this, working on a psychological and event level, with both material and spiritual purpose. What is their suffering and darkness to a materialistic soul is powerful spiritual potential to a person assessing their scripts, desires and wants and seeking Moksha. They reveal the havoc of our dark sides in order to motivate us to find the light-side potential within ourself.

Rahu North Node Presentation:

Rahu North Node Journey: 

More Detail About Rahu:

Rahu is about ambition for the material realms around us and about attachment, as well as about astral realms around us and the ambitions, distortions, delusions and bad associations he typifies. Rahu works by bringing both driven energy and also upheavals into our life. He can be demonic and sometimes catastrophic, but this serves its purpose in making us reflect on the nature of our goal, and the methods we use to seek to get there, and the need for purification. Thus, Vedic astrology is tantric. God underlies everything. Even in apparently negative phenomena, there is inherent vast connection to God. Out of darkness there can be light. A lotus blooms on the sunlit surface of the lake but its roots are in the muck.

So, Rahu is in fact a God. In the myth, most importantly he drank amrita or nectar. He teaches us through often negative phenomena, by highlighting those qualities within ourselves that cut us off from the light. Remember, Rahu is so powerful he swallows the Sun and the Moon when there is an eclipse. Such qualities are attachment to the world, scripts of past life originating negative karma; creation of future negative karma to be dealt with in future lives!

Rahu is Exalted in Taurus and Fallen in Scorpio. Rahu co-rules Aquarius (interpretations vary).

The Nodes are ‘better placed’ in houses that can utilize malefics: the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th.

Rahu usually functions best in a strong house like the 9th or the 10th.

Rahu’s nakshatras are Ardra, Swati and Shatabhishak.

Rahu and Other Planets:

If Rahu is closely conjoined to another planet, that planet can be terribly ruined, suppressed and left powerless to function, as can the houses it rules.

Or occasionally the conjoining planet can be vastly inflated and powerful in that sense, though its authenticity and heart/soul connection can be devastated.

Note, as was said above, that the Nodes’ motion is normally retrograde, but when they occasionally become stationery or direct, their effects become even more powerful.

The Nodes are the great enemies of the Sun and the Moon and give worse than usual results in their signs: Cancer and Leo.

The difference between Rahu and Ketu when in association with the other planets:

Rahu can overcome the Moon; Ketu can overcome the Sun.

Ketu has the power to overcome and darken the Sun, as in eclipse. Ketu – Sun overcomes the individual through his own contractive energies, isolation, alienation and obstinate separatism, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth: even these can be covered by compensatory illusory aggrandisement. Ketu can overcome the Moon by creating the devastating attacking critic and contraction in Moon-related areas such as mothering, management of Mind and balance of emotions. Ketu can make an individual narrow and self-righteous.


Sun obscured by Rahu portends karmic fault to be worked out. The individual is cast in spiritual darkness through excruciating psychological and psychic pain of karmic origin.

Rahu can however vastly influence magnify and inflate the power of a planet, creating vast popularity, prestige, fame and power, glitz and magnetism, but often in a speciously inflated and illusorily compensatory way. They are actually cut off from their atma and incarnational identity and are seeking to over-compensate for this. Rahu creates worldly desires that can never be fulfilled.

Rahu carries the individual away in collective expansionary energies. I have known the Rahu – Sun Dasa or Sun Dasa mark the onset of manifestation of disorders due to unwise kundalini raising. Similarly, Rahu can bring cancer and neuro-muscular disorders.

In the spiritual individual, Rahu can lead to psychic powers and mediumistic capacity, but there is also danger of drugs and alcohol.


With Moon afflicted by Rahu, the mind is darkened and the individual is isolated from his higher nature and so prone to emotional turmoil, even suicidal tendencies, depression and drugs, almost beyond conscious control, even psychosis, drugs, negative mental states, self-aggrandizement, psychosis and paranoia, fluctuating mental balance and obsession.

Rahu and other planets:
Rahu can ruin other planet through creation of uncritical expansion, just as Ketu ruins them through limiting contraction.

Rahu is Karaka (Indicator) for: Fear, disease, nervous psychological disturbances, collective trends and influences, mass movements, disturbance, epidemics, susceptibility to drugs, mysterious and not really diagnosed illnesses and health conditions, the Outsider, Foreigner and foreign languages, Search for self-realisation.

Professions indicated by Rahu: Politician, Astrologer, Pilot, Dealer of poisons, work with foreign connections, those who work in unconventional jobs.
Negatively: Gamblers, cheats, pleasure seekers. Jobs where materialism, power or ambition and mind get severed from heart and compassion.

Rahu in Vedic and Western Astrology:

Rahu is a powerful malefic. He can be the most powerful malefic in the chart.  The Vedic astrology of the Nodes of the Moon is of vast value in understanding our lives. However, the Western understanding is also vital to include, because it depicts our psychological self and our psychological reactions to our destiny and incarnational life purpose, and also because western astrology includes the Gods of Change, the Outer Planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus Chiron the Wounded Healer.

Note that there are two measurement of the positions of the Nodes:

True Node which states the actual position of the Nodes in the heavens, which allows for Nodes’ occasional stationery and Direct periods.
Mean Node which is always shown Retrograde as it evens out the effects of the occasional Stations and retrogrades of the Nodes.

Vedic Astrology normally uses Mean Node (except for Systems Approach Vedic Astrology, which uses True Node).
Western astrology also normally uses Mean Node (except for Swiss Huber School which uses True Node).

Important: Also see background info plus Ketu presentation:

You need to also see the three-part video and Blog post on Ketu South Node:

Ketu Part 1 describes the nature of Ketu.

Ketu Part 2 describes my approach of Visionary Astrology and also the Myth and Astronomy of Rahu/Ketu, the Nodes plus the difference between the ways that western astrology and Vedic astrology handle the interpretation of the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart and therefore in your life.

Ketu Part 3 is a study of the birth chart of Donald Trump who has a strong, fated agenda due to the position of the Nodes of the Moon in his birth chart: Rahu conjunct Sun, Ketu conjunct Moon and Kal Sarpa Yoga (all planets enclosed by the Nodal axis and so to one side of the birth chart).

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The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

Michael ConneelyDonald Trump Astrology Birth Chart The Power of the Nodes of the Moon to create a tyrant

This Blog Post examines the power of the Nodes of the Moon in creating the special destiny of Donald Trump, with which the destiny of so many millions of humans are now entwined.

I have written posts on Donald Trump’s astrology before and charted his rise to power, shown the clear astrological parallel with the rise of Adolph Hitler, and asked the question of what will the eclipse of 21st August 2017 mean for him and for the USA and for the world.

This Blog post focuses on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in his birth chart: The Nodes are Rahu the North Node, Ketu the South Node.

Donald Trump’s  birth chart and derived charts are set out at the foot of this blog post for you to see what I am talking about.

And also please see the associated Video about the Birth Chart of Donald Trump:

This is the chart of one born under an eclipse – darkness upon the native’s life. This means there is some disconnection with the personal identity on earth and the person’s soul or higher self.

Whereas Ketu conjunct the Sun will diminish the Sun and render it insubstantial, Rahu conjunct the Sun, at a worst-case scenario, as here in Donald trump’s chart, will create a hugely over expansive reaction to a crisis in personal identity, making the person go big time for worldly success, and driven to make a huge mark on the world.

Rahu here gives the person clear direction. Success is likely with high social status and fame and achievement. But the impurity of Rahu imbues the Sun with driven over-ambition, selfishness, rigid dogmatic ideas and dark psychological tendencies of scapegoating.

Rahu has an adventurous nature and loves surprises and sudden events, that are not actually real, but an illusion that is magically forced to become chameleon reality in peoples’ minds. The energy breaks taboos and loves to breach boundaries. It wants to be unique and noticed and break tradition all so as to repair the original wound of not having loving notice from mother.

Sun is the King. Rahu is the thief. They are inimical. The genius with double standards loves to think outside the box and sneak its way to power by cheating and hiding the real truth, while looking honest and convincing in his deception.

N.B. AND ALSO NOTE THAT HE HAS Chiron conjunct Jupiter which makes it worse: an existential wound to Jupiter, producing glitzy ungrounded over-expansionary slogansing and rant.

Ketu conjunct Moon:

The Moon represents the Mother, Mind and consciousness arising therefrom. Ketu conjunct the Moon can gives intuition and even psychic powers, but this can become florid and even insane in the worst cases.

Issues from mothering in this and past lives, and also psychic material from past lives can overwhelm and confuse the mind, leading to outburst and irrationality, fear and turbulence, and so spiritual management of consciousness is essential for the stability, continuity and protection both of the person concerned and also those in their lives: whether family members, or the public at large if their job takes them in that direction.

Ketu conjunct Moon creates confusion, scatter, over-analysis and turmoil in the mind and emotions, with great potential for becoming critical of self or others and attacking others.

And you can also see the associated videos and blog posts on Ketu the South node of the Moon:Rahu Conjunct Sun:

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Here are Donald Trump’s Astrology Charts:

Donald Trump Western Astrology Birth Chart:











Donald Trump Planet Positions Western Astrology:







Donald Trump Transits Western Astrology:








Note importantly that Saturn is transiting conjunct his natal Moon this year and so also transiting opposition his natal Sun. Sun.
And note importantly from the Vedic astrology table below that Sun is ‘AK’. Sun is his Atmakaraka. He was born to get Sun issues right this life time, because of what happened in his previous life! And with Rahu conjucnt Sun what a set-up for great power he has!
And note importantly that Saturn is also transiting conjunct Ketu, and so Saturn is transiting opposition Rahu: And note from the Vedic Dignities Table below, what great Dignity his Rahu and his Ketu have: what a powerful and fated life!

Donald Trump Vedic Birth Chart: 




Donald Trump Vedic Planet Positions:




Donald Trump Vedic Planets in Nakshatras (Vedic Lunar Signs):




Donald Trump Planet Dignities:




Note that Sun is Atmakaraka (AK) in his Vedic Birth Chart and in his life (see above):


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