Your Astrology and your Time of Birth: Rectification

If we do have an as near as possible birth chart, there is so much we can accurately see and state, so as to understand ourselves and so as to understand our lives, heal ourselves, heal our lives.

But before I go into the issue of correct time of birth, I want to mention another big question about the value of astrology: the other big question is what we do about this supreme astrological perception?

Well, perception itself is useful, it can encourage us to change and to mend our negative life scripts and karmas and our negative behavioural patterns.

But perception can get us so far.

The real value of astrology when it is expert, is to point us towards Healing and Empowerment, and so it can enable us to seek and achieve our healing, and it can point us in the right direction for healing and empowerment.

I work also with my partner Maggie Pashley, both of us working worldwide on-line and also in our healing Centre in the West of Ireland. There are so many sophisticated and powerful healing modalities that can heal the patterns and scripts highlighted by our astrology. See her website:

So, this expert astrology can point us to understand the true nature of the spark we incarnated to achieve this time. It can define our assets and our strengths, and it can define those parts of ourselves that are enemies to this and can impeded us. So: yes, then it must be used as a pointer to and a basis for skilled healing.

But correct astrological declaration, with all its potential follow-on valuable uses, does depend on having a birth chart that as much as possible is based on a correct time of birth.

And so, this brings us to the issue of rectification of Time of Birth:

People ask about rectification and its value.

Well, the more our birth time is not correct, the more our astrology becomes incorrect in its potential to make supreme and accurate statement. In fact, if there is an error in time of birth, this means that the position of Ascendant or Rising Sign will be wrong in your Western Astrology birth chart by an amount of degrees dependent upon the number of minutes the tob is incorrect, and therefore the cusps or ‘start positions’ of each of the Houses will be wrong.

And in your Vedic Astrology birth chart, dependent on the amount of time of birth error, the definition of the first house may also be wrong and therefore the definition of the subsequent Houses. In Vedic Astrology, there are Varga or divisional charts in Vedic Astrology, each referring powerfully to specific areas of life, and these are sensitive to tob error, especially the higher divisional charts.
Also, the Moon can be in wrong position in the charts if there is any substantial error in tob, as the Moon moves quite rapidly through the heavens. And understanding the Moon is key to the nature of our consciousness and its management, and to our Mother issues.
Also the start and end dates of your Vedic predictive periods (dasas) will begin to be incorrect if there is error in tob.

So, definitely, it is best to have accurate time of birth:

Let me now give four examples of time of birth issues in more detail:

  1. Your Ascendant or rising Sign:

For example, the Ascendant or ‘rising sign’ which is the basis of defining our First House (and therefore all the subsequent of the 12 Houses) will be in the incorrect position. The twelve Houses make declaration about what will happen in each defined areas of our life. If the Houses are defined wrongly, then the declaration of the affairs of life of each House will be wrong. The more the time of birth error, the greater the error in defining the Ascendant and the Houses, and thus the greater the error in defining the life. In Vedic astrology, the definition of our first House is of course so important as it sets the keynote for our bodily features and the strengths and issues with which we will project into the world. The Ruling Planet of the first House assumes such a special importance for us to define its special nature and characteristics.

  1. Your Predictive Age Points:

I use predictive Age Points in my psychodynamic Western Astrology: an individuation Age Point which charts the unfoldment of our understanding of our psychology and our psychological subpersonalities, and our unfolding ability to manage and heal these, and also a Nodal Age Point which depicts the whispering to us from our soul from the astral at each point in our life. If the time of birth is wrong, then the dates of the ‘hits’ of these two age points, and the nature of their messages will be incorrectly defined.

  1. Your Vedic Astrology Divisional or Varga Charts:Vedic Astrology uses Divisional Charts’ or ‘Varga Charts’ in addition to the birth chart (called the Rashi Chart). Each Varga Chart is a harmonic chart derived from the birth chart. For example, the Navamsha or 9th Harmonic chart makes invaluable statement about our marriage issues and the messages our soul will send to us in this life as our life unfolds. One example of the use of the Navamsha is a woman who has a bad Jupiter in her birth chart indicating that she will attract a bad husband, but she may have a wonderful Jupiter on her Navamsha chart indicating the potential to attract a very good husband, for example when her Jupiter is activated by the wonderful Dashas, the wonderful Predictive Periods of Vedic Astrology.
  2. Your Incarnational Life Purpose:
    Vedic Astrology has a most wonderful system for defining Incarnational Life Purpose based on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the birth Chart, as analysed by Sign, House and Aspect, and also as analysed by their position in the wonderful Nakshatras: the 27-sign lunar Zodiac of Vedic astrology. If your time of birth is wrong, you could well make a statement that the Nodes of the Moon are in the wrong House. The definition of the position of planets can get very exact in Vedic Astrology, for example because the 12 Signs are divided into Navamshas and other divisional charts, each with a subtly different nature, and for example because the Lunar Signs, the Nakshatras are divided into Padas (or quarters) each with a subtly different nature within the Nakshatra or lunar sign). If you use an incorrect time of birth, you will state that the planets are in the wrong divisions of these powerful declarative divisions of each sign.

So, for these reasons, you can see that it can be a good idea to have your time of birth rectified when you have an astrology reading or if you embark on an astrology course.


So, this brings us to the question of ‘How is my time of Birth Rectified?

I use two methods:

A. Kinesiology:
A quick way is to tap into our intuitive knowing and use ‘muscle testing’ or ‘kinesiology’ and I have definitely found over the years occasions when this has been subsequently verified, either because the tob has subsequently been discovered, or because the muscle-tested tob has been born out in that it generates correctly timed predictions.

B. Formal Rectification:
The formal method of rectification is two-fold:
a) You list a number of different big life events and then the astrologer to erects different charts for different tobs and sees which chart predicts the events at the correct time that they actually happened.
b) The Astrologer looks at the Houses created by different tob, and says what each different tob declares about the affairs of that house, and then you to say which is the most accurate. For example, if two tobs under study offered different definition of 4th House = Mother, then one could say that ‘time A’ declares that the native will have a very difficult mother, but that ‘time B’ declares that the native will have a very good mother, and so the astrologer can say from this which which is the more correct birth time.

Formal rectification is not easy and it does take time. You would need to send me a list of say seven to ten big life events. I would try out different tob charts, and ask you questions.


Well, I think you will agree with me that a rectified time of birth is worth having, because otherwise we cannot be sure of being able to tap into the invaluable perceptions offered by a correct and expertly interpreted birth chart, nor can we benefit from correctly-based predictive astrology. And if our astrology is incomplete or inaccurate it can’t be such a powerful gateway to its potential for invaluable Perception, and we won’t have such clarity for seeing how we can heal or empower ourselves and thus create a purposeful, happy, healed and powerful life.

So, may I suggest  that you could go through the rectification exercise with me so as to achieve the wonderful asset of having as correct as possible la birth time. This is of great value in itself: now – and at so many times in our life.

But there is another way you might like to benefit from having a rectification, and that is to study my Vedic Astrology Course. I call my course: Master Vedic Astrology. Its website is it’s teaching approach is very clear. In an expert way, we go from one planet to another, and so we study first the sun, then the Moon, and so on down the list of the planets. In-between the planet studies, you study astrological interpretation techniques. Note that your planet studies and your techniques studies are always with reference to two charts: yours and mine. This way we keep the communication caring and authentic. In addition, you are welcome to include Western Astrology Crossover and I recommend this, either in small measure or more fully. In addition, you are welcome the include the Visionary Astrology techniques I describe above. In addition, of course, all the declaration is used not to create inert formula, but to generate within us perception that can lead to our transformation, and to link us to healing and empowerment awareness and techniques that we feel we may need or benefit form so as to make the maximum success and happiness of our lives.

I also teach a Western Astrology Course which majors in psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology, and basically follows the same caourse format and principles as my Master Vedic Astrology Course.

So, you could either enrol just for me to work with you to complete a Rectification Exercise as described above which would be invaluable and fascinating and would leave you with all the benefits of a rectified birth chart. This costs £100 (GB Pounds) and you can email me to arrange this.

OR as a special offer, you could enrol on my Master Vedic Astrology Course or my Enlightened Astrology Course, in which case I could include in the course the Rectification Exercise at half price.

So, all blessings to you and I look forward to hearing from you

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The supreme value of Astrology with Healing and Empowerment

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

I often receive emails from people who are rightly expressing the damage they have experienced from their family of their life situation, and they are asking how astrology can help them.

Because I too have suffered from for example adoptive (and birth) family, this raises the issue of what work do we have to do to free ourselves and heal ourselves so that we can more ourselves out of the damage and become the spark of achievement that we uniquely incarnated to become.
We should not live in reactive hate and hurt, nor use the horrible people or events as an excuse or reason for living in hurt and failure, tempting though it is to remain in our outraged hurt victim scripts. We have such a similar agenda and challenge here, and in fact the success of our lives is what is at stake.
And so this is related to the question: what is the value of astrology?

From our astrology birth chart, there is so much we can accurately see and state, so as to understand ourselves and so as to understand our lives, and therefor so as to heal ourselves, heal our lives.
I have studied with nine teachers in both western and vedic astrology. On the one hand, I have come to reject the formulaic ranting or the fated declarations that can characterise traditional cultural Hindu vedic Astrology and its often egoic teachers, and the useless traditional remedies and the uncritical and unaware prescription of mantra. On the other hand, I have also come to reject the astro-babble that can characterise the worst in Western Astrology, and its ungrounded waste of time psychobabble.
But I can recognise that with deep study, one can come to amazing insights using the many charts and techniques of Vedic Astrology, and one can come to invaluable insights using the enlightened psychological awareness of western astrology, for example psychodynamic western astrology and evolutionary astrology.
However, I then have to go one to say firmly that such analysis and declaration is not at all useful unless it is geared to using the perception for transformation. TRANSFORMATION.
It is just not utilising the declaration of astrology to its full value, nor fulfilling the needs in our life, unless the declaration of expert astrology is then used for changing the way one manages one’s consciousness and thus the way one understands and lives one’s life.
Basically, when one goes deeply into Vedic astrology, one can make such invaluable and supreme diagnoses of how each planet will manifest in our life, and of how one’s planets treat each other in one’s chart – and therefore in one’s life, and also of what planet will especially manifest predictively in one’s life at a particular time in the unfoldment of one’s predictive astrology, of what exact energy each planet will bring in to one’s life natally or predictively.

This must be used for our healing and empowerment.

It must not be used fatedly and passively.

I advocate, and include, in my Astrology Readings and in my Astrology Courses, the crossover of vedic and Western Astrology. This is so that the peerless declaration of Vedic Astrology of our incarnational life purpose, and the precise declaration about each planet’s energy in our lives (and how our planets treat each other) is linked to, and enhanced by, understanding of the energies of the outer Planets in our lives: the Gods of Change: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and also Chiron our Wounded Healer. These planet’s energies and meanings came into the human consciousness when they were discovered, and must be taken account of.

Chitra Nakshatra

Michael ConneelyProphetic Utterance and Sacred Alphabets Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is the 14th Nakshatra or Lunar Sign of Vedic Astrology. The translation of the name sums up the energy of a person whose planets are prominently placed here: Brilliant, bright and shining.

Chita Nakshatra spans: 23°40′ of the Vedic Sign of Virgo to 6°40′ of the Vedic Sign of Libra. Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac, as compared to western astrology’s use of the tropical zodiac. And Vedic Astrology also has this wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac called the Nakshatras.

Chitra Nakshatra is ruled by Mars and this makes planets placed in Chitra have a warrior nature and be somewhat aggressive or militant.
Read about my worldwide Nakshatra Course and what great insights it can offer you

Chitras are very creative. The Ruling Deity of Chitra is Vishvakarma (Tvashtar) The Heavenly Architect. Their life mission is to create something beautiful. They can be quite magical in the way they go about this.

The Symbol of Chitra Nakshatra is the Pearl. Just as the dull oyster shell can open to reveal the unutterable beauty of the pearl within, so Chitra’s lives are often the endless attempt to reveal their specialness and creative beauty to the world.

The Power animal of Chitra Nakshatra is the Female Tiger, so they can be very touchy and temperamental, with a strong streak of aggression, retaliation and ruthlessness if you upset them (don’t do it!)

So, now let’s look at Chitra Pada 4:

There is a very valid and powerful system of analysing the Nakshatras which divides each of the 27 Nakshatras into four quarters or ‘padas’. Each Pada is ruled by the energy of a zodiacal sign.

Each Nakshatras Pada covers the same area of the heavens as each Navamsha. The Navamsha chart is one of the wonderful Vedic Divisional or Varga charts, this one to do with marriage and the expression of your soul in this life.

Chitra Pada 4 spans 03°20′ to 06°40′ of the Vedic sign of Libra.

Chitra Pada 4 is ruled by Scorpio in the pada sequence.

So, the 4th pada of Chitra is Scorpio in its energy. The energy is quite magical, deep, fully of intensity and inner knowing and mysterious.

Because it is Scorpio in nature, Chitra pada 4 is intense and controlling. It is often full of hurt energies and the compensatory need to shine, delve and investigate. And as you would expect from the tantric nature of vedic astrology, difficult torsion energies, if learned about properly can give us great potential for spiritual transformation, perception, healing and growth. Experience of trauma can impel us to find spiritual meaning. It can impel us to develop prophetic utterance. And this is what my video on Chitra pada 4 is all about:

And part of this nature is that people with planets here are often visionary. Indeed, I have found that such people often seem to enrol on one of my courses to learn prophetic ancient alphabets such as the Runes of the Ancient Norse or the Ogham of the ancient Irish.

So, Chitra pada 4 is the pada of Chitra Gupta, who holds the book of life recording all our karmic deeds.

Chitra Gupta is the deity of Utterance and writing. He is akin to the other great gods of sacred Alphabets and prophetic utterance: Thoth, Maat, Odin, Hermes and Ogma.

The featured image of this Blog Post shows Odin who hung upside down in the World Tree trancing for nine days and nights in pain and cold until he seized the meaning and the magic of the runes: the alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples.

This is the pada where our scripts and behaviour habits and patterns of behaviour have to be modified and changed. This way we come to express the revelation from our inner being. This is the true place of the secret knowledge of Chitra Gupta.

See the full details of my Nakshatras course at:

In part 1 of the course, you study each Nakshatra in turn, with special reference to the manifestation of that Nakshatras energy in your chart and mine, but also bringing in family, friends and celebrities. The aim of this chart focus is to promote caring and authentic discussion and analysis. There is full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review.

Natal study of the Nakshatras: So, what you do is you analyse the implications for each of the planets in our two charts in the light of the Nakshatras they occupy. What does this mean for our personality, for our life, for our destiny? How will it affect our emotional natures and consciousness arising therefrom? What steps can we take to heal and empower?

In Part 2 of the course, you learn the full range of the interpretation techniques using the nakshatras, such as Navtara the derived Nakshatras table (the Tara system) and health astrology using the Nakshatras, Surya, Manasa and Nadi Nakshatras. Nakshatras for relationship compatibility. Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis

Correspondence: You email me your work in respect of each Nakshatra within Part 1 and then each Technique within Part 2, and I then email you my response, which is always detailed, learned and very caring. You are always welcome to ask questions at any point.

In all cases, there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

I look forward to working with you,

Pluto in the Astrology Chart Pt 2

Michael ConneelyPluto in the Astrology Chart

Please first see my Pt 1 Post about the Astrological Pluto: Pluto Mythic Keys.

Now here is more information on the Astrological Pluto:


Pluto’s remote orbit is the dark boundary between the Solar System and the Transcendent: the last outpost. Pluto and its Moon, which is actually half its size, revolve endlessly around a common point which is located somewhere between them in space – icy methane snowballs performing a unique and mysterious dance as they travel their far-flung orbit. Pluto is the 9th Planet of the Solar System and he takes 248 years to complete one revolution of the Sun.

Pluto’s average distance from the sun is nearly four billion miles. It also has the most elliptical and tilted orbit of any planet, and at its closest point to the sun it passes inside the orbit of Neptune, the eighth planet.

Pluto was discovered on 18th February 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh in Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona, at 16.00hrs. He was orbiting at 17 deg Cancer in the western astrology tropical zodiac, which is at 24 deg Vedic/sidereal Gemini, in Nakshatra 7 Punarvasu (ruled by Jupiter) in Pada 2 (ruled by Taurus). The Nakshatras are the wonderful Lunar Zodiac od vedic astrology.
N.B. The chart for his discovery is at the foot of this Blog Post.


Pluto was the God of the Underworld, who handed out good or evil in proportion to the motives of the person who approached him.

Pluto’s good side is buried treasure, unimagined riches, light out of darkness, order out of chaos and New Life – REBIRTH!

Pluto’s dark side is a terrible world of rape and destruction: a power-seeking abuser.

Pluto’s is the world of:
Domination and submission
Aggressor and victim
If Pluto is approached with sincerity, rebirth will follow out of suffering and darkness.
If Pluto is approached with falsehood or defensiveness, he destroys.


The Natal position of Pluto in the chart is the key to where the individual’s process of rebirth will begin. This is where Pluto has set up His altar in our chart.

The affairs of this house are not to be taken at face value. We have to search for hidden meanings and causes and underlying unconscious motivations.

Pluto pushes deep from within us, impelling us to move from outworn phases of life. Neptune slowly dissolves the rigidities of the old structure, Uranus offers lightning-flash mind-realization, but Pluto’s eruption is total obliteration: change or die!

The Natal House Pluto inhabits is where we have to face something rotten in us, such as:

overwhelming passions
lust for power
raw sensuality
driving unconscious forces which control us
primal wounds
needs to posses and devour
sexual conflicts
intense emotional attraction and repulsion
frustrated desire
A Black Hole which devours our energies and from which, though unacknowledged, many of our actions flow.
EXTREMES: the very worst and the very best of human behaviour.

We can not be whole until these are:-

brought to the surface
and properly reintegrated into the psyche.
Through the upheaval Pluto brings, here, disowned and banished parts of ourselves are reclaimed to the consciousness and the Light.
We gain access to untapped resources and strengths. Energy futilely used hitherto in repression, denial or projection is freed for positive use.
We learn that we can not master, let alone transform, that which we repress, deny, disown or project.

Pain and crisis is thus used for rebirth. Here we can potentially discover and exhibit our greatest strength, nobility, purpose and dedication. The rebirth that Pluto offers is primarily focused in levels of emotion, mind, self-image or identity.

Pluto usually has to force His change upon us, because we are unready and unwilling. Our resistances simply add to the stress we experience, once Pluto is unleashed.

Pluto’s natal position, subject to specific House characteristics, also indicates where will operate in our lives, the following:
+ (Plus)
Transformative rebirth
Invisible force and powers
Force majeure
The will or wish to exercise Power
the manifestation of unconscious powers
ruthless frankness
extraordinary energy
inner death
sacrifice (of old ways that are dear, habitual, &c – spilling blood on the Altar)
Entering into the World of Meaning, in faith
Facing the truth of one’s own nature
Releasing the vitality of the well-springs of life
The Grail gives renewal to the Fisher King

– (minus)
Inner Fates, leading blind and unconscious humans to situation of crisis
‘driven’, ‘inevitable’ courses of action
ignorance leading to great suffering
the urge to influence the masses
ruthless use of force or coercion
taking vengeance on one’s abusers
the abused becoming abusers themselves

It is significant that when Pluto was discovered in 1930, the West was in the grips of severe depression, with people committing suicide rather than face loss of riches; Europe was dominated by Dictators: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco. Gangsterism and the Mafia were on the rise. The world was poised between two World Wars; depth psychoanalysis was in its heyday with Plutonian emphases on sex and death (Freud), power (Adler) and transformation (Jung).

And there were two further huge oppositional but linked manifestations of newly discovered Pluto:
Atomic fission and the atomic bomb
Mahatma Gandhi and passive resistance

Albert Einstein worked out a close correlation between a considerable number of stages in the. development of atomic warfare and the actions of   the Mahatma  – for example his salt march aimed at liberation of India from the grip of British Imperialism, exactly coincided both with the discovery of the planet and a crucial step in the manufacture of the atomic bomb: two ethically opposite manifestations of the planet’s vibration.

On another plane, Pluto can manifest as wealth: the plutocrat, corporate raiders, tycoons, financial moguls, rich politicians – total and absolute concentration on material wealth and power without the development of spiritual or material wealth. These people are characteristically intense brooding introverts, focused on our culture’s symbols of power: sex, money, possessions. Their needs are founded in the world of complexes and insecurities and are a tragedy for the individual concerned. Indeed Pluto transits are linked both to the making of fortunes and the wiping out of riches.

Labour strikes involving masses of people, atrocities and mass-production in industry also fall under the domain of Pluto in Mundane Astrology.


Pluto rules the reproductive organs, the prostate, the cervix, the rectum and the bladder, the lower stomach and the lower spine, as well as some allergies in medical astrology – so that a Pluto to Mars transit could manifest as Prostatitis.


A transit of Pluto may be interpreted as Karmic working.

To understand the meaning of a Pluto transit:-

note the Sign Pluto is in

note the House Pluto is in

note the meaning of the planet Pluto is aspecting

note the meaning of the house that planet is in

note the meaning of the aspects that planet makes to other planets

take into account the nature of the aspect Pluto is making to the other planet:

A trine or a Sextile is more gentle. We are more in touch with that which needs to change

With a conjunction, square or opposition, we offer more opposition to needed change.

Dreams can be a vital key to understanding or resolution.

Understand the meaning for you, personally.

Pluto transits externalize as actions, relationships, jobs, involvements, &c, the people and the situations we attract


Pluto Transits are usually spread over a year or two. They usually have three phases:
First direct
Second direct
(and there can be a further retrograde and direct)
Their effect usually begins to be felt when Pluto is 4 or 5 deg off exact.
The after effects continue for at least up to 3 deg after exact.
The effects last for the rest of the life

The three phases might be experienced as:
The descent of Erishkigal
recovering from and understanding the trauma
succeeding in transformation and rebirth, hope renewed, wiser and more powerful

During a Pluto transit, the opportunity is given for the destruction of old, unhelpful, damaging patterns of thought and behaviour.

You will feel a strong impulse to eliminate old emotional baggage which is preventing growth.

You may be faced with an intense, concentrated, ruthless power.

A Pluto transit is a major change period with long-term ramifications. You have to work out what a Pluto transit means for you individually, at that point in your life. Have the courage to meet the challenge. Develop the awareness. Do the healing; make the changes … from which: rebirth will follow – light will replace darkness

control your wishes. think positively. don’t submit to pessimistic interpretations of a Pluto transit. don’t be fatalistic

Go for gold.

Here is the chart for Pluto’s Discovery:















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Pluto the Dark Lord Pt 1 Mythic Keys

Michael ConneelyThe energy-principle that is Pluto is power and deep psychism; intensity and rebirth, or negatively: control and abuse.

People with unaspected Pluto in their birth chart can come over very powerful to others and not know it; or they can be unable to access their power and even be abused. And both of these can be true at different times in the life.
It is a good start to approach Pluto through contact with his myths:



The Pluto – Persephone: Pluto Myth 1

This is really important key to understanding the energy of the planet Pluto. Persephone was an innocent girl picking Narcissi in the fields. Pluto, the Dark Lord, Lord of Hades desired her. The earth gaped at her feet and a chariot drawn by black horses breathing fire erupted from the depths. The God swept her into his arms and took her to his own dark realm and said he would make her his Queen. So, by transforming sexually, Persephone came into great power and became Queen of the underworld. But her mother, Demeter, the Earth Goddess, mourned and missed her daughter, to such an extent that Demeter ceased from her work of fructifying the Earth. Nature began to die. Humanity faced annihilation.

And so, the humans petitioned the Gods who sent Mercury to do a deal with Pluto, the upshot of which was that Persephone would only reign in Hades half the year, but could return to her mother Demeter the other half. So, while her daughter is Queen in Hell Demeter still mourns, and it is winter – but for the other half of the year, Demeter has her daughter back and it is summer.

And the point is that there are immense buried riches and power to be found in growing and transforming and contacting the underworld of the unconscious. The only way Persephone could transform was by being abducted to meet her destiny.

But Pluto is not only power and transformation; it is deep psychic perception and intuition.

Unaspected Pluto people usually had to learn very early on that things were not as they might seem in the home. In their childhood, they developed deep growling awareness. Their antennae are always out; and they, themselves, can be masked out of fear – and even deny what it is they fear. But they don’t also fear it: they seek it! Ultimately, they seek it so as to face it and deal with it and become whole.

Hercules and the Slaying of the Hydra – Pluto Myth 2

Another myth that is relevant to understanding of Pluto, especially Pluto in Transit, is The Slaying of the Hydra, from The Labours of Hercules.

Just as you feel you have resolved matters with a Pluto transit, a new dimension of challenge and pain can manifest.

The Hydra had nine heads. As Hercules cut off one, the rest just kept coming. In the end, Hercules lifted the Hydra out of the stagnant swamp it dwelt in, exposed it to the light of day, and killed it. After the nine heads were cut off, Hercules gained the jewel the Hydra had been hoarding.

So, it is that our feelings must not be left festering, but need to be brought out into the open and held in the light of consciousness to be acknowledged and resolved, for liberation from pain to be won.

Blind instincts and drives must not be left to fester in the stagnant swamp, but must be brought out into the open.

Ishtar and Erishkigal – Pluto Myth 3

A third myth that is relevant to a full understanding of the descent into darkness that is involved in a Pluto transit is this myth from Babylon:

Ishtar, radiant Queen of Heaven descended into the Underworld to attend the funeral of the husband of her sister Erishkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

As Ishtar descends, she is forced to give up her clothing and possessions, and is eventually hung up on a hook – utterly brought low.

So, great is Erishkigal power in her grief and rage that none of the Gods can do anything to save Ishtar.

Ishtar remains abandoned and defiled.

The world is bereft of light.

Eventually, the solution the darkness is found. The Gods fashion two little mourners who can slip unnoticed past the guards of the Underworld.

The Mourners win Ishtar’s return to the skies because they realize that what Erishkigal needs is to be listened to. Erishkigal needed her grief and rage to be understood and honoured.

This is one of the early challenges of a Pluto transit.

The Erinyes – Pluto Myth 4

The fourth myth needed for a full understanding of Pluto is that of the Furies (the Erinyes).

The Furies were born when Cronos (Saturn) castrated his father Uranus who had become a tyrant, imprisoning his children back in the womb of his consort Gaia, because of his dissatisfaction with them.

Cronos castrated his father with a sickle and where the seed of the dying Sky God fell on the Earth, it produced the terrifying Goddesses of Vengeance called The Furies.

(In fact, the Greeks knew it was ill-omened even to mention their name so they referred to them ass the Eumenides – The Kindly Ones! instead – to placate them!).

The Furies pursue all those who offend against the Laws of Nature, who sin against the family, who live some aspect of their life that is somehow out of true, who live contrary to their True Selves. Then, during a transit of Pluto, The Furies will pursue them, to manifest as illness.

Pluto is the avenger of Natural Law. The Furies are His instruments.

Oedipus was pursued to the ends of the earth by the Furies for killing his father and sleeping with his mother, albeit he was not aware of the identity of either parent when he committed these actions – but the point was Oedipus and those associated with him had tried to outwit his Fate.

And now some notes about my approach to Astrology:

  1. Visionary Astrology:

In my Astrology Courses and Readings, it can be powerful and beneficial to go on to develop a ‘visionary clear appearance’ of each planet. You can do this in two ways:

First you can study a planet in order to more and more deeply understand his energy and manifestation, and thus develop a ‘clear appearance’ of the pure nature, energy and appearance of each planet. This uses techniques employed by Tibetan Buddhism to develop clear appearance of a god, so that you can relate to the god, and even ‘call in’ the god when needed. Similar techniques are in the tantric roots of Hinduism.

Second it is so powerful to also develop clear appearance of each planet as he manifests in your birth chart. To do this you develop clear appearance of how each planet manifests through the filters of the sign he occupies, the house he occupies, and the aspects he has to the other planets.

Due to our karmas and scripts, the lessons our soul chose for us to work with I this life time, and the talents our soul sought for us to shine with this time, how a planet manifests in our birth chart (and therefore in our life) can be a massive distortion or modification of the pure nature and energy of the planet.

It is so useful and powerful therefore to do these two exercises of developing Clear Appearance of each Planet.

  1. Perception, Healing and Empowerment:

 Vedic Astrology should not be used in a fated or formulaic way. It is disempowering to do this. The whole point of the peerless declaration of Vedic Astrology is actually to offer us better perception of our scripts, so that this perception alone may cause us to modify them, and can act as a trigger for us to heal them.
We can go on from the development of perception to healing and empowerment techniques.

  1. Vedic Astrology – Western Astrology Crossover:

It is a principle of all my courses and readings that I offer crossover between Vedic Astrology and western Astrology, or between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology if the student wishes for this.
I feel that the fullest declaration of Astrology stems from this crossover. This is partly because Vedic Astrology provides a clear destiny statement, through its use of the sidereal zodiac anchored to the eternal and the ‘fixed’ stars. And it is partly because Western Astrology can provide a sophisticated psychological analysis and statement based as it is on the Sun-sign tropical zodiac which moves against the background to the ‘fixed’ stars by a degree every 72 years, based as it is on the moving location of the sun on the first day of spring, the vernal equinox.

I feel Vedic-Western crossover is also necessary so as to include the energies of the outer planets that were discovered and entered the human consciousness in modern times: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.

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Neptune the Visionary Dreamer

Michael ConneelyNeptune is where we open ourselves to the realities of the Otherworlds.
He is Lord of the Oceans.

The ancient Irish equivalent of Roman Neptune is in Manannan, and Manannan is actually a very good guide to the energies of the planet Neptune. I teach visionary contact with him, and with the other Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish in my Druid Forest School Courses.

Manannan is Lord of the tides and the otherworld Irelands and the realm of the dead. Manannan is burley man who ride over the waves on a horse named Enbharr or Aonbarr (= ‘water-foam’).

But equally he is a trickster wears a ephemeral shimmering mutable swirling cloak of shifting colour and light which can confer invisibility, and can in fact take on any colour. He carries a crane skin bag (the corr-bolg) of magical treasures and he is god of the sea so we can attune to the currents and depths of our life.

Manannan is the supreme shape-shifter who calls us to transform and meet new demands and imperatives for healing and empowerment.

More negatively, Neptune is the Pied Piper of Hamlyn who led the children to their cave of loss. And most negatively Neptune is the Alcoholic and the compulsive phantasist. And any family that has an alcoholic member would be fortunate not to be destroyed in the controlling web of manipulation, denial, projection and scapegoating that will be generated.

Neptune can manifest as a channel through which we are motivated to pay of Karmic debts to others, to humanity in general and to the planet.

Neptune in libra of the 1960s led to ideals of communal give and take: musical pied pipers expressing the Neptunian ideals of love of the Hippy generation, Narcissistic seekers of greater self-understanding. The idea comes first – then the striving towards it.

Neptune’s transits through the houses show potential for promptings of –
the unconscious
the super consciousness

Depending upon how practical or courageous we are They show:
Higher Forces                          +
Protection                                +
Possession                             –
Dissipation of energies           –

Acute discrimination (Virgo) is needed to actually clarify what is really required to fulfill this potential for our spiritual growth.
Comparison of Neptune to the other gods of Change:

Uranus = mental understanding of the Higher Planes

Neptune = emotional understanding of the Higher Planes

Pluto = commitment to act, to transform to the Higher Planes

shocks and cracks the structure of the separate self

Neptune’s subtle touch is an eroding potency dissolving the separate self prior to the resurrection of the holistic self

Pluto creates tectonic upheaval to subvert the separate self through seismic ripples of intuition and deep undermining
Neptune and Saturn:

Fascinatingly, Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn in the heavens at the moment he was discovered. See the chart below.

When one senses that there is a subtler, higher plane accessible to the human consciousness, it is difficult to live in a mundane world which looks and feels like a prison (Saturn) and which depletes the sensitive person’s psyche through stress.

But we have to accept responsibility (Saturn) for making our live ideal through creativity and devotion: We have to live the real Neptune ideal, in order to make it authentic and find peace.

It’s no use always looking for the perfect situation.

Neptune and Saturn energies pull in different direction.

Neptune dissolves Saturn’s boundaries.

You have to decide how to find the natural balance by using the positive qualities of Saturn to liberate Neptune through self-reevaluation – a determined look at your situation. Ask what you actually want of life – spiritually, intellectually and physically. What is uniquely meaningful for you? i.e. What makes you feel good? Decide how to change your life to get there. Follow the path of your enjoyment. Check out what you get from remaining in your present situation. Affirm and visualize your dream. Pay due respect to Saturn (practicalities and consequences) and co-operate with Neptune as Neptune will give you radical solutions.


The Planet of serenity and peace
The Mystic
The Artist
The primordial ocean from which all forms were brought forth
Oceanic One-ness
The Womb (9th planet – 9 months)
Being guided by dreams
Being guided by intuitions
Being guided by visualizations
Encountering dreams and archetypes
Losing one’s self in another state of consciousness
Escaping the limitations of ego and personality
Compassion – a heart response to suffering
Sensitized and refined
Dispersing – as a defense against attack/invasion (lymph)
Dissolving – Baptismal waters
Neptune has the quality of Air + Water = felt thought/intuition
Neptune is the spiritualization of the House/Aspect involved
God answers as Grace
Visions of Utopia
Deeper social and collective integration
Practical and positive idealization
Tuned in to the unseen, immaterial forces of life
Self-sacrifice (positively)
The King is One with the Land


Addictive-compulsive dependence on the Great Mother (Drugs)
Drowning in a sea of illusion
The Liar
The Swindler
Delaying Tactics
Unconsciousness, leading to Projection
Prey to -osophies and -isms (closed psychic loops)
Prey to transient fashion
The Deceiver
The Betrayer
Disintegration of the personality
Getting manipulated, used or exhausted by another’s demands
Spiritual self-delusion
The Love Addict
The place of our deepest vulnerability and naiveté
Anxiety attacks
Denial of drives/emotions
Denial of anger, sex, love
The projection of troubles
Sealing your fate with self-fulfilling prophecies
Self-sacrifice (negatively)
The Waste Land
Getting hung-up on images
Becoming the Victim of others


Neptune orbits the Sun once every 164.8 years.
Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 at 00.09 hrs. in Berlin. The astrology chart for the moment of the discovery of Neptune is set out below.
Fascinatingly, Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn in the heavens at the moment he was discovered.

However, Galileo’s drawings show that he observed Neptune on December 28, 1612, and again on January 27, 1613; but on both occasions, Galileo mistook Neptune for a fixed star.

At the time of his discovery, Neptune was retrograde at 4 deg Aquarius in the sidereal zodiac of vedic astrology and 25 deg Aquarius in the western tropical zodiac.

Neptune is an ice giant and has 14 Moons and is the eighth planet from the Sun, the fourth-largest planet by diameter, the third-most-massive planet, and the densest giant planet. Neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth and is slightly more massive than its near-twin Uranus, which is 15 times the mass of Earth and slightly larger than Neptune.

Like Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune’s atmosphere is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, with ices such as water, ammonia and methane.  Neptune’s interior, like that of Uranus, is primarily composed of ices and rock. Traces of methane in the outermost regions in part account for the planet’s blue appearance.

Neptune’s weather patterns are driven by the strongest sustained winds of any planet in the Solar System, and because of its great distance from the Sun, Neptune’s outer atmosphere is one of the coldest places in the Solar System, at −218 °C.


  1. Neptune is ephemeral, ungraspable and must be approached respectfully, through disciplined search and meditation. You must earn your access to Neptune’s foggy, hazy, watery world. You need awareness, simple faith and strong ethics – and to have healed the wounds in your guts.
  2. You must have come to terms with the pressures, realities and obligations of Saturn, to be able to handle the intensity and disruption of Neptune (and indeed: Uranus and Pluto), and to be able to incorporate Neptune into your life with honesty and diligence.
  3. Although you may successfully hide from a Neptune awareness, you will fall prey to the very influence we seek to control.
  4. Under the Neptune influence, there is a risk of becoming convinced your lies are truth and that you may reorganize the world to suit one’s self. Watch for these tell-tail signs of grandiosity. You cannot control or manipulate Neptune: If you try, her rises like a cobra, and destroys you.
  5. And so much in this culture of domination and fear is toxic: toxin dramatically rising in the unconscious, and with each from of toxin that arise, Neptune will be there playing his part, for example:

Toxic Venus: sex and love addiction – false coziness.

Toxic Mars: rage and crime.

Toxic Jupiter: rapacious materialism. Shallow looking-good.

Toxic Saturn: depression and suicide.

Toxic Neptune: seduction of bliss, drugs and co-dependency and false life-stories.

Remember: for water to be poisoned, toxicity is measured in parts per billion!

  1. One example of Neptune in men is ‘Flying boys’ are constantly coming from ecstatic heights (Neptune) to deep, dramatic depths, flying away from commitments, responsibility, intimacy, feelings and male friendship. Fate and circumstances always seem to be controlling them. They can’t quite seem to make their lives work for themselves.
  2. Neptune’s spiritual experiences can’t be controlled. We can’t consciously decide to have one. They arise spontaneously. We anchor them by: images,ritual, meditation, visualization and in places of sacred energies on the Earth.
  3. Neptune’s energy is a force that: is beyond control, is not comprehensible to the logical mind and has to be surrendered to – but with perception.


Transits of Neptune are initially characterized by a phase of:

Victim scripts
Martyr scripts
Sometimes addiction
being ‘up in the air’
lacking groundedness
Fear (we prefer to remain in the dark)
Dread (of the emptiness of our self-deception)
wanting new experiences to fit our pre-conceived mental categories
nervous/psychological illnesses
dissatisfaction or longing (especially in the affairs of the House of Neptune’s Transit, or that of the planet aspected)
There can be peevishness, divine discontent, inner flux and agitation
Persistence becomes difficult, aims become hard to achieve.
There’s disorientation, lack of focus, indecision, moodiness, diminished self-confidence, diminished psychological certainties. Familiar life-patterns are swept away. You come to realize something has happened without really noticing it.
There can be fantasy or paranoia.


Neptune and The King Archetype:

People who choose careers in art, dance, spirituality and drama. Highly sensitive – feeling acutely anxious about the limelight they seek. They crave recognition for their dreamy idealism. Often have a naive disposition, so that the bulk of their money is creamed off by their managers.

Shadow Neptune, here has a dreamy ethereal nature which makes it difficult for them to manage their career, often drifting for years, getting ‘nowhere’. They have an innate sense of denial about their ineptitude in this area which leads them to perpetual procrastination.

Neptune and The Lover Archetype:

Neptune here loves togetherness in any form, seeking ecstasy in relationship, powerfully embodying a philosophy of peace, love and happiness, ultimately searching for a soul mate who embodies all their dreams and fantasies.

Shadow Neptune, here, is co-dependent, feeling empty and directionless without their partner, and can live in constant fear of betrayal and abandonment. Will sell their soul to secure the future of their relationship. They live in a fantasy world and are afraid to examine their partner honestly.

Neptune and the Magician Archetype:

Neptune Magicians are highly sensitive to the inner world of dreams and impressions from the unconscious. They enjoy following these whispers in the safety of their sacred space. They may convey this information in such mediums as drawing, sculpture, writing poetry and chanting. Their home will be womb-like in its decor and furnishing.

Astrology Chart for the Discovery of Neptune: 24th September 1846 at 00.09 hrs, Berlin, Germany:





















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